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Ascendo Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (Cloud Vault ,Free Spanish English Dictionary & Phrasebook ,Free German English Dictionary & Phrasebook ,DataVault Password Manager ,French English Dictionary + ,German English Dictionary +), brings Free Italian English Dictionary + with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Free Italian English Dictionary + app has been update to version 5.2.11 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.

    Overall Satisfactionc90
    Wonderful tool for those traveling in Italy and/or studying Italian.
    or advanced Italian class - the best free one available.
    I love the detail in the dictionary section.
    I would definitely recommend downloading this.
    Would recommend purchasing the full set.
    Love the format.
    Much better than others we have along.
    very helpful for homework like this app.
    This app is a very useful tool.
    Very useful for beginners.
    Essential resource.
    Helpful and complete.
    Ease of Usec46
    From simple directions.
    It not only gives a simple definition.
    Easy to use and nicely edited.
    easy to apply.
    Updates & Supportc77
    This free version gives full use without being connected to the internet.
    It keeps getting better with each new update.

    online images for thousands of dictionary entries tap icon to display. found in 1 reviews
    includes translations usage examples parts of speech and gender of italian nouns. found in 2 reviews
    Made our lives easy in Italy. found in 2 reviews
    great for people trying to learn Italian. found in 4 reviews
    very helpful for homework like this app. found in 4 reviews
    This Italian English Dictionary was the perfect thing. found in 3 reviews
    this app packs an undeniable allure for travelers. found in 2 reviews
    Wonderful tool for those traveling in Italy and/or studying Italian. found in 3 reviews
    Excellent quick reference tool. found in 1 reviews
    user friendly and versatile. found in 1 reviews
    Use it on a daily basis as reference. found in 1 reviews
    I use this app in conjunction with other apps to help learn Italian. found in 1 reviews
    Essential tools for learning. found in 1 reviews
    Useful app for quick reference. found in 3 reviews
    But totally it s a usefull application. found in 1 reviews
    but still very helpful. found in 1 reviews
    but enough to make it useful. found in 1 reviews
    The one problem I see. found in 1 reviews
    but so many missing. found in 1 reviews
    I use it everytime. found in 1 reviews
    Deleted immediately. found in 1 reviews
    but the free version is still wonderful. found in 1 reviews
    but limited words. found in 1 reviews
    Would be helpful to have more related to travel. found in 1 reviews
    As a previous reviewer stated: a total crap product. found in 1 reviews
    it has lots of errors. found in 1 reviews
    Missing the basic verb 'ire'. found in 1 reviews
    it's missing so many words. found in 1 reviews
    As a previous reviewer stated : a total crap product. found in 1 reviews
    Don't waste your time with this one. found in 1 reviews
    Totally inadequate : I was stupid enough to buy the full version. found in 1 reviews
    Sound would be nice. found in 1 reviews

    If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Free Italian English Dictionary + for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 3.3 MB to download. The new Free Italian English Dictionary + app version 5.2.11 has been updated on 2014-11-01. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
    Bottom Line: For more information about Free Italian English Dictionary + check developer Ascendo Inc.`s website :

