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magicJack , brings FREE Calls with magicJack with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. FREE Calls with magicJack app has been update to version 2.1.6213 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • I constantly drop calls even when I have great wifi connection..
  • Fully featured VOIP app..
  • This is what google voice should have done long time ago..
  • Now the magic jack got an text feature..
  • Call clarity almost always depends on wifi signal..
Overall Satisfactionclick me54
Call quality so far has been good.
Other times the call quality is horrible.
The sound quality over wifi is better than my 3G.
Terrible sound quality and very slow.
Thank you Magic jack for saving me lots of money.
Thanks magic jack for letting me use my iPod as a phone.
Fully featured VOIP app.
Really Unstable and Unreliable VoIP App.
Fun & Engagingclick me50
Family Friendlyclick me66
I call my friends and family in USA from anywhere in the world.
First and only app which lets me call my friends for free.
being in another country if helped me keep in touch with my family.
Reliabilityclick me33
reset the app and it will work.
Security & Privacyclick me34
Put it on my old Magicjack account with three years remaining.
I linked it with my magic jack account and all works good.
I can't log me with my magic jack account.
Updates & Supportclick me13
Customer service will have to reset your account from their end.
free version from the app store.
Please respond if someone knows how.


FREE Calls to U.S. and Canadian phone numbers – or to any magicJack number, anywhere in the world.


magicJack APP will NEVER use your mobile minutes and does not require a voice plan.
WiFiWireless local area network
4G4G is the short term for fourth-generation wireless, the stage of broadband mobile communications

FREE Calls with magicJackFREE Calls with magicJack
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magicJack APP is 100% FREE and does not require any purchase.


You can use your iPhone’s stored contacts with the magicJack APP.


Download magicJack APP today and start making FREE calls instantly.


If you do not have a magicJack account, you have two options with magicJack APP:


1. Test drive it! No account needed. Make outgoing calls to U.S. and Canadian landlines and cell numbers and any magicJack number.
2. Receive a free magicNumber phone number to make and receive FREE calls and receive FREE Voicemail.
FREE Calls with magicJack


A magicNumber starts and ends with an asterisk/star, like so: *0123456777* and can be dialed directly from any magicJack.


You can use this number for magicJack to magicJack calls or have others call you from anywhere, like so:
• First dialing the access number:
1-305-848-TALK (1-305-848-8255).
• After the prompt, enter the magicNumber
including the asterisks/stars, like so: *01234567*


In magicJack APP, click the Account tab at any time to view your magicNumber.


Tell friends to download magicJack APP and dial each other direct for free.


If you disable Apple notifications, you will NOT receive incoming calls.
On your Apple device, choose Apple`s "Settings" and set "Notifications" to "ON". Then scroll down and set "magicJack" to "ON".


If you sign in to magicJack APP with an active U.S. or Canadian phone number on your magicJack account, you may use it to make and receive calls with magicJack APP. You can use the same number on all your magicJack services and devices.


The FREE Calls with magicJack is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 7.8 MB to download. The new FREE Calls with magicJack app version 2.1.6213 has been updated on 2014-11-24. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about FREE Calls with magicJack in magicJack`s Official Website :


