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Idle Games, Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS games (Fresh Deck Poker ,Go Poker Casino Texas Hold`em Game ,Slots of Fun - Free Casino Games ,Video Poker Tour), brings Fresh Deck Poker with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Fresh Deck Poker games has been update to version 1.0.2 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Very nice graphics and extra games and quick game play..
  • It has to be one of the best poker games out bare none..
  • A lot of fun and great time killer..
  • Love it and good to play at work..
  • This is my second favorite Texas Hold em App..

Overall Satisfactionc88
It has to be one of the best poker games out bare none.
Fresh deck poker is 10x better than Zynga poker.
This is the best card game I have ever played.
Not a realistic card game.
Fast pace amazing game.
Thanks for the game.
Best I've played on mobile and I've played quite a few.
The graphics are amazing.
Fun & Engagingc91
Awesome game fast interaction with other online memebers.
I really like this game it's fast and very addictive.
This is some awesome poker rooms with exciting new friends.
It's really the only poker game I play.
Need to put a anytime fold option and a muck option.
Great game super fun for a poker lover.
Fun game easy to play loads of fun lots of good stuff.
Fast pace keeps me coming back daily.
I play every day and love it.
Awsome game play every day.
I am truly a fan and I play everyday and night.
This is one ap I play everyday.
Value for Moneyc46
considering I thought not playing for real money wouldn't be.
If they played for real money.
The best part is we can play without spending actual money.
Replay Valuec97
Various levels of play and real opponents.
This game gives me hours of enjoyment.
Hours of enjoyment.
Social Aspectsc65
I get to play with friends and even make new friends.
Awesome game nice to play with friends on Facebook.
but there's no way to reliably play with friends.
Excellent social poker games.
Social poker at its best.
I get to meet new people & the digital effects are great.
Great way to get to know new people :.
Production Valuesc82
Awesome graphics excellent game play I would recommend to everyone.
I hate being bombarded with crap prior to game play.
awesome graphics and the game moves right along.
cool graphics and exciting new game options.
Cool graphics and nice game in principle.
Great graphics and smooth game play.
Mid game freeze.
Very fun with a couple of bugs.
Ads not Intrusivec34
Security & Privacyc30
Updates & Supportc40
ESP can't delete any friends I've tried & asked customer service.
Love this version of Texas Hold Em.
the customer support is great as well.
Kills my battery every time I play for so long.
Kills my battery life quickly.

I am truly a fan and I play everyday and night. found in 11 reviews
Also the messaging feature is not user friendly with gameplay. found in 15 reviews
Awesome game fast interaction with other online memebers. found in 261 reviews
Fast pace keeps me coming back daily. found in 11 reviews
I think this is the best mobile poker game that I've ever played. found in 9 reviews
would recommend it to any true poker lovers. found in 14 reviews
Annoying ads pop up regularly too. found in 3 reviews
Also failed to give bonus chips twice on level up promotion. found in 11 reviews
But cant join friends game or vice versa. found in 5 reviews
unless you include a 5 million 2 person tourney. found in 22 reviews
But it plays favorites and don't buy chips. found in 91 reviews
Ol. found in 8 reviews
Really fun game but way too many advertisements on other games when playing. found in 4 reviews
Good game except the game will freeze and you get folded. found in 13 reviews
but like most online poker games with fake money. found in 11 reviews
Love speed of game but need to fix game freezes. found in 42 reviews
Won't let me log into facebook to play the application. found in 22 reviews
Also I can't log in to Facebook something is messed up. found in 19 reviews
Decent game but HORRIBLE customer service. found in 2 reviews
Too many bingo players since it cost them nothing
If you have a problem their customer service is great. found in 23 reviews
The game tries its best to make you spend real money. found in 4 reviews
Please remove the annoying sound from show. found in 4 reviews
but the game has constant network issues and my chips disappear. found in 11 reviews
And u don't always get rewarded for watching the videoes. found in 11 reviews
Would get 5 stars except for the server problems. found in 6 reviews
Watch out for missing chips. found in 8 reviews
Be prepared to lose to ridiculous hands and numerous bad beats. found in 39 reviews
Too many pop ups with advertisements for other games. found in 37 reviews
half of my 4 million chips disappeared mysteriously. found in 11 reviews
Game freezes way to often and end up losing all your chips. found in 42 reviews
Unable to join friends. found in 31 reviews
Love to play but if you don't pay for chips. found in 23 reviews
Unrealistic play. found in 10 reviews
Ghost cards on players so you can't see winning hands. found in 65 reviews
Points for watching videos what a scam. found in 11 reviews
But I had 5 million in chips and they just disappeared. found in 22 reviews
People playing with fake money aren't playing "real" poker. found in 11 reviews
Don't buy chips because they don't give you amount promised. found in 91 reviews
Keeps resetting my chip count lower when i exit. found in 16 reviews
Worst poker experience ever just wasted my time. found in 26 reviews
Game won't connect to Facebook after latest update. found in 19 reviews
Also TONS of forced to watch ads. found in 26 reviews
Keeps freezing in middle of a hand. found in 13 reviews

