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Description - Forever Drive

supermono limited, the publisher behind many iOS games (Forever Drive ,Loading Bar Awards ,EpicWin ,Katie Paterson, Second Moon ,Fox Vs Duck ,MiniSquadron), brings Forever Drive with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Forever Drive games has been update to version 1.23 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Great car game..
  • Possibly the best free game EVER..
  • best time killer out there..
  • I have always wanted to play a game like this..
  • eternal racing game is impressive enough..

Overall Satisfactionc67
They need to fix this now.
Supppppperrrrrrr amazing game.
Love the look and feel.
It keeps me entertained.
Fun & Engagingc69
This game is awesome and I wanna see more people play it.
This is a really fun game.
This game is super fun.
Had fun building my own track.
Addicting fun.
custom 3d engine rendering outrageously awesome graphics of the future.
Social Aspectsc73
This game is awesome and I wanna see more people play it.
Production Valuesc90
custom 3d engine rendering outrageously awesome graphics of the future.
game with cool graphics and innovative content.
They need to fix this now.

This is a really fun game. found in 3 reviews
Addicting fun. found in 2 reviews
This game is super fun. found in 2 reviews
Change the design of the Statue of Liberty. found in 1 reviews
Beautiful art style. found in 2 reviews
Good Time Waster. found in 1 reviews
while rough around the edges. found in 1 reviews
having to pay for more credits when you only get 3. found in 6 reviews
as well as multiple control schemes. found in 2 reviews
It keeps me entertained. found in 1 reviews
Hey you guys want to earn a free iTunes gift card. found in 1 reviews
Awesome But Needs More. found in 1 reviews
One bad one even causes the player to freeze. found in 2 reviews
wish a couple things would be fixed. found in 1 reviews
but takes so much time. found in 1 reviews
even during the period it stopped downloading new tracks. found in 4 reviews
and i'm sick of driving the same stupid tracks over and over again. found in 2 reviews
fun but annoying. found in 1 reviews
Also no paint job for being a champion on a track. found in 2 reviews
Needs online multiplayer. found in 1 reviews
Going downhill. found in 1 reviews
I think the cars needs more customization features like for example. found in 1 reviews
Needs to fix some bugs. found in 6 reviews
The game is fun but the tracks need to be edited. found in 2 reviews
Not a bad game by any stretch. found in 2 reviews
Cannot download latest update - Says corrupted :. found in 2 reviews
Update error. found in 1 reviews
You always get stuck in turns and the game crashes. found in 3 reviews
It's so frustrating I don't want to lose my progress. found in 3 reviews
I was really excited to play this game but it crashes. found in 25 reviews
the game keeps crashing at startup. found in 2 reviews
Rip off/ Hidden Charges. found in 2 reviews
They need to fix this now. found in 6 reviews

The Forever Drive is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at a hefty 112 MB, so make sure you have plenty of free space on your iOS device. The new Forever Drive app version 1.23 has been updated on 2014-11-22. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
More Info: Find more info about Forever Drive in supermono limited`s Official Website :

