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Savy Soda , the publisher behind many iOS app (Vibrating Massager ,Documents Free (Mobile Office Suite) ,MILLIONAIRE TYCOON™ Free Edition ,FREE Full Screen Private Browsing for iPhone & iPad ,Pixi Sound Recorder ,Lecture Notes), brings FREE Full Screen Private Browsing for iPhone & iPad with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. FREE Full Screen Private Browsing for iPhone & iPad app has been update to version 2.5 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Good quick search tool..
  • nice to be have an alternate browser with different features..
  • Does what it's supposed to and is a fast browser..
  • This app is perfect for private viewing and for watching videos..
  • perfect for paying bills and shopping with credit card info..
Overall Satisfactionclick me92
This is without question THE BEST private browser on the market.
Better than safari and Google chrome hands down.
Nothing about this is better than Safari.
needs tabs.
this one is better than chrome.
Amazing browser I can finally watch videos without flash.
I have suggested it to all my friends and they love it to.
Works great thanks.
amazing overall.
Fun & Engagingclick me95
Awesome browser quick efficient and slick.
This app is great it's awesome for porn.
Great app use it all the time.
Usefulnessclick me94
Great App very useful.
it's been very interesting and helpful.
Saves time compared to Safari by erasing history.
Fast and very useful.
Ease of Useclick me92
Simple Fast and Easy.
It is a great and simple browser app.
very helpful and easy to use.
Reliabilityclick me42
it just should have tabs to access more things.
This app now crashes every time I try to access the the bookmarks.
I think this browser is much slower than Safari.
Always resets itself to an ad screen.
Ads not Intrusiveclick me13
Security & Privacyclick me91
App is great for privacy from unwanted snoopers.
Would like hidden and password protected bookmarks.
Free privacy browser works perfect.
Best secure browser available.
This app is simple and fast and secure.
From accessing private bank account information to engaging in adult activities.
Updates & Supportclick me72


Finally, you can view all your websites PRIVATELY and in FULL SCREEN for FREE! This is the simple, no frills web browser you've been waiting for.



FREE Full Screen Private Browsing for iPhone & iPad
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How it works:


- History, Cookies, Bookmarks, All completely deleted when you exit the app. No one will know where you've been.


- Uses EVERY SINGLE PIXEL available to show websites in BEAUTIFUL FULL SCREEN! That's 13% more viewing area than standard Safari! Thanks to hiding of Status bars and auto hiding of all navigation controls when required.


- Same back end safari browsing engine which means maximum speed, security, and reliability. Familiar Interface.


In addition this app is COMPLETELY FREE and works on iPhone, iPod and iPAD! so get it now and start browsing those websites in beautiful full screen without anyone knowing where you've been!


Some other features and Details:
- Portrait and Landscape mode support.
- Orientation Locking Support for iPad.
- Similar UI to Safari.
- Hidden status bar to make more space.
- Overlay controls to maximise screen real-estate.
- Safari based backend engine.
Video streaming.
- Lightning fast startup and shutdown.
- Lean app leads to fastest possible page loading.
- Always starts in google search home.
- Even while multitasking.
- No auto suggest or auto-fill in.
- Very discrete icon and presentation.
- Completely FREE (and no annoying ads bar!)
- Tiny download so you can get it quickly.


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If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download FREE Full Screen Private Browsing for iPhone & iPad for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting different languages: English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new FREE Full Screen Private Browsing for iPhone & iPad app version 2.5 has been updated on 2014-11-23. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about FREE Full Screen Private Browsing for iPhone & iPad check developer Savy Soda`s website :


