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Halfbrick Studios , the publisher behind many iOS games (Fruit Ninja: Puss in Boots ,Fruit Ninja Academy: Math Master ,Fruit Ninja Lite ,Birzzle Fever ,Jetpack Joyride ,Fruit Ninja: Puss in Boots Lite), brings Fruit Ninja with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Fruit Ninja games has been update to version 1.8.1 (226) with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Really cool game guys thanks for making it better and better..
  • so that when u rack up them point Soooooooo Chop Chop "..
  • Let us slice same fruit multiple times for extra points 2..
  • Who knew there were so many fun facts about fruit..
  • Wanna go to Dave and buster's to play arcade version..
Overall Satisfactionclick me86
This game is one of my favorite games definitely worth a dollar.
This used to be one of my favorite games and now it has ads.
Amazing game - made even better through the update.
Ruined the integrity of an amazing game.
Who wouldwnt love slicing fruit as a ninja.
I love playing this game whenever I'm bored and need something to do.
This is the reason I stopped playing this game.
New game mode idea: Shuriken Shooting Gallery.
The graphics are amazing and I love the fruit facts.
A very awesome game to play I would recommend this game to anyone.
I can no longer recommend this game.
iPhone 5 support is now available and it's better than ever.
Love the game but I need the iPhone 5 support.
Fun & Engagingclick me89
Awesome game to play with great sound effects.
This was an awesome game untilu2026.
It is a very fun and addicting game that I could play for hours.
Great graphics super fun and good community support.
New game mode idea: Shuriken Shooting Gallery.
This is a fun simple game that is addicting.
It's a really fun game and I think you will like it two.
This game is so addictive its so hard to put down.
Removing multiplayer to put it on fruit ninja hd.
This game is awesome I play it all the time so worth the.
Usefulnessclick me75
I've beaten all the challenges and unlocked everything.
Jizzed I'm my pants when I unlocked everything.
If you unlocked everything I had already earned.
I play it everyday and own my brother and friend.
I play it everyday and i get so addicted to it.
I used to play it everyday but it's not working.
Family Friendlyclick me88
This game is addicting and fun for the whole family.
My whole family loves playing this game.
This game is great for kids and adults alike.
Super fun & easy for little kids to be temporarily occupied with.
Replay Valueclick me89
Greatest game on my phone love it never gets old.
This game never gets old and I highley recommend you buy it.
This app is unique and ha a great replay value.
I think you have to make another update for more levels.
universality of this game makes it fun and challenging for all ages.
and the game is so much fun to try to master.
Offers hours of entertainment and great for my nieces and nephews too.
Social Aspectsclick me88
so check over multiplayer mode and UPDATE IT.
I would really like Multiplayer back - online Multiplayer.
It's a cute and entertaining game to play with friends & family.
Production Valuesclick me94
The sound effects when you slice the fruit is awesome.
Great game amazing graphics and updates new features too.
It has beautiful graphics and delightful splattering.
Ease of Useclick me90
This is a fun simple game that is addicting.
A simple concept proves to be very entertaining and highly addictive.
Reliabilityclick me56
This game keeps me entertained also its fun to play.
My game keeps crashing and the weird part is I have Internet.
Ads not Intrusiveclick me10
Updates & Supportclick me34
it feels like I'm using the Lite version :.
That's the reason they don't offer a Lite version.
Wanna go to Dave and buster's to play arcade version.
Batteryclick me100
Play it till my battery dies.


OVER ONE MILLION FRUIT NINJA COPIES SOLD! A huge thanks to everyone out there, you have made this great game even greater because of your amazing support! #1 Paid App in Germany, Norway, Czech Republic, Russia, Israel, Taiwan and Macau! #2 Paid App in USA, Canada, Australia, France, New Zealand, Italy, China, UK, Sweden and more! A huge thanks to all our fans for supporting the game, proving that ninjas hate fruit all over the world!


Fruit Ninja is a juicy action game shooting up the worldwide sales charts with squishy, splatty and satisfying fruit carnage! Become the ultimate bringer of sweet, tasty destruction with every slash.

