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My Local TV , the publisher behind many iOS app (MyFoxPhilly Fox29 News , ,myfoxatlanta , ,MyFoxHouston FOX 26 News ,WIVB News4), brings FOX 4 Dallas-Fort Worth with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. FOX 4 Dallas-Fort Worth app has been update to version 2.51 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Best local news app since wfaa remade there's..
  • Getting breaking news notifications is a great feature..
  • And the traffic updates are awesome..
  • Easy to access news and well organized..
  • Like the short news articles /updates..
Overall Satisfactionclick me38
I especially love the weather app.
Thanks for the ability to give "my 2 cents"Clo go.
Good job fox4 love u guys.
Usefulnessclick me48
Staying informed.
Ease of Useclick me32
It's easy to use & informative.
Reliabilityclick me21
Ads not Intrusiveclick me11
Updates & Supportclick me10 is now on your
iPhonecellular phone made by Apple
and iPod Touch. It`s easier than ever to surf the official website of FOX 4 KDFW, Dallas-Fort Worth. Get the latest local news, as well as top headlines from around the nation and the world.


You`ll also get access to the latest video, weather forecasts, radar, traffic and more from FOX 4.

FOX 4 Dallas-Fort Worth myFOXdfw.comFOX 4 Dallas-Fort Worth
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Watch the Latest News and Forecast Video
Current Weather Conditions and Forecast
Check Traffic
Drag-and-Drop Custom Menu


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download FOX 4 Dallas-Fort Worth for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 5.3 MB to download. The new FOX 4 Dallas-Fort Worth app version 2.51 has been updated on 2014-11-17. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
More Info: Find more info about FOX 4 Dallas-Fort Worth in My Local TV`s Official Website :
FOX 4 Dallas-Fort Worth


