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Description - Flashlight for iPhone , iPod and iPad

Giorgi Otiashvili , the publisher behind many iOS app (Glow Fart Button ,Icons Skins 2 FREE - Home Screen Backgrounds and Wallpapers ,Icon Skins for iPad - Home Screen Backgrounds ,Diet Plans ,Glow Sound Buttons FREE ,3D Sex Positions - Stereogram Kamasutra), brings Flashlight for iPhone , iPod and iPad with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Flashlight for iPhone , iPod and iPad app has been update to version 2.9 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Very handy app for random night time or dark closet use..
  • reading menus in dark restaurants or programs in the theater..
  • It works flawlessly nice bright light works awesome around the farm..
  • Perfect little light love the SOS could be helpful one day..
  • I especially like it for walking the dog at night..

Overall Satisfactionc90
Better than a real flashlight and lights up a big dark room.
This app doesn't work like a real flashlight.
One of the best flashlight apps for IPhone I highly Recommend it.
Perfect little light love the SOS could be helpful one day.
Also i love the candle light and color lights with my screen.
I love how bright it is and how instantly it turns on.
Amazingly bright for the small area it comes from.
allow light to stay on in lock screen.
but does not want to stay on.
Great for the light when there is none.
Fun & Engagingc94
Awesome flashlight use it everynight to get to bed.
I work heating and a/c and use the flashlight everyday.
So I hit the App Store & found this awesome light.
It's really bright and comes in handy all the time.
Very convenient and helpful in many situations.
It shines really bright and very useful for when my power goes out.
Great app very useful at all times.
Works great I use it for everything.
I use this flashlight every day for one thing or another.
Repeat Valuec28
Ease of Usec68
It is a good simple flashlight.
Terrible app does everything except work as a simple flashlight.
Easy to download and great addition to my iPhone.
I bought it but it failed to download.
I love this super convenient app.
Very bright and convenient i use it a lot.
I keep it on my main page for easy access.
Ads not Intrusivec37
because it'll drain the battery.
It may drain the battery fast.
Even used to help someone jump their car battery at night.

great app- Works great - User friendly. found in 18 reviews
Great for coming home late at night and critters are around. found in 15 reviews
Very convenient and helpful in many situations. found in 13 reviews
So practical and a great safety feature for the phone. found in 17 reviews
It's nice to have a bright flashlight always on hand. found in 38 reviews
The light is bright enough for finding your way in the dark. found in 12 reviews
Absolutely awesome App lights up my world :. found in 6 reviews
Finally a real flash lite. found in 48 reviews
Has come in handy many times to light my way in the dark. found in 18 reviews
By far the best flashlight application available. found in 13 reviews
Great utility app and one I recommend to others frequently. found in 9 reviews
So happy to have this handy light whenever I need one. found in 17 reviews
Brightest iPhone flashlight app I have ever installed. found in 603 reviews
The light is nice and bright and there are multiple lighting options. found in 64 reviews
Awesome for trying to look under the bed when you drop something. found in 8 reviews
Handy tool that is easy to use. found in 28 reviews
This is a handy flashlight with a very bright light. found in 28 reviews
This app is great to use as a book light. found in 7 reviews
Love the fact that I have a flashlight at my fingertips. found in 5 reviews
Led light doesnt work for iPod but you can still use screen light. found in 6 reviews
Not a app for iPods. found in 5 reviews
Hate the strobe feature. found in 4 reviews
Nice app but won't let me update to the full version. found in 1 reviews
Does not work on iPod. found in 8 reviews
Easy to install and works like a charm. found in 3 reviews
Useless features. found in 2 reviews
LOTS of ads obscure display screen unless you 'upgrade' to pro version. found in 4 reviews
a flashlight with sex ads. found in 1 reviews
Hate the tacky dating ads --get rid of them. found in 1 reviews
Dumb thing. found in 4 reviews
but Double-tap to activate the Flashlight. found in 7 reviews
Crashes after ios 8. found in 1 reviews
Downside: annoying ads and drains the battery quickly. found in 6 reviews
Don't really know how to work or it's not that good after all. found in 3 reviews
Spam spam spam. found in 1 reviews
Don't like the ads. found in 2 reviews
Needs to stay on into you turn it off. found in 11 reviews
Can be annoying with all pop up adds. found in 3 reviews
Not a bad light. found in 2 reviews
This app does not work on my iPod 4g 8gb. found in 9 reviews
Horrible for the iPod touch. found in 6 reviews
Gay doesnt work for iPod touch. found in 13 reviews
The light doesn't come out of the camera flash anymore. found in 11 reviews
seriously annoying ads. found in 6 reviews
but does not want to stay on. found in 11 reviews
stinks- didnt work on my ipad mini ios7. found in 5 reviews
This app keeps closing out since I upgraded to iOS 6. found in 8 reviews
this app isn't that great for iPods :. found in 5 reviews
I need a strong flashlight not an annoying strobe light. found in 30 reviews
I hate that you can't use the led flashlight on an ipod. found in 23 reviews
This is the worst flashlight game in the world. found in 4 reviews
the dumb thing shuts off in a few seconds. found in 4 reviews
LED light does not work on ipod touch 4th gen. found in 9 reviews
Doesn't work on IPhone 3. found in 4 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Flashlight for iPhone , iPod and iPad for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 1.6 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 2.9 has been released on 2014-11-05. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
Bottom Line: For more information about Flashlight for iPhone , iPod and iPad check developer Giorgi Otiashvili`s website : http://www.lemondoo.com