Fruit NinjaFruit Ninja
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"It's simple, fun and best of all challenging." - Touch Arcade Review


"Fruit Ninja is fun, fun, fun. It’s an instant pleasure." IGN review


"The low price makes the game more than worth it." - TUAW Review


"Fruit Ninja is the sort of game that has come to typify the rising dominance of quick, simple and most of all additively fun gameplay." - AppSpy Review
Fruit Ninja


"You'll know it's fun, and you'll know you want to keep playing." - Slide to Play Review


"Fruit Ninja epitomizes all things a great
iPhonecellular phone made by Apple
game needs." - Resumeplay Review


"The game oozes style and polish." - AppAdvice Review


"My God this game is great. Best iPhone game in a while." - User review.


"Just spent 15 minutes on the crapper in my office complex playing this little gem of a game. Productivity -1" - Touch Arcade comment




Swipe your finger across the screen to deliciously slash and splatter fruit like a true ninja warrior. Be careful of bombs – they are explosive to touch and will put a swift end to your juicy adventure!


Fruit Ninja also uses OpenFeint, so players can unlock achievements and shoot for the top of the global leaderboards while racking up OpenFeint points.


Your success will also please the wise ninja Sensei, who will accompany your journey with wise words and fun fruit facts.


Fruit Ninja is the messiest and most satisfying fruit game ever!


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Fruit Ninja for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Fruit Ninja app version 1.8.1 (226) has been updated on 2014-11-22. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Fruit Ninja in Halfbrick Studios`s Official Website :


