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FOX Sports Interactive , the publisher behind many iOS app (FOX Sports Fantasy Football ,Fanhood ,FOX Deportes ,FOX Sports VR ,SoonerSports2Go for iPad ,FOX Sports GO), brings FOX Sports Mobile with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. FOX Sports Mobile app has been update to version 2.6.2 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • This App is the best app ever for any sports fan..
  • Much nicer interface and more info including live written play by play..
  • and that they include my favorite teams with FSN Houston..

Overall Satisfactionc41
I think this is the BEST Sports App in the App Store.
which I need to get from the Espn app.
Much better than the espn score center app.
One of the best sports app.
Fun & Engagingc40
Awesome soccer highlights.
Helps me keep up with my NASCAR.
Updates & Supportc26
New update makes this the best.

I love the detail layout. found in 1 reviews
use it for any sport and also latest sports news and videos. found in 4 reviews
Cool sports app. found in 1 reviews
Not showing live leaderboard for Nascar like advertised. found in 3 reviews
video highlights pre and post game interviews our hourly x201c. found in 3 reviews
Love the MLB game tracker. found in 3 reviews
So much better than paying for the MLB app. found in 1 reviews
Better than ESPN Sportscenter. found in 4 reviews
Everything looks good so far. found in 2 reviews
Helps me keep up with my NASCAR. found in 2 reviews
Buy this song. found in 1 reviews
Good mobile sports app for your favorite sports and teams. found in 4 reviews
it's time to add rugby coverage. found in 1 reviews
Comprehensive news coverage on all sports with easy to find headlines. found in 2 reviews
Much better than the espn score center app. found in 28 reviews
Very good site. found in 1 reviews
This by far is the fastest sports app out there. found in 1 reviews
Easily the best sports scores app out there. found in 6 reviews
Now every time I click to read a story it crashes. found in 19 reviews
Good layout and functionality but the news stories are really old. found in 5 reviews
could you please develop an iPad or HD version. found in 2 reviews
but nothing about the World Cup. found in 4 reviews
and local news takes longer to load. found in 4 reviews
Needs live tv coverage. found in 3 reviews
Annoying and you need to update this otherwise decent app. found in 31 reviews
Scores don't update often enough. found in 5 reviews
No advanced features like alerts. found in 2 reviews
App used to work great and then something bad happened. found in 24 reviews
confusing and you can't get scores quickly. found in 13 reviews
but it needs a playoff bracket or link. found in 1 reviews
Does not update scores in real time very often. found in 14 reviews
but also covers college baseball and high school sports. found in 4 reviews
Needs live tennis scores. found in 2 reviews
but you don't want to watch video on Edge network anyway. found in 11 reviews
It takes to long to open up new data or stats. found in 18 reviews
and there is no ability to access your fantasy football team. found in 21 reviews
But takes forever to update especially the play by play and gametrax. found in 31 reviews
0 stars until MLB scores are fixed. found in 23 reviews
App continually crashes when trying to open articles. found in 18 reviews
Decent app but really needs to add European soccer to it. found in 14 reviews
crashes and doesnt update scores when you hit "more" or "refresh". found in 14 reviews
This was my favorite sports site until the latest update. found in 28 reviews
Used to be my favorite sports app before upgrade now it's horrible. found in 38 reviews
Go hire some high school programmers to fix it. found in 18 reviews
I like not having to sign in to set favorites. found in 48 reviews
This app is still the worst sports news app out there. found in 59 reviews
The my teams doesn't work for college football. found in 19 reviews
So unless you wish to load your favorite teams every time. found in 45 reviews
but why no control or connection to fox sports fantasy football leagues. found in 24 reviews

The FOX Sports Mobile is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new FOX Sports Mobile app version 2.6.2 has been updated on 2014-11-09. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about FOX Sports Mobile check developer FOX Sports Interactive`s website :

