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Ricardo Alvarado , brings Font Maker with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Font Maker app has been update to version 1.5 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


Next version 1.4 will include support for CAPITAL letters.


Font Maker lets you create cool fonts so ʏøϋ çɑɴ ωʀȋƬɛ ოɛʂʂɑɢɛʂ ʟȋƙɛ Ƭɦȋʂ øɴɛ

Font MakerFont Maker
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Create your custom fonts and use them to write messages and send them via email, SMS or copy and paste them in other apps.


Also you can share your cool messages in Facebook or Twitter!


Do you need a cool nickname for another app? This is your app!


Many letters may only be visible on
iOSApple iOS is a proprietary mobile operating system for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
devices (iPhone, iPod, iPad).
Font Maker


The SMS feature only works on iPhones, also when the SMS app opens you need to Paste the message.


The Font Maker is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 2.2 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.5 has been released on 2014-11-22. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later
More Info: Find more info about Font Maker in Ricardo Alvarado`s Official Website :


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Use it all the time on instagram Very cuteHint hint Make your own fontBuy buy buy                Great app
Hi everyone If u dont mind to follow me on instagram thatll be great oh and active followers only officialqueenx             It works
Can you add mustache letters Thanks                Add one more or more
This app is amazing and all But its TOOO complicated Can someone please do something about it This app is awesome             Good
Why do we have to be bothered with advertisements on a PAID app I wish I could get my dollar back    Why ads
ʟօɛ тһɪ ɑƿƿɴɛɛя тץƿɪɴɢ ɴօяɑʟ ɑɢɑɪɴץ ғяɪɛɴԁ ɑяɛ ɪօяɛɛԁɑĸɛ ƿяօғɪʟɛ ʗօօʟɑωɛօɛт ɑƿƿ ɛɛяɑʗɪ                Awesome
Basically nearly every symbol or letter you can find here can be found in google and be copy and pasted to accomplish the same things I like the lettering but in truth it didnt have enough features to keep me on       Waste of space
ナhis is ԁeƒiɳiナeƖყ ɑ 5 sナɑr ɑpp iナ hɑs sօ ɱɑɳყ ƒօɳナs ナօ ƈhօօse ƒrօɱ ɑɳԁ ყօu ƈɑɳ e۷eɳ ɱɑƙe ყօur օωɳ ɓuナ ナhe ƒօɳナs ყօu ɱɑƙe ԁօɳナ hɑ۷e ナօ sナɑყ iɳ ナhis ɑpp i օƒナeɳ ƈօpყ ナheɳ iɳナօ ナeҳナ ɱessɑɠes օr ƒɑƈeɓօօƙ ɑɳԁ iɳsナɑɠrɑɱʘℛ ℰ۷ℰℕ ⅈℕƬʘ ƬℋⅈՏ ℛℰ۷ⅈℰա ƬℋɑƬ ⅈ ɑℳ աℛⅈƬⅈℕց ℛⅈցℋƬ ℕʘա Ƭℋℰ ǷʘՏՏⅈℬⅈℓⅈƬⅈℰՏ ғʘℛ ƬℋⅈՏ ցɑℳℰ ɑℛℰ ℰℕⅆℓℰՏՏ ⅈƬՏ ғℛℰℰ ℬuƬ ⅈғ ⅈƬ ʗʘՏƬ ℳʘℕℰㄚ ⅈ աʘuℓⅆ ⅆℰғⅈℕⅈƬℰℓㄚ ǷuℛʗℋɑՏℰ ⅈƬ Տʘ ɠeナ ナhis ɠɑɱe ɱყ օωɳƖყ suɠɠesナiօɳ is ナօ ɓe ƈɑreƒuƖ ɓeƈɑuse ყօu ɱɑყ ɓeƈօɱe ɑԁԁiƈナeԁ                AWESOME
This app by far is truly awesome                This app
this app is super easy and cool I can type whatever in all different fonts 6 stars                great
I downloaded like 5 apps before this All of them had good fonts but most of them you had to pay for This one you can make a font and you dont have to pay for it at all This is definitely the best app to get ı Ɩıke Ɨhe Ɩook of Ɨhe fonƗs ʏou cɑn puƗ ƗogeƗher                Best font app
ㄒℍɪ ℙℙ ɪ ғℜㅌҜɪℵ ㅌㅌㄒ ɵʉ ㅌㅌ ɵʉ ɵ ㅌ ɵҒ Ғɵ ㄗㄥㄩṩ ㄒℎミཞミ ɑཞミ Ғօℵㄒ ṩミㄒṩ ㄒօ ʗℎօօṩミ Ғཞօㅆ ㄒօօ and this sıɥʇ puɐ and whats best is that I have yet to be asked for money how peculiar                Sweet
App lets you browse for Unicode characters and assign them to buttons your not actually going to be making or editing a TTF or anything    Not a font editor
This app is way better than the other font makers because you can make your own font and not have to pay to unlock the special fonts that are exclusive and you can combine different fonts together                This is great
hi guys its skyler there are a million different fonts its soo cool so u have to get it i think its the best font maker app ever uʍop ǝpısdn ɯǝɥʇ ǝʞɐɯ uɐɔ n u can make ur own fonts too ʘℛ عℳℓع ⅈ ℳⅆع ℋⅈ ʘℕ ⅈ ℳⅆع ℳẙعℓ ʗʘʘℓ ℛⅈǤℋ so anyways u have to get this app not only they give u fonts ℬʉ ʉ ʗℕ ℳƙع ʉℛ ʘℕ                Its amazing
Love it                
The app did work fine on my iPhone 5 Since the iOS 8 update it doesnt fit to the screen right When trying to use the letters the bottom row is useless because you cant tap on them due to the hide and clear buttons Normally a great app Once its fixed then Ill recommend it again I would like to see a little more of a variety too    Needs work
You can write upside down with it                uʍop ǝpısdn
I really like how u can make your own font but I just really wish it was on the keyboard so that way right now u can see my fonts I have made up But u have to copy and paste which is a lot of work because would if you wanna show it off to ur friends and ur just here going back and forth             I like but I wish