Fruit ninja is the best game of Evereste. found in 3343 reviews
This game is really fun but I hate the new update. found in 16 reviews
The developer needs notification center support. found in 4 reviews
Gets boring fast but fun for killing two or three mins. found in 11 reviews
Half brick please make an update for the iPhone 5. found in 8 reviews
It is fun and addicting but get very repetitive. found in 10 reviews
needs iPhone 5 support then I will rate 5 stars. found in 96 reviews
a satisfactory way to waste time playing games. found in 73 reviews
but the app crashing every time I try to play a level is infuriating. found in 8 reviews
Needs more stuff other then that great game. found in 9 reviews
I liked it at first but its just boring after awhile. found in 10 reviews
this game is not as fun anymore without them. found in 12 reviews
Not a bad game for a buck. found in 12 reviews
The introduction of star fruit really ruined the game. found in 24 reviews
the game just keeps shutting down everytime I try to play. found in 19 reviews
But now I can't even get past the loading screen without it crashing. found in 16 reviews
Fun at first but gets old quickly. found in 15 reviews
It's awesome game and issue with multiplayer option pls fix it. found in 12 reviews
Fun but a little boring after you cant beat your score. found in 14 reviews
Every time I open the game it lags like crazy. found in 25 reviews
Great game but really laggy and makes my whole iPod lag. found in 8 reviews
Please fix. found in 25 reviews
I used to play this game a lot until they added starfuit. found in 29 reviews
Love the game but I need the iPhone 5 support. found in 96 reviews
Ok I Have an Ipod 4th Gen And I Keep Crashing. found in 32 reviews
Game crashes every time it gets done loading for iPod 4th gen. found in 53 reviews
Waiting for star fruit to randomly pop up is boring. found in 354 reviews
You can't unlock cool blades and backgrounds anymore. found in 23 reviews
But the game itself is not that great. found in 26 reviews
don't download if you have an iPod touch 4th generation. found in 50 reviews
Not to mention the fact that you removed the multiplayer mode. found in 38 reviews
It barely loads to the home screen then crashes on me. found in 31 reviews
Can't open the game on the iPhone 5
No iPhone 5 screen support. found in 23 reviews
No online multiplayer and you can't unlock blades by challenges. found in 24 reviews
Icon and app needs update for iPhone 4 retina display. found in 69 reviews
It crashes constantly just trying to access the game center features. found in 48 reviews
but this has ruined the game for all non-paying players. found in 24 reviews
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I have been playing the game when there were no special blades or any other special powers and I loved it My highscore was 1046 on arcade Even after the latest updates I really do enjoy the game I just hit level 30 the other day Gathering points just got really easy now Its true that the tournament mode is pretty difficult just got to the 2nd last but wasnt really trying First off you guys dont have to play the tournament blade just because you get a noob blade which makes everything even more easy to get crazy scores Just play the classic mode its still a lot of fun The new mini games added are fun too So overall it is still one of the best offline games to play There are new features added people dont necessarily have to play Just stick to the mode you prefer My highscore on arcade is 1487 at the moment                Been playing fruit ninja for years
Ok tournament is so bad I got it seeing the tournament to have FUN Well this just added the UN to FUN SERIOUSLY Ive had ENOUGH of the opponent having fruit all bunched up with the bombs flying off the side of the screen or they get combos that I did the same thing and didnt get a combo at all I mean they get their fruit in a bunch and the bomb either goes close to them and they avoid it which would be impossible to do and then my bombs on the other hand cover up my fruit so I either have to hit the bomb or I have to sacrifice a fruit Its horrible and you need to make it easier AND more fair to play or you will lose a big fan    Ive had ENOUGH
Im really disappointed with this update Sure the tournament is a fun idea But with the new update I lost all of the backgrounds and blades I had earned Now I have to earn points and buy them after I unlock them What the heck       Lost my backgrounds and blades
A game that used to be great ruined with ads and ever increasing inapp purchases Used to be my favorite game Why are there even ads in a paid version So disappointed    What a shame
Lets just keep it short and sweet If I want to throw my phone against the wall while playing your game something is wrong    More infuriating than fun
This game is rigged when you play against the challengers You cannot get past at least the 4th one Rigged worst game    RIGGED CHALLENGER
Except for the part where your app crashes as soon as it starts to load iPhone 5 up to date iOS Please fix You had time to fix jet pack joyride and that was working halfway decent       Congrats on 5 years
Sucked    Worst game Ive ever played
The last challenger in the tournament has an EXTREME AI level But it is possible to beat it Maybe turn down its AI             Good game but
iPhone 6 Plus This game still doesnt work Crashes immediately Halfbrick please fix    Still doesnt work
It always seems to not respond when I swipe and the tournament mode doesnt work to well dont get terrible and not as fun as it use to be    Unresponsive
I have this game on my iPod For the past three updates or so I can never even finish an arcade game It crashes ALL the time Every time I slice a starfruit it crashes A lot of times it crashes right after it finishes loading It pisses me off I cant play one of my fave games and I havent been able to really play it for months because it keeps crashing Please fix this guys    Keeps Crashing
