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Syntellia , the publisher behind many iOS app (Fleksy ,Fleksy VO - For VoiceOver users), brings Fleksy with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Fleksy app has been update to version 1.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • This application works wonderfully when it comes to text prediction..
  • Accomplishes what it sets out to do: improve your typing experience..
  • With a minimalist design approach and various keyboard color options..
  • User Friendly..
  • Time saver..
Overall Satisfactionclick me73
Today I made the decision to buy the full version.
Flesky is one of the best third party apps on iTunes.
Best 3rd party keyboard I've seen so far.
This should be considered by Apple to replace the regular keyboard.
I love this app and would recommend it to anyone.
the alleged " best auto correct" is awful.
Better than SwiftKey developers and better than swype developers.
Fun & Engagingclick me80
it is an awesome keyboard with nice autocorrect and themes.
Usefulnessclick me67
This app is very useful for texting /writing makes it a breeze :.
which I find extremely useful for texting one-handed.
I walk 2 miles to and from work everyday.
Ease of Useclick me55
effective and simple.
Reliabilityclick me32


Fleksy is a state of the art text input system specifically designed for people with visual impairments.


It is set to revolutionize the way people think about accessibility on mobile devices.

Tags :   fleksy ,   accessibility ,   letter ,   people


For the first time ever, blind and visually impaired people can quickly and easily type text on the iPhone, almost the same way as sighted people do.


“It felt like it was reading your mind. Absolutely brilliant.” - Mike May, blind Paralympic champion.


“This is truly amazing and I never thought I could type so fast on a onscreen keyboard. This app is a game changer.” - David W.


You will soon be able to type at 25 words per minute or even more, including punctuation. It is a new experience and a leap forward in accessibility for iPhone.


You can use the text you type with Fleksy to send directly to an
emailE-mail (electronic mail) is the exchange of computer-stored messages by telecommunication
or message, or to Twitter. You can also copy and paste into any other App in your iPhone.


Please excuse any hiccups! We already have updates to the app lined up including new features and improvements. However, due to popular demand, we release this version and will continue to update with new features on a very regular basis.


Fleksy is complementary to Apple`s VoiceOver technology. You need to make sure you have enabled the correct settings for VoiceOver for the application to work as intended. Please make sure you follow the setup instructions below before trying to use the application for the first time.


Also please note the application is for blind and visually-impaired users only and will not work if your
iPhonecellular phone made by Apple
is not set up with the correct accessibility settings.




You need to configure the Triple-click Home function of your device. To do this, go to Settings, General, Accessibility. The Triple-click Home setting is at the bottom of the Accessibility settings and should be set to "Toggle VoiceOver".




Once you`ve launched the app, triple click the home button to start typing. Fleksy is a revolutionary way to type, specifically designed for the visually impaired.


To type, tap once lightly where you think each letter of the word roughly is - don`t wait for the letter to be read back to you, just keep typing each letter of the word.


To type "bananas" for example, first tap approximately where you think the letter B is. That should be near the middle and bottom part of the screen, and you only need to do a single tap. Don`t worry about being too accurate. You will hear a clicking sound to indicate that a keypress has been registered. Next tap where you think the letter A is. That should be on the left part of the screen, and somewhat higher than your previous tap. Continue tapping the rest of the letters N A N A S to form the word "bananas". Once you are done, perform a right swipe gesture to indicate a space. The system will automatically correct your input and read out the word that you typed.


To type your next word, you simply start tapping on the next letters as described. Make sure to spell words correctly and try to avoid accidental taps.


If the suggestion was not right first time, you can swipe up and down to navigate between some alternative suggestions. Or swipe left to delete the last word you entered and enter a different one.


Fleksy has more functions for entering punctuation marks, typing custom words (such as names), and includes innovative ways to help you type easily. Make sure you read the instructions contained within the app.


The App currently supports English input, with more languages planned soon.


Finally, if you are posting a review, please consider that Fleksy is optimized to be used by blind people. Some functionality is therefore going to seem unusual if you are a sighted user.


Patents pending.


