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Tiny Piece Co., Ltd , the publisher behind many iOS app (Fotolr Photo Album-photo transfer and manage ,Cool Camera-Particle Effects ,Awesome Camera-All Cameras In One ,Fotolr Camera Studio ,Awesome Camera - Live Effects ,InstaCaptions), brings Fotolr Photo Studio with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Fotolr Photo Studio app has been update to version 3.0.4 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • I use it to create photos for my family as gifts..
  • It has great editing features that I couldn't find in other apps..
  • This app is very user friendly..
  • It has everything I was looking for - photo effects..
  • I would use it accasionally for fun to make pics look different..

Overall Satisfactionc90
This is actually ONE of the best photo editing app out there.
This is the most useless photo editing app I've ever seen.
and this is the best free photo editing app i have found.
It makes my pictures much more prettier with the makeup things.
Beautiful crystal-clear pictures with amazing effects and options.
All my friends love my pictures and want the app.
Recommend everyone use this to make yourself look so GOOD.
Honestly the best free app I've ever had.
Fun & Engagingc83
Good to play when at work bored to death.
best free app for photo creation and editing- must have.
Whenever I edit a picture I always come to this app first.
I can create so many awesome pictures.
It's great just to mess around with.
I love this app it so fun and creative :.
I'm obsessed with editing photos :.
Best photo editing tool that I've used so far.
App has everything I need to edit or modify my photos.
It's so helpful.
It's the only photo app I use all day everyday.
Useful free app.
Production Valuesc86
Omg all the cool features and many effects to choose from.
Ease of Usec92
Works great for fun simple editing.
It makes everything super easy and gives great quality.
Editing photos is easy and gives great results.
I use this all the time and find it easy to use and effective.
Easy to use and effective for simple people.
I transformed my cousin's simple pic to a glamorous pic.
You can take a simple pic and make it amazing.
the features are great and it's really fast and easy to use.
But now when I try to make a collage it crashes.
Downloading problems.
Updates & Supportc39
I miss the old version.

user-friendly and LOTS of very awesome effects. found in 4 reviews
This is the best picture editor in the whole app store. found in 41 reviews
it's one of the best photo editing apps that I have ever tried it's so addicting. found in 167 reviews
This app is my favorite photo studio to take photos. found in 4 reviews
Photo Shop on a phone with out the complications. found in 9 reviews
It makes my pictures much more prettier with the makeup things. found in 10 reviews
Probably the best picture editing app I have ever downloaded. found in 62 reviews
This would have to be the best pic editor I've had. found in 14 reviews
but it still the best app to make my pictures look more stunning. found in 5 reviews
Omg I love this app so much I'm thinking about marrying it. found in 5 reviews
And the thing is it looks real after your done editing. found in 7 reviews
This is probably the best photo editor app in the App Store. found in 215 reviews
So many cool things you can do to your pictures. found in 4 reviews
This is my favorite photo editing app that I've ever own. found in 41 reviews
This is actually ONE of the best photo editing app out there. found in 534 reviews
OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS APP ITS SO COOL. found in 1 reviews
This is the best photoshop -type app I've found do far. found in 18 reviews
A+ app super easy to use and great editing options. found in 20 reviews
It's even better than editing photos on the Internet love it. found in 43 reviews
4 stars because it randomly closes sometimes/:. found in 3 reviews
And also I think it would be better with a fake tan maker. found in 3 reviews
for a while it's been crashing when I try to use the acne function. found in 2 reviews
I hate the new update. found in 1 reviews
Love it but one problem. found in 1 reviews
Very cool but crashes every time I try to make a collage. found in 69 reviews
however it keeps crashing everytime I try and save a picture. found in 2 reviews
It's fantastic except. found in 1 reviews
I like it but too much crashes needs fixing:/. found in 2 reviews
it keeps randomly crashing. found in 4 reviews
I a good application but need more options. found in 1 reviews
This crashes way too much and when it does. found in 3 reviews
It always closes in the middle of editing. found in 2 reviews
I cant zoom my picture on the face lift thing. found in 17 reviews
Please make an update it keeps crAshing. found in 3 reviews
Please fix because I love this app and want to continue using it. found in 2 reviews
It makes the once high quality photo much worse. found in 2 reviews
But since last update it's been crashing. found in 2 reviews
But when i try to fix one certain photo it crashes. found in 18 reviews
2 stars until the download resource gets fixed. found in 4 reviews
This app crashes way too much. found in 3 reviews
The problem is that it takes forever to process. found in 3 reviews
This up Crash a lot afrer iOS 6 update on my 4Gs. found in 5 reviews
but all it does is crash before you can save the picture. found in 6 reviews

