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William Jockusch , the publisher behind many iOS app (Free Math Notes ,Math Notes ,Days between Dates ,Scientific Graphing Calculator 2 ,Ad-Free Unit Converter ,Dice with Friends), brings Free Graphing Calculator with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Free Graphing Calculator app has been update to version 4.21 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Wow mind blowing..
  • Has so many advanced features without being cluttered..
  • A must-have for all middle and high school math students..
  • It's a very good way to save money too..
  • I tried everything the tech support website said..
Overall Satisfactionclick me94
This is the best graphing calculator app I've found for the iPhone/iTouch.
a free graphing calculator for technology they already own.
Works better than my TI -83.
Best educational app I've ever used.
Thank you guys so much for having it free.
It's a lot better than buying a $100 calculator.
This app is extremely helpful thanks.
Fun & Engagingclick me93
Awesome calculator does anything it is told to do.
i love it and use it for homework all the time.
Freakin' awesome :.
Usefulnessclick me98
along with several other useful tools for free.
EXTREMELY useful calculator app.
Everything I could possibly need from a graphing calculator.
It does everything my TI -84 plus silver edition graphing calculator does.
Easily the best most helpful calculator app I've ever had.
This app is extremely helpful thanks.
this calc helps me sooooo much with my hw.
Repeat Valueclick me61
Has reminders on many levels of math and even physics.
Ease of Useclick me87
This app can do simple math cubes.
Super helpful with all the definitions and quick easy stuff.
For a quick simple graphing calculator.
It's intuitive and has many great features.
Very powerful and intuitive.
Cheap and Easy to Use.
Reliabilityclick me61
so I have to reset the app.
A few problems with new update.
Fixed bugs.
Ads not Intrusiveclick me69
Updates & Supportclick me83
Without me even having to buy the full version.
A few problems with new update.


A powerful, flexible graphing calculator . . . and it's free!


Does way more than most of the paid calculators out there . . . let alone the free ones.

Free Graphing CalculatorFree Graphing Calculator
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1) Scientific Calculator. Simple to grasp and easy to use, but powerful features are available when you need them. Available functions include the following:


• the usual arithmetic functions and exponentiation.
• square root, cube root, nth root, natural log, log base 10, log of arbitrary base, absolute value, factorial, permutations (nPr), combinations (nCr), modulus, random integer, bell curve, cumulative normal distribution.
Free Graphing Calculator


2) Graphing. Capabilities:


• Graph up to four equations at once.
• Graphs are labeled.
• You can drag the graph or pinch to zoom in or out.
• Calculator can find roots and intersections.


3) A unit converter. With a tap, you can enter the result of your conversion into the calculator. Currently converts different units of the following: acceleration, angle, area, density, distance, energy, force, mass, power, pressure, speed, temperature, time, and volume. Great for doing physics homework!


4) Constants for scientific calculations -- speed of light, strength of gravity at Earth's surface, etc. etc. etc. Tapping on a constant will insert it into your calculation -- i.e, you don't have to key in the value. Again, great for doing physics homework!


5) It can make a table of the values of any function you care to enter. You can choose the starting x value of the table, as well as how much x increases for each successive row.


6) Forgot the quadratic formula? Or the double-angle formulas for sine and cosine? The math/science reference hits the high points of various subjects. Currently includes algebra, differential and integral calculus, geometry, trigonometry, vectors, vector calculus, and classical mechanics.


I'd love to hear your comments or suggestions. You can write me at [email protected] -- but without the xyz. Thanks!


The Free Graphing Calculator is now available as a free download on Apple Store for iPhone owners. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Free Graphing Calculator app version 4.21 has been updated on 2014-11-19. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Free Graphing Calculator check developer William Jockusch`s website :