The Fleksy is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 2.0 MB to download. The new Fleksy app version 1.1 has been updated on 2014-11-18. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 5.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Fleksy check developer Syntellia`s website :


and using the gestures is second nature. found in 3 reviews
Better than SwiftKey developers and better than swype developers. found in 3 reviews
Look forward to future updates with ios8 improvement. found in 5 reviews
That thing is so cool. found in 6 reviews
Best and greatest new innovative app. found in 4 reviews
Good app but still very buggy. found in 2 reviews
It's very buggy and it's not compatible with some things. found in 4 reviews
Yes no predictive text but more accurate in first place. found in 20 reviews
The backspace key is in a ridiculous position. found in 8 reviews
Still can't see what I'm typing while writing reviews in App Store. found in 3 reviews
I can't download language pack. found in 7 reviews
There are a few issues with the Arabic Keyboard. found in 3 reviews
and every time the keyboard crashes. found in 3 reviews
fleksy can be buggy with certain apps - for instance. found in 4 reviews
You can't download additional languages - your app seriously needs better QA. found in 4 reviews
and the predictive typing is very poor on the iPad. found in 8 reviews
but now it seems it wasn't worth it. found in 3 reviews
Can't beat 6 years of muscle memory. found in 6 reviews
Good keyboard but needs Swiping and Please Fix the click sound. found in 5 reviews
Please support Vietnamese language :. found in 5 reviews
Won't keep the theme-- keeps reverting to green. found in 2 reviews
it really needs a button to dismiss the keyboard. found in 3 reviews
Please make it easier to switch in between keyboards. found in 27 reviews
Would give it one star if it didn't have Russian keyboard. found in 2 reviews
I had to uninstall in order to write this review. found in 42 reviews
The other half it crashes and the default keyboard appears. found in 25 reviews
Look elsewhere fora better alternative keyboard. found in 21 reviews
the keyboard keeps crashing and defaulting back to the stock keyboard. found in 47 reviews
Swipe is not a good substitute for a space bar. found in 29 reviews
I'm not able to install fleksy on my iPhone 6 plus. found in 25 reviews
all but the inconceivable lack of predictive text. found in 20 reviews
How do I select a piece of text to copy and paste. found in 11 reviews
it crashes and then the native keyboard shows up. found in 12 reviews
and in the end is no improvement over the iOS keyboard. found in 62 reviews
Currently it's no faster than the iPhone keyboard. found in 23 reviews
Please add the option to turn off autocorrection. found in 12 reviews
It doesn't work long enough to type this review. found in 14 reviews
No speech to text and no swipe capabilities. found in 18 reviews
Does not have a dvorak keyboard or custom layout as promised. found in 19 reviews
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Oh Besides it always auto correcting me spelling the word you by just the letter u to I when it should figure it out given the sentence All other keyboards know what I mean when I write just u          When it doesnt lock up safari its perfect
This is almost perfect Except for the freeze in Safari Please fix this and youll have a perfect product             Best keyboard but not for Safari
Many people want the Arabic PC keyboard but u guys keep ignoring customers    I need the Arabic PC keyboard
Best keyboard but doesnt always work Writing this review with it which is nice but doesnt work well with safari used to doesnt pop up half the time have to enable it etc Needs bugs fixed but def improving seems to take them a year to fix one problem then you have 2 more       Love it but hardly works
It would be nice if the word suggestions or predictions happened as youre typing not when youre done typing                Love it but
Love it                So Cool
Thank you so much for fixing the Facebook name correction I enjoy this keyboard alot I even like the tap sound better Lol All in all its pretty smooth I still wish there was a way to integrate the microphone for talk text Not a big issue as I can change over to my other keyboard quickly or ask siri to do it for me But this is the best keyboard I have found for my iphone                Excellent keyboard
By far the best keyboard Ive used for the iPhone Even if you dont want to swipe to type the keyboard learns words you use and the pattern you use them in Now that they got rid of the emoji button its even better Id rather use the emoji default of the iPhone                Best keyboard for iPhone
I have large fingers so the larger letter buttons of this app especially when in Large mode are amazingly helpful And the auto correction is great too since thats a big help anyways The various function functionalities of this app are also really wonderful and a joy to use such as the replace globe with comma setting or the hold period to bring up other punctuations feature Its just so much more fluid and Im really loving it And its only going to get better and better                Best that Ive tried so far
I love this keyboard First of all its a very good looking keyboard Its about as fast as SwiftKey but I think its more ergonomic because you can use both hands if you want and still be very fast That way each thumb only has to cover half the keyboard I also really like the designs Overall its a great keyboard                Fun and very ergonomic
Other keyboards cannot match the autocorrect of Fleksybut that is just one of many awesome features The chameleon theme is mindblowing the keyboard actually changes color to match the app you are in I also love all of the extensions that come with Fleksy especially Hotkeys Gif keyboard and the cursor control It also comes with quick access to all of the emoji so I dont have to keep switching to the old emoji keyboard 1010 would recommend to anyone who wants an enjoyable typing experience                The best keyboard hands down