The Fotolr Photo Studio is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 61.8 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 3.0.4 has been released on 2014-11-05. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and ix.Mac.MarketingName. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
More Info: Find more info about Fotolr Photo Studio in Tiny Piece Co., Ltd`s Official Website :

Fotolr Photo Studio is an picture processing app, powerful and easy to use. This software includes 22 functions that are often used in image processing, and has almost all the photo editing functions and photo effects. No matter ...
I like this app for editing You can also slightly slim the body and face to help relieve those extra pounds pics sometimes gives you My only complaint is the resolution quality in which you save the finished product is low Otherwise I would have given it five stars There is an option to purchase a higher resolution but it is too much for an individual pic              Good editing
This app is worth while Can turn any bad picture into a good one I use it for all my photos                 Best app ever
I have had this app for about a year and a half and loved it but now it will glitch after having it open for about thirty seconds and delete what I have been editing it never used to do this and I used this app all the time I recommend pics art instead of this I hate that it glitches other wise it would be a great app        Welllll
It is an awesome app The only thing i see missing here is the feature to show hairstyles or wigs for men It would help us try different hairstyles and finally be able to see if it is necessary or not to undergo the painful agony of letting our hair grow too long or cutting it too short etc It would save us time too Other that that it is a cool app                 Cool But
This app is easy to use has a lot of great features BUT crashes ALL THE TIME           Great app BUT
Im one of those people who dont really have long luscious eyelashes and what not Thats why I use this wonderful app But the quality of the eyelashes and other features in this app arnt the best I make them alittle bigger and they get all blurry           Bad quality
Tbh this app is good for something things while other apps are good for others But I feel anyone who looks at this as the best edit app has not gotten very many editing apps I have apps that can do pretty much all of this plus even more and its free too Tryout Picsart phonto line brush magic hour pixlr express and superimpose but thats not free and its do more advanced editors its only a dollar But this app only has 1 or 2 qualities Features tht you may not find on those Nothing really big though It could use some more to it while still being original           I like it
This is the best and easy app that I ever love so much I really like the edit picture menu                 I love this App
Finally an app that doesnt require version 70 or later The Apple company needs to realize that not everybody can afford the most up to date devices                 Supports Gen 4
Love this app so much so so so much obviously it doesnt have much it is free but what it has is the best Ive tried hundreds of editing apps and this is the only one I havent deleted ever                
I love it                 I really like this app
Used to love this But now whenever I try to do anything it keeps crashing and doesnt save where I left off Used to be my fave Its useless now     Was great but is horrible now
Im happy to rate it with5 stars Or even more                 Simply perfect
I really like this app for basic photo editing There are some fun features It does tend to crash occasionally and I lose what I was working on which is a pain But otherwise its good One gripe is that in the Distort option the Pan and Zoom doesnt work You can only distort But if you want to do a small area you cant zoom in unfortunately Hopefully they can fix that next time around              Really like this app for photo editing
I use this App all the time a must have stars                 Love it
Buggy and Pop ups every time I start the app for their own other software that has pretty mediocre ratings Ive had enough uninstalling     Way too many popup ads
Every time I tried to do a drawing it closed out Could never finish my drawing which is really stupid DO NOT GET THIS APP     HORRIBLE APP DO NOT DOWNLOAD
I use this app for everything Its my go to Super convenient with easy editing and great collages                 It works
While this app is good quality I still have to give it 3 stars because theres not that much you can do to your photos if your like me you like to have many many options and it doesnt give you many It give you about 12 filters you cant adjust your brightness like any other photo editing app can it keeps asking if you want to download these other apps I still and always recommend PicsArt I gives you so many options and you can do so much more to your photos and you can put frames and make colleges you can also enter contest with editing your photos and the best part about it is YOUR the judge I try other editing apps just to try them out and I always end up deleting them a week after I get them and go straight back to PicsArt I never delete it I am always on it but I still like to explore all of my options and so far PicsArt is the way to go I highly recommend you get PicsArt and highly recommend you to no get this app           Good quality but I highly recommend you not to get this app