Don't miss a single play with the free FOX Sports application for the iPhone and iPod Touch Download it now to get news, scores, video, standings, stats, schedules, team info and much, much more... whenever ...
When are you going to retool this thing     Hello update
For a station that does cover sports well this one is incredibly bad It has stories that when you click on has no information It quotes items from Twitter that dont include the tweets I have an article about the Detroit Lions that has been pinned for over a year They cite videos that arent there Of the six or seven articles on the lead page about half of them have no content Cant believe they can be this bad A high school student could make a better webpage     Incredibly bad app
I have one story in the exclusive area that asks if all is lost for the Detroit Lions The picture is of former coach Jim Swartz and is dated from 2012 Come on Fox Sports get your head out of your backside and fix this There are literally dozens of other sports apps that actually work I guess its time to leave you high and dry if you dont care enough to fix your shortcomings Onto ESPN     No updatesever
I used to rely on this app all the time now it doesnt load Way too slow Thankful for ESPN for information     Sam Albert
There was always a significant delay in updating scores but now if a game is played in entirety this app still just shows the game preview you cant see scores at all Useless and terrible I cant believe Fox would put their name on this     App wont update
Pretty please              Can we please have an HD version for the iPad
This is the worst sports appReally they barely give you information     Horrible
Anybody out there that wrote this piece if digital trash even care that it doesnt work at all     What a POS
Utter garbage Often takes HOURS before scores are updated     Garbage
I tried to use this to read stories on NASCAR but there is only one pic and no text Latest update is no help Deleting app for now     No text
Just use the mobile website They should trash this app     Doesnt work
This app is incredibly bad For a major company like Fox to have this useless and broken app is crazy I have a job where I listen to the radio all day I downloaded it to listen to sports talk radio but the app will only work for 25 minutes then no more radio You have to close down and reopen the app to get it to work for another 25 minutes I enjoy the programming of Fox Sports Radio more than ESPN but have been forced to get my sports from them because their app actually works Ps This is the first review I have ever written This app is so bad that I found it worthy of my time to write this review     Do Not Download
I love that this app can access scores for all sports but most of the times I have to close and reopen it multiple times to actually get it to show anything The scores section is mostly blank when I open it Its hi or miss with this app and miss is starting to get more common        Terrible
Its pretty sad that to find out the Womens World Cup schedule I need to use the ESPN app because I cant find it anywhere on the Fox Sports app Fox Sports app has always been bad but this takes the cake Im not even a fan of the ESPN app but its a Cadillac app compared to the Yugo that is the Fox Sports app     Pretty sad
Dont even think about getting this app its horable get a diffent app        Worst app in history
Wow This is so bad Doesnt update scores in real time Consult the MLB At Bat app for how it should be done     Was hoping for an ESPN alternative
Poor function in general Completely ignores FIFA Womens World Cup and USWNT     Junk and incomplete
I want to like this app I really do But I cant get over how ever time theres quotation marks or an apostrophe the app shows a whole bunch of random letters and symbols where the marks are supposed to be Makes the articles unreadable        I want to like it so badly
I think it needs a good update this app that includes alerts and new design and other stuff     Update app please
This version does not work on an iPhone 6 or an iPad Air When you try to look at a news item all you get is a blank screen I cant believe the developer didnt test the app on new devices     Doesnt work
Dont waste your time     Beyond worthless
This app is totally a wanna be for all the other sports apps out there When you dont even include Houston 4th largest city in the list of local cities that is just poor effort     12 effort given to app
Scores will not load Horrible ap     Horribledoes not work
With the latest update I cant see todays games I can see yesterdays scores tomorrows matchups but nothing for TODAY Please fix this     Cant see TODAYS gamesTERRIBLE
Want great stories about todays big events Look elsewhere I cant tell you how many times Ive checked this app after a HUGE sporting event and found nothing but old stories from days ago I can read a newspaper and find more current relevant information How can a great news organization like Fox have such a crummy app     Outdated irrelevant stories
Not only do none of the pictures or videos ever work But I have headlines still showing up from November 2013 Dont bother with this app     This app is terrible
Used to be my go to app for local sports articles nothing new since March 2nd Annoying ads work great but thats it Time for an update fix rebuildsomething     What happened
Why bother spending time and resources on building an app when you dont maintain it Old information poor navigation and bad user experience Fox its better not to have an app verses having one with such poor quality Very disappointed     Very disappointed
Pretty much unusable Nothing works in the app     Wow
Visually reminds me of iOS from 5 years ago Would like some alert notifications I dont see any settings for this but maybe Im missing it        Needs work