Fleksy is generally a very good keyboard It is very customizable and convenient and it brings together many features I would otherwise need multiple keyboards for The autocorrect works very well which is good for typing quickly except it can be a pain when it corrects things that you dont want it to For example there are some words that you literally just cannot type at all because no matter how many times you type it it will always autocorrect to something else The only way to type these words is to switch to another keyboard Finally it crashes way too often Sometimes when you are in the middle of a sentence it will just crash Its kind of annoying Other than that its pretty cool One feature I wish it had was a font module to type in different styles so I dont have to have a separate keyboard just for fonts All in all you should probably download this keyboard even with its flaws             Good but not perfect
Its a great keyboard however when switching and scrolling emojis quickly it crashes Not breaking but it is annoying          Annoying crash
This is a great keyboard The most amazing thing is that it adds a 5th row in which you can have many options                Makes your life easier
Love the themes I finally have my favorite dog Snoopy Highly recommend             Love
Absolutely love this app havent seen the lag others are talking about there is a significant learning curve though that is actually pretty enjoyableweird I know for the most part the autocorrect is on point HOWEVER I have a bone to pick about how you select words if the auto correct IS wrong it takes a while and theres no reason whatesoevers I cant just tap on the word I want to use instead of this swipe down on the home row bull itd very frustrating and difficult to deal with             Good Buuuuuut
This keyboard is one of the best on iOS It features a dozen cool keyboards If you really wanna get a very good keyboard you have to pay a buck or two on a set or on an individual one The auto correct is a bit wonky but if youre a good speller or can put up with it auto correcting to something completely off which only happens rarely then download it Id rate it a 455 stars just because of the auto correct The iOS default one is much better             Best keyboard on iOS 455
Keep the cliche extensions to a minimum to protect stability and get use to the simple interface and youll never look back                Best I have used
I just love this keyboard the best I have ever tried But very often in Safari the app would completely freeze and eventually crash Just hopes this gets fixed soon If this problem werent occurring definitely a 5 star keyboard          I love the keyboard but it has some hiccups
Ive tried them all The autocorrect on Fleksy is the best because it has the common sense to know what word you probably meant A lot of the others would correct to an odd word people would never actually say in a conversation just because it happened to share the same letters The only 2 things I really wish it had was the option to make your own custom keyboard themes and the option to disable importing keyboard shortcuts IOS has a bug to where if you delete a keyboard shortcut it comes right back I wish I could avoid having to deal with that in Fleksy But overall my favorite keyboard I cant live without                The best
Great keyboard overall lots of options and colors to choose from My main issue is the keyboard completely disappearing EVERY TIME I search for imoji or gifs If that was fixed I would have nothing to complain about          Stop the disappearing act please
Over 100 milioon people talks in persian so why this popular language not supported       Persian
There was no point in paying for an app that makes up even worse autocorrect sentenceswords than standard iOS Being able to curse doesnt make it worth it I have to go back and delete and restart more posts than ever    So disappointed
The only problem I have with all third party keyboards on iPhone is none of them allow the long hold to switch from one keyboard to another like the default keyboard does Id use the other keyboards more often if I could quickly switch to and away from them more easily instead of having to switch from one to the next to the next             I love this keyboars
I love Fleksy The autocorrect is very accurate but in the current update it no longer performs an autocorrect when entering punctuation like a period Instead you have to hit space after the word to correct it then enter the punctuation Fix it please          Latest update broke autocorrect
a third party keyboard Multiple developers including this developer cannot create and maintain a workable keyboard Everytime I use Fleksy with Safari I expect it to lock up It doesnot disappoint Very frustrating because I love the UI This is the best keyboard on the App Storewhen it works Of course it could be Apple issues as well Their platforms are not as stable as they were a decade ago Makes it difficult for developers to create stellar apps Maybe I will try it out again in a few months Hope they have a workable app       It must be difficult to maintain
Best keyboard on the iPhone hands down                Best keyboard on the iPhone hands down
Nice app                Awesome keyboard
It was such a great keyboard when it first came out It was paid but when you paid for it it didnt ask for anything else Now its free but everything in it is for money       It was beter before
While I know some of the crash issues are iOS issues This keyboard still crashes more than SwiftKey Everything else is awesome just need it a little more dependable          Stability issues
