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fringland Ltd. , the publisher behind many iOS app (Nuvia ,fring visually impaired version ,fring: Video Calls + IM), brings fring: Video Calls + IM with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. fring: Video Calls + IM app has been update to version with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • I suggest you try this and add friends..
  • I live abroad it is the best app to see my parents..
  • Congratulations ulyou did the best all-in-one messaging app..
  • All i want now is a Landscape Keyboard..
  • My only suggestion: maybe add Facebook chat to this..
Overall Satisfactionclick me54
voice quality was a way better than all other stupid apps.
Good start but BAD voice quality.
well I love fring and everything used to go fine.
Please fix it because I used to love using fringe.
My only suggestion: maybe add Facebook chat to this.
But wheres facebook chat add on.
Thanks Fring team.
The quality of SIP is much better than Skype.
Best instant messaging app out there.
Definately the best social networking app out there.
Fun & Engagingclick me81
Fring is awesome.
Awesome call quality for reasonable rates.
Family Friendlyclick me83
great way to see & catch up with my friends & family overseas.
I can easily call my family internationally without any fees.
I can video call my family from my iPhone to their droid.
Social Aspectsclick me42
Definately the best social networking app out there.
The best social networking app in the store.
Able to video chat wit my homegirl evo to iphone4.
Great for free video chat with friends and family.
Reliabilityclick me26
Security & Privacyclick me26
If you are calling someone with a skype account.
This will require a phone number assigned to the Fring account.
those can be turned off in your options under privacy settings.
Updates & Supportclick me13
Customer service is nonexistant.
Batteryclick me15


FREE 2-way video calls, voice calls and live chat for your
iPhonecellular phone made by Apple
and iPod touch.


2 way Video calls to other fringsters on any advanced Smartphone (iPhone or other) on 3G and WiFi.
Connect with your fring buddies and other popular social networks: Google Talk™, MSN® Messenger, Yahoo™!, Facebook, Twitter & SIP!

fring: Video Calls + IMfring: Video Calls + IM
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See your friends real-time status across networks, share your status and much more.
•Free UNRESTRICTED Video calls – 3G &
WiFiWireless local area network
to iPhone users and any advanced smartphone!
•Free voice calls
•Free Live chat
•Download for FREE today!


Note: Please check your cellular operator’s terms of agreement to make sure they allow voip calls on their network before using fring.
fring: Video Calls + IM


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download fring: Video Calls + IM for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting different languages: English, French, German. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new fring: Video Calls + IM app version has been updated on 2014-11-24. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later
More Info: Find more info about fring: Video Calls + IM in fringland Ltd.`s Official Website :


