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NW Communications of Texas, Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (FOX 4 KDFW WEATHER HD ,FOX 4 KDFW WEATHER), brings FOX 4 KDFW WEATHER with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. FOX 4 KDFW WEATHER app has been update to version 2.0.6 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • fully integrated gps for current location awareness xa0..
  • Every local news station should have one like this..
  • Push notifications..
  • color coded weather alerts arranged by severity xa0..
  • It has hourly weather & 10 day forecast..

Overall Satisfactionc46
Best weather information hourly daily and weekly.
Far better then "the weather channel app" and "AccuWeather.
This one has the best radar.
It's been very useful the last few weeks since I downloaded it.

Much better than weatherbug or weather. found in 3 reviews
Best weather information hourly daily and weekly. found in 41 reviews
Best WX App for DFW. found in 1 reviews
I've been out on the bike. found in 1 reviews
or badges prior to opening the app. found in 1 reviews
Awesome weather application I use it all the time on my iPhone. found in 1 reviews
Far better then "the weather channel app" and "AccuWeather. found in 9 reviews
The words saying SCHOOL CLOSINGS is bold white. found in 1 reviews
Hourly time font. found in 4 reviews
One of the best weather apps I've ever used. found in 1 reviews
now it won't stay on when I press it what's up with that. found in 1 reviews
Change the color and font. found in 2 reviews
Tell Tim that's my two cents. found in 1 reviews
I can't rely on the radar data. found in 1 reviews
Perfect app except no notifications. found in 1 reviews
they never should have released the app with this known problem. found in 1 reviews
Glitchy App. found in 1 reviews
You also cannot click on the future radar button. found in 1 reviews
Will give it more stars if its fixed. found in 1 reviews
so it's unacceptable that they don't address the problem. found in 1 reviews
Good App but after update. found in 1 reviews
Display errors after update. found in 1 reviews
Video forecast needs regular updating. found in 1 reviews
I don't get Notifications and can't turn them on. found in 2 reviews
The times on the hourly report are unreadable. found in 2 reviews
Would be a great app if they would fix the default location. found in 1 reviews
I also don't like that even though I've set a home location. found in 1 reviews
Needs upgrade. found in 1 reviews
Horrible font choice. found in 1 reviews
Please change font back in next upgrade. found in 1 reviews
I also don't like being forced into location services. found in 3 reviews
Please bring back the old look. found in 2 reviews
This new app is horrible. found in 2 reviews
I simply can't use it because it's so difficult to read. found in 23 reviews
Terrible new update. found in 2 reviews

The FOX 4 KDFW WEATHER is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 4.2 MB to download. The new FOX 4 KDFW WEATHER app version 2.0.6 has been updated on 2014-11-02. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about FOX 4 KDFW WEATHER check developer NW Communications of Texas, Inc.`s website :