I especially love the weather app. found in 2 reviews
Really informative news app. found in 1 reviews
I would see the commercials that cover the cost. found in 1 reviews
Good quick source of local news. found in 1 reviews
Upgrade from the Dallas Morning News. found in 1 reviews
without the bias of the other local stations. found in 1 reviews
Good job fox4 love u guys. found in 1 reviews
Was my favorite for news but not anymore. found in 2 reviews
I have a 3gs but other local news apps run fine. found in 1 reviews
I'm deleting this app and using a news app that actually works. found in 3 reviews
Typical crappy news. found in 1 reviews
Ruined with ads. found in 1 reviews
Locks up 75 % when loading stories. found in 1 reviews
but now there are commercials you are forced to watch. found in 19 reviews
Want load old verison. found in 1 reviews
I am terribly disappointed the traffic report is gone. found in 6 reviews
Also please hire someone to update news in the weekends. found in 3 reviews
it is not interactive and does not hour by hour weather. found in 1 reviews
Maybe this isn't really associated with the news station. found in 2 reviews
If I want to watch a video. found in 19 reviews
Can't read some articles. found in 1 reviews
No weekend news. found in 3 reviews
I get push notifications of breaking news and then when the app opens. found in 1 reviews
Most of the stories have grammatical errors and misspelled words. found in 2 reviews
Videos Crash. found in 1 reviews
Apparently no one edits or reviews the articles before they are posted. found in 1 reviews
Yesterday started crashing when try to open a news story at least. found in 1 reviews
Everytime I have tried to use this app. found in 10 reviews
I tried to reload this app but still no traffic report. found in 6 reviews
Who put 30 second video ads prior to running a news video. found in 3 reviews
Why is there no live steaming of breaking news. found in 7 reviews
Very difficult to read. found in 8 reviews
please take old news articles off the app. found in 4 reviews
If you want to watch a video on this app. found in 19 reviews
Now I'm forced to watch a political ad
I can't find the traffic updates. found in 4 reviews
I'm out of here. found in 19 reviews
I'm deleting this app before they announce the victory parade plans. found in 3 reviews
No live streaming anything. found in 2 reviews
PLEASE HIRE A PROOFREADER. found in 3 reviews
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iPhone 320x480 2
iPhone 320x480 3
iPhone 320x480 4
iPad 360x480 1
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Icon 175x175 1
Previous versions were more stable Current version prone to crash    App Now Crash Prone
Thought it was just me but now I see that several people have the same problem I cant open it It crashes immediately    Cant open
Downloaded the update and now the app will not open and immediately crashes when you click on app to open Come ondoesnt IT check out their apps and test them before they go live    App wont open after update
Help I have old IPad and cant load the latest old version Also I follower all instructions Please help me get your news as the tv noise makes me very nervous Lucky people that have the new I pad and can use the new version I bet its nice       Want load old verison
App did work great Not now wont even open    Bad update
I enjoy the app                Fox4
I loved the app previous to this update You could read the story from beginning to end then if you wanted to could check out the others at the bottom of the page Now you cannot read a story straight through as the article is broken up by huge pictures not story related I will wait through the next update and if it is not fixed will delete the app I have many choices available to get my local update So far I have not added any of them to my smart phone as Fox 4 is my station of preference    This latest update is awful
Written news generally good my favorite Video news requires the viewer to take a beating watching Fox 4s selfpromos prior to the video being shown long loud obnoxious You are my last choice in news now    News videos
I liked the old format on the iPad much better This version is not appealing at all I love Fox 4 news but now I find myself looking at other news apps Please change it The iPhone version is much better          Not great
good app only that where is the traffic report          good app only so many ads
Who put 30 second video ads prior to running a news video except on broadcast TV Find a new manager of Apps Advertisement that understands mobile Jeez    30 sec Video Ads
This app doesnt function since the recent update Crashes immediately They either need to roll back the update or issue a fix really soon    Doesnt function since the update
App wont open after the latest update    Wont open
App crashes upon openingI deleted and have reinstalled and I get the same result Please fix this soon This is where i get my daily dose of news    App crashes
I think the new portion is ok but I defiantly like good morning dallas better in terms of articles The weather part seems like an app from a couple of years ago it is not interactive and does not hour by hour weather       Weather part is no good
All this new update did was allow users to be inundated with ads Cant even finish a story without ads being stuck right in the middle That doesnt provide a good service to users       Ads
Too many ads    Bad
Nice app easy to use however it wont start after the 725 update          App wont start after 725 update
Hate to do it but I finally deleted the app I know ads need to be there But the video ads are too intrusive Theyre too long and it wont let you close it out if you decide you dont want to watch the video Biggest issue is the ads for the video Every video you play you have to watch a 30 second video No thanks Ill get news somewhere else    Too many ads
Works for me Heavy on ads as well as newsI appreciate the source             Works 4 me
I use the FOX4 news app on a daily basis but the last few versions have had font size issues and now even the largest size is exceptionally small Im only in my mid30s this isnt usually an issue for me but it is so small I cant always read it even with my glasses Please look into fixing it or I will have to use another news outlet for my mobilebased reading Thanks          Dont size issues in the new version
Yup And a lot of ads too Other than that its ok          Not regularly updated on a daily basis
Look we know you make money off the ads but the latest configuration is just terrible and basically makes the app worthless The ads are huge and take up more space than the actual story 18 of the page is the story the other 78 is ads Really feels like you are trying to trick us into clicking on the stupid ads your content partners have saddled your app with Will be uninstalling and trying another local news app like nbc 5 or cbs 11    Ridiculous Ad Placement
The app was doing fine until the most recent update Now it crashes immediately and will not open Ive removed it from my phone    Fix The Bugs
The font size is way too small even when at its largest App is not updated very frequently on weekends    Font size and weekend updates
App will not open after update installed please FIX THIS    PLEASE FIX
I enjoy the app and the ease of moving between articles However the font is just too small The button to enlarge the font does nothing more than increase the spacing between lines it does NOT enlarge the font Fix that problem and Ill change this review to 5stars          Cant read some articles
I really like the news part of the app Its easy to use informative The only issue I have is with the weather video portion of the app Id like to see it updated morning night on weekends Sometimes it doesnt even update for several daysThanks for the ability to give my 2 centsClo go             Fox 4 App Review
Have not had any problems before My favorite local news app Yesterday started crashing when try to open a news story at least 50 if time and very annoying Hope someone realizes and get fixed       Started crashing
The app crashes since the update I tried telling them on Facebook they asked for details I gave them the details then nothing from them    App crashes
Still failing Downloaded this morning and its still failing Opens for a few seconds and then closes PLEASE FIX    Failed It wont start after latest update
OMGoodness You Bunch Of s You Broke The App It wont open or work at all You have Destroyed it FOX IT I Mean FIX IT NOW    You Broke My App
After last update app will not open Please fix    App not working
I missed the news so I downloaded this app and I was able to stream it App works great so far             Awesome
Why no incident traffic report The only thing I used daily Bring it back    What happened to the traffic report
Yo Moe or Moron Fix this already Jeez    Uhmmm
This version is extremely frustrating as you are forced to wade through tons of ads to read a story Will be looking elsewhere for local news if this remains    Get it right
This was a good app for traffic No traffic report no need for app Sorry fox 4 you just got deleted    What happened to the traffic report
Works great I would recommend it can broadcast on chrome cast and other streaming device Watched your newscast everyday when I was living in your viewing area Now I do live in south Texas but I keep up with fox4 on the app I do miss your newscast             Good app
Its a kool ApI like reading the news from Texasit works great on my iPhone                Good Ap
This app was cool when it first came out but since then it has been plagued with problems It crashes all the time not to mention the spelling and grammar are horrible at best    Crashes all the time
I wish I could give this news app a zero There are more intrusive ads than news I have never been able to get the live news feature to work I and yes I have tried it when the news is on Fox 4 do yourself a favor and kill this app    Horrible just horrible
Let me get this straight the weekly weather forecasts are done by accuweather Sowhy does fox 4 have a weather guy again To give cheesy weather oneliners The reason why I check weather reports from my local news rather than the big guys like weather channel and accuweather is because I feel that the local guys have a better finger to the pulse of what the weather is like in my area If I wanted accuweather I would have downloaded their app    Accuweather
If I want to watch a video I want the story not some random advertisement for some product Im not interested in Other than that great app          Lose the ads
Fox 4 team my family depends on this app every morning and evening to get live local news We havent had cable and a ridiculous cable bill for two years now because of YOU PLEASE at least make the Live stream work again We are an Apple TV household and need your news program    Ruined
I am not fond of the app anymore because you cannot read a simple story without it been broken up into 23 parts with ads It is distracting and it is not focused on presenting the news    Too many ads
Cant open app after most recent update What happened    Frustrated
After the last update I lost my incidents traffic report I used the traffic report every morning to plan my route to work I tried to reload this app but still no traffic report what a shame it was a very usefull tool Where did it go Someone please bring it back    Wheres the traffic report
Just updated the software like the 10th update in 2 months and now it wont even open Ive deleted it and re downloaded just for the app to do the same thing Please send out yet another update so maybe the app will begin to work again       App messes up more than it works
News articles arent updated enough Also ad placement is ridiculous       Could be MUCH better


My Local TV
5.3 MB
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 2.51
iPhone iPad

iOS FOX 4 Dallas-Fort Worth 2.51 Mobile

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