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Codesign , the publisher behind many iOS app (German-Hungarian dictionary ,English-Hungarian dictionary ,iTables HD ,Free GeoSpot Czech Republic ~ Prague/Praha, Brno ,German-English Translation Dictionary ,Santa`s Revenge Lite), brings Free Translator with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Free Translator app has been update to version 1.6.4 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Great English- Spanish Translator..
Overall Satisfactionclick me46
Needs Latin and the German is mest up.
To ppl who ask for more language.
I love languages and this is one of the best translators ever.
Amazing translator app.
Best of all it's free.
this thing is amazing.
Way better than googles.
Fun & Engagingclick me60
To ppl who ask for more language.
Still needs more words.
Relly great app and fun to mess around with.
But it's fun to mess with Mexican janutors at school.
Man it is awesome dictionary.
Usefulnessclick me80
Helps me alot.
but other than that this is an excelent and useful translator.
I thought that this app was so totally cool and helpful.
this app is soooo helpful.
Works for everything I need.
Production Valuesclick me26
Ease of Useclick me39
This helps me so much with simple words.
It is very easy to use and very comprehensive.
This app has an easy interface.
Totally convenient now to use in all language.
Reliabilityclick me40
Good so far hadn't had any problems.
Updates & Supportclick me33
Maybe consider an offline version.


This application provides an interface to the free Google Translate API for many languages including Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Spanish and Vietnamese.


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Free Translator
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If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Free Translator for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Free Translator app version 1.6.4 has been updated on 2014-11-17. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Free Translator check developer Codesign`s website : http://


