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Forbes , the publisher behind many iOS app (Forbes Photos & Videos ,Forbes Lists ,Forbes Career Advisor ,Forbes Magazine ,Forbes Lifetime Financial Planning ,ForbesLife), brings Forbes Magazine with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Forbes Magazine app has been update to version v1.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


The Forbes Magazine is now available as a free download on Apple Store for iPad owners. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 22.7 MB to download. The new Forbes Magazine app version v1.0 has been updated on 2014-11-21. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Forbes Magazine check developer Forbes`s website :

The Forbes app is your doorway into the ultimate Forbes experience combining all the original magazine reporting on business, technology, and investing with the dynamic interactive content from Download the app now to start ...
Full of clickbait     Not informative Danbo99
I like the browsing feature                     Pretty sweet Jonboy2011
I m a regular reader and let s just say that my discovery of this app will make my morning commute that much less unenjoyable Officially adding it to my arsenal with BBC and Flipboard Super smooth app and love the articles Thanks for this Forbes                     Love Forbes and app makes it easier A great nickname
I have had problems for some time with the Forbes app Tonight it said I had to pay buy an issue despite a subscription I have The FAQs suggest restoring purchases and if that does not work to delete and re download the app Restoring did not work so I deleted and re downloaded I could not successfully sign in because I must have forgotten my password The FAQs say to click on forgot password There is no such link on the sign on page Forbes needs a new and better interface Not a good reflection at all for great magazine content     App is not intuitive JCupset200
Nothing works the way it should Links don t open issues don t load Why can t they just fix the issues Does no one read these reviews at Forbes     Waste of money Ttstewart1
This is the worst app I have seen Forbes attempts to pride itself on its social engagement but this iPad app is pathetic and doesn t work It forced me to cancel my subscription     0 Stars The Way Music Should Be
Why pay when it s free online     Why pay when it s free online C51Creations
Perfect way to get their web content                     Legit Csc228921
People don t need a timed quote ad every time they want straight up information Let spam take over the hottest topic to generate ad revenue is down disgusting You expect people to pay for this trash in your app now your image as a company is ruined Ridiculous     Forbes Has Become Garbage Yano10
I am not able to restore the purchases     I would give zero stars if I could ShahinKohan
Hasn t updated to the current magazine I contacted them and they said not their problem Call Forbes We just sold you the app Asked Forbes why they aren t updating Ok Called Forbes Said app people problem Call iTunes What I m done     Horrible Teddytessa
The new version of the app is horrible It s poorly designed the articles lost the look and feel and you can t browse through the magazine anymore I ve just canceled my subscription     It s worst than a rss feed Gui Barthel
Can t change font size No organization Seems to be missing articles from the magazine     Very hard to read steveoliverc
If I just wanted to read a few select articles I could go on the website This update is an insult to all the people who have been loyal subscribers     This version is horrible BigRileyWins
The format is so bad now I almost can t believe someone designed this It s totally unreadable The whole magazine is in some kind of weird plain text format Terrible reading experience I actually just canceled my subscription     Truly horrible app canceled my subscription Dustin1179
Good app                     Really nice Clark NY
I am a longtime subscriber via the IPad and the latest version is beyond frustrating The app now takes forever to download an issue on a high speed internet connection What used to take 1 minute or less now takes almost 5 Terrible when trying to download before catching a plane And then when you click the restore purchases button the app crashes and then when you try to relaunch it it just keeps crashing and never opens again The only way you can launch it is to delete the app completely and re download and relaunch it But if you then click restore again you are put back into the crash spin cycle smh very frustrating The previous versions worked just fine I feel this is a case of messing up a good thing just for the sake of making a change smh                     Latest Version Killed The Experience GoGo Soda
I love the new intuitive look and feel of the app and I can still access the print version of the magazine A good mix of website and the print version Keep it up Forbes                     Just awesome Mikehaller
PDF function doesn t work very slow Can t access previous issues with annual subscription     Disappointing Glorioustrait
Don t even bother downloading this app It gives you a huge timer with only 2 minutes to see the magazine And they block a big portion of the pages with the countdown They only want you to buy it for 6 bucks or get a years subscription for 30     Waste of time Jakepotts92
Save urself     Headache to my head _Branden_
Not user friendly can t search back issues Uninstalled     Should have read the reviews WaynePL
Really A count down timer on the main screen for 2 minutes before you have to pay No thanks I ll stick to your not quite as junky website     Junk domestic_engineer
Thought I would get access with subscription to magazine Since I don t I will not subscribe to magazine again Wonder how this is working out for them     No access ridiculous Unhappy subscriber
Great app Very easy to understand and use David Lorea Farrington                 Great app Very easy to understand and use
