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ForeFlight , the publisher behind many iOS app (ForeFlight Checklist Lite for iPhone ,AOPA Airports ,ForeFlight File: Flight Plan Filing for Pilots and Aviation ,ForeFlight Charts for iPhone ,ForeFlight Checklist Pro for iPhone ,ForeFlight Mobile Aviation Weather, Flight Planning, EFB, and Charts), brings ForeFlight Mobile Aviation Weather, Flight Planning, EFB, and Charts with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. ForeFlight Mobile Aviation Weather, Flight Planning, EFB, and Charts app has been update to version 4.7 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • I have wish list -.
  • The customer service is also very helpful and quick to respond..
  • Continues to be my favorite flight planning tool..
  • I have previously used several on-line services for flight planning and filing..
  • The first screen shot proves ForeFlight is a "no pinhead" zone..
Overall Satisfactionclick me74
This is without a doubt the best flight planning app on the market.
Foreflight has always been the best aviation app in the App Store.
The track up option is VERY helpful.
Thank you foreflight for giving us the cheaper option.
Pilots best friend.
it is continually being updated and improved and the customer service is amazing.
Customer support is the best I have ever seen.
This is simply the best product for flying.
Fun & Engagingclick me100
The best app for GA and awesome support.
Awesome support.
Awesome customer service.
Usefulnessclick me73
The customer service is also very helpful and quick to respond.
the app is "buggy" slow to respond.
I haven't had a chance to check out this latest 4.
This is by far the most useful app for all of flight.
An absoultely essential tool for the vfr or ifr cockpit.
$75 bucks per year gets me everything I need and more.
Wonderful and useful app.
Production Valuesclick me85
Reliabilityclick me56
I haven't experienced performance problems reported by others.
Updates & Supportclick me81
The customer service is also very helpful and quick to respond.
Good app but very poor customer service.
the app is "buggy" slow to respond.
The foreflight support center is second to none.
The customer service is outstanding.
I had recently purchased version 2.
I just downloaded version 4 HD.


ForeFlight Mobile is the critically acclaimed flight planning, aviation weather, EFB, and flight support app for pilots.


Built with an attention to detail and backed by a dedicated, fanatical support team, ForeFlight has become a best selling and trusted aviation app for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

ForeFlight Mobile Aviation Weather, Flight Planning, EFB, and ChartsForeFlight Mobile Aviation Weather, Flight Planning, EFB, and Charts
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✣ App of the Year, Aviation Consumer, July 2011


✣ #1 Best Selling
iPadtablet made by Apple
App of 2010 in the Weather category - Apple, 2010 iTunes Rewind


✣ "For those who haven`t had the privilege of using ForeFlight, you`re missing out" - Ian Twombly, AOPA Pilot Magazine
ForeFlight Mobile Aviation Weather, Flight Planning, EFB, and Charts


✣ "One of the most popular and most-respected aviation apps available" - Sporty`s Pilot Shop, July 2010


✣ "There is no one who exploits
iPhonecellular phone made by Apple
capabilities better than ForeFlight" - AOPA, 2009




ForeFlight`s A/FD covers the entire USA and major international airports. Data is provided by top industry sources, including AOPA and Universal Weather and Aviation. Critical airport information is displayed prominently and includes METARs, TAFs, winds aloft, and NOTAMS.




Download 15,000+ terminal procedures, FAA IFR & VFR charts, and FAA Terminal Area Charts for use offline. Charts are geo-referenced and integrated with ForeFlight`s Moving Map.


Import your own terminal procedures using the "Bring Your Own Procedures" feature.


Geo-referenced terminal procedures and taxi diagrams are available in the Pro plan and made possible through a partnership with Seattle Avionics and ForeFlight`s license to ChartData technology.




ForeFlight`s emphasis on preflight weather is a hallmark of the application. 10 weather Slip Maps™ with route overlay, pinch and zoom support, and touch planning support deliver information about conditions along your route quickly and visually. Maps include:


✣ Flight rules
NEXRAD composite radar
✣ Visible and IR satellite
✣ Visibility
✣ Lightning
✣ Temperature and dew-point spread
✣ Sky coverage
✣ Wind conditions




The days of text entry flight planning are numbered. Use your fingers to draw a route of flight, bend a route around weather, and add or drop waypoints. `Direct To` functions get you where you want quickly.


Engage the moving map and see your ship`s position on top of en-route charts, groundspeed and altitude, track, and GPS accuracy.




ForeFlight includes sophisticated support for airways, SIDS, and STARS. Plan routes via text or touch, use multi-runway SIDS, airway entrances/exits, intersections, airway identifiers, and even the most complex STARS. View cleared ATC routes on the map.




