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Flixster, Inc., the publisher behind many iOS app (Flixster Digital Copy ,Flixster Video), brings Flixster Video with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Flixster Video app has been update to version 2.5.4 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Flixster Video for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting different languages: English, Bokmål, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish. It weighs in at only 17.8 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 2.5.4 has been released on 2015-08-18. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus.
Bottom Line: For more information about Flixster Video check developer Flixster, Inc.`s website : https://video.flixster.com/apps

Flixster Video is a standalone Flixster app that is optimized for managing, downloading and streaming your movies and TV shows. It features seamless integration with the Movies by Flixster app and gives you access to ...
Got this app and all my redeemed movies are gone Very upset They better fix this issue I dont recommend this app at all     Lost all my movies
Slow streaming even worse than the old app No AirPlay Doesnt allow you to change resolution on movies while the app will try to stream only SD and doesnt indicate at all91915 edit after downloading my movies so I can watch it on a 13 hours plane ride My movies would not play because I need an Internet connection to refresh the app Customer service is completely useless use a different service and buy elsewhere     Terrible app
Cant make it through a movie Previous app worked just fine why change what worked     Why
I keep an iPod touch around for music and movies Now I cant watch any movies because flixster wont work on iPod touch 4 Flixster requires iOS 7 but itouch cant run this It asked if I want to download an older version for my iPod but the older version is still too new to play movies on iPod I dont want to buy a new 200 iPod just to watch movies     I cant use this anymore
I cant even get my movies to download onto my iPad I have plenty of space yet it only downloads 2 KB which most are well over 1 GB says its fully downloaded then comes up error     Would rather use the other app
Theyre all gone from my Flixter account because of this horrible app     Deleted all my movies
Before the app was inexplicably split in two I had no problems downloading and watching videos When the flixter app updated I found out that I needed this new app to play my movies But Flixter Video is not compatible with my older Ipod touch despite presumably using the exact same formats     Not compatible with my Ipod Touch anymore
I liked viewing my movies on the regular Flixter app on my iPad so much better than this one The movies freeze frequently and the app itself crashes on a regular basis This app needs a lot of fixes I HATE iTunes but Id choose to download it onto my desktop PC before this app     Horrible
why make 2 apps when the original flixster worked great the original flixter app had saved movies from ultraviolet lookup upcoming watchlist etc Now you have to use 2 apps to do the same thing why make things more complicated Why why why i had about 20 saved movies on my phone and i go to watch them today and flixster is forcing me to download this new app and reinstall all my movies all over again and i dont have wifi right now so i cant watch any of the movies i had downloaded and they are still taking up space on my phone thanks flixster this app makes so much sense and to make people download movies all over again without warning     unnecessary annoying inconconvient
Glitchy slow and fails to download movies This app stinks     Na
Good app Movie downloaded quickly Only 3 stars because 1 after movie started it froze as if it was buffering If a movie is download why would it freeze with a spinning wheel 2 after closing and reopening app the movie starts from the beginning then have to search where I left off annoying           Good app
This app wont play my downloaded movie on iOS 9 The support email they sent me contains steps that cant be followed     App doesnt work
what happened once a great app now trashed someone really messed up so many unhappy users like me     Lost movies downloaded Poor App
So after taking all of the normal steps closing the app completely rebooting the phone upgrading to the latest version of the app and having no success in being able to download videos to my iPad I finally just deleted BOTH Flixter AND Flixter Video and reinstalled JUST Flixter Video That seemed to do the trick I was finally able to download the movies to my iPad and all is well in the world It is the weirdest issue but glad it was resolved Old ReviewI purchased all of my most recent movies based on being able to download them to my iPad to watch while traveling The app says that it downloads the movies however it is only downloading a 2k file which errors out We all know movies are usually a few gigs Try to download the movie on my iPhone 6 and it seems to work fine Trouble is I need that for calling dont want to use it for movies Thats one of the reasons why I bought an iPadTake a cue from Disney Movies Anywhere they are doing it right                 Updated Review Issues resolved
Playing movies buffered often in the Flixster app and its no better now Even on a brand new high end router on a FIOS connection it not only buffers every thirty seconds or so but is also blurry one moment and sharp the next on a new iPad I even saw this watching The Lego Moviea mostly CG movie that should have compressed well considering its palette compared to a live action movieI think they need to spring for faster storage at their end and maybe a different codec If this cant handle a cartoon on a 50 gig FIOS connection with a 600meg router I will stick with iTunes or Amazon     Seperating the app from Flixster didnt help