Best educational app I've ever used. found in 3 reviews
a free graphing calculator for technology they already own. found in 265 reviews
a unit converter and an ensemble of scientific constants. found in 13 reviews
I dig the polynomial solver and triangle solver. found in 20 reviews
This is the most useful app I have ever downloaded. found in 2 reviews
This is probably one of the best free calculator app out there. found in 19 reviews
This is the best graphing calculator app I've found for the iPhone/iTouch. found in 304 reviews
Thank you guys so much for having it free. found in 3 reviews
Hands down the best calculator app on the market. found in 102 reviews
Super helpful with things like pre cal and physics. found in 18 reviews
Must have app for students. found in 2 reviews
This has to be the best calculator app on the market and for free. found in 102 reviews
Recent OS update makes app useless. found in 1 reviews
Excellent but small buttons. found in 1 reviews
This one doesn't have negative powers. found in 4 reviews
Found an error. found in 3 reviews
but landscape mode would make it better. found in 1 reviews
Just I wish it came with an instruction manual. found in 2 reviews
Good app but most recent version has bug. found in 1 reviews
poor ad placement. found in 1 reviews
calculator shows zero for an answer. found in 2 reviews
Needs better zoom controls. found in 2 reviews
Can't find the enter button. found in 2 reviews
but when I try to convert 1. found in 4 reviews
but ever since updating to IOS 8. found in 3 reviews
Needs Cell References. found in 1 reviews
but I paid for no ads and they are still there. found in 2 reviews
but there are rooms for improvement. found in 1 reviews
until I need to change the frequency. found in 1 reviews
Please update this to take a final value. found in 1 reviews
Can't find the matrix function if it has one. found in 3 reviews
People who are reporting crashes after updating to iOS 8. found in 3 reviews
Nice Features But Gives The Wrong Answer. found in 4 reviews
Needs a stat button. found in 2 reviews
Let's be honest. found in 2 reviews
I cant even work this thing. found in 2 reviews
Definatly needs a tutorial. found in 2 reviews
Why no integrate polar coordinates in this app. found in 5 reviews
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Wouldnt solve my equation because it was too complex    Complex versions available in paid version
I highly recommend this to any math student Absolutely great I was only looking for a simple graphing calculator for my math class but found that not only is it extensive it also had an amazing reference section with a law of sines law of cosines triangle solver Greek letters SI prefixes and more Thoroughly impressed                Amazing Calculator
It keeps crashing every time I open please update and fix the problem its a great app but no use to me if its glitching                Update please
How does this app not have more ratings Its awesome                Underrated
Im very impressed with this calculator super easy to use If you know what youre doing and it gave me right answers to my tests                Graph Calc
I started with the free version of this calculator for college algebra I cannot believe the graphic interface and the ease to which graphing happens THANK YOU The only draw bad I would mention is that most classes will not let you take your iPad into the testing area But for homework I cant express how easy this app is to get through those math problems in collegeI would love to be able to enter my x value on the chart Consider this option please                YES YES YES
Loved this app Helped make things easier and quicker in algebra one and two                Super handy
This is one of the few apps I give a 5star rating to Its that good even in its free version                Great App
Great calculator Please make it so that when tracing a graph you can input either x or y values and get the resultant value             Great Calculator
Easier to use than those bought in the store                Excellent
Most helpful and useful iPhone calculator ever It can graph solve equations and do everything else a scientific can Also contains tons of math information and constants and equations are ready to access for learning and review Still had tons of useful stuff I havent even tried                Great
This is the best But if only this was more beautiful                OMG
This app stunned me Im taking calculus and own a ti84 silver edition a 100 topoftheline calculator This app is way better with the exception you cant program it yourself And for free Cant beat it Even contains a brief explanation of algebraandabove mathematical concepts of all kinds Super impressed                Best calculator Ive ever seen
Great app super useful but kind of annoying that I cant type numbers with my bluetooth keyboard I usually use this app on my ipad with keyboard attached             Add bluetooth keyboard input
I dont know if you have it but I cant find it and REALLY need the set of all real numbers x such that x As in xI cant find these anywhere       Confused
This is by far the best calculator Ive ever used I mean it has friggin everything I am an unstoppable mathematical force when I use this Just wow God Bless the person who made this                Just Wow
I dont usually write reviews for apps but this app is so awesome I figured I had to This is really great                I dont usually write reviews
Helps understand the relationship between functions This is a goto graphing app                Awesome
This app honestly is one of the more beautifully designed calculators out there amazing graphing intricate detail billions of constants and references and even a section to refresh your memory on mathematical theories Its very very very worth downloading for those that deal with graphs and calculus etc intimately                Chemical Engineer
The only problems I see right now are the days between dates function has no button of going back to the calculator so I have to reset the app Also iOS 83 wont allow it to open Please fix this Otherwise 5 stars                I love this app
I liked this app and used it every day to check my sons high school home work Now its broken crash every time I launch it Please fix it ASAP       Crashed on iOS 83
No absolute valueNothing about probability in the reference sectionWe cant use xPx or xCx Permutations and combinations             Great but
Arccotan97 should yield a 2nd quadrant measure This yields a 4th quadrant measure       Inverse trig error
This is a must have for engineering undergrads on a budget A lot of cool features not just a graph calc Identities constants formulas etc                Great app
When I first got this app I was kinda confused but I got the hang of it right away it doesnt just graph there are also other important features I am glad I got this app             If youre looking for a graphing calculator then this is it
I really live this app its what I use for homework and other stupid math stuff But anyway its definitely worth your time All I dont like is that there isnt a y2 on the table which makes it difficult for quadratics Maybe it does I just cant find it but yeah besides that everything else is great             Its great
Great app but ever since updating to IOS 83 it wont even open the app I hope to see a fix come soon             Keeps crashing
I love this app Awesome features But the only thing is when I reset the app and try to go back to it the app crashes and I have to delete it and download it again Please fix this Thank you so much             Awesome app except
This application is very helpful does have a few bugs though             Useful
People who are reporting crashes after updating to iOS 83 try deleting the app and reinstalling from the the store In the meantime Im giving myself one star until I can figure out what is causing this    Developer here
Great educational and resourceful app Layout is minimal in the best way Dont usually review apps but would love the congratulate author on hisher app                App very well done
A great tool for college level mathematics                My goto calculator
although it works 100 50 it helped me get most of my homework wrong with the exception of simple addition multiplication and subtraction It was a little shaky on division by the way                great
it was a very very useful app as i cant afford an actual graphing calculator but ever since i updated to iOS 83 i cannot even open the app without it crashing ill wait for an update if therell be one though this was a very good app          crashing bug
Great app But ever since the 83 update app doesnt open       Crashing
So many features This calculator is so much more than just that Highly recommend                Excellent
Makes you pay for certain functions Great calculator but poor usage    Not great
Even has notes to help you                Great
Ive used this app for several years and like it a lot However it crashes at startup in iOS 83             Crashes in 83
Its just great Everythings there and it works really well                Best graphing calculator on the App Store
Very good app                Math app
As far a free graphing calculator goes this app works wonderfully I only wish I wouldnt have to pay 100 for a real one to use on tests                Awesome app
Easy to use                POWERFUL
Great app but it stopped working after the new update Crashes right away Please fix this          Stopped working
A great scientific calculator with unit conversion Even includes builtin references to come and mathematical principles and equations                Love it
When I try to open the app it is crashing          Crashing
This is the best graphing calculator app Ive used so far I even prefer this than an actual graphing calculator Its so easy to use and so simple Even my teacher loves this app                Love it
MAKE ABSOLUTE VALUE SYMBOLS if u have them make it clearer I cant find          Ok
Hard to use and confusing    Worthless


William Jockusch
Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 4.21

iOS Free Graphing Calculator 4.21 Mobile

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