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Halfbrick Studios , the publisher behind many iOS games (Fruit Ninja: Puss in Boots Lite ,Fruit Ninja ,Band Stars ,Fruit Ninja: Puss in Boots HD ,Fruit Ninja: Puss in Boots HD Lite ,Hollywood Game Night), brings Fruit Ninja Lite with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Fruit Ninja Lite games has been update to version 1.8.1 (226) with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.




Millions of players all around the world are enjoying Fruit Ninja and its constant supply of free updates and new game modes - and now for players who haven`t yet had a taste, Fruit Ninja Lite is ready to download at no charge!

Fruit Ninja LiteFruit Ninja Lite
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The simple yet incredibly satisfying gameplay of Fruit Ninja is ready for action in Fruit Ninja Lite, which features a sample of Classic Mode, the exciting first game that started the phenomenon! Simply swipe the screen to deliciously slash and splatter fruit like a true ninja warrior - but be careful of bombs, which will put a swift end to your juicy adventure!


In Fruit Ninja Lite you can even get a taste of the Dojo, where your success in game can unlock awesome new backgrounds and blades! There are also a small sample of achievements to unlock, with three exclusive to Fruit Ninja Lite! You can also post your results on Twitter and Facebook, showing off your ninja skills to the world!
Fruit Ninja Lite


Fruit Ninja Lite is just a small sample of what the full Fruit Ninja has to offer, and within you can also check out a sneak preview of the three extra game modes - Zen Mode, Game Center Multiplayer and the brand new Arcade Mode! Each mode is unique, exciting and ready to play in the full version of Fruit Ninja, available worldwide for just 99 cents!


Enjoy Fruit Ninja Lite today and experience the quality of the original and the best slicer on iPhone!


Stay juicy!


The Fruit Ninja Lite is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 17.6 MB to download. The new Fruit Ninja Lite app version 1.8.1 (226) has been updated on 2014-11-21. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and ix.Mac.MarketingName. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
More Info: Find more info about Fruit Ninja Lite in Halfbrick Studios`s Official Website :