The Fresh Deck Poker is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 32.9 MB to download. The new Fresh Deck Poker app version 1.0.2 has been updated on 2014-11-20. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Fresh Deck Poker in Idle Games, Inc.`s Official Website :

The Critics Say ... "Possibly the best graphics I ve seen in a poker game ... this is social/mobile poker with five star potential." Gamezebo Fresh Deck Poker is an ultra-realistic experience: authentic gameplay, amazing art, and ...
Good graphics pretty fun creative avatars Too many good hands for real poker but fun              Fun distraction
Enjoying                 Fresh Deck Poker
Super awesome addicting poker game It gets lit up in this biassshhhh                 ADDICTING
great                 great
Fun to play with friends                 Fun
Fast and furious              Great game
Used to have a pop up for sending gifts at the table you are playing              Cant send gifts anymore
A great game                 Great
Nice                 Good game
Bet big or go home                 Great game
Been playing for three days having a great time nice graphics easy to learn thank you                 Very nice
People definitely dont bet like they would at a real poker table but its a fun game                 Fun Game
Love it hours of fun thanks                 Great game
Id be great if they had new backgrounds when you bought new avatars Otherwise great game           Great game
Great game                 Fresh Deck
1000 hands and nothing     1000 hands and nothing
Cool and very fun game with cool avatars and cool people I give it              Fresh Deck Poker
Awesome game to play poker                 Sweet
Love this app                 Awesome poker
L O V E poker                
I love it                 Great
Awesome game I could seriously plea for hours                 Love this game
Its a great game but very addicting                 Awesome
Love It                 Best Poker Game Ever
Cool great poker game I played                 Poker game
Other poker apps make it impossible to come out of bankruptcy this app makes it fun easy and not stupid it gives a fair amount with the spin making it fun to play again i love this app 5 stars The characters are cool the game is cool well done                 The best poker app out
Best game ever                 Best
Not fun if you cant play with friends           Cant play with friends
Ive had no issues with the game                 Great game
Why cant I find a table with more than four people     Table size
Another one of those RIGGED claim to be real uncheating poker games that lure real players in then make a monkey win against a real poker star To all that made this possible we know this was wanna be life nerds becoming winners in this virtual place but in real life justa bunch of pussies and losers Keep up the good work dreaming     Nice graphics but
Love the applots of fun to play                 Rating
Great game to play Enhance your skills                 GP
I love the avatarsfun gamegreat players and prizes              Fun Game
When I first got the app I had many other poker apps and I liked this one so much better that I deleted all the other ones with out caring how many chips I had And now like everyone else having the same issues with logging in threw fb and lost 25 million chips getting frustrated for all the time Im wasting not getting anywhere BS     Was awesome but now its crap
Very fun and simple to play                 Review
Love this game                 Awesome
Very good game with few glitches Push the chip sales hard but thats ok Only problem is that players get loaded up with cheap purchased chips and then they play like winning doesnt matter              Like it a lot
Easy to maneuver good visual effects                 Love it
Have been playing for quite a while Biggest complaint Lost Connection In the middle of a game where I have the pat hand 4 Queens and I go from four blue bars to all red or two yellow The game hangs and I loose everything I bet Please fix this              Connection issues
Fun fun                 Best
Love the many avatars you can choose                 Great Poker App
I used play this all the time and i still like to play occasionally but they stopped sending any email incentives and quite frankly that was kinda part of the appeal           Its ok
This game is great people will bow to it                 Addicting
Love this site                
The graphics are for pre retina iPads This means anything above an iPad 3 will have blocky pixelated graphics     Not for retina iPad
This is one of the best games out there I love the graphics makes you feel like your really at a table Love the fact you can change the different avatars Cant get enough                 My FAV
Love it No complaints                 Fun and addictive
Fun game love the characters on here                 Fun Game
Great app The best game in town A great way to pass time and very challenging when you go up against others in a great game of poker Like the way you can interact with others while playing I repeat great app a must have                 A must have app

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