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Kiloo , the publisher behind many iOS games (Frisbee® Forever 2 ,Mega Bloks ,Dawnbringer ,Tank Headz ,WHAC-A-MOLE FREE: Ninja Action Smackdown ,Stormblades), brings Frisbee® Forever with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Frisbee® Forever games has been update to version 1.2.1 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Great game especially for being free probably one of the best free games..
  • Perfect for wasting time..
  • Just work on descriptions for power ups and thats it..
  • It has many different levels to beat..
  • Great time passer..
Overall Satisfactionclick me97
This is one of the best free games I've played since app games began.
Great game especially for being free probably one of the best free games.
This is an EXTREMELY AMAZING game considering that it's FREE.
I highly recommend this game to anyone who likes completing obstacle courses.
And there is no way to talk to anyone live.
Better than angry birds because there are so many more challenges.
Other than that this is probably the best frisbee game in the app store.
My 3 year old loves it almost as much as I do.
Fun & Engagingclick me96
Awesome game love the controls and game play.
super fun and addicting game that everyone should download.
A surprisinfly fun and challenging game that keeps me coming baxk for more.
Very fun game and its free everybody should get this game.
Once you get started playing it's hard to put down.
It's a very addictive game and tons of fun.
Fun little game takes advantage of all the iPhone capabilities.
I was able to download this game for free during a period.
Usefulnessclick me100
I play it every day and I'm almost done with all the levels.
I love this game so much play it every day.
This game is so cool I play it everyday.
I love this game and play it everyday.
Family Friendlyclick me91
hours of fun for the whole family.
Loads of fun for the whole family.
It's good for kids and adults.
Great app for kids and adults.
My kids and I play it together.
Very SEXY game.
Value for Moneyclick me82
I feel like I should have had to pay for this.
Alot to pay though one world is 2500 coins.
Forced to pay after just a couple levels.
I may just drop some real money to support it.
Replay Valueclick me93
A surprisinfly fun and challenging game that keeps me coming baxk for more.
Great game play it over and over waiting for more levels.
I want more levels I've all ready completed all of them.
challenging enough and enough levels to keep your interest.
I'm surprised/alarmed at how great the replay value is.
This game is incredibly fun and so easy to master.
and it is truly hours upon hours of entertainment.
Production Valuesclick me95
Good game play and challenging enough to keep you playing.
Awesome graphics and levels and diversity.
It's a very polished game & really a lot of fun.
Great animation.
Ease of Useclick me93
Easy to learn and enough challenges to keep it interesting.
This game is incredibly fun and so easy to master.
Addictive in it's simple concept - akin to "Angry Birds" for enjoyable.
Great graphics easy controls imaginative frisbees.
Intuitive controls with a high level of re-playability.
Easy to learn and fun to play.
Reliabilityclick me42


Now available for FREE.


Go wild in the worlds of Frisbee® Forever! An Universal App for iPod Touch,
iPhonecellular phone made by Apple
iPadtablet made by Apple
with super crisp
Retinait is a backlit LCD liquid crystal display
3D graphics.

Frisbee® ForeverFrisbee® Forever


Get ready for blast-off. Fly at breathtaking speed across more than 100 crazy tracks. Twist and turn in the California Theme Park, climb the majestic mountains in the Wild West or send the waves blazing in the Pirate filled Caribbean oceans. There’s a level for everyone!


Play with cool classic Wham-O® Frisbees® or brand new discs only available in Frisbee® Forever. Collect more than 100 Frisbees®, with plenty of trophies and secret bonuses to achieve.
Frisbee® Forever


Are you a Frisbee® Master?


The Frisbee® Forever is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 59.9 MB to download. The new Frisbee® Forever app version 1.2.1 has been updated on 2014-11-23. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Frisbee® Forever check developer Kiloo`s website :


