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128bit Technologies LLC , the publisher behind many iOS app (Free Fonts - Christmas Collection ,Premium Fonts - Commercial Use OpenType Fonts ,Mini Design Bundle - Graphic Design and Logo Design Resources Including Batch Image Converter ,Comic Fonts - Commercial Use Fonts ,Desktop Genie - Organize and Clean Your Desktop ,Halloween Fonts: Free Commercial Use Holiday Fonts), brings Free Fonts: 550 Commercial Use OpenType Fonts with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Free Fonts: 550 Commercial Use OpenType Fonts app has been update to version 7.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Free Fonts: 550 Commercial Use OpenType Fonts for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It is a whopper, weighing in at 18242594, so make sure you have plenty of free space on your iOS device. The new Free Fonts: 550 Commercial Use OpenType Fonts app version 7.0 has been updated on 2014-11-15.
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550 ROYALTY FREE FONTS Download the largest collection of free commercial use fonts, and get even more free fonts in future updates Need to change the way your text looks in a presentation, print project or a ...
The system prevented me from installing the fonts with the same message 1 serioous error was found Do not use this font I should not have to jump throught hoops just to install a font     Unable to Install these fonts Cpatain Nemo
Just downloaded this application last week and it way surpassed my expectations Thank you you guys ROCK No issues or problems to be found very very excited                     AWESOME FreeFontsRocks
I don t know how or why these are commercially available free of charge but thank you to the publishers If you do any design work at all this is a really cool set of fonts with a lot of fun variation Easy to install                     really cool fonts Is a nickname really necessary?
LOVE IT Get lots of AWESOME FONTS plus 150 more once you register Just following the instructions to install Instructions included in the download folder it was SUPER EASY ABSOLUTELY NO ISSUES WHEN ACTIVATING THE FONTS REALLY COOL FONTS TO CHOOSE FROM AND BEST OF ALL FREE CAN T BE IT                     EASY PEEZEY Just follow the directions to install Waaa La you have lots of COOL FONTS JeNNay1077
I actually adore this set of fonts and used it on my mid 2012 Macbook Pro with no problems But my new MacBook Pro mid 2015 with MacOS has the application pre loaded but when I try to activate my favorite fonts ALL of them are said to have serious issues and the computer recommends NOT installing them I really WANT my fonts back but don t know how to solve this problem     Serious Issues Found with All the Fonts CharlaF
These fonts are AMAZING U There s so many it s like a maze NO MONEY REQUIRED And IT S ALL YOURS U U c u c                     Awesome Fonts Humongous Options Kinemunitys
A lot of great fonts are included with this pack Plus once you register you ll get another 150 fonts Just be sure to follow the instructions to install After you start the Free Fonts program just click the Copy Files button and it will copy the fonts to a folder on your desktop After that you ll need to launch the Font Book app on your Mac and go to File Add Fonts and point it to the font folder that Free Fonts created on your desktop After that all the fonts will be copied into your system                     A lot of great fonts Just be sure to follow the instructions to install Wolvenx
I hate that I have to click on each one I would be nice if the name of the font was actually in the font as opposed to all 550 being in the same font Making a choice is time consuming             Great selection but minaisgold
I was able to install these fonts effortlessly through Font Book which came with my Mac Fun to have so many choices                     Who doesn t love free fonts michelllle
None of the fonts could be installed on my Mac     Worthless app Barbj1692
I took my computer into Best Buy and this program was among the several that I puchased from the App Store that was eating up lots of memory space and sending back keystroke information to off site Once I uninstalled this my computer was significantly faster and the lag problems I had vanished     MALWARE ALERT Pilfer12345
You have to write out the text to test out the font but then you have to select each individual font to see what it looks like That s so much wasted time Is there no way to skim through all of the fonts at once to see what the given text looks like in different fonts before installing them all I don t want to install them all just the ones that I want to use I appreciate the price free but it comes at a great cost of my time that it makes this useless                 Such a tedious way of looking at the fonts sviddle
It s great to get more fonts but where s the harm in pointing out what is new so we install only what we like from the NEW FONTS             Provide a list of the new fonts Stuke
If you know how to install fonts on your Mac this is easy to use Often you have to re launch programs to use newly installed fonts but not always If you re having trouble with it try re launching You get otf fonts in the download so they should work with any of your programs like all the other fonts on your Mac                     It gives you fonts You install them Easy athensbum
Hundreds of fonts and you can use them freely in your designs thanks to the included commercial use license And it s free The only slightly confusing thing was that the fonts did not automatically install but I read what they said in the description which explained what to do just open the app in Applications click the Copy Files button and save the fonts somewhere you will remember Then open them in Font Book install and then they will show up in all your applications For the free price tag it was worth taking the extra minute to figure out how to use them                     Can t beat it jhosebreath
It didn t work with any of my apps Collage maker I books or even script edit I trashed it after only one hour I m glad that i didn t pay anything for it     Worthless real rating zero Darryl3027
started working later for no apparent reason couldnt edit my review so please note it is now working             does not work with pages right away David Kapp
This is a nice app that can give your projects or designs a nice fresh feeling At first I was suspisous of malware but after getting the fonts there have been no signs of a virus The fonts in this application are some of the best I ve seen Keep it up128bit Technologies For those of you confused on the use you have to copy the fonts by clicking the button on the main app page then pasting it in a folder labed Fonts or to you desktop the drag the contents of the folder into FontBook It should work from there                     A nice app Rob-T.
Fair number of fonts though some a very similar I can see someone who is particular about wanting a just so font liking this collection A lot of the fonts are on the chinkier or thicker side would be good for flyers or headlines not so much for say correspondence where you have a lot of material to communicate On the whole pleased with the app                 Tidy Collection kmamom
So many kinds of fonts It s a very useful app                     Wonderful daniebbay
I have way more fonts than I could ever use but I keep getting more These offerings from 128bit Technologies are great Never had a font failure and they are great when you need that special font for an advertising flyer I also highly suggest the 1000 OpenType font collection And if you see this in time get the Halloween group package                     Font fanatics say YES Reed2R
Pretty Good                 Nice MadDogMadDog
Great Collection Easy and Practical                     Thank you Nba_showstar
Easy Just save all the fonts to your desktop or somewhere else then drag the whole folder into your font book One thing that I like about this font collection is that most of the fonts are unusual                     Nice variety Spaghett_Face
I thought this was a great app You should get it                 GET IT Pickles201
Free Fonts: 550 Commercial Use OpenType Fonts BusinessFree Fonts: 550 Commercial Use OpenType Fonts BusinessFree Fonts: 550 Commercial Use OpenType Fonts BusinessFree Fonts: 550 Commercial Use OpenType Fonts BusinessFree Fonts: 550 Commercial Use OpenType Fonts Business

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