What was the developer thinking when heshe made an update that now charges for the classic themes I came back to this keyboard after a while only to find the theme that I used and paid for when I bought the original app had now been stolen from melocked up behind a pay wall I already paid for it Now the developer took it and wants me to pay him AGAIN to get back what was mine in the first place What are you the government Not impressed    Update now charges for classics theme
Recently there has been an issue with freezing while typing in safari It constantly makes the browser just stop working and Ive noticed it happens more when using punctuation like the double tap spacebar for periods or when it tries searching for a new wordbasically anything more than just typing letters Its really unfortunate because I love this app so please fix          Love this keyboard but
I really feel this keyboard is really fast and it is really useful in correcting misspelled words that you type                Love this keyboard
i never make reviews but this app surely deserves one The app itself seems a bit complex but once you get the hang of it it is amazing Easy to use No it does not have the swipe function but overall it is amazing and stylish to use             WOW
just next word prediction is messing             awesome
Update This app keeps getting better and better SO FAST so convenient WONDERFULI love this app Its fast and so easy to use just bash away on the keys and it figures out what you really mean Amazing I just wish the Backspace key were not so close to the M key                Awesome keyboard fast and compact
Crashes apps constantly mostly Safari Also I downloaded it a second time hoping it had gotten better it got worse and I couldnt restore my purchased theme Im assuming because it wasnt offered in the store anymore I contacted the developer and we emailed and back and forth 5 or 6 times and each time got a one sentence answer that didnt help Finally he apologized when he realized I was on iOS even though I said that in my original message All he could do was tell me how to request a refund from iTunes Wasnt able to do that because the purchase was too old This product is complete crap    Unstable bad customer service
I didnt believe the hype about this keyboard dont let any bad reviews fool you this thing is the best The keyboard click sounds are way better and more tolerable then iOS keyboard default sounds And the keyboard you can resize to make it easier for people with smaller hands or bigger hands Also the the themes look great and tons to choose from and the auto correct is flawless                Wow
Its Best keyboard                Thx ks
There is something terribly wrong with the autocorrect Every time a word autocorrects the word splits in half and half of it moves to the right of the cursor Keyboard is completely broken    Mr
I had read that Fleksy had a Dvorak layout so I downloaded it to tryIts not easy to figure out how to set this up I heard its not originally an iOS app which could explain why all the UI idioms are so foreignThe help feature is completely unhelpful Its just other postings by users so if you search for dvorak all you get is other people complaining about that featureThere are two Dvorak options and I dont know what the difference is because neither worked at all All I could get were Qwerty layoutsLots of common iOS keyboard features are missing or hidden behind layers of menus Even as a Qwerty keyboard this is not easy to useFleksy is clearly designed for people who want colorful keyboards and lots of emoji Even if you turn it off in the settings youll often turn your keyboard into an emoji keyboard by mistakeTheres room for a good alternative keyboard for iOS but Fleksy is in no way better than the builtin keyboards    Maybe for fun not for utility
This literally crashes Safari 4 times in the first five minutes I used it I was able to type one word before Safari locked up Thinking it was a fluke I tried again and it froze after one word I tried the same site same field same word with the iOS keyboard and everything was fine I tried again with Flesky on a different website and again it froze after one word Restarted then tried yet another site with the same resultsI DO NOT HAVE THIS PROBLEM WITH THE STOCK KEYBOARDFor those wondering this issue is occurring on an iPad Air 2    Crashes Safari constantly
I think the app is great however there is a problem to where the whole customizing feature doesnt even work properly You can use the addons but no ability to set them up to the way youd like          Problem
Great keyboard great UI but latest update is causing it to kill safari and Im guessing other browsers If you make a mistake typing a word in a search field the entire app freezes and theres nothing you can do This happens anytime you mistype a word in a search field       Major safari bug
Excelente aplicación                Buena app
This is way better than SwiftKey and some of the other keyboards that have issues Fleksy has great features and works perfectly about 80 of the time This keyboard still crashes though and I have to close out of my message app to get it to work sometimes If you can squash the crashes it would be 100 perfect             Not perfect but best keyboard so far
Take the time to see the tutorial and learn how to fully use the keyboard Its worth it                BEST keyboard experience
If only this keyboard could swype Please add swype capabilities it would be the icing on the cake          Want to love but
The app was working beautifully for a while The the update has many more emoji suggestions which is great Also much quicker to suggest emojis When browsing through GIFs the keyboard crashes very frequently The keyboard has started to crash a lot just typing Not a big deal to select the keyboard again just slightly annoying          Crashes Frequently


2.0 MB
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 5.0 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.1
iPhone iPad

iOS Fleksy 1.1 Mobile

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