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Its messed up The game has alot of probs with the mini games tournament    Es Horible
I used to love this game and play it constantly I used to actually have some people tell me I played it far too much but with this update you can GUARANTEE that I will be deleting this app and telling everyone I know to stay away ZERO STARS What used to be my favorite game to play is now nothing more than a circle jerk for the creators Look we made it 5 years Weve got some really loyal players lets see how much money we can squeeze from them This kind of BS is exactly what pisses me off and makes me delete app after app Im so sad that this game has fallen to that same vice Way to go half brick as others have said you ruined literally the only of game you created Wooh you piece of    Money greedy ploy
The new update is cool but I miss the old blades                I miss the old blades put them back
WARNING NOT VERY FAIR IN TOURNAMENT MODE I dont now if its just me or if fruit ninja is not being fair In the boss battles for some reason it giving the AI more fruit than me and its annoying because it causes me to lose every time I play I would like if you fix this plz    Very frustrating boss fight
What happened to the old fruit ninja I played that game so much I had several blades and 100s of star fruit now its leveling up and you have to buy every blade what happened to the rock blade and the Thunder God blade Those were the best blades Bring back the old fruit ninja and I will give it a higher rating    Way to easy and boring
The game is great but the update terrible I used to love this game but the AI take the fun out of the tournament so sorry fruit ninja I have no point to keep you I have been waiting for this type of thing in the game but it ruined it for me    Bad
Great game I love Fruit Ninja Ive been playing for 4 years and I love it                Great Game
Golden apples earning is ridiculous Not to mention the computer is lightning fast and he always get combos Make it easier    Very unfair in tournament mode
Fruit ninja itself is fun and the idea of tournament is good on paper but when your last opponent is rigged to the point where she cant drop any fruit wont hit ANY bombs and thats for everyone else actuallygets 7 hit combos and hits the white fruit the exact moment it gets on screen Its too unfair and the developers did a poor job of balancing the game to a humans reaction and coordination to a bots             Tournament was good for first four people
Everything was good in this game except for the tournament Its unfair and frustrating             rrrr
I think this is pretty dumb and also the update is good but this game is blah    This game is dumb
Next update youd still have the tournament but there would be another tournament that because rinjin has taken over China and have to challenge his allies then defeat him and take back China fruit ninja ways                new update would be cool
It lets nobu win if you are thinking about getting this doesnt do it it stupid and its unfairi want whoever bough the money version should get a refund    Boo
All you guys did good to make the gameI love it I give 5 star                Happy 5th anniversary
Today I just defeated Rinjin I also won the Golden Ember Blade its awesome                The Golden Ember Blade is awesome
The game works really well and is very interesting and competitive I like the animation and how the game was made Highly recommend it                Awesome Game
Worst game ever    Chen
When fruit ninja first started it was and it Was only one version and that version was free ad it was fair u got everything and now u have to pay for the other version to get every thing so u guys can a get this game Better by changing the problems    Hey developers ReAD THIS
The day this came out I loved the game But then this update came out Who cares about blades I like it for fun but you basically changed the subject And now half brick is just to much Take away tournament and leave it normal This is the worst game ever I would do 0 stars if I could    Tournament is so frustrating
Not bad          Meh
Fruit ninja is fun but tournament mode is too freaking hard          Tournament is terrible
Wasted all my golden apples on the forth opponent F this game    Too difficult
I hated this game    THIS IS THE WORST GAME EVER
With the new updates the tournament is impossible and takes the fun out of this Dont waste your time    Used to be fun
This stupid game is taking me out whenever I get in and Im using my iPad Do not download Worst game Ive ever played Get any other version of fruit ninja but this one I really am disappointed in half brick studios I really liked their games like jet pack joyride and other but this is like the worst game Ive ever played    Horrible
The game is horrible and the creators only want to take your money    Awful
Tournament mode was fun and refreshing and I was excited about unlocking a new blade to try out since Ive unlocked all the others But once I reached the last two characters it became nearly impossible to beat Even when the computer had 3 misses for fallen fruit it would keep playing and get ridiculous and impossible combos through bombs and get more points than me Hardly worth the effort to win when the game itself cheats    Wasted time
I love this game I beat rinjin finally hahah My high score in classic is 2257 now goodluck to everyone                NANSNSJSHXH
The game if great but the tournament mode is a little cheatie by a little i mean a lot you cant slice fruit because there inside of the cps fruit but if the game slices right over it its counted as still there             Ok
At first I thought this tournament idea was ok till I first played the tournament The tournament is unfair And I realized the opponent has auto combos where they arent supposed to get combosAlso why need golden apples The golden apples is just a waste of timePlus the opponent gets to have wayyyyy more fruit than u do And I want to use my bladeCause since apparently the zen arcade and classic modes are useless now why need my blade at all So let me at least have a chance and get to use my bladePs I have 1200 high score in arcade but I guess it doesnt matter since tournament is more important          Tournament
I love this game Love the update its easy and fun People are always going to have something stupid to say Love it                By Me