From the makers of MiniSquadron and EpicWin we present FOREVER DRIVEForever Drive is a racing game set in a beautiful 3D futuristic city made, in part, by YOU. Using the BUILT-IN Track Editor, tracks created ...
The upgrade dont works still in slow motion     Still in slow motion
There are multiple bugsiOS 7 is not compatible with this gamethe creators should fix this because all of the buttons are all whiteAt first I thought I was the only one with this bug but turns out theres a whole lot of people     Fun but
This game is one of my all time favorites Yes its true that this is now an abandoned game and that the Challenge Mode is no longer being put on by the devs of this app But they removed the ads along the bottom which now lets me play without wrecking the awesome futuristic feeling of this game I was addicted to the Challenge Mode and have won 1st place more than once DeathStrikeKommander was a worthy opponent and loved creating and sharing tracks The championship was my favorite feature and those were good times This game has had its ups and downs but you wont find a bigger fan of this game than I I wish the would bring the challenge back but at least there are no more ads popping up RIP Forever Drive                 Love this game in the end
All the buttons are as white as the background until you press them I can never tell what Im doing     Cant see
This app is very fun and addicting One of my most played apps but this app could use something like multiplayer or the option to add friends                 Very good
This game is so much fun                
The upgrade progression is brutal with out credits 10xs slower Seems the help section says the only way to get additional credits is to have notifications on lame If it worked Id have less to complain about but after playing for ads I never saw free credits come through        Credits to really have fun
Updated did nothing but add ads to the game which now makes it lag sooooo bad Makes it hard to keep combos and not hard in a good way Also never really been a point to buying coins cant redeem them for anything besides 10x xp for the race Saddening           Adlag
Its broken on iOS 7 and developer is doing nothing about it     Doesnt work on iOS 7
You play as the last person alive driving as long as possible on an abandoned futuristic highway The highway is accompanied by AI driving to and from their places of work and society in a way still functions but there is noone who has the ability to make their own choices There are no police or criminals just you pondering at why you keep going Driving down an endless highway above barren technological flats holographic forests and nuclear powered glowing cities with nothing going on in them Sometimes the fabric of reality in this place glitches and buildings clip through roads roads clip through eachother and you are placed on a section of the track you already were before You just keep driving until time runs out and keep going on until you give up 1010                 Forever Drive Supermono studios
This game is great quality and very FUN              Very gun
I love this game Always fun getting the top score on tracks                 Great game
Please add a story mode and replace Drive mode as a free drive mode where theres no time              Add story mode
I love the game so much a lot of people have stopped playing but I havent I hope there will be new cars and additions to the game in the future                 Great
Ok so I enjoy this game quite a bit but its missing something Dont worry about bugs too much because is practically bug free Also when the next update comes out make the app be able to fit the new iPhone 5s screen size              Its missing something or things
I would give this game 5 stars but the controls make it almost impossible to play for me The two slivers on both sides you use to move the car are so small it makes playing the game so frustrating for me Every time I try to turn Im focusing mainly on making sure My fingers hit the right spot If those turn spots were just a little bit bigger so my thumb could hit it naturally then Im sure this game would be great But at the moment I cant play this game more than 5 mins without getting frustrated with the controls           Concept is fun but the controls kill it
It may be a racing game in theme but the play style is uniquevery different from any other racing game And difficult to do well atbut fun anyway and great eye candy Had fun building my own track too super easy                 Love the look and feel
I really love this game and how addictive it is but it is missing somethingI think the cars needs more customization features like for example positioning decals color choice body kits ect This game would also be nice with engine upgradesThis game is fun and addicting but it just seems that there needs to be more into itOh and multiplayer over Game Center would be fun              Awesome But Needs More
It just tells you info           How do you put a decor cool man
The menu system is completely borked appearing as blank white boxes Too bad cause this game had been a lot of fun     Not compatible with iOS7
I hate this game with a passion I tried every name I could think of to make a login but nothing would work And it kept telling me the name was either invalid or already taken There were no rules anywhere for this game Im telling dont waste your time on this game     Horrible
This game is nearly unplayable on my iPad 2 The frame rate is stunningly low the controls are unresponsive and the sensation of racing is entirely absent Not recommended     Abysmal Controls on iPad 2