I love this game and I really love the new mini games but it would be nice if I could have the option to start fresh once in a while Sometimes I like to start a game over from scratch to see how far I can get and how quickly Some games let you have different users and some games I just uninstall and then reinstall to clear the data But with fruit ninja I cant do any of these Im stuck where I am Ive won everything and while the challenges help to keep it interesting I still wish I could start over and do it all again Anyway I really do love this game despite my complaining D             Love it so much I wish I could do it all again
I know its only a buck and more features is supposed to be better but I wish the game didnt feel so cluttered with addons multiple currencies and needless characters I loved the original game and my different colored blades that didnt have in game mechanics Also I miss all those blades that I earned and were suddenly removed from the game          Not the game I bought
Han in the tournament is over powered He never hits bombs THATS NOT POSSIBLEFIX IT 0 STARS But the lowest I could rate it is 1 star    Worst game I have ever played
This app was the best thing that ever happened to me This update however is garbage They took out half of the blades and now you cant even buy them You have to level up to get them Complete garbage    Complete Garbage
This game used to be the most fun addictive game ever The new update on the other hand WOW IT IS SO BAD Ill start with purchases Half brick needs money but come on This is jumping onto the HUGE new thing on the App Store to make you wait to play the game or buy more gems bones diamonds power cells gloop golden apples all of these things make you wait OR PAY Certain games are designed for this Clash of clans boom beach candy crush etc np fruit ninja on the other hand was not one of those games If I was bored fruit ninja because I didnt have to wait Just get on and play Also the main section or tournament has AI WHICH IS TERRIBLE Terrible as in WAY TO HARD The AI on level 3 and mostly 4 will randomly be able to cut fruit with 10 points while the entire body in in and surrounded by bombs And you fruit Without hitting a single one Now only this but I noticed that when I hit a red fruit it takes away 5 points and adds 1 to them Seems fair But I noticed my points were going down REALLY fast So I then watched the AIs score carefully I noticed that when he hit my fruit it said 5 in red for him and 1 in blue for me but His points would go from 106 to 138 Or 53 to 84 Random pont jumps Dont waste your or time with this game       PLEASE READ
I have been playing fruit ninja since it first came out and its great to see that half brick takes the time to add new content Personally I find the new content great the fact that the tournament is so hard to beat makes each victory even the more rewarding the only thing that I feel should be changed is that the minigames be made free instead of requiring starfruit                Great update to an already great game
I love the update Ill admit the tournament was challenging but thats the point It was very fun it took about 45 hours with breaks but I was abled to complete it and I have to say the blade you get in the end in my opinion is worth the challenge a tip for those having trouble is to keep getting combos After a few tries you will win And plus the mini games are really fun this is really great for people looking for a challenge however if your looking for something easy then just ignore the tournaments because they are anything but easy                Loved the tournaments
Just to let you know Im not the owner of this account its just I know its easier to get the blades but I loved to hate loving the challenges to get blades it was the whole point of having the app besides the fun of slicing virtual fruit it was the best wait days to get the bamboo blade or waiting months to slice 3 watermelons thats what I grew up doing instead of going outside so if the maker on Fruit Ninja please give us the challenges to get the blades but overall its a good update you added the challenge to win the tournament but removed the dare to get all the blades so give even worse challenges to get blades because I said this please and thank you if you read this through             About the blades
That game is still fun but the tourney is way harder then it should be and it favors the cpu most of the time it seams fix that flaw and itll be 5 starts again          Still fun but the tourney is ridiculous
The tournament thing is just stupid and unfair When computer slashes their fruit they get more points than me I call this unfair This game need to update again to make it little bit easy for people to win The computer knows where the fruit is and slashes it but us human are different from those computer cheaters    Update is so bs and stupid
Its a great game and highly addictive I highly recommend the purchase Also the new tournament feature is pretty cool lt is challenging but definitely not impossible it shouldnt be take but a few tries beat them all Dont rage and when you face the last dude in the tournament GOOD LUCK                GOOD GAME
People Complain about this game its just called having Skill it took me 15 minutes to beat all the Bosses It requires practice and alot of skill to be playing this game HalfBrick youve done it again Loving the Update Just put more Blades and Dojos in to be Quite the Contrary for Fellow players Love the App thou been playing for since it was released Loved this game since c                Fruit Ninja
This game is a complete rip off of the classic Big Bear Every feature is the same except it is ten times WORSE This game barely has bears and no salmon I hate rip off artists dont give into their shenanigans I will never buy another Fruit Ninja game ever again ever Dont waste your money time experience or happiness on this waste of space game Thx Go get Big Bear if you want some great quality fun    Rip Off
you can just play the game on classic you dont have to do the tournament but it will take a while atleast it did for me             TOURNAMENT BEAT
I used to love this game and it was one of my favorites but for some reason I deleted it and have now reinstalled it There are many things Halfbrick could change or just get rid of entirely to bring back the real Fruit Ninja I know and love       Eh
Please fix Theres no point of become top player    Too many hacked scores
This game needs an easier tornament cause everyones complaning about the fourth person you gotta beat in the gameMake the tornament easier or Ill never get the gold blade             This needs to be easy