10 years ago I read Forbes every week and felt it was a musthave for anyone in the financial world But since then Forbes like many industry icons has felt the vise grip of few ad dollars and diminishing subscriptions So Forbes unlike many industry icons has created a way to take over the Newstand icon thats permanently installed on iPads Download the Forbes app for FREE open it close it delete it whatever you try it wont go away You cant look at other titles it renders the Newstand app useless So goodbye Forbes I cant believe Steve Forbes knows about this or he would fire the developer who thought this would be a clever way to boost subscriptions     Forbes app
Concur with the other review about the app interface Content is great but the app makes th app very difficult to use Just slightly touching it pops up the interface that wants you to share cutcopy content etc I understand they want people to share content but it feels forced and that they are trying to hard to have people share Will read mag on Next Issue until they updated app        Interface difficult to use
It awesome and so good right                 It a really good magazine
Love the update to the app All the great content I expect Totally worth it                 Great update
Forbes I love this magazine and content However the digital content via app is difficult to navigate because the interface is too unwieldy and clumsy in my opinion I am sure this will improve over time Overall I love having these issues on my iPad for when Im traveling or on the sofa Unfortunately like Fortune Magazine even you are an active subscriber back issues before the subscription start date must be purchased a la carte and the 599 price seems pretty unreasonable        Gesture controls are maddening
Not paying twice for print and digital Ridiculous money grab     Not paying twice
Great app great magazine handy and educative                 Great App
Cool                 Cool
And the ability to cut portions of the magazine                 I love the cool interface of the app
Ive never seen other apps that lets you do this you can read everything on a timer before you decide if you want to buy Pretty cool and its different than the print version which is cool too                 Got to read all the issues for free
I bought the print edition Forbes a few years ago but was put off that I had to pay extra for an iPad version Just reviewed it again today and it still appears to be the case so Im passing again        Needs free access to digital
It is absolutely mind bugling that Forbes with all the financial backing and smart writers cant manage the simple and workable app for the magazine Somebody in the company needs overhaul the app starting from simplifying the jumpy and overly crazy sharing setup and finishing by making the magazine readable offline I love to read Forbes on my iPad or iPhone but every time it is a struggle with unnecessary app features It is apparent to me that nobody that matters in the magazine staff never actually tried to use their own app otherwise they would flip the lid and change the development team     One of the worst magazine apps
The magazine is fine the problem with the app is that it keeps puting on the bottom of the page to the circular wheel asking you to send the article to someone else and you cant easily make it go away And until it goes away you cant get to the next page If they dont make this better or I cant figure out how to get the wheel to go away Im an ask for my money back This happens on the new iPad 2        Stupid wheel at the bottom of the page
Just purchased a 3yr subscription to Forbes and now I need to pay 10 EXTRA for access thru the app Complete ripoff     Nearly full price for current mag subscribers
Ive always been a fan of the print magazine I still am but the features of the app went beyond what I was expectingor even thought to be possible in an app Kudos Forbes Way to stay ahead of the pack                 Beyond Expectations
Forbes is the most important app to have on your phone Forbes is all about to things money I read the tour de forbes like the bible and this app is gr8 m8 I would r8 88                 Best app
constantly forgets i have a subscription asking me to buy issues i have to delete and redownload the app The Maz integration is completely annoying cant touch anything on a page without being asked to share to facebook stay away from this and go with fortune magazine so much better     broken garbage
As a frequent flyer i like reading Forbes offline Like the download complete you added but the lack of dependable behavior unlocking content is maddening I have an apple subscription to forbes but app frequently forgets this and shows me preview Restoring purchases tells me it has failed and to write to support but then works Love the convenience of readings mags on ipad but lack of reliable delivery means is maddening        Unreliable but good when it works
Crashes 3 of 4 times I use it and every time I touch the screen even the slightest bit that stupid pair of scissors shows up for me to stream what Im reading God forbid you get a step further and the stream app pop up appears because heres no way out of it Keep it simple Steve        Frustrating
Just give digital away for free Double dipping charges makes me question whether to even bother with this subscription going forward     How can you justify charging print subs for digital access
Wonderful Job Forbes While reading this magazine on my iPad I had same feeling as if I reading paper magazineso smooth And on top of that video in magazine makes my day You rock Forbes                 Wowits as cool as Forbes magazine in real
I love the new look of the app fits the new iPhone software update really well The timed preview is neat but since Im already a subscriber its not of great use to me I wish some other apps had it though that I wasnt a subscriber for                 Love the new look
Great user experience The UX is just amazing                 Nice app