Cant connect to Game Center changes the social aspect of the game Im not racing real peoples high scores but whatever the developers started the high score atGame still plays well but without Game Center its not the sameLove this game but as it is now cant bring myself to play it           A shadow of its former self
Pretty sure the challenge mode is never going to be added because its been there saying it is come soon since the game was first released kinda annoying if you ask me           Challenge mod
Been playing this game for a year now and absolutely love it but the last update has caused the game to not start up anymore I love playing this game even during the period it stopped downloading new tracks because its such a fun game but this bug needs to be fixed soon           Still one of my favorites but wont start
time runs out waaaay too fast no matter what and im sick of driving the same stupid tracks over and over again their should be new tracks to cruise on everyday not once a month i shared all of my tracks weeks ago and it says none of them has been driven on yet its really annoying please fix it        not as good anymore
I cant start the game because every name for the R2 login is invalid It seems like a good game but I have no idea what to do Maybe Im just an idiot           Login
I died so early while I was playing a map on super XP mode because the roads cross each other and I lose 1 Gold Please Fix This BUG        On some tracks roads cross each other
Game wont let me play It says my username is taken or invalid and Ive tried a lot of things and it still doesnt work        Not good
Love it the graphics are amazing and it lets u make ur own courses                
I love playing this game but now it wont even open Its so frustrating I dont want to lose my progress Pls updatefix           Help
Yet again the app wont open after the deadlines for the challenges I entered are up and credits are supposed to be awarded It gets really frustrating trying to play again after I am to receive my credits only to have the app crash right after I see the SUPERMONO have a seizure right in front of me Please look into this challenge glitch Otherwise nice game              Challenge crash 20
The game lags so much it becomes NO FUN ZONE Pity it used to be soooo much fun     It lags
This game is very futuristic and also very fun for almost everyone                 Great Futuristic Game
I was so exited for this game And when I installed it and pressed it this orange road popped up so I clicked these words on it and then these white things popped up and they were blank so I clicked one and it said profile with a bar so I clicked the bar thinking it was my profile name keep going is what I put in cool ikr Lol and when I clicked anything else ps after I clicked the profile the other tabs were visible again anyway When I clicked anything else it would not work The app didnt freeze The background orange road was still going but the tabs would not work and its really frustrating since I was really exited for this app please Fix I play a ipad mini does that have anything to do with it I just got this tablet new so its not a junky one     Help
Rebooted reinstalled no dice crashes on both iPhone 5s and iPad Air running iOS 800 and 802 look forward to a fix in an update soon     Crashes on launch
This used to be my most played game but every update seems to be a step backwardsThe game is running considerably slower since the last two updates Seems to hang at timesCredits are not being awarded in challenges despite winning times Have gotten no response from developers when contactedHopefully they will fix the issues or let the development die I would rather see no product then a bad one ruin the reputation if a once good game           Going downhill
Great game with years of repeat play                 Addictive Game
I try to start it but everything on the menu is just white and all of the buttons are invisible until you press them        Doesnt work
The best ipad racing game by far This also kinda reminds me of the pc game Nitronic Rush                 Amazing game
The game wont open all of a sudden can we have an update to fix this I dont want to lose my progress        Help
This game is uber addicting Peace                 Gully
I love the game and how fun it is but there was something that happened when I downloaded it I can see the title screen when the game starts so I hope there is an update to fix it              ForeverDrive
After they finally fixed the white screen issue I discover my profile and coins are GONE     Who am I
Awesomeeeee dude              Awesome
This used to be a great game Its now plagued with bottom screen adds many if not all of the old players and their creditsscores were deleted and no one currently maintains the game Someone is still collecting our money but there are no services being rendered for said moneyA tragedy in gaming history Quickly move on to a different game This one is dead     Abandoned game
I really liked this game Then for some reason I deleted it I recently found the game on the app store and I downloaded it But the problem is is that it wont open anymore           Close game
This game is good but I want to be able to see ahead of me           I want to see in front of me
This game is one of the few games where i never get tired I love it but you guys need to revive the game by making another better one with more and better customization for tracks more cars Multiplayer matches etc This game is awesome and I wanna see more people play it it would be a shame for it to die so easily                 Love it needs a sequel
I used to always play this game and I loved it until everything turns white And it crashes I think it need iOS 7 support Good game though           Needs iOS 7 compatibility Maybe

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