Glad I gave it a second chance. found in 1 reviews
Very good translater. found in 2 reviews
Then I will giv it 5 stars. found in 2 reviews
I love languages and this is one of the best translators ever. found in 13 reviews
so I can use this for school work :. found in 3 reviews
ipad app in the future. found in 1 reviews
Exactly what I need to pass those Spanish tests. found in 6 reviews
Thanks for Bulgarian. found in 3 reviews
Helps me alot. found in 5 reviews
It saved my life- Im goin to Italy this summer. found in 3 reviews
Sooooo useful especialy when taking a foreign language class like me. found in 3 reviews
worked great for me auto detect is awesome. found in 1 reviews
ich habe ein eigenlich Worterbuch am liebsten. found in 1 reviews
Or " Je Suis T'Amiere". found in 3 reviews
Now I can talk to my friend and help her with her English. found in 2 reviews
Otherwise I thinks it's a great tool- especially for the price. found in 2 reviews
Spanish masculine and feminine. found in 1 reviews
Its helped me countless times with my spanish hw. found in 7 reviews
This app is the only reason I'm passing my French class. found in 2 reviews
Exelent App very helpful. found in 1 reviews
When you translate from or to Arabic it is written backwards. found in 6 reviews
Good but needs Latin translation. found in 5 reviews
If you're complaining over how 'it doesn't translate Japanese' you're wrong. found in 22 reviews
Needs Arabic charecters to translate from Arabic to English. found in 2 reviews
Doesn't translate simple things from english to german like "good bye". found in 12 reviews
it no longer allows me to choose source and target language. found in 36 reviews
Please add copy /paste functions. found in 7 reviews
Still needs more words. found in 4 reviews
It's a good app but you need Haitian creole PLEASE. found in 2 reviews
I love this app but you should add Gaelic. found in 6 reviews
The Hebrew is backwards as well. found in 5 reviews
Wi- fi needed is it's downfall. found in 2 reviews
Many words don't get a translation. found in 4 reviews
some Spanish translations are incorrect and no Japanese translations were working. found in 3 reviews
I can't read kanji yet so romaji would help. found in 3 reviews
but don't rely on it. found in 3 reviews
Just wish you didn't need to have Internet connection to use. found in 27 reviews
Great app but you need the option to translate latin. found in 3 reviews
but some translations from English to Portugese. found in 1 reviews
No easy way to switch source/ target languages. found in 36 reviews
The only problem is that it requires Internet connection. found in 27 reviews
This app is so stupid without the swap button. found in 31 reviews
No easy way to switch source/target languages. found in 18 reviews
Use it for Spanish and it doesn't translate well at all. found in 22 reviews
I juss wish it didnt need a internet connection to work. found in 25 reviews
I update over and over but it says Error whenever I try to translate. found in 16 reviews
After the last update I can't copy to clipboard or email. found in 19 reviews
Also I am no longer allowed to change my source language. found in 37 reviews
Needs Latin and the German is mest up. found in 40 reviews
It crashes everytime I try to translate a paragraph of Chinese. found in 16 reviews
It needs to have a downloadable spanish to english dictionary. found in 60 reviews
No switch button = deleted from my iPhone. found in 15 reviews
It's a waste of time when I need to switch the languages. found in 18 reviews
iPhone 320x480 1
iPad 360x480 1
Icon 175x175 1
Wont copy to clipboard which is the whole reason I bought it Horrible app    Worst 2 dollars Ive spent all year
The new update always says err Connecting to the server Paid 2 bucks for a app that dont work    Bad
You are missing the French please bring it back             Where did FRENCH go
I like using this app for EnglishChinese translation But as other people have said the copy to clipboard function very seldom works As this is a big need for me I now find myself using other more reliable translation programs          App Ok but 1 problem
I got this app specifically so I could use it on my Apple watch while in France Paid extra for the speaking function Problem wherever there is supposed to be an apostrophe in the French translation and that is frequently this app inserts four or five gibberish characters This happens on both my phone and watch The voice which seems to be a native speaker actually tries to pronounce the gibberish I will gladly change my rating when this bug is fixed          Gibberish
This WAS my fav little translation tool and it was slipping downhill BUT The latest updated fixed itIts back to its simple fast shinny self Thank you thank you thank you guysGreat job I love it                YES
French is no longer an option    French is gone
After the latest update the app no longer works Error messages comes up indicating it can not connect to the server all the time has connection    Does not work with latest update
Had this for a while on my IPhone 3 gs which is unlocked and used nicley down in Costa Rica But my I5 wont copy to clipboard and now translated by Google so it useless to me now Looking for another Ap to copy and paste    IPhone 3gs I5
Always receive error message Please rectify    No Longer Works
I am in Spanish 1 and I still know that this is not translating properly I would like to use this app to check my answers but half the time it does not recognize the words    Innacurate
I used to use this translator fairly often Im an American living Taiwan and I travel frequently even though its translations were often subpar now it doesnt work AT ALL only error connecting to the server shame on the developers for allowing this last update    what a joke
And the French language disappeared No where to be found and no warning that if updating a language would be dropped    I got it for French
This app used to have French the updated version doesnt Bring back French Its useless to me without I will be deleting find another translator    No more French Delete
Doesnt work anymore It will never connect to the server DONT DOWNLOAD    Doesnt work
The translations seem accurate Many languages are offered But switching between languages or even flipping the to and from languages is very inconvenient Not a fan of this app       It works About all you can say
Not a good translator    Do not waste your time
Will not copy to clipboard on iPhone 5 yet       Used to be fine But iPhone 5 prob
Title said it all          Needs restore purchases
What the heck does this app do    I hate this stinkin app
This is a good app             Pretty good
This app used to be awesome I used it all the time But for some reason it slowly started taking away the number of languages it supports Whats the point of that Its basically useless for me now    What happened
Use it for Spanish and it doesnt translate well at all    Garbage
Great app But wheres Latin There are enough Latin quotes in our world Latin would an awesome addition to this collection of languages                Great app But wheres Latin
App has good and accurate translations for school but after one update my favorite button the swap language ie english to spanish from spanish to english was gone and now its a pain to use anything       Was ok
Great app But I would like it if English to Korean didnt give you just the symbols                Great
I use it to translate between English and German and sometimes between English and Spanish It seems to work great It does TONS of other languages and its FREE                Works well
This translator does not work properly for Hebrew the letters are correct but they are in Left to Right order This is like trying to read ecaep for the word peace I presume this is the same for other Right to Left languagesNo refinements for meaning are listed either so nuances may be lost          Does Not Handle Right to Left
No French language option any more Would not have upgraded if I knew this    Francais ou eyes vous
After updating to the latest version the French language is no where to be selectedPlease fix Thanks    French language disappeared
This app is great but I prefer ones with the voices because maybe a letter has a different sound then the English alphabet so you would pronounce it wrong Thats why             I prefer ones that have the voices
Lost my prior inapp upgrade The UI is dramatically improved and more straightforward now    Shady
Work fine for me                Nice
This app no longer works and keeps saying cannot connect With no words of explanation from developer Its aggravating I deleted it and am using a much better translator app Like the previous reviewer said DONT WASTE YOUR TIME    No longer works
I love this app works really well                Awesome
This app has proven extremely useful on many occasions though to back up another reviewer the Spanish is sketchy I think the main problem is the dramatic differences in the Spanish language One problem id like to report is the copy to clipboard button works less than half the time Other then that I really find this app as a lifesaver that has done exactly what I needed             No this app IS pretty good
I used to love this app but everything changed when the Fire Nation attackedIn all seriousness Ive found that the app refuses to open now that Ive upgraded to iOS7 and after each crash a popup window keeps coming up and asking me to enter my iTunes passwordPlease fix    Needs update
Worked good but now it wont connect to the web to translate       Stopped working
It translated a sample sentence into nothing I said Not worth if it doesnt translate correctlySychka                Russian Translation
As of recently I get the following error when trying to use the appAn error has occurred while connecting to the server    No longer works
This translator use to be my life line Now it will not work Im so upset by this because it was such a good translator and Im having a very hard time trying to find one just as good The last update made the app not functional Please update it again soon and fix the problem Thank you          Please fix last update
the translations are very accurate an has helped me to learn many words quickly                very accurate
Wrong    Wrong translation
Does not work with os7 It was my go to translator before I updated Too bad    Used to b great
Where did French go Its no longer listed       No French
This app is useful I bought the voice output and the ad free version But you have to rebuy the addons if you restore your phone or buy another one or get it on another device Once you buy the addons it should change the app entirely             You have to buy it multiple times
Love it Accurate not like most translators but one problem how can you learn a new word in a new language when u cant even read the other language word U need to include the romanji and romanjistuff Ex English Japanese Translate Blue 青Ao          Awesome but how can u learn anything
Needs the switch button back without it this ap is worth 1 star    Change it back
It is not a very special app but its useful It works okay except from copying to clipboard       Eh


Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.6.4
iPhone iPad

iOS Free Translator 1.6.4 Mobile

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