FOX 4 KDFW is proud to announce a full featured weather app for the iPhone and iPod touch platforms. Features Highly responsive interactive map optimized for 3G and WiFi performance Vertical and horizontal map display with ...
This app is horrible across all platforms Color scheme hard to read not as many features looping is jumping Overall this went from best to worst weather app Give us option to use original version     Bring back the previous version
We need iPhone 6 iPhone 6 Plus resolution support and remove some ads           Higher Resolution Support
This used to be my go to app for weather Lately it wont load at all and crashes constantly With all of the storms lately it seems to crash at the worst possible moment     Terrible
Please keep the old app I dont care for the new one at all     Ms
This was the best weather app until the last 2 updates Keeps crashing andor not loading Last update apparently is the worst Cant get it to load at all now Please fix Thank you        Crashing app update
I was skeptical but this turned out to be a no nonsense tell whats happening app I really like the ability to pin point your location I highly recommend this app                 Great go to weather app
App stopped loading radar even after closing and reopening of the app many times I want a weather app that will give me reliable information        Not loading
Love my Fox 4 KDFW WAPP app Downloaded it to my iPhone and iPad Im disappointed that Im unable to put it on my iMac                 music music music
I like this app but the updated version has tiny graphics that are very hard to read on a phone Old version was much more visible           Not as readable as old version
Consistently inconsistent weather forecast and radar I know the weather is hard to forecast but the app could at least match what their host Channel 4 is forecast on TV           Meh
App not as good as it should be     Not good
Updated my phone and I hate the new layout Its rudimentary Im not updating my iPad until I have to Maybe the other new stations have something better Very sad Fox HAD the best weather app     Dont update
Wont use this new app because now Im getting friend requests from nearby females in the advertisement section at the bottom NOT acceptable        Unsolicited female friend requests
I am on iPhone6 latest IOS with strong home WiFi storming like crazy here and the WAPP radar is NOT WORKING How about a little less advertising and more useful information especially during dangerous storms Im getting ready to delete this piece of crap     Terrible When You REALLY Need it
Ive had this app for over a year and used to love it but the last few months the radar has not been working Its currently raining buckets outside and my radar shows nothing About to delete and go back to weather bug at least it is currently showing storms on the radar        Used to work better
Went from great app to worst Ive seen     Hate new version
I LOVED the old weather app and have been using it for several years now But unfortunately they decided to make a new and improved version that like most new and improved versions is not improved at all Im having a hard time seeing the map on the new version I cant get rid of the lines that are showing up all over the place for the winter weather advisory The current temperature is smaller and less noticeable Even the new logo looks somehow lessor I kind of feel like the old app was like eating at a very adult fivestar restaurant and now were stuck with a McDonalds happy meal Why do they try to fix great things Dont fix whats not broken people Also please let us continue to use the old version permanently        New not improved
Change it back doesnt work as good as before Delete Delete Delete     Bad Update
The rain predictions are consistently wrong I like Fox News but will have to look for another weather app     Bad Forecast
I like the Fox 4 WAPP is a ok app traffic weather radar is ok but it keeps crashing I can barely use this app Fix this        App keeps CRASHING
I this app to see if I can go on my daily bike rides every day I also use it to see if there is snow in the forecast Haha love this app Thanks                 Amazing App
I am so sad this update is so horrible I wish I had never updated it Its ugly and not user friendly What happened to all the color Why is it so bland You cant see anything at a glance any more Bring back the old format This one is pitiful I used to look everyday multiple times But now Im just disappointed and frustrated Poor design     Yucky
I love this app it is my go to radar However the location indicator is extremely annoying I know where I am so I dont want the indicator and there is no way to remove it Also to make things worse the indicator is freaking huge              Great Radar I just wish
I hate the new look Let me know when you change it I am going back to Weather bug     Very hard to read
when you watch Fox 4 New Weather they tell you to get this app and so am i this app works great anytime of day its great and i think id be great for you too                 AN AMAZING WEATHER APP
We were under a tornado watch and the newly updated app crashes network error Please fix this is my goto app when the skys decide to reak habit on us Pleazzzzzz fix this more storms tomarrow     Network Error Worst timing ever
Deleted because terrible appt Dont download it is nothing like first one The look is terrible They need to change get it together and do so much better The look is so different     No good
Please bring back the old app Much better than the new one     New app
New format is a huge disappointment Worst of its three competitors     Dfw
Bring back the old version It wasnt as messy as the new version     Wapp
I really dislike the new version of wapp I like the old one better     New version
Works great until the severe weather hits Radar and alerts dont show when it matters     Problematic
I hate this app It used to be the best The colors are all wrong the settings are confusing UninstallImmediately     SickleBunni
Dumb update Bring back the beautiful splash page     none
App went from a Hero to Zero Updated and immediately deleted Fox did used to have the best weather App dont know what they were thinking on this one     NotSoGood
I have tried to update this app three times now and it still go back to the original Come on Fox 4 get the bugs fixed     New version does not update
This is a horrible update          
The weather app is so wrong Its raining right now and the radar shows nothing smdh Ill look for a better app     The worst
I liked the old version but the new version is awful To me the new version is not user friendly I just deleted it and will try to find something else     Just deleted
Consistently the forecast bears no relation to either the current or upcoming weather Uses dramatic terminology eg Thunderstorms instead of accurate terms eg Showers Unreliable and therefore useless as a weather forecasting app     Useless
I loved the old Wapp I looked at it everyday It was great Now they did this awful update and I hate it I deleted it and check it periodically hoping enough people do not like it either and they CHANGE IT BACK Please This version is just a awful     Hate the new update
This is only directed at the new version of the app I have absolutely loved the old app for a long time but this new version brought grounds for divorce Complete and utter hatred for this new app If I could give it zero stars I would I have deleted it and wont look back Sorry Fox 4     Parting is such sorrowand not sweet
Seems to be crashing lately Im getting nothing on radar when its storming outside and regular programming is being interrupted with weather update Perhaps too many users I preferred the prior version of the daily forecast The latest version is cluttered with too much data IMHO        Inop
New map is very good on Ipad Air                 Works good on Ipad Air
This update is horrible     Deleting
This app used to be accurate then it got updated and there is a strong storm headed towards me and it shows 30 chance of rain when earlier it was a 100     Not accurate
Really hate this new WAPP version I miss having weather snap shots for multiple locations on the home screen You have to hunt for features that used to be readily visible Please either fix or just revert to prior version     Bring back the old WAPP
The new version has a map that is way to narrow it is very hard to see the weather coming from the northsouth The old version was so much better I will have to go to another site with a better map     Not liking the updated app
This is a great app But the radar only shows the forecast for like the next two hours I know it can go longer              Make radar longer
The new app is horrible Very user UNfriendly I really liked the ability to put multiple locations at the top of the screen on the old app Good for quick looks at various locations The radar view is so small as to be completely useless In your attempt to cram as much info onto the screen you have ruined it Of course all the other local stations are doing the same thing Dont worry about us users just as long as you keep up with the other stations     Horrible

FOX 4 KDFW WEATHER Weather Full Featured Kdfw WeatherFOX 4 KDFW WEATHER Weather Full Featured Kdfw WeatherFOX 4 KDFW WEATHER Weather Full Featured Kdfw WeatherFOX 4 KDFW WEATHER Weather Full Featured Kdfw WeatherFOX 4 KDFW WEATHER Weather Full Featured Kdfw WeatherFOX 4 KDFW WEATHER Weather Full Featured Kdfw WeatherFOX 4 KDFW WEATHER Weather Full Featured Kdfw WeatherFOX 4 KDFW WEATHER Weather Full Featured Kdfw WeatherFOX 4 KDFW WEATHER Weather Full Featured Kdfw WeatherFOX 4 KDFW WEATHER Weather Full Featured Kdfw WeatherFOX 4 KDFW WEATHER Weather Full Featured Kdfw WeatherFOX 4 KDFW WEATHER Weather Full Featured Kdfw Weather

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