I absolutely LOVE this game Its so fun and relaxing to slice fruit with one swipe However I cannot seem to find the shop where you can buy new blades in the new update This is annoying to me because I loved getting tons of new blades If you got rid of the shop please add it back If you kept it and I just cant find it please make it easier to find Will be a 4 stars rating until this happens             Great Except
My little sister was playing this game She was having a good time but then she lost THEN IT INSULTED HER It said she was a terrible player and she need to practice more according to my sister but then I decided to play for myself and then it said the same thing to me I didnt really believe her when she told me but now I see why she was crying She told me this game is so mean and she wants to deleteit    Not cool dude
I love this game however it has been freezing up a lot lately             fruit ninja
The original game was a great way to have fun this was the best game I had ever played But it all changed when the greedy nature attacked Fruit Ninja went from a fun interactive game to being a money grabber it is a play to win game now The challenges that unlocked the backgrounds and styles were fun but now you have to gain star fruits Their name makes me want to throw my phone across the room WARNING DO NOT BUY    Do not buy
The new update gives a loyal player something else to look forward to I understand the tournament could be frustrating however I found it to be both challenging and easy Each opponent is different Once I figured out what I needed to work on the minigames gave me that boost of practice and more earnings to play Within a couple days all opponents were beaten Its a fun little addition to the game                Still love it
The game itself is great as it has been for the past five years however the tournament is extremely hard but it is possible to beat as i did but it took me like 30 tries for the second to last one and like 50 tries for the last one I think you should try to make the tournament levels easier than they are right now Also you should make more blades and dojos after level 30 Thanks for reading my review          Ehhh
The people that we need to battle never hit a bomb or drop fruit and always have a high score How and why are they perfect Its so dumb    Unfair
Dont listen to the negative reviews about tournament mode It is a top of the line blade you receive therefore it should be challenging I will say this though if you are decent at the game you can beat him i beat him multiple times a day for fun One suggestion keep the minigames theyre fun but i dont need apples if im done with tournament mode Soo Make them free lol ps Quit blaming the game people                Chumps
I HATE the tournament there is no way to win when they make it more fair for a stupid computer than the customer who makes the app happen in the first place The new update is terrible Im deleting the app and suggest not to download it in the first place because unless youre an actual ninja with magic powers you can win its terrible Its a piece of I HATE IT DONT GET THIS APP             I HATE THIS GAME
Firstly in the regular game the achievement Zen Land a combo after time is up is a fail I have tried 3 times and the GAME OVER doesnt flash until all fruit is off the screen and I didnt get the reward even though I sliced a combo after the timer got to zeroNow onto the big problem the tournamentminigame section may have been a cool idea but it is beyond frustrating The minigames use a lot of starfruit whereas the original games dont give you much give a small number of golden apples To play even one round of the tournament one round takes a lot of golden apples Whats more the matches are too difficult and clearly biased against me My opponent hardly makes a mistake never a bomb though those are out of the way so the AI can make awesome combos all the time Not to mention the scoring I lose 20 pts for hitting bombs that are thrown in my way Really And lose 5 pts for slicing the opponents fruit even though its mixed with my own If I dont slice the fruit Im dead if even 3 are missed There isnt even a way to bring that back down like in classic mode Im pretty good at this I got lucky and beat it It was tedious to earn the items to achieve it though Never againAnd Im not falling for the money bait of buy buy buy everywhere and I dont want to watch ads every minute I can see how it was made as a convenient alternative to earning golden apples I also dont appreciate that I have lost access to the Ghostbusters blade and will NOT pay 2 for itYes I enjoy other parts of the game and usually it works well is entertaining but I just want this one star to make a point on how irritated I am and how much I dislike it nowLet me know when you1 make the challenge of tournament matches fair2 balance out the costreward of items required to compete etc3 balance the scoring system in matches    Ridiculous update
Good game but there should be more kinds of bananas or another version in zen and classic not only arcade got tired of it fast my point is it needs an upgrade          Tangled in Time
Started glitching up after I got 3 unbelievable blitzs x30 in a row Dont know if thats a good thing or a bad thing                
I think the tournament thing is really challenging and hard to beat Just the last 2 though I dont have to pay for more golden apples because I can just watch an ad I like how it has levels such as novice and student I just wish we could watch ads and earn star fruit                Great
Add me on Game Center iiSopha I ACCEPT ALL                Friendship
No lo e descargado pero creo que es genial                Justin
This game is amazing there is a great new update and it is hours of fun dont listen to haters                AMAZING GAME
The tournament is bull crap its nearly impossible to beat I thought its just they upped their skill level but it just cheats they never drop any fruit and make combos on just about every turn they get I hate it    Horrible
The tournament mode is awful Your opponent always has more fruit than you do Also if you hit the opponents fruit you lose 1 point and give them 5 points Because your opponent is an AI it is impossible for it to miss its target making it completely unfairThe only thing okay is the original game mode    Terribly Unfair


Halfbrick Studios
17.6 MB
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and ix.Mac.MarketingName. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.8.1 (226)
iPhone iPad

iOS Fruit Ninja Lite 1.8.1 (226) Mobile

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