Best game for iPod I've played in a while. found in 4 reviews
Addicting clean fun. found in 5 reviews
Hours of enjoyment and the 3d graphics are very cool. found in 9 reviews
addicting and fun for all ages. found in 9 reviews
and it is truly hours upon hours of entertainment. found in 8 reviews
It's good for kids and adults. found in 5 reviews
So insanely addictive it's not even funny. found in 4 reviews
Awesome game love the controls and game play. found in 264 reviews
super fun and addicting game that everyone should download. found in 151 reviews
I'm surprised/alarmed at how great the replay value is. found in 14 reviews
DEFINITELY a five star game. found in 5 reviews
Loads of fun for the whole family. found in 15 reviews
So far the most interesting game I have. found in 6 reviews
This is a very assisting game. found in 4 reviews
I was able to download this game for free during a period. found in 18 reviews
Fun & challenging levels that keep you coming back for more. found in 10 reviews
This is an EXTREMELY AMAZING game considering that it's FREE. found in 67 reviews
This game is the awesomest game I've played ever. found in 5 reviews
Very fun and addicting trying to get gold medals for each course. found in 151 reviews
very nice game jgnxgc use this code for the best coins. found in 5 reviews
Fun game but it crashes too much. found in 3 reviews
It crashes almost every time I try to play 2. found in 3 reviews
but hard to earn coins. found in 2 reviews
but it gets very repetitive and irritating as you go along. found in 3 reviews
Challenging but not impossible. found in 3 reviews
I cant play the game because of crashes. found in 2 reviews
Great app but it it is a little simple. found in 2 reviews
Doesn't work on my iPhone 3G. found in 3 reviews
Well done but painfully boring. found in 1 reviews
I don't like the new update. found in 1 reviews
It's no Angry Birds but it keeps my interest. found in 2 reviews
but some of the levels are hard. found in 4 reviews
do not count on receiving bonus coins. found in 1 reviews
not my favorite but still enjoy it. found in 2 reviews
but it crashes on my iPad all the time. found in 2 reviews
I would rate this game 5 stars but the ads. found in 3 reviews
Please fix the crashing. found in 2 reviews
I can't even play the first level it crashes every time. found in 17 reviews
It can't work on my iPhone 3gs. found in 3 reviews
Wish I could play but it keeps crashing on the startup screen :/. found in 4 reviews
One of the worst app. found in 1 reviews
Forced to pay after just a couple levels. found in 2 reviews
Please fix the crashing problem. found in 2 reviews
iPhone 480x320 1
iPhone 480x320 2
iPhone 480x320 3
iPhone 480x320 4
iPad 480x360 1
iPad iphone 480x360 2
iPad 480x360 3
iPad 480x360 4
Icon 175x175 1
This game is so much fun                Awesome
Okay so this would have been a 100 5 star review but the fact that in level 10 of Pie Creek you have to make a mistake in order to get past that part of the level annoys me SO much it dragged it down to 1 star Oh dear me Im so sorry Why dont you just go home and cry like a little baby BECAUSE THIS GAME STINKS I cant pass level 10 for that reason only SO THANKS A LOT    OH MY GOSH REALLY
I love this game I played this games before with my other device but than it broke and so I didnt play it again for a long time But than I found it on the App Store and I have it again Best game ever                BEST GAME EVER
Just challenging enough to keep one interested but not enough to drive you crazyindeed a perfect app                Sweet game
Love it                Awesome game
You could put the ads in better places keep accidentally clicking them right when Im about to click a level          Would be a five
Its a really awesome game with cool graphics and its also addictive                Cool
This game is annoying Im addicted                Lovehate relationship
Believe it or not I actually took third place in the world juniors in the 1980 Whamo world Junior championships in frisbee This game is pretty darn cool and Im feeling my obsessivecompetitive urges coming out trying to make it through these levels             Really Addictive
Nice graphics smooth gameplay and challenges that are just right make it habitforming Its my current goto game when I have a few seconds or minutes to spare                Sweetly Addictive
Frisbee for ever is a great game because it is fun and addictive It also helps you to judge distance In all this game is great Also I like the frisbees that whamo makes in real life                One of the greats
At first i thouhgt it was hoing to be the cheeziest app ever but then i download and its awesome not only have you got 100 3d graphics and custom frisbees its also free i highly recommend this game to anyone                The best app ever
Addictive and fun                Wonderful
This game is very hard but very tempting and I always want to play it out of all the games on my phone                Hard
My favorite game And love it                Favorite game 2
Playable on and off not too addictive good balance of freemium content                Seriously fun
This is a great little game                Addictive
but dammit Let me have an option to lower the music so i can hear sfx without losing my sanity          Sunny and fun
This game is amazing                Love frisbee forever
I love graphics are great I love frisbee but Im bad at it but I really love this game its addictive thx for the game                I just started and its amazing
from the moment you start of the game the game will trick you into clicking and ad    Tricks you into clicking ads
Me and my Amigos love dis game I like it when the red frisbee falls super fun game Love Jose                HelloMy Name is Jose
In tilt mode the frisbee doesnt respond    Cant tilt
Fun game but beware you will be playing this for hours             Fun and addictive
E the first half of the year                Gandhi was uand
I love the game Its so aditicting I am so in love with the game Please make a three             Frissbe Amazing
I love this awesome game                Great game
Game get REALLY HARD but great game          GREAT GAME
This game is awesome the music is hilarious but captive to the game movement very cool game                Awsome
Took ages to load but thats my only issue Now that its loaded I love it Id recommend this game to anyone                Great fun
Awesome                Great game
More than it seems Pleasantly surprised                Addicting
Nice                Cool
I play this game on both my iPad Air and my HTC one m8 without any problems whatsoever This game is definitely addictive and one of the few games I recommend to friends and family So if anyone reads this review Im telling you to try this game you wont be disappointed                Very fun game
Love this one                Cool game
Listen to OMAM while playing                The Best Game Out There
This game on the master I    I hate
The reason I chose the 1 star is braces when ever the frisbee is going down flat it just bounces instead of just laying there    Bad graphics
If you like frisbee golf but not all the drinking that goes with it then try this game Its good clean fun                Good Clean Fun
I rate 88 mate great                
No complaints just a fun game                Solid game
Fun and challenging with beautiful backgrounds                This Game is great
This game is really fun and so addicting I love it The bonus levels are the best                Awesome game
Well I was playing this and I got everything but when I got board I deleted and I plan on getting it back But only if it saved all my progress             Does the game save
Great game Very addictive lol                Awesome
Lots of fun                Great Game
This app is awesome you go into these different worlds but I dont want to spoil it for you I have this game for at least a year and it has never failed to amaze me                GET IT
Just the right amount of challenging fun music and a feel good atmosphere One of the best iOS games fo sho                Ya betcha
I enjoy this game Its challenging to the point of frustration but I come back to see if my skills improve Im doing quite well Nice break from the other games                Frisbee CWALKER
Gay    Gay


59.9 MB
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.2.1
iPhone iPad

iOS Frisbee® Forever 1.2.1 Mobile

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