Very hard to use The convergence of media with all the links is a royal pain in the neck     Impossible to read offline
I like the browsing feature                 Pretty sweet
The preview feature in this update is sleek and really helpful Im not an annual subscriber so having the ability to meaningfully sift through various issues so I can better decide to buy them is huge              Great Update
Crashes fix app     Crashes
Wow You need to pull this thing off the virtual shelves fire anyone responsible for its design completely rebuild it and rerelease it Ive never written an app review But I am so embarrassed for you I had to sign in and speak up     You cant be serious
I dont like most digital editions of magazines but this one is an outlier Easy access to print issues as well as the website which has tons of content Nice looking all too                 excellent digital edition
Really Print subscribers have to pay extra to get digital access Pretty crummy way to treat your subscribers     Doubledipping
I enjoy the content in Forbes but the software for this app is terrible I spend more time trying to undo unintended actions than actually reading what I want to read Every time I sit down to read the magazine I end up quitting early out of frustration with the way the app works     Terrible software
Not sure why this app exists You get way more functionality and usability by just visiting the website even on a phone browser     Basically useless
I am a long time Forbes print subscriber and software engineer and have given up trying to navigate this app Please provide a simple way to navigate and return to TOC     Horrendous
I Personally love this app                 Great
I have been using this app for almost two year and the one thing I love is how often they update the app and add new features Some great others not as useful but I like that theyre always trying new things The latest update is great Very cool new interface and the article clipping and sharing functionality is awesome Also for those reviewer giving it 1 star rating because the digital version isnt free well its not ideal but I understand that good content is going to cost money and Im willing to pay for Forbes content on my iPad                 Great update I like the new look
Cool layout I check the app pretty regularly in between issues too I feel like theres often new stuff that I missed earlier                 Read Forbes everyday
I have been a Forbes reader for many years now and their digital offering works great I use some of the sharing features more then others since I dont social share much I like being able to see what other people find interesting both in the app and on their website with their thumbnail clipping list                 Loving the new design
How come you estimate Queens net worth at 350 million in 2014 and 250 million while she earned more than 100 million this past year Your different staff are selfcontradictory Im extremely disappointed That almost got her off the list                 Beyoncé is the Queen
Idiotic design     CEO
This horrible app will not let me read anything until I renew my subscription My subscription is over in October 2015 and it is April 2015 right now Absolutely horrible     Horrible App
Accidentally hit the share button on an article and there is no way to back out The app is frozen Also cant jump from table of contents directly to an article Pretty clunky app even if the content is worth reading The app freezes or crashes several times in a one hour period while reading Pity I like the content ex Steve Forbes inane editorials        Stuck in share
When you obtain a new magazine it downloads what appears to be thumbnails I thought I had the full magazine before I climbed on a 3 hour flight only to discover that I needed to have an Internet connection once I opened the magazine to get the blurry pages of the magazine updated to full resolution Why cant we get the initial magazine downloaded and then be able to read it without having an Internet connection I thought it was a setting issue but there are no settings        Download twice
This app has a crazy interface that tries to force the user to share content Simply trying to zoom in or out and flipping pages is almost impossible I cant wait for Forbes to rewrite this app and make a simple reader like every other magazine     Great Mag Terrible App
Cut and paste feature is so easy to use                 Great app
Not removing from phone app update list     Bad
App is smooth and content is always great                 Love the Forbes App
I tried to obtain the digital subscription I am a print subscriber The digital subscription should be included for free I have now tried to pay twice for the digital subscription and it still has not gone through They do not even have a phone number you can call This is one of the worst experiences of hat with an iPad app     terrible customer service experience
What a waste of money and time Horrible app The table of contents do not work and there is no way to effortlessly move from one article to another If I could have rated it ZERO stars I would have I will call Forbes and try to get a refund     The worst business magazine app out there
Horrible frustrating     Layers of frustration

Forbes Magazine Business Forbes Magazine Current PeriodForbes Magazine Business Forbes Magazine Current PeriodForbes Magazine Business Forbes Magazine Current PeriodForbes Magazine Business Forbes Magazine Current PeriodForbes Magazine Business Forbes Magazine Current PeriodForbes Magazine Business Forbes Magazine Current PeriodForbes Magazine Business Forbes Magazine Current PeriodForbes Magazine Business Forbes Magazine Current PeriodForbes Magazine Business Forbes Magazine Current PeriodForbes Magazine Business Forbes Magazine Current PeriodForbes Magazine Business Forbes Magazine Current PeriodForbes Magazine Business Forbes Magazine Current Period

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