Covering 2,300+ FBOs in Canada and the US, ForeFlight presents prices, color coded by cost, both visually on our Maps and on FBO detail views. Price different than advertised? Submit a fuel price update while standing at the desk.




File flight plans from your iPhone or iPad and get confirmation in seconds. ForeFlight servers store a copy of your plans for safe-keeping and sends you confirmation and briefing
emailsE-mail (electronic mail) is the exchange of computer-stored messages by telecommunication




Select the regions and information you need, download one area or the whole country. Turbo Downloads dynamically adjust to maximize download speed and recovers from network hiccups. Plate and chart volumes install in seconds.




ForeFlight customers are the smartest on the ramp and have informative things to say about airports and service providers. Submit comments directly from device, wherever you may be, and read comments from other pilots. You may just find a great place for fried pickles.




The app requires a subscription. One subscription can be used simultaneously on one iPhone/iPod and one iPad. Group pricing plans and discounts are also available.




✣ Canadian radar coverage is provided by Environment Canada.
✣ International A/FD provided by Universal Weather and Aviation.


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download ForeFlight Mobile Aviation Weather, Flight Planning, EFB, and Charts for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 19.0 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 4.7 has been released on 2014-11-19. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about ForeFlight Mobile Aviation Weather, Flight Planning, EFB, and Charts in ForeFlight`s Official Website :