The original app actually worked quite well while this new app has stripped away about a tenth of the movies I owned The customer service sends you the tragically cliched email with links to the faq as if their customers would never have considered that once we collectively stopped staring at our navels as our first attempt to fix the problem     Absolutely unnecessary
If I wanted another app on my device to watch movies Id download one It is beyond irritating that I have to download an app otherwise the digital movie I paid for is held hostage Complete waste I would check all of my future physical purchases to avoid this but my best guess is that I will have to use Flixster every single time to watch movies Complete waste Annoying     Annoying
Forced to download this app now when I try to download movies to watch offline it completes the download after only downloading 2k and says the download is complete UNUSABLE     Cannot Download Movies
I get the same issue as Duchatel1 I can stream a movie just fine but I cant download it and take it with me which makes this app completely pointless to me Customer service with flixster is also awful I tell them what happens and basically they are absolutely condescending acting as if I dont even know how to turn on my iPad Despicable company that basically encourages people to pirate movies because doing it legally means I have be stuck on wifi FIX YOUR APP AND YOUR CRAP CUSTOMER SERVICE     Awful
Lets force our users to use a video app that does not work Great move     Terrible App
If it aint broke why break it Stupid thing to do And why not respond with an update People are obviously having problems yet no improvements seem to be forthcoming     Really
I liked the prior incarnation of Flixster This one Not so much Now I have to open a second app to see my movie collection I would also note that when I mirror from my iPad I get a tiny letterbox version of my movie FAIL Unless you need to watch your movies now dont download wait until they fix this piece of crap     Useless consumption of memory
I dont understand why you will make 2 app for flixster I lost all of my movies You need to change it to the old way 1 app very easy to use     Horrible
First review Ive ever written why Because Im forced to use this app instead of just being able to use iTunes and put digital copies on my devices that way And because Im hoping this review will help encourage fixes and changesI currently have six films on this app I downloaded four of them to my iPhone for a trip Well turns out one never really downloaded And one plays the wrong movie Thats right when I tap the film and select watch it plays one of my other films Come on people thats just silly Also pressing pause works for 12 a second and then it just plays again And it will not start over where you last stopped One night I fell asleep while watching and the film just played over and over instead of stopping Another night I fell asleep while watching and when it was over the screen just stayed black and backlit and never automatically shut off Even though my phone has been plugged in and not wasting battery thats still not a good thing for my phoneIf ultraviolet and flixster really cant work it out to make their digital copies available to download on iTunes then they sure as heck better create an app that works well and is user friendly Ridiculous     This appis pretty rough
This app is just the worst It constantly crashes especially when trying to stream via my Apple TV which definitely isnt the problem Issue is consistent on other devices and apple TVs as well What a piece of garbage     Garbage Constantly crashes
This Flixster app will not stream to my Apple TV It used to stream just fine before it became the Flixster app Ive got 30 movies that Im stuck watching on my phone and not on my big screen Obviously thats very frustrating     Doesnt stream to Apple TV
The movies by flixster app was easy to use and worked well this sadly does not The movies do not stream as they did on the other app which is more than a mild annoyance I would say more but this has wasted enough of my time     It was not broken before
I had bought the combo pack for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 which unfortunately came with the UltravioletFlixter digital version instead if the iTunes version I got with Part 1 I got about 10 minutes into playing the movie after downloading it when the iPad turned off due to another device being attached to my iHome clock radio Now nothing Restarted the app then the iPad still nothingIm furious Ill never buy another BluRay disc that comes with this digital format     Completely useless
The answer remains obscure and this app is a poor excuse for studios trying to get around better services like iTunes     Why a separate video flixster app
Horrible app Why on earth did they change it Does not work shuts off after seconds or minutes of playtime     Does not work
Please bring the old flixster app back so I can have everything in one app Its ridiculous to have to have two appsone to watch your movies in and the other one for all the other functions The old app was just fine dont know why we are forced to download this app just to watch my movies and the other app just have this big empty white space telling us to download the other flixster app     Not liking it