I really like this app its very versatile features allow you to get that perfect look for your pics                 Wonderful
I absolutely love it but the ads are insane Its so annoying                 FIX THIS PLEASE
Finally an app for photo editing that supports iOS 6 Apple not everybody has iOS 78                 Supports Gen 4
Its not the besthowever it does have a lot of different things you can do              Hummmm
I used to really love this app it worked well and did what it was made to do However recently theres been way too many ads I cant even text my friend back without being bombarded by an ad or two when I go back to the app Sometimes the ads will even cause the app to crash while Im in the middle of something It also opens the App Store randomly while Im trying to save a picture Extremely irritating           Way too many ads
This is a really great app Ive been using this app since 2013 I just wish it had more editing choices Its been 2 years              Updates
Saw a lot of negative reviews Ads r crazy But I actually liked all the edit options in various menus Finding them is what was incontinent But once u do that Theres a lot of potential art pieces              I liked it
it crashes after a minute of use     crashes too often
This app appears to be really good but I have no idea how to use it It woul be higher if I knew how           Idk how to use it
Update to my last review I downloaded the app once more in the hope that there would be some improvement but silly me thinking that there would Of course not I used to really like this app but hadnt used it in a while Im giving it only one star zero if I could because of all the advertising and I dont just mean the banner at the bottom Every time you go to another app and go back to this app it asks you if you want some other app Stop with the begging please Are they really that desperate I can accept may be oncell when you first open the app but over and over really Well now theyve got a one star from me and Ill be deleting the app There are other apps just as good or better for free or a low cost that doesnt have the begging ads     Too many begging ads
Memes memes memes all I know are memes                 Great for memes
This is a good app with many great features Ill give it that Its been my go to photo editing app for 2 years now My most used tools were crop tool and brightnesscontrastsaturation But in recent changes it is now riddled with ads Its gotten to the point where its just too annoying to continue using And so the hunt for a new photo editing app begins        Painful to use now
I like this app very much thank you for that                 Tailors Johnny
Waste of time unless youre a first time editor     Worst interface
All my pictures came out great              Perfect
It doesnt get the popularity it deserves and Ive been using this for 3 years Its the best one I say                 Best photo app
I have been using this app for years and love the option to change opacity of color when doodling It allows me to quickly snap a picture of a painting I am working on edit the colors ect and decide on which direction I wish to go It doesnt have layers but its a free app                 Great app
Ive been using this app forever I use it for a lot of things my pics and sayings etc Everything about this app is worth keeping                 Love it
I love it              Best I like
This app should have some kind of way to make things easierlike adding hair dye but overallI LOVE this appthis app is totally worth it              Meepgreat
Rating it 5 stars kuz its awesome and doesnt have many ratings                 Awesome
Excelente                 Muy bueno
Such a great app and it would be 5 star but there is a big problem I want to be able to have a video option to Other than that PERFECT           NEED VIDEO
Pros collage feature awesome picture editor such as acne remover great for my 13 yr olds photos who has acne Borders are great all features are really cool Great editing tool Cons Crashes can happen in the middle of editing a photo Cannot get the text to photo to work In my opinion the pros definitely outweigh the cons as the ap is free so am giving this 4 stars              Great app but needs fixes
Great app the one thing I would suggest is being able to remove braces and cuts that would be totally awesome                 Fivjckgigo
I am having a lot of trouble with it slowing downsticking and eventually crashing after only about 5 minutes I do think that its still one of the top editing apps out but it would be awesome to get that bug fixed              Great app but
This is fantastic app ever I can edit my photos photoshop my photos easily Yeah                 Great
Only thing needs is copy paste              DrBoom
great app for editing but i would love to have more eye color options there are only three available unfortunately still great though                 GREAT APP
Love this app                 Love it

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