Great for student pilots and pilots training for their instrument rating. found in 5 reviews
including flight segments in both VFR and IFR. found in 9 reviews
Keep up the great work guys. found in 2 reviews
with new update app is good as a moving map display. found in 8 reviews
This is by far the most useful app for all of flight. found in 4 reviews
The customer service is outstanding. found in 5 reviews
including faster access to weather information and more automated flight planning. found in 14 reviews
But it's still perfectly usable without georeferenced airport diagrams. found in 31 reviews
This is without a doubt the best flight planning app on the market. found in 175 reviews
Incorporate AOPA airport information into this program. found in 32 reviews
temporarily inactive 1500+ hour comm/inst/me pilot for the past few years. found in 2 reviews
ForeFlight obviously cares about taking care of their customers and that is impressive. found in 2 reviews
I haven't had a chance to check out this latest 4. found in 9 reviews
App paid for itself on first flight. found in 1 reviews
This app is a must have and the best app for pilots. found in 43 reviews
We also have a bluetooth GPS antenna for better accuracy. found in 4 reviews
You also seem to get more information at your fingertips period. found in 2 reviews
The best app for aviators. found in 3 reviews
GPS tracking is also a nice feature. found in 4 reviews
Foreflight Mobile downloads are noticeably smaller than Flight Guide. found in 19 reviews
it took 2 months for them to fix it. found in 5 reviews
Previous owners should get atleast a $70 credit towards subscription fees. found in 4 reviews
but PLEASE bring the detailed street map back as an option. found in 1 reviews
Allow ADS -B input for other devices. found in 1 reviews
Please add charts for Caribbean and South America. found in 1 reviews
sadly the new update deleted all of my user waypoints. found in 1 reviews
if you have an Internet connection or ads-b. found in 3 reviews
you have to keep the APP open while you download. found in 17 reviews
5 stars if you add " Track Up " for orientation. found in 23 reviews
maps seem to load slower especially the World Map. found in 7 reviews
Good app but $75 for a yearly fee is way overpriced. found in 3 reviews
but crash prone and unpolished. found in 2 reviews
It would be perfect if it had a track up option. found in 23 reviews
Fantastic can't begin to explain this App. found in 2 reviews
Would have been 5 stars but is missing Grand Canyon chart. found in 3 reviews
Requires paid subscription after trial. found in 1 reviews
Love Foreflight but this update is crashing on all iDevices. found in 4 reviews
Very few complaints. found in 2 reviews
But way to expensive with reoccurring costs. found in 1 reviews
But it does not currently work on iPhone 6 Plus. found in 5 reviews
we created a fix and immediately submitted that fix to Apple. found in 4 reviews
Awesome but need to fix a bug. found in 5 reviews
I am forced to switch to Hilton software wing x pro. found in 3 reviews
Purchased an earlier version of foreflight which was not subscription based. found in 3 reviews
Still no Grand Canyon SFAR and this update has crashes. found in 3 reviews
has crashed during an IFR approach or transition to an approach. found in 4 reviews
It's way overpriced. found in 3 reviews
why on earth would you change something that wasn't broke. found in 3 reviews
Latest update crashes on iPhone 5s with iOS 7. found in 6 reviews
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Icon 175x175 1
Im still amazed every update with the great new features and tools that I didnt know I needed but now cant live without If you had to pick one app for flying this should be that app                Perfection
Foreflight has come along way If only they had a better interface for iPhone such as synthetic vision and profile option such as Garmin iphone app Also it would be nice to see airport information on the apple watch such as AerovieOnly reason I pay for expensive Jeppesen charts is because of the world mapping If Foreflight had worldwide mapping it would monopolies this industry             Greatest pilot app
Freezes on my iPhone 5c Useless now So disappointing    Skip 711
Great app except that it becomes unresponsive for many seconds while it loads             Slow to Load
This is simply the best product for flying                Best app
v70 seems to lock up a lot iPad 3 64GbThe graphic SIDSTAR viewer is awesome though          70 seems to lock up a lot
I keep being blown away by Foreflight and I dont even have the pro version Intuitive amazing to have all your charts right there constantly adding new features Really solid                Absolutely Fantastic
Please start testing all common GPS devices during betas of new iOS releases This has happened a few times now where a new iOS release kills external GPS devices Very easily testable by ForeFlight Otherwise an awesome app             Test GPS devices during iOS betas
Not having this would make flying a nogo for me if I was going anywhere outside the local area It does everything you would want plus a whole lot more                Fantastic
Love all the updates that have came out this year Im giving it three stars only though because the apple watch app crashes every time I attempt to open it Glances dont load any information and the app just crashes after a few seconds of displaying an empty screen          Apple Watch
This application is a must have and keeps getting better and better with each update Ive renewed my pro subscription twice and plan on doing it again once it expires Keep up the great work Foreflight                A must have in the cockpit
Goodbye to paper charts No more paper charts approach plates and terminal procedures If my mini crashes my iPhone serves as a backup Foreflight consistently updated the app with new and exciting features                Never Fly Without It
New update will not launch Forces a reset of the iPad    Lastest update crashes in ios 83
This is an amazing app for any pilot Will all of the stuff that keeps getting added to each major update I feel that at one point iPhones wont be able to run it My biggest complaint is that I wish it would go back to where you could just download the charts for the state Made things a lot simpler and quicker                Pilots best friend
I use this great app for every flight its map feature is thorough and easy to use and the whole setup is a breeze                Useful on all levels
Why do I have Cincinnati Philadelphia charts after downloading this version I dont even live close to these places             Why do I have Cincinnati Philadelphia charts
I have used this app for 3 years it is the best electronic flight bag EFBflight planning app out there in my opinion Easy to use full of features and the Foreflight team constantly is upgrading this app with new features you never thought you needed until you use them Its a must have in the cockpit when I go up                Best for General Aviation
Absolutely the best app choice for pilots I am an instructor and alway recommend this app to my student especially when they go for there instrument raising Absolutely un touchable by any other aviation app for your required charts weather and so much more I know many people that have bought an Ipad only for this app people that normally dont embrace technology like it for its ease of use I cant say enough about it                Best app for Ipad
It a great app to use but I wish fore flight team can find way to make the instrument approach more readable                It awesome
I like the addition of the airport altitudes and CTAF channel to the favorites page Very useful                Favorites
I had an issue with a new iPhone and connecting with Foreflight I sent an email to the customer support team and received an email from a REAL person saying the problem was fixed within 30 seconds I have never seen this from any other company Great job Foreflight Thanks                Awesome customer service