Great app for surfing the web without leaving tracks of sites you've visited. found in 10 reviews
This is without question THE BEST private browser on the market. found in 259 reviews
Very good little simple full screen browser. found in 12 reviews
I have suggested it to all my friends and they love it to. found in 6 reviews
I would like to have it open multiple pages. found in 13 reviews
Can't get out of desktop mode. found in 2 reviews
Please remove from my download list thank you. found in 2 reviews
Tabbed browsing would make the perfect. found in 13 reviews
just wish you could have multiple windows. found in 4 reviews
Great app just work on loading speed. found in 3 reviews
Only down side is you can't have multiple tabs open. found in 22 reviews
but I would like the ability to open multiple tabs like safari. found in 26 reviews
Needs little bit of work but it's very private. found in 2 reviews
Bookmark feature broke after app update. found in 3 reviews
Great to have full screen but you can't save pics :. found in 4 reviews
Works but won't let me save pictures and needs tabs. found in 18 reviews
Unlike Safri you can't have more than one window open at a time. found in 8 reviews
amazing overall but could have a passcode feature. found in 3 reviews
CANT SAVE IMAGES & OPEN TABS. found in 4 reviews
Upate to fix Ipad in Landscape. found in 10 reviews
Needs tabs or split screen windows. found in 1 reviews
the developer needs to fix immediately or I'm deleting the app. found in 10 reviews
Has annoying ads. found in 3 reviews
As soon as you click the bookmarks button it crashes. found in 6 reviews
The app crashes every time I try to access bookmarks. found in 5 reviews
This app now crashes every time I try to access the the bookmarks. found in 11 reviews
this is a browser THAT CAN'T OPEN NEW LINKS IN WINDOWS. found in 9 reviews
Still will record search history until cleared on iPhone. found in 28 reviews
Junk default search engine and ads. found in 4 reviews
Please take me off the purchase list. found in 9 reviews
com it does a custom search with crap paid results. found in 7 reviews
This program won't let you open new tabs. found in 8 reviews
I don't like the app picture. found in 4 reviews
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Yes it does                Works perfectly
This is quickly becoming my favorite browser as it not only renders pages faster but also with fewer errors                Works better than Chrome
Its absolutely awesome                Private browser review
KUDOS                Rantipole
Does the job that it promises to do                Excellent app
This is a functioning good basic web browser You can have some privacy when you want to look up something personal or confidential and dont need to be concerned that someone borrows your phone and sees that personal medical search or that you were looking where to buy them a gift etc Again just a good basic working browser with search                Good Basic Browser
Excellent good                P browser
Perfect for simple browser                Very simple
Nice                Nice
Its does the job                Cool
Simple to use and good display                Great app
Can open pornhub without a problem                Nice
Works perfect                Greatness at its best
Love this app Keeps little eyes off my stuff                Best App Ive ever had
Good for when you have snoopy parents                Great app
great app works very fast and smooth                jammie
It was great until this last update       Doesnt work after update
good                good
Great browser for privacy from nosy eyes                Love having discretion
Love it                Great app
So farbetter than the others Ive used                No Lies Know Nothing
Very useful app                Awesome browser
Love this app its reliable and private                
Does a super job and quick about it too Backups work great Does what it says                Very slick to use
Great private             Very good browser
Simple and easy to use                It works
Ive used this app on and off for almost a year It has been great up until recently It isnt loading my videos anymore If I click on it itll take me to my videos but its just black No Play button or pictures Ive tried refreshing it but no go Its extremely frustrating             Good app but having issues
awesome browser but it crahes immediately after switching to desktop mode and vice versa             awesome
JUST DOWNLOAD IT                
I had trouble with safari not working with audiblecom When I try to sign in I have to sign in under my Amazon account and then when I tried to redirect to audible it says too many redirects and Safari will not connect This browser does not have that problem                Works with audible
I have tried almost every app they have for watching videos of your choice but this is defiantly the best free app ever and I have no intentions of looking any further for a better app to take its place I only had one trouble with it but could get around it anyway I finally deserted it then reinstalled it to cure the problem I was having with a black screen and not showing the video but that solved my problem and I didnt loose any saved videos I had The best part is that is free to watch videos and you can go to almost any site you want by typing in any urlIm sure youll be very happy if you get this app                Bleddie
Dont have to worry about history cache buildup with this app                Love it
I love this app it is cool I just love it it is awesome and its just a away that I can just look um stuff privately with out somebody having to know what I was searching up                Letter
This GREAT app is useful for quickly searching anywhere on the Internet without having to worry about privacy concerns since it erases all your history and cookies as soon as you minimize Its useful for when you dont want your safari info tracked and its also useful for going to suspicious websites to check it out Its also good for privacy when other people are around and you need to check the Internet but dont have time to clear history Use Safari for bookmarks and standard web browsing Use this app for all incognito uses                Simple and Useful
This us by far the best private app to have                Best app
Best app for web browsing                Awesome
I enjoyed this app I would recommend it to anyone trying to avoid hackers                Awesome
This is great especially when my wife walks in the room and I have to pretend shes the one arousing me                We all know what we use this for
forget safari                I love it
This is a great app If you want a browser that has no history left behind on your device This is the one You can finally look up things without worrying about getting embarrassed someone might see you looked up I really like this app One of the first apps I always install on a new device Its a got to have                Outstanding
Totally private no history                Awesome Browser
Good app                Good app
This app is great I just hope my kids dont find out about it LOL                The bomb
great app like the fact i can look go on and when i close the app everything i was on is gone this is perfect at looking at bank stuff and credit card stuff and not have to work about cookies or browsing history get it you wont regret it                awesome
This app is excellent if you want to search for anything not mainstream Big Brother aka Google curtails and dictates what you can and cannot research This app gives you the individual freedom of choice that other search apps do not allow Deleting history when coming out is good if u do not want your tracks to be discovered As far as I am concerned Definitely the best uninhibited search engine out here I have not come across anything better                Excellent
Best app Love it                Great
Good app                Great
I am with you but Bella is my love                I wish you knew this
Very good Browser but takes getting used to Latest Update has removed the backward Forward arrows and also lost the Bookmarks Icon The Browser still works I just have to guess where these Icons used to be When I press in the correct area where the Icons have always been I can go back forward bring up Bookmarks I know where they are because Ive been using the Browser for so long Hopefully this problem will be fixed in the next Update I like the Browser enough to continue using it despite the present problems             Very Good Browser


Savy Soda
English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 2.5
iPhone iPad

iOS FREE Full Screen Private Browsing for iPhone & iPad 2.5 Mobile

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FREE Full Screen Private Browsing for iPhone & iPad
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