Using two fring accounts you can do cross platform video calls. found in 3 reviews
dial 00 before the number including country and area code. found in 15 reviews
The best application to save money. found in 4 reviews
Voice clarity is fantastic even when the internet speed is slow. found in 3 reviews
It's a little choppy. found in 4 reviews
Question about "fring" on the new iPod Touch with microphone and speaker. found in 1 reviews
Between USA and Canada phone calls work great. found in 3 reviews
free video calls to the millions with free fring accounts. found in 8 reviews
All u need to to do is go to voipstunt. found in 6 reviews
love the video chatting = nice improvement. found in 2 reviews
Really just turn off the wifi. found in 3 reviews
Mind Blowing. found in 1 reviews
Great app better than viber thnks alot. found in 4 reviews
Awesome call quality for reasonable rates. found in 2 reviews
Way way cheaper than google voice. found in 2 reviews
Should also work on a 2nd Gen touch with iPhone headphones. found in 7 reviews
Definately the best social networking app out there. found in 8 reviews
So stop bitching and download the Skype app for Christ's sake. found in 1 reviews
Please fix the buddy list for Google Talk. found in 67 reviews
Need to fix Skype. found in 3 reviews
Takes way too long to login /authenticate - too much delay. found in 55 reviews
now Skype doesn't appear on my add-ons. found in 15 reviews
so now fring is useless and doesn't work on my iPod touch. found in 6 reviews
the VoIP audio quality was barely acceptable. found in 15 reviews
Buddy list is very poorly organized. found in 2 reviews
Also the voip needs to be faster. found in 3 reviews
It doesn't support the use of Bluetooth headset during calls. found in 10 reviews
This app needs skype video calling. found in 11 reviews
Video chat does not work with ANY service listed as compatible with fring. found in 4 reviews
But frequently drops calls and often develops lags during the conversation. found in 13 reviews
a problem that I don't have with Skype on my computer. found in 7 reviews
it takes a long time to login somewhere to make skypeout calls. found in 55 reviews
I'm also disappointed in the lack of address book integration. found in 3 reviews
I needed an iOS 4 app for Google Voice + Gizmo5. found in 19 reviews
Also please add switching between cameras on iPhone 4. found in 3 reviews
taking forever to connect to both Skype and Fring. found in 47 reviews
but I couldn't get any Skype Push notifications. found in 3 reviews
Why does it keep saying login in if i try to call someone. found in 134 reviews
Fring to Fring Video Call is not working on iPhone 3G. found in 63 reviews
Every time I try to call it directs me to purchase a plan. found in 128 reviews
Can't connect on Skype calls to someone's computer contact. found in 70 reviews
2 way video chat is useless without skype or adaptation to Aim. found in 58 reviews
The update doesn't allow us to make sip calls. found in 47 reviews
freezed up everytime I started the skype out call via wifi. found in 54 reviews
It is NOT FREE - cannot make free calls using SIP - voipbuster. found in 54 reviews
This app doesn't even work with Skype out. found in 81 reviews
Skype takes forever to login and now it doesnt work. found in 55 reviews
Cannot scroll buddy list using alphabet index. found in 67 reviews
this app crashes a lot when making video calls over wifi. found in 57 reviews
and everything else worked fine except gchat video calling. found in 276 reviews
Displays error unable to connect fring out service. found in 47 reviews
Not able to make phone calls after I paid my subscription. found in 46 reviews
It takes forever to connect. found in 47 reviews
it wont let you make video call without buying credits. found in 293 reviews
Sorry but removing skype support was a big mistake. found in 50 reviews
coool                like
Connect                Rate
Love this app works great with very high quality                Super quality app
I very upset after I paid my subscription Im not able to make any phone call I dial and the calls doesnt go through and when I check my calls looks that I use minutes when Im not even able to talk to somebody I would like fring to refund my money and cancel my subscription That is a rip off Can somebody help me    Not able to make phone calls after I paid my subscription
Installed SIP phone and it works great                Great app
I downloaded this app after seeing the reviews and regret it    Horrible app
I do like it best app for me                Love it
Love this app its really great working very good                Best voip ever
I agree its cheaper but still if you compare with skype then call quality is sooo poor that its like day and night I paid 10 for no resdon       Call quality very poor
Good quality sound Thanks             Great app
Awful quality but it is all you can do when you want to three way with friends Improve quality       Okay
Every times when call ended either by myself or for network problem it vibrates Its really annoying when a phone vibrate during holding a phone to ear It gonna ruin my ears and brain Stop this plz to have a good review Stop plz to forcefully turning of notification center as well Is there anyway to stop vibration for this app in general    STOP Vibration please
Good app helped me a lot at istanbul Turkey                T
Hi fringWhat are you doing it is 2015 and still we are using 2013 version of fring be positive bring some new offers ang fix the networking issue of fring which disconnect several times in a minute       Update plzz
Even when you have bad signal it works quite well Recommendable app The only thing i have trouble with is sometimes when someone calls you you hear the phone ringing but there is no button to take the call          Its okay Better than nothing
A long time ago I was able to use Skype Fring but I guess that all fell apart It still is a nice app and it could be a Skype rival IF it could accept regular phone calls Ie be tied to a phone number Otherwise it is pretty much like Google Voice wo phone number             Good but no calls in
Your app just keep getting better n better Now I love the UI even more in iOS 8DOPE          Getting better n better
Nice application             Nice
Very good sound                Very good sound
i love the FRING app but when i buy inapp credit its not shown directly in the appi got a bill from itunes 1223while my fring is still 0000its helpful for international calls                disappointeD waitinG
No funciona la página solo error aparece    No funciona para nada
Awesome app                Best
Fring is too good for voice chatting Voice clarity is fantastic even when the internet speed is slow Would surely recommend                Very nice app
LOVE IT Way better than skype I can have a full conversation with my daughter with out having to reset every couple of minutes                Great APP
برنامح رائع                Hassan
This is stupid I purchased 20 credit Where did this money go Its not on my account I sent 10 emails to support and no one replays back Is this a scam How do I get my money back    Fraud fraud fraud fraud fraud
Seriously I havent get a chance to speak someone because no one answer and then they charged me right away    They charge me while still ringing
The best audio and video app I have ever usedGive it a try                Amazing
تطبيق جيد وأفضل من السابق             Good
I am really disappointed with fring This is not the first time I paid for one month unlimited plan even I received the receipt confirmed that I have already paid for the service but I just cant call Every time fring keep giving me message saying that I dont have enough credit Last time it happened the same until 10 days later fring finally showed my purchased But I already lost 10 days This is absolutely not a fair business Fring customer service is horrible you can never get answer from them       Not able to make phone call after purchased one month unlimited plan
Earlier in July 2015 friends suggested I use FRING when travelling so I downloaded and got a 1 month subscription I arrived in Hong Kong 21 July and tried to make calls since then no way JoseI cannot find any support and theres no way I can see how I can get a refund on this app that stinks AVOID IT    FRING does NOT work NO support either
Years ago I have been using fring till now its my favorite                Always the first
Doesnt work right Bad quality    Terrible
That was all that i used this app for    BRING BACK PLAYGROUNDS
Amazing                Amazing
Works fine for people that dont have FaceTime You need a good wifi connection or LTE But all in all a good substitute for non FaceTime users             Pretty good
My international calls or not connecting I just cannot get threw             International calling problem
Sneaky rate hike without notice and now defunct Says VoIP incompatible with my system that I use for several different VoIP lines continuously No help in getting a refund of my money that is locked in with them now Buyer be aware    Useless after upgrade
I LOVE this app and it is how I talk to most of my contacts but I think it would be great if you added some things like sending pics to someone and telling if someone is on fring or not But if you are thinking about getting this you should consider doing so                Great app and could add some things
i like it waiting to see more of fring          Nice
confuso pero cumple lo que dice       Bien
I thought Id try fring instead of Skype waste of money Most of the time it wont connect when calling an Australian phone and when it does the call quality is terribleI wish Id spent the call credits on Skype At least Id be able to do something with my money    Use Skype Instead
Apparently a defunct app Made purchase and nothing works Emailed support No response This app needs to be removed from the App Store    Dont download
I have used Fring to make international calls for years It has been a good app while it worked but sadly it is now going from bad to worse everyday It takes forever to connect and while it is connecting you are being charged So whether your call goes through or not you will be charged Forget about customer service because there is no such concept for Fring    Was good when it worked
Can not make a phone call I need my money back       Not work
I like it                Great
Bad quality sígnal Ive even made a 1 phone call Crash connection    Come on
Amazing way to do                Best app
I love this fring app is cheap for international calls and good quality too I enjoy all my talk no disappointment yet thanks                Love the app
Not found    Connect


Social Networking
fringland Ltd.
English, French, German
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS /
iPhone iPad

iOS fring: Video Calls + IM Mobile

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fring: Video Calls + IM

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