    The leading free Italian English Dictionary for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch Over 35,000 Translations Audio Pronunciation 1,444 Conjugated Verbs Comprehensive Phrasebook Vocabulary Quiz Tool Universal Application Free Italian English ...
    The need somethings make it more easy to understand Italian that thing missing             Just update KLer Art
    It s the best Italian dictionary in the AppStore Love it and I use it a lot to look up words Love that it works offline                     Best Italian dictionary SridharS
    Okay In English This is the best app for checking and learning Italian I love the verb set up and the pronunciations among the many delightful features The translations and expressions are less helpful but still decent                     The best I ve found Romethesecondtime
    Very easy to use Useful translation and pronunciation an conjugation Has filled on many gaps in my vocabulary and usage A fine and helpful app for me Grazie molte                     Even the free version is great guacopo
    Great for a quick reference when I need to look up the meaning of a word or find the different conjugations of a verb                     Very useful Christinalcd
    I ve had this app for over a year I updated it today and have tried repeatedly to open the app and instead it shuts down everytime I try I want the older version back     Will not open hungry for music
    This Italian English Dictionary was the perfect thing When my wife and I went to Florence we lived by it The phrases tool is really nice to have From simple directions to ordering hotels and greetings and live pronunciation we actually started to fit in The quizzes are easy to use as well We had a lot of fun on the train learning our Italia A must have app New version has more examples which is nice Thank you                     I love this App Made our lives easy in Italy Gioseffi-
    My wife and I are exploring the small towns between Siena and Florence We re trying hard to get off the beaten path and try to lose ourselves in the culture I can t tell you how much easier it is to communicate with this app in my pocket Leaving my old pocket dictionary at the albergo                     Super Helpful Merry Christmas :/
    I m a Latin student at the University of Vermont transitioning to Italian so far this dictionary has been great The text to speech for pronunciation has been helpful                     Solid dictionary text to speech is cool too PeteFromBeacon
    The app is good and easy to use especially how the English and Italian are intermixed rather than separate as in most foreign language dictionaries But it could use more words than even the added package has even if for additional cost                 Good Bike-Boy
    This app has been very helpful and has great pronunciation Added bonus the support team promptly answered my question when I couldn t get the sound to work Didn t expect that                     Great App DB SF
    I love that even the conjugations of verbs are listed and tell you what the infinitive form is And it s just like brpwsing an actual dictionary in case you can t remember the exact spelling One HUGE improvement would be to italicize or underline the emphasized syllable on the words where it does not fall on the next to last syllable or accented final letter If you add this feature I will absolutely give this app 5stars                 Very helpful bc.books
    The sound does not work I tried deleting the app and downloading it again and it still will not work     The sound does not work XSilly_LilyX
    The app itself could use some improvments like if you could search a frase or things like that         Review student67892
    The features I like the most are the ability to look up verb conjugations and the ability to use the app offline Very handy when traveling abroad I m a student of the Italian language and this is my goto app for translations                     Great travel app and more Former WWF player
    The voice pronunciation is too fast even on its slowest setting and the higher quality online option does not work Other than that a great app                 Great app Voice text needs improvement Ariodante9
    Convenient way to carry a dictionary in your pocket Verb conjugation is extremely helpful                     Great reference tool SCSottie
    Good dictionary and more The verb conjugations are very helpful Pronunciation is a little too fast for me but maybe that will prepare me for conversation in Italy                     Very useful Mlasell
    Used it often in Italy and so great that no internet connection is needed It is clearly presented and quick and easy to use                 So useful
    I love this app interface and the simple way to navigate The verb conjugations are also great My only complaints are Should include the articles and plurals with the nouns And the vocabulary is missing a lot of words that I have looked up in my Italian class I have the free Bravolol Italian dictionary also and while it is inferior it often has the words that are missing from this app I hope the makers are expanding the vocabulary           Great app but limited words
    Useful versatile convenient thorough and mobilewhat more can you ask for Extremely helpful in learning the language and should serve as a great gobetween for me and my Italian friends learning English                 Super fun and easy
    Its one of the best out there and you dont need to be connected to internet The recent upgrade and inapp purchases are excellent                 Great App
    I love this app Versatile usable both way                 Very well done easy To use
    This app is so useful to a beginning student It not only gives a simple definition but also gives the many idiomatic ways words are used in everyday language Complete conjugation tables as well as the ability to hear the word spoken are added bonuses It is a rare occasion when I cannot find a word I need My only suggestion would be to have a verb quiz where one could practice conjugating verbs in the most used tenses rather than simply a vocabulary quiz              My Go To App
    I studied Italian for three years and I used this app a lot for my assignments Its really comprehensive and even gives you translations based on category when a word has multiple meanings The conjugation tool is also really convenient I am working in Italy this summer and this app has been invaluable                 Comprehensive
    Almost every word I tried to look up during two weeks in Italy was not in this dictionary Dont waste your time with this one     Horrible
    This is the tool I rely on far more than any other in learning Italian Very well designed                 Superb app very useful user friendly and versatile
    Great dictionary I like how it does verbs You can type in the verb you want and it tells you the infinitive that you can tap to see the conjugation if you want Im just starting to learn Italian and I like to read a book in a language Im learning even though I have to look up almost every word I hardly ever come across a word that isnt in this dictionary Well worth the money                 Great Dictionary
    I love this app It works when youre offline and it conjugates verbs for you Definitely 5 stars                 Love
    Looking forward to trying this with other people I meet around the world Was so happy to be able to talk to my friends cousins from Italy Great job                 Great app
    Easy to use Gives full conjugation of verbs I highly recommend it                 Handy App
    I downloaded a number of apps to help me learn and translate Italian This was the one I ended up relying on                 Tried many but stayed with this one