This is an amazing app I tried a different one before this one and the other one you had to pay to get the fonts This app is totally free and awesome                Amazing
I really luv this app only thing tht bothers me is tht on Instagram the get cool animal looking things and it wont let me make them HELP ME                My review
Good                Good
Well this is an ok app but I would like to get fonts from the web on here There are different apps that have over 500 fonts but not the ones Im looking for If you get put something where I can download fonts from the web can you add in the font used in Lego BionicleThanks          Bruh
The people that say irlt crashes have sucky phones cuz it works fine for meㄨℳąȓⅈօƊℐUsed the app for the signature 3                People
Okay guys this app is amazing I texted my friend when she tried to make her own then Ya its funny you wanna lookie Its like what you have up there but its real Ergg                Its pretty good
тʜɪs app ɪs ʝusт amazɪɴɢтʜɛʀɛ aʀɛ тoɴs oғ cuтɛ ғoɴтs aɴd ყou caɴ maĸɛ somɛ тoo aɴყoɴɛ wʜo doɛsɴт ʜavɛ тʜɪs sʜouʟd тoтaʟʟყ ɢɛт ɪт                Awesome
Horrible Cant even copy or paste some characters Some emojis dont even work I dont recommend it so you shouldnt get it Theres so much better apps that can help you make fonts    NOO
Not at all what I was looking for I prefer iFontMaker    Instantly uninstalled
Another app for 13 year old girls to think they are awesome    υgнннн
In Instagram when you type the bio it wont let u do vertical only Horizontal and with this amazing app it will let you copy paste in to verticle                Font maker
Its by far the best thing I have ever used                OMG I LOVE IT
I really love this app it is good for kik and cool texting                Keep it
U cant make your own font this app is not what it says to be dont get it    Dont get
Great app I use it all the time                
I love all the fonts you get Works perfectly havent had an issue with it yet and Ive had it for about 6 months Couldnt be happier with the performance of the app The only thing I didnt like was that the app doesnt have its own keyboard you have to copy and paste witch isnt terrible hope I helped                Works great
ı ɑɱ ıƞ Ɩօѵҽ ωıʈɦ ʈɦıs ƞҽω ƒօƞʈ ı ɱɑժҽ ıʈ usıƞɠ ƒօƞʈ ɱɑƙҽr ժҽƒıƞıʈҽƖყ ɑ ɱusʈ ɦɑѵҽ                Must have
Now that iOS 8 is here are you going to update the app and create an actual keyboard Cause that would be great                Quick Question
before the the release of iOS 8 you were unable to add a keyboard function now that customizable keyboards are a reality it would be great for this to be made into an outofapp keyboard otherwise this app is great and has been reliable for years                iOS 8 Update
They say that u can use this for insta bio I dont believe that But I saw all these reviews And saw peoples bios with cool font It even say it on youtube Im gonna try it out and tell u about it if it doesnt work THIS IS CRAPhey Im back and it didnt work all tho I tried it one more time and BOOM IN MY BIO IN INSTAGRAM really cool watch a vid in YouTube cool awesome should get app             People say
I am trying to get as many fonts as possible and this one has a lot                Awsome
Needs an iOS 7 update and can you PLEEEEEASE make the same type of letter on each letter For example I would find a really cool letter but then it is not in that style in the rest of the alphabet Pls fix             Nice
Dont waste your time There will be a good one Sw me day       Junk
ƬℋⅈՏ ⅈՏ Տօօօօ cօօℒ ⅈ ℒℙvⅇ ƬℋⅈՏ ɑℙℙ Տօօօօ ℳucℋ ƬℋɑℕƙՏ γօu Ƭօ Ƭℋⅇ cℝⅇɑƬօℝՏ γօu ℝⅇɑℒℒγ ℳɑⅆⅇ ℳⅇ ℋɑℙℙγ ℳօՏƬ ɑℙℙՏ ⅆօℕƬ ℳɑƙⅇ ℳⅇ vⅇℝγ ℋɑℙℙγ Տօ γօu ɑℝⅇ ℒucƙγ ⅈ Ƭℋⅈℕƙ ⅈƬՏ Տօօօօ cօօℒ ƬℋɑƬ աⅇ cɑℕ cℝⅇɑƬⅇ օuℝ օաℕ ℱօℕƬՏ ℱօℝ ℱℝⅇⅇ ɑℕⅆ օƬℋⅇℝ ɑℙℙՏ ⅈ ℋɑvⅇ ℒⅈƙⅇ ƬℋⅈՏ ℕⅇաcօօℒℱօℕƬՏ ℳɑƙⅇ γօu ℙɑγ Ƭօ ǤⅇƬ Ƭℋⅇ Ǥօօⅆ ℱօℕƬՏ                Love this app
Best Font App EVER its absolutely perfect                YASSSSSSSSSSSS
I love fonts Because I love cheese                Fonts
This app is amazing I recommend it             App
Im pretty impressed          Pretty good
I love this app Its very fun and I love how there are so many options to choose from Good app overall                Great and Creative Idea
its so cool dont listen to the bad comments its the best font app ever                the best app ever
Positive I love the fonts but you should add more like cursive That would be nice Negative The reason I gave it a 3 is because since the update the app closes like a few seconds after opening it They should really fix that          Positives and Negatives


Ricardo Alvarado
2.2 MB
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.5
iPhone iPad

iOS Font Maker 1.5 Mobile

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