THE BES FLASHLIGHT APP ON APP STORE FOR FREE This is the best and simplest flashlight app which works on every touch device (iPhone, iPod and iPad), with amazing and perfect design. App has 2 mode of ...
Great flashlight                 Works great
This simple app is great The LED has proven bright enough to meet all my requirements so far Im at my back door and need to find the right key not to mention the lock no problem Im late heading for bed and I drop something on the floor gotta find it without waking my wife piece of cake Its after dark and Ive dropped something important between my car seats too simple All because I have my phone flashlight with me all the time Sweet                 Useful Handy
Use this all the time                 App I would not be without
I use it daily One of the most dependable apps I have                 Dependable
I love this thing I just wish there was a way to utilize the app outside the iPhone when its locked Middle of the night is when you use it and having to unlock is a pain Not the apps fault Get this flashlight if you need one and who doesnt Oh AND if youre not from the Death Before Disco movement it even strobes and has a disco mode                 GREAT Flashlight App
Great app              Works
It sucked on my iPhone 3 better on my iPhone 4S and the same on the 6 it works when battery is charged           Another lite in my life
I love this Very useful Just concerned about the security issues with this that Ive been reading about                 Love it
I love this app I have a FlashLight wherever my cell phone is Whether its going from a dark hallway into my bedroom Or just navigating a dimly lit parking lot I have confidence were a step because I can see with this app The little doggie likes it too                 A lamp unto my feet A light unto my path
Love this flashlight I use it almost every day Its awesome and a big help                 Flashlight
I use it frequently It has some options on color that make it unique                 Great light app
Love this app Use it daily                 Light
Great find Love it Comes in handy and I always have phone nearby                 Flashlight
Wonderful ap I use it all the time                 Good ap
Love it                 Flashlight
Very useful if my spouse forgets to leave a nightlight on for me or if I dont want to wake them up by searching through a clothes dresser and I cover up the light with a few of my fingers but can see my clothes                 Flashlight App
Use it in bunk room when I need to wake up service members so they can make their flight I dont want to disturb other sleepers Perfect                 Love it
Works great Cant complainand its free                 Light
Love this flashlight app Always late when I get home and this app is perfect for those dark nights                 SUPER BRIGHT
Love the flashlite                 Review
If youre looking for a great flashlight app this is it I have had it for what seems like forever and its always the first app I download onto a new device Currently its in my iPhone 6 and its as great as ever Bright and clear I use it often usually to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night without ending up walking into wall Get it                 Great flashlight app
This app is awesome It is SUPER helpful and when u took it on a camping trip recently it was perfect The one thing I would change is if it could stay on while the screen was off Otherwise great product                 Great app
Works as it should Great Handy All apps should be as good easy to use                 Super
Great product                 Flashlight
I like this flashlight app It has come in handy in several different situations in the month that I have had it                 Great flashlight
I really like this App Having a flashlight on my iphone is so useful and its there at just the right time                 There when you need it App
Love it                 Nice
App is everything alas advertised              CEO
Great source of light                 Keytha
Great app Simple and easy to use with a lot of useful options                 Fantastic
Great app Works perfectly and I have no problems with it                 Great app
I work at night in a dark room writing notes when Im not giving direct care to my patient This is convenient and lightweight and I dont have to buy batteries constantly                 Nurse
Great Easy to use                 Flashlight
This flashlight is a must have on an I phone Have a recent knee replacement and it has been perfect for getting up and around during the night without disturbing others Gives a bright and direct light This is only one example of why this flashlight app is so useful                 Great flashlight app
Very user friendly                 Nice app
Love this flashlight Its very bright just as good a regular flashlight or even better Highly recommend                 Flashlight for iPhone
I cant tell you how many times Ive found myself doing something and needed a light so I could see and all I had was my phonetada this app was perfect light was bright and you can change the color Perfect                 Love this app
Awesome                 Cool
I can never lose this flashlight and it works every time I use it                 Greatest APP Ever for me
Works great                 Love it
The app works as advertised Good one                 Flashlight
I have a lot of apps However they mostly leave me ambivalent This app only makes me happy and happy to carry my iPhone with me It does what it promises and does it well and I dont waste time when Im using it                 Makes me love my iPhone
Love this app The traditional flashlight and the flame                 Love it
I have used more than once it works great and it was helpful I am glad to have on my phone I only have had the phone for 17 months                 The Flashlight
Excellent app Well worth the money and easy to use with the auto on feature Quick access                 Great
Enough said                 Awesome App
It is so nice to always have a flashlight on hand I use it frequently                 Bert helpful app
Best app ever So easy to use                 Awesome
Great                 Light
Comes in handy all the time                 Great app

Flashlight for iPhone , iPod and iPad Utilities Iphone IpodFlashlight for iPhone , iPod and iPad Utilities Iphone IpodFlashlight for iPhone , iPod and iPad Utilities Iphone IpodFlashlight for iPhone , iPod and iPad Utilities Iphone IpodFlashlight for iPhone , iPod and iPad Utilities Iphone IpodFlashlight for iPhone , iPod and iPad Utilities Iphone IpodFlashlight for iPhone , iPod and iPad Utilities Iphone IpodFlashlight for iPhone , iPod and iPad Utilities Iphone IpodFlashlight for iPhone , iPod and iPad Utilities Iphone IpodFlashlight for iPhone , iPod and iPad Utilities Iphone IpodFlashlight for iPhone , iPod and iPad Utilities Iphone IpodFlashlight for iPhone , iPod and iPad Utilities Iphone Ipod

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