    Great aid Quick easy to apply Beats Word reference in every way A great supplement to studies for Italian classes Highly recommend              My Opinion Honestly
    This Italian English Dictionary was the perfect thing When my wife and I went to Florence we lived by it The phrases tool is really nice to have From simple directions to ordering hotels and greetings and live pronunciation we actually started to fit in The quizzes are easy to use as well We had a lot of fun on the train learning our Italia A must have app New version has more examples which is nice                 I love this App Made our lives easy in Italy
    It was good and useful Not great even after in app purchases but good enough for some basics so I only give it 4 stars Pronunciation guides that dont require internet would make it more 5 star worthy              useful app
    As a student of Italian I use this app all the time Its super easy to use and provides very useful information My favorite feature of this app is that it provides verb conjugations in every possible form including many Ive never even heard of and all of the ones that you need to know And then my 2nd favorite thing is that this also works OFF LINE no data no wifi Obviously it can be used with data but as a foreigner in Italy one might not have access to wifi or a lot of data to spend so I absolutely LOVE that feature and its why I prefer this app over any other including going to google The only thing I wish was included in this app is the articles of the words il i la le and singular and plural conversions of nouns This would be extremely helpful as there are many irregularities in the Italian language and beginning or intermediate students could really benefit from having that information easily at their disposal in this app              Extremely helpful and well made
    Waist of money The better quality online pronunciation voices stopped working and the built in computer voices are very poor quality and useless for many words There is NO WAY this app is worth ten dollars without the high quality pronunciation I also get a big banner ad at the bottom of the screen I DO NOT WANT ADS IN APPS I PAY FOR Im sure the pronunciation problem is fixable but you cant get this company to respond to emails        Zero customer support
    I got this app thinking that Id need wifi to use it and the verbs I would have to look up here and conjugate somewhere else But I dont need wifi which is especially helpful bc I dont usually have it when in Italy and it can conjugate any verb you look up I do wish that you didnt have to pay for the full version but I understand why you do Overall I LOVE this app                 Very Helpful
    This app is easy to use and has been very accurate                 Least to use
    Very helpful especially with the phrases that go along with the words                 Helpful
    Thousands of words of Italian and English many available with pronunciations useful for learning and translating to and from              Very useful
    I use it everytime I particularly like the pronunciation feature its really useful              Very useful
    Excellent tool Very simple to use Delivers all the information I need I open it each time i need to write something in italian I find at once exactly what I may need whether it is the correct word or a spelling or a particular form of a verb Very well made                 A great tool 5 stars
    This app is very useful to me I am trying to learn school Italian I was raised speaking a dialect This app is a good tool and is helping me a great deal It also would be excellent for someone just learning                 Ron
    This app is a very useful tool Works very well              Very Good
    I love the verb conjugations Thank you                 Fantastic
    I have the Italian and French versions of this app and they are the best Ive found for free and at any price                 One of the best for any language
    Has most of the basic words needed Easy to look up either English or Italian Doesnt seem to consistently offer conjugations so you can figure out the appropriate tense in Italian Conversational phrases are very limited in the free version Would be helpful to have more related to travel           Good mini dictionary
    I can easily fnd either English or Italian words by typing in one search menu The translation is accurate as far as can tell What else do you need from a dictionary                 Useful tool
    This is an excellent quick reference tool especially if you are learning to speak Italian                 Excellent quick reference tool
    A very handy mobile reference guide for the verb tense forms Pronunciation feature is also good              Great Verb Feature
    Great tool                 Very helpful
    Used free version during a brief trip to Italy Worked very well Thank you                 Works well
    I use this when working on DuoLingo questions The dictionary could be better with explanation of grammar the definite article help and with example use in sentences              DuoLingo Companion
    Love it                 Great reference
    Im prepping for a trip to Italy and I am finding this app quite useful                 Using it a lot
    This is a great app Very easy to use Complete in both languages It has increased my learning immensely                 ItalianEnglish Dictionary Premium
    Downloaded to get common phrases to use while travelling and there so few and none that would be helpful in a sticky situation     Useless
    This is a great app especially for quick translations              Great app
    Great app easy to use Offline feature crucial distinctive from other translate apps Beats lugging a dictionary except for obscure infrequently used words                 Fantastic
    The bilingual dictionary has a wellchosen set of vocabulary items Although I dont speak Italian I do speak Spanish and I often found that I could look up an Italian word quickly and plug it into a sentence that was grammatically correct in Spanish and be understood in Italian A real crosslinguistic confidence builder                 A Useful Travelers Tool
    I bought this app for to translate and help me during a trip to Italy Attempting to search the dictionary for different words I saw was almost always unsuccessful All it did was provide false confidence     Bad off the cuff translating
    I like it that it goes both waysEnglish to Italian and vice versa                 Helpful
    This app is extremely helpful and Id definitely recommend it                 Great Job
    Very helpful                 Helpful
    I am studying Italian this app is very helpful very easy to use                 Love this app
    Thanks developers for the great job searching for a verb and see all the possible conjugation incredibly helpful but the interface is something else smooth sharpbrilliant thank you very much                 Bravissimo
    It really comes in handy to have this and its great                 This app is very useful

    Free Italian English Dictionary + Education Italian EnglishFree Italian English Dictionary + Education Italian EnglishFree Italian English Dictionary + Education Italian EnglishFree Italian English Dictionary + Education Italian EnglishFree Italian English Dictionary + Education Italian EnglishFree Italian English Dictionary + Education Italian EnglishFree Italian English Dictionary + Education Italian EnglishFree Italian English Dictionary + Education Italian EnglishFree Italian English Dictionary + Education Italian EnglishFree Italian English Dictionary + Education Italian EnglishFree Italian English Dictionary + Education Italian EnglishFree Italian English Dictionary + Education Italian English

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