It works great as long as I have a good internet connection. found in 4 reviews
I Lovee This App It's FREEEEEE. found in 3 reviews
I can now talk for free on my iPod touch. found in 3 reviews
app not working in UAE. found in 1 reviews
and connnection is clear as a bell. found in 3 reviews
For 2 dollars a month I'll live with this flaw. found in 3 reviews
it's much better than whistle phone. found in 3 reviews
The sound quality over wifi is better than my 3G. found in 3 reviews
It works well and is great for prank calling. found in 10 reviews
Works great calling back to the states. found in 7 reviews
Also I no longer get notifications of missed calls. found in 64 reviews
After I answer the incoming call it usually disconnects. found in 166 reviews
Pretty good app needs improvement. found in 4 reviews
This app needs an update for iOS 6 soon. found in 36 reviews
-app takes too long to open and answer incoming calls. found in 72 reviews
Go to recent calls and they don't show up anymore. found in 34 reviews
Out going calls sometimes take a long time to connect. found in 17 reviews
Please fix login problem. found in 4 reviews
it says "i don't have internet connection error 20 ". found in 21 reviews
My question is how do you edit the call log. found in 10 reviews
Whenever I tries to make call the app gets shutdown automatically. found in 13 reviews
asks to login every time i open the app. found in 73 reviews
Cool app but I can't receive calls. found in 107 reviews
Please add option to answer calls after phone unlock. found in 51 reviews
It kept saying network connection failure. found in 7 reviews
I have to login every time I open the app. found in 71 reviews
Ok but don't get to receive incoming calls. found in 91 reviews
but needs a few fixes to make it a great product. found in 4 reviews
Still can't receive calls. found in 107 reviews
So don't kill magic jack app if you want to receive calls. found in 546 reviews
I cant hear anything when i try to call someone. found in 45 reviews
I have two issues with the Magic Jack app. found in 102 reviews
There is no way to actually answer an incoming call. found in 72 reviews
Cannot seem to answer a call on the app though. found in 65 reviews
You can't change the number with the iPhone. found in 59 reviews
Doesn't give free phone calls as stated in the app description. found in 69 reviews
You now cannot use it with your own Magicjack account. found in 64 reviews
Magic Jacks Customer service is completely worthless. found in 74 reviews
Always shows I have voice mail and can't answer calls occasionally. found in 51 reviews
Was able to make calls but cannot receive calls. found in 152 reviews
App keeps closing when trying to login. found in 73 reviews
Yearly subscription has expired but no onscreen subscription to renew it. found in 46 reviews
I cannot receive incoming calls from land lines and occasionally cells. found in 91 reviews
don't bother with the free calls. found in 97 reviews
Better then Viber usually but for incoming calls forget it. found in 166 reviews
it's just keep trying to login without succes. found in 71 reviews
iPhone 320x480 1
iPhone 320x480 2
iPhone 320x480 3
iPhone 320x480 4
Icon 175x175 1
Tried to reason with this useless app and frustrating web based customer NONSERVICE multiple times There is no magic in this Jack    Waste of time
amazing                very good
Two things that cost this a star each no call blocking and the locked screen notification disappearing once you unlock the phone if you didnt take the call Otherwise it works as advertised PLEASE add the call blocking feature and help end unwanted calls          No call blocking
The call clarity is decent I like being able to use my iPhone for calls However the recents doesnt work and I cant add them to my phone book so the caller ID works If the recent call list worked I would give it five stars       Ok but recents doesnt work
This app has become horrible not being able to text and call out for over two months now but still Im being charge I depended on this app to make my phone calls home while deployed but it has failed me For someone whos been paying for months supporting this company expect the same from the company with them supporting there customers with a working dependable app    Paying Customer
I love this app Conversations are clear and free to the US And Canada Love it                Excellent app
Yuy                Ff
Warning Do not waste your hard earned money on this app Before you even think about it read all the reviews Ever wonder why the company doesnt have a phone number that you can call for complaints or support Because there isnt enough people in Florida to be able to answer all the calls The app does not work and the company does not stand behind it BUYER BEWARE    Junk absolute junk
I love it                Review
Cant use app keeps rebooting Deleted and reinstalled still continuously reboots Does same thing on iPhone 6 and 6 plus Needs to be fixed    Needs lots of work
One of the simplest and worst calling apps out there Incoming calls dont ring and even if you missed one it doesnt show up in the app If youre actually using your phone when a call comes in good luck If you arent fast enough to swipe the notification to answer the call disappears Huge room for improvement in this app but MagicJack has continually fallen fall short of providing a quality app Two thumbs down    MagicCrap
Aside from the lousy sound quality you pay for an additional number if you want and CAN NOT use it or chose it for your mobile device So you pay for a number that continues being UNASSIGNED and no way to assign it to ay of your mobile devices I think people are getting tired of their scams    Lousy BREAKING sound
I like this program its easy to use and good for saving for internationlal calles                Easy to use
I am a fan of Magicjack but it does have downfalls sometimes calls are awful no matter how good service is I keep the app on my iPhone but sometimes i set it to call forward to my regular service when data is bad I wish I could do this right in the app not have to go to the website and turn it on and off Please magic jack make this happen I have been here since generation 1 and still have that equipmentAlso i noticed when texting no one can text me their email address I get the surname but then anything after the symbol just disappears          I am a fan even with downfalls
Very bad app the worst ever always doesnt connect Useless    Very bad app always doesnt connect Useless
Wont even connect or register the account Waste of 15    Wont even connect
Current version suffers from following problems1 Random crashes and freezes regardless of iOS version2 Voicemail notification indicator no longer works even though text message notification indicator works SOMETIMES flashes on then off VERY quickly and when that happens if you look VERY carefully you see the correct number of new voicemail messages waiting but ONLY until that notification icon flashes off works for a fraction of a second when it works at all3 App now seems to he increased difficulty in properly accessing the iOS devices Contacts list causing freezes and greatly slowed app responseThese problems suggest the possibility of memory management problems                Problems with current version
Ive had an MJ account for years I have a number duh Im signed in i can see my contacts but when i try to send a txt it tells me Im supposed to upgrade and apply for ANOTHER number WHAT       Stupid