This update allegedly includes FBO locations on 2700 charts but I couldnt find a single airport where the FBO was displayed including some of the busiest airports JFK ATL LAX BUR TEB ORL MIA FLL OMA PHX ISP    Where are the FBOs
Excellent but I wish they would add VNav capability to a future update                John
Updates are no faster than beforetheyre actually slower I also had to re download all updates after updating the app          Better
I never write reviews but the folks at foreflight are doing incredible work They may not be the first to market with every feature under the sun but the ones they have are smartly designed and well thought out The app is a pleasure to use and keep getting better all the time                The best app for aviators
Foreflight 7 has a quirk it decides what to download I have been a Foreflight uses for several years no problems Now my Foreflight downloads seemly random charts I have always used the charts along the GOM It now downloads Montreal Quebec and random locations through out the United States My first contact with Foreflight said that I had checked these additional areas not I hadnt changed any settings in several years been working fine Now it wants to download an additional 55 files I would revert to 6 if possible but apparently that isnt a option       Was excellent
Hello Team ForeFlightI just renewed my subscription for the second time This will make three years using ForeFlight and I cant imagine not having it now I find it the most valuable tool in my flight bag From flight planning to in the cockpit operations this VFR private pilot will forever be a loyal customer Thank you for continuing to improve your product and make it the best one out there I also appreciate the affordability At 625month its even affordable for the student pilot or the private pilot like myself who flies a few hours a month Thank you                Wont leave home without it
I cannot say enough good things about this App Ive been a pilot for over 14 years including a 5year stint with the airlines I wish ForeFlight had been available back in the carry40lbflightbag days Its does everything you could possible want an EFB to do and many things you havent even imagined you might need                ForeFlight continues to be a game changer
Foreflight no longer supports Bad Elf Pro Has been several days now and we need a solution Many of us purchased the GPS device on Foreflights recommendation and your team needs to work with Apple to get it sorted please       Need faster response to iOS 83 compatibility problem
User of ForeFlight for 4 years pro version for 2 It is the best app I have found for my needs both VFR IFR Love being able to plan file check weather and notams and have all charts and plates in one place It has simplified my flying prep and saved me lots of time Better yet I get a great briefing and planning tool that goes with me into the air and is there with all I need in case of a diversion The geosynchronized plates placed on the chart almost seems like cheating as for situational awareness It has helped me become a more prepared and safer pilot Highly recommend                Best Pilot App
Unlike anything Ive seen Awesome                Procedure previews amazing
Really great app that I was looking for Thanks for such an amazing app                Fantastic
This app combines all the products a pilot needs to fly safe You can plan your route check the weather and even look up TFRs and NOTAMs If thats not enough you can fly knowing that you have a back up instruments in case of an emergency right in the app itself Perhaps the best feature is the obstacle and terrain awareness It allows you to visualize the obstacles along your route of flight by taking in consideration your current altitude and surroundings Get it you wont regret it                Best app for all Pilots
I can finally download the new pubs before deleting the old ones                Smaller downloads a lifesaver
This is a great app It is kept very current is intuitive accurate and extremely well supported Ive used the pro version for nearly three years and continue to be very impressed I also use the track log and SAR package great additions to a fine application                An absoultely essential tool for the vfr or ifr cockpit
Easy to use and INTUITIVE When they become a public company Ill buy their stock They should designbuild a portable GPS Other GPS companies lost site of the KISS principle I just finished a cross country from Colorado to Florida and back in a helicopter ForeFlight was on my leg the whole way and made the flight very easy on the ground and inflight Love it                Agree with Best app EVER
When I contacted ForeFlight tech support after my Bad Elf GPS attachment stopped working they blamed Apple and refused my request for refund This is an expensive app that many professionals use for work The response was uncalled for and inadequate There are better alternatives with better support and functionality    GPS wont function worthless
ForeFlight has become our best reference for inflight weather tracking through ADSB RLJ                Flight Bag Essential
Love using this Makes flight planning much easier One idea that would make it better is a way to show unpublished holds on a fix or vor You could type in the headings outbound and in bound and it could show you the hold If that was in there this would be a perfect app                Great App
Foreflight was great before and this most recent update made it even better Although in the File Brief section the File button is cut off Its still there enough to be able to tap it but its just not quite all on the screenotherwise a marvelous tool in the cockpit                File Button Cut Off Slightly
Worth it                Best app I own
If ever there is an issue with this app and you email Foreflight most replies are back within an hour Noone else has this level of support for their app FAA approved and none are better than Foreflight app and their entire team Go try all the others and you will appreciate how good this app really is Nothing else even close in being userfriendly and having usefulavail data for serious flyers                The Best Available
Great app for aviators i really like the integration with stratus a easy and cheap way for your glass panel                Well worthy every penny
Love this app I use it every time I fly I always look forward to updates They actively keep improving this app all the time Great job Keep up the work                Great App
This new update constantly makes the app crash It doesnt download weather anymore I cant flight plan with winds aloft because it wont download them The update is complete piss Go back to the way it was worked just fine    Terrible
Amazing app thats all I can say Im updating myself with so many info everytime I go out for a spin perfect for me I love it and goes well with my Cessna Safe and positive landings everyone                Foreflight app
I think Firelight may be the best software program Ive ever usedits complete well designed solid and intuitive It is really extrodinaty                Best App Ever
After much reading and anticipation I just purchased foreflight What a disappointment Im not even sure if it loaded on my ipad I can only get the demo to run None of the installation screens in the foreflight instructions have appeared and I keep doing a circle around the demo and upgrade offers    Forelorn with foreflight
Awesome weather app I am a pilot but I use it for everything Well done                Best weather appperiod


19.0 MB
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 4.7
iPhone iPad

iOS ForeFlight Mobile Aviation Weather, Flight Planning, EFB, and Charts 4.7 Mobile

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ForeFlight Mobile Aviation Weather, Flight Planning, EFB, and Charts

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