Flixster needs to fix the bug that wont let you pause a movie when you start itotherwise you have to start from the beginningplease fix     Dark places
Cant pause and go back to same spot latter The old flixter was much better Why they made me change     Bad controls
App constantly freezes and buffers I can watch a movie with out closing the app and trying to restart it     Worth less then 1 star
Ever since Flixster updated the app in August I have not been able to watch any of my digital copies from my iPhone it keeps bringing up an error message and takes me to my home screen telling me my session expired and I just logged in I used the app to report a problem or contacting them have gotten no response which shows how much they care about their product Ridiculous     Flixster
What was the need for this     Very crappy
I hate this app I was perfectly fine with the original app The movie wont play properly constant lagging The normal app never gave me any problems I rather watch it on the TV then through the app     Horrible
I have been using Flixster for a while now and found it very convenient I just went on an international trip and made sure to download movies to my iPad because sometimes they dont let you stream movies in other countries due to regional licensing issues I tried watching one of my downloaded movies today and Flixster is forcing me to download this new app not giving me access to my collection of downloaded movies at all and the new app doesnt have my downloaded movies either To top things off the 5 movies or so I have are still taking up space on my hard drive even though I cant access them to play them Finally just as I suspected since I am currently overseas I am unable to stream OR redownload some of the movies I had it just says Playback Unavailable Flixster please reenable access to the movies from the original app or at least link them to the new one so they are visible and I dont have to redownload them all     Lost all my movies
I am not happy that Ive been frozen out of my movie collection until I update the appWhat is it with all of these lousy apps that lose your downloaded content with a new version First DirecTv and now this POS Seems like a solvable problem     Why am I being forced to update
My internet connection is not the best 15mx2m But other streaming services work just fine This app is not worth anything regarding streaming     Streaming
I love the app it lets me have a large library of movies but I put in a code for the new Dreamworks movie Home and it was fine until a few weeks ago when it randomly changed to a completely different movie I had never heard of called Fly Away Home           Great but one problem
I loved the Flixster app It was great for when I fly alone so I can watch my downloaded movies while my phone is on airplane mode Now it made me download this app but wont let me download the movies It says Ive hit my max downloads I contacted customer support and havent heard back yet Im so angry     Lost my movies
This app is garbage The old app worked fine but now only 10 of my 44 movies even show up How do I get them back If flixster doesnt figure it out quickly people are just going to use alternate formats     Flixster on a mission to destroy ultraviolet
I travel a lot and dont always have service or wifi where I go Knowing this I downloaded the movies to watch when this occurs Fortunately for me the app will not let me watch them unless there is service It says an unknown error has occurred and closes my app Basically wasted my time uploading the uv content to this site and my phone     Horrible
I usually dont write reviews but this app is absolutely terrible I cannot watch any of the movies I download and get an error message everytime I try     terrible
I never leave reviews but this app is the worst Why Because it doesnt work its awful yes you paid 30 for the movie but your not gonna get to watch it on your mobile device You want to contact support Sure expect a generic response restart device etc then when you reply to tell them none of that worked you can expect a survey on how they did Thats it No escalation of support Ughhhh just ughhh     I never leave reviews but
WTH first I had flixster app and used it to download my digital movies to my 1 iPad that I own then I am forced to download this stupid app to watch my movies and upon trying to watch I get an error so I try to download and it say I reached my download limit Fix it already     Says I reached my download limit
I was able to download and start Mad Max Fury Road with this app About one third of the way into the movie the video freezes up I get error messages telling me unexpected error has occurred please redownload the file But every time I try to download it again I get the same errorTried uninstalling reinstalling restarting the iPad Everything possible but I cannot get even one movie to work properly This app is terrible     Useless crashes and will not play
Instead of having an app thats convenient and does a lot of things why not have two apps to do the work of one Also if you are traveling overseas this app will prevent you from streaming most of your own movies     Piece of crap
I have reevaluated my old 1star review and have raised it to 3 stars This was the result of a suggestion given elsewhere in the reviews to delete and reinstall the Flixster app This seems to have fixed my primary complaints Apparently the app didnt upgrade properly the last time aroundPrevious ReviewUnable to scroll forward or backward properly Cant display subtitles Why 2 separate apps now Old version worked much better Hangs at random places           Very Buggy

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