I purchased the Magic Jack Go and wanted to have for the same phone number the app where I am able to send text messages On the page where its supposed to offer the upgrade is only upgrade for international calling available So no usage for me Also the magic Jack Go has a terrible sound and voice quality    No chance to upgrade for text messaging
It cuts off all time specially when I try answering Please fix ASAP    Need to update
Keeps saying I have unread voicemails but I do not Needs to be fixed asap This app is very frustrating to use       Voicemail issue
Magic Jack App is probably the WORST App on the market Calls wont register on the call list you cant answer the phone fast enough to establish a connection and the customer service is totally unable to fix the problem This App needs to have a complete overhaul The only positive is that you can call out using the App    Bad App
Hodgkin fight with a new song and I dont have a good idea of the year                Ffhjhhjkgddkj
Good ig                
This app overall is awesome I had it for about 1 year Its great since I live in another country and need to stay in touch with my family states side However recently Ive only been able to receive calls and text I am no longer able to dial out Whatever the issue is it needs to be fixed          My app stopped working
have no issues with it otherwise but they really need to do something about missed called notifications see a missed call on the home screen when i unlock my phone and goto the app and look at missed calls the call isnt logged i mean who remembers numbers to determine who called youif they improve that part i reckon its a pretty solid app          improvements needed
Makes outgoing calls only Cannot receive incoming calls with this app Notifications dont work eitherHope the app is updated soon to correct these problems    Update broke this app
Why not update for size iphone 6 6 plus       Fix for size iphone 6 6 plus
I thought that I could download this app sign in with my MagicJack account and use my iPod as a phone extension for the MagicJack number I already have Unfortunately not so I was issued yet another number This app should be useful for the 2 or 3 people who dont already have a phone number and those who enjoy collecting them As for me Ive deleted       Great another phone
Caller ID doesnt work iPhone app doesnt display caller NAME THE NOTIFICATIONS ONLY SHOW NUMBER I CALLED SUPPORT GROUP but never got it fixed          Caller ID
Do not buy Paid 1499 they said it didnt complete and to have iTunes refund all sales are final no refunds just store credit Used the store credit to try again and they said the purchase hadnt gone through and I needed to give them the credit card information I explained the purchase was through apple and it reflected in the receipts Apple sent and my bank statement Was told they sent it to escalation dept and I would receive an email back Its been 4 days and they dont help HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE Filing a complaint with the better business bureauEdit 2 weeks later 4 reports filed by magic jack customer service reps and still no service They still try to charge me for what Ive already paid for    Stole 1499 from me filed Bbb report
Unclear calls    Terrible
You get what you pay for    Horrible customer service
I Love It                Great
Brcjrnjfkf                May b cool
Hey Mj please do a update on this calls are constantly breaking up either people cannot hear me because its so garbled and this used to be on occasion but now it is constantoh so annoying there is enough technology out there to fix it so that one can have at least a two way conversation I have had Mj for years now and it is my only source of phone but this interference is causing me to consider Vonage yes I know it will cost me but At least I can have a two way conversationplease please fix it    Calls are bad
If you want to miss called and not be able to see them in the history then this app is for youWhen you get a missed call on the iPhone lock screen and you unlock the phone with the Touch ID or by sliding to unlock not on the notification the call is not recorded Dont bother calling the tech support because they dont have the record either You really get what you payed for in life I once had respect for magic jack but not anymore    Stay away from this crap
I have A home phone number for magicJack I have installed the magic jack app on my iPhone 6 Plus When someone calls my home number my cell phone does not ring I thought this was a possible feature    Cell does not ring
I love this app but you should make it to were you could do a 3 way call I thought you could but you cant what if you needed to talk to your kids but they call off two different phone You should be able to 3 way It would make your app better more people would use it Other then that your app is very useful                I love this app
Nice App Really Nice App                Nice
Very bad voice and take long time to be ready to work Totally is not good    Very bad voice
Put money on account and it doesnt let me place a call Really frustrating Especially when its an emergency You better of finding something more reliable    Really bad
Ive been using the MagicApp over a year fighting with those problems First of all sometimes it didnt work over 3G connection the interlocutor could not hear you or vice versa 2 of all the missed calls show sometimes on the Recent tab 3 when you use your device and you received a call while answering it nothing came up It just open the app and no number shown not even the one you just answered And the worst too much thing to do to get to the live chat Why should we not have a button to reach the customer support          Need improvement
Used it for 5 yrs so far ported my old home number paid extra fee took 3 days So I own number for 5 yrs now When people call you on landline after 1015 min the call just drops no reason when using in latest IOS on iPad mini last 3 weeks keeps saying I have 4 messages next to keypad symbol and cassette symbol Yet when I check voicemail on iPad says no new old messages been through multiple options nothing will remove the 4 from messages including entire shut down and restart Go to phone says no new messages Very poor customer service They cant understand what your asking them for so I never know by looking at Ipad whether or not I have new messages or none needs fix big time Would not repurchase again    Cannot clear old messages number from screen Needs a fix
Am VERY happy with this app and whole new world of possibilities it has opened The subscription service is well worth the upgrade Had never used Magicjack before but now that Ive seen how it works am now a new fan of this service Works great on my iPod There is an echo though but apparently this is quite common with VoIP For this price I can learn to live with it             Fantastic
This app and the service provide basic and unreliable services Missed calls dont show under the Recent calls tab Call quality is fairApp and service are not reliable The service works MOST of the time Support is via online Chat only and its frustrating They do their best to avoid direct answers    Poor to fair at most
I like this app and I use it a lot but it has some problems the app only stay in a call for an hour and thirty minutes it wasnt doing that before Im use to being on the phone on this app for 5 to 6 hours at a time please fix this issue I really like this app    Needs a lot of work


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7.8 MB
Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 2.1.6213
iPhone iPad

iOS FREE Calls with magicJack 2.1.6213 Mobile

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FREE Calls with magicJack

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