This is the worst sporting news app ever A world leader in sports like Fox Sports should be embarrassed to have an app like this with their name on it Most of the articles are completely useless and unreadable since most of the time they reference quotes or twitter statements that the app for whatever reason is unable to display Download ESPN or some other app if you want a real sporting news app Pathetic     Dont waste your time
This use to be a great app until the last update Nothing seems to work right any more I went to check last nights scores and it gave me a pre view of that nights game not the box score BOO        What Happened
I get so frustrated using this app because there is no back button to return to the previous page You have to go back to the home page then go through all the stories again Please fix     No back button
Needs a way to sign in by email Needs college baseball           Close
This app has so much promise if Fox would just fix it I like the fact that it shows scoresnews from all my selected sports at once Most other sports apps make you pick one sport at a time to view But the fact that sometimes the app wont update scores or the updates are way behind the actual action and other sports apps Plus on my news screen there is still the same exclusive article about the Detroit Lions from November 2013 Will there ever be another exclusive story When the app is working and updating correctly I love it The fact that it only does so only a fraction of the time is the reason why I cannot give it a higher rating     So close but no cigar
I recently upgraded from the iPhone 3GS to a 6 Plus Even before the upgrade this app didnt load pictures and all stories the same things were happening afterwards BUT with the latest update now it is stuck loading top news Very VERY close to being unusable at this point UPDATE 62815utter failure It has been stuck on the same exact Top News for 2 weeks now TOTALLY WORTHLESS I dont understand why there is no optimization for the iPhone 66 It seems that Fox has completely given up on this app     Latest update first for a while locks up will not load ANYTHING
It is sad when a supposedly reputable app cannot properly update scores in a timely manner Get with the times Oh wait that will take some time for them to update     Unprofessional
This app is still the worst sports news app out there Bugs are constant most of the time the article doesnt load the print only the picture and thats when it works at all Several years of updates and still problems galore DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP It will only make you curse     Still awful
This app used to be decent now it is just slow and ineffective News doesnt load cant find any of the columnist that I enjoy reading Finally deleted it and will only read the web version     Crap app
I would be embarrassed if I were apart of Fox Sports This app doesnt work Tried watching a video it played the Advertisement and didnt play the video Tried to add my teams they wouldnt add Dont waste your time with this app     App is worthless
This has got to be the worst app ever Stop with updates and just start over Did you all contract this out to a bunch of first graders or the government     Pathetic
Not even worth one star I am a Fox Sports fan I watch the NFL MLB and NASCAR live and via the Go app I even check out the regular website at least once a day Im a guy 2540 and you have turned me off from your app So why is the mobile app complete garbage Stories do not load Something that appears in the top news is a video that will not play with no indication it is a video and not a written story Articles at the bottom of each section are months old So anything you can read is out of date and over half the things you want to you cant How sad is it that I have to go to a competitors app to get information on the programming Im watching on the FOX network because the FOX app wont display anything They list updates but nothing fundamentally changes At least when the FoxNews app changed for the worse stories would load Instead of working on more whooooshing sounds for your broadcast can you find at least one 20 something half way competent to redesign this Come on FOX Im finally deleting this piece of junk sometime this week     Completely utterly worthless even for free
This app is truly worthless because it does not provide updated scores stories etc I click on a game from last night to see the score and I get a game preview The scores section does not actually show scores I wanted an alternative to ESPN but this is not the answer     Worthless app
This app used to be good but has had a lot of problems as of late with no updates and cant even see the scores of any games of the day even at 930 at night Waste of time and space        FIX YOUR APP
Most of the stories I try to read dont load Doesnt make sense to me Please fix     Terrible app
Terrible app Out of date articlessome over a year old Missing articles under the headlines Missing video links in articles No real sports reporting kind of like a tabloid paper at the super market junk     Should be embarrassed
I like how this app is setup but it works terrible     Please Fix This App
Great app but wont load pictures Ive deleted and reinstalled it several times and did not work        Will not load pictures
I loved this app Used it all the time for baseball Now it just flat out doesnt work I uninstalled reinstalled No luck What a big disappointment     What happened
It doesnt always show scores Pretty hit or miss Also doesnt always have play by play available These problems are ongoing Youd think theyd fix by now Deleted app Sticking with the ESPN app     Gave it a shot

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