Happy Birthday fruit ninja what do you give us as the most special update yet A GAME THAT DOESNT EVEN WORK What Thats right I cant even get into my game because is crashes 2 seconds in Idk if anyone else is experiencing this error but I cant even play my game I was perfectly good before and then you ruined it BlameItOnVahndahar       Happy Birthday F N I guess
Definitely the most fun iOS quickfixtype game With the new update they added even more mini games and a fun tournament mode The regular modes were fun enough but I think they went all the way with the new content in a good way For those that are complaining about the difficulty of the tournament modeno offense but youre probably bad at the game Not to brag but I beat the tournament mode with 400 golden apples remaining Dont hate the game for giving players a challenge If youve tried beating the tournament mode to no avail then get to level 30 in the normal game and THEN try Trust me you will have become a lot better by then                Fantastic
The update is horrible now    They ruined this game
Fruit Ninja has been my favorite game but this new update is awful I hate how you have limited times to play some things and how everything is so complicated PLEASE PLEASE CHANGE IT BACK THE SIMPLE GAME WAS WAY BETTER I am deleting fruit ninja now    THIS IS HORRIBLE
Love the Golden Ember blade Tournament was rough                Still supported and enhanced after all this time
Enough said       Why would u make a tournament
Lower the tournaments AI Its so hard Im stuck on Han right now so lower Please lower it thank you if you lower it          The tournament AI
That burning whatever blade better become purchasable because it is IMPOSSIBLE to get pass Rinjin IMPOSSIBLE It is so infuriating and when I almost win I mess up and he wins Its so onesided and impossible For those who want a timekiller get the game For those with heart problems DONT          Like the game hate the update
I like how the background is gold so you cant see the stars lol                Well played
I have now put about 20 hours into trying to beat the final character in tournament mode and I have found that the ai is beyond difficult The game favors the system player by allowing combos that are heavily skewed little to no bombs when the computer goes and not subtracting points when it slices my fruit Couple that with the fact that you have to earn star fruit and spend it to play mini games to build up to have the right to play in tournament mode Just a bad update in general    Horrible update
to the people complaining the tournament is rigged or impossible i beat it in about 15 minutes its defenitely possible youre just a little                tournament
I LOVE Fruit Ninja Have had it for over a year What a ton of play time for so little money This newest version is great in my opinion I dont play the tournament Ive stuck to CLASSIC ARCADE OR ZEN as were offered in the last versionIn case this gets read by someone I like but dont like the pomegranate Take your pick in keeping or replacing it I dont know I dont hate it but the perpetual wrist motion to be honest I think I have hand pain due to that fruit The good news solidly good I guess is that this means I do and have and often am for hours a day playing this game I like the Missions well enough I just found out you can skip them which is nice otherwise Id be including in here a complaint about not being able to get the Combo after the time ends in Zen mission I tried many Zen games many and no luck even when slicing several times at 0000 This game the simplicity of slicing fruit the bright colors of the fruit is great I think its the perfect mix of complexity with great quality graphics Youve done well HalfbrickMy highest score stands at 2535 for Classic and about 334 in Zen and 1151 in ArcadeOh another comment for Halfbrick Could you make the Dragon Blade 50 smaller its a bit hard to see the whole layout with its current sizespanAnd um I have several comments in that vein really like is the Dojo that gives you 50 off PowerUps only supposed to work for one game vs several in a rowAnd could you consider not having the bonuses at the end of the Arcade games bounce like they do I know Im a baby although Im at level 30 Expert ha ha but I dont enjoy the rousing jolt 4 times at every Arcade game endI love the variety Man you get points for variety of Missions colors visuals bonuses Dojo values Blade values ITS GREATTo be honest if I werent in the minus budget wise Id be scouring online to buy some Fruit Ninja gear or ridiculous to argue for plush stuff Why i should spend money on it but I just might I guess thats me saying make more tshirts at least You guys are on to something here duh like 5 years later but just in case no one mentioned it Did you know you could charge a dollar more                BUY
Bad update    bad update
If you want to play a game that totally enrages you then play the tourney in this game Totally biased towards ai Halfbaked will never ever get a good rating from me until they fix    Absolute BS
The tournament update is garbage Theyre just ruining something that WAS nice in an effort to squeeze even more money out of their users Did EA secretly buy them out or something    I hate the tournament
Veery disappointed in this they should put it back to normal already    New update
First Off let Me tell you how this game was45 Years ago It Was betterNo Golden Apples No star fruitThe game Was freeLater My iPad brokeI had Forgot about it A year later I redownloaded itI was ok with the Starfruit concept Power ups were fun to useBut that was pretty much itI come back now Am real shown this is a greed gameAll Blades Now cost star fruit Cant be earnedTheres the tournament Mini gamesGoshThis game Now seems Like your competing Not a high score game The tournament is fairBut you need years of expierience The mini games Arent thoThe best ones are time attack Juggle its impossible To get 10 ApplesFix ItGreed shouldnt get a penny       Another Game Spoiled By Greed
Its just impossible to win the gold dagger       Unfair tournament
on the title screen it says 5th Anniversary instead of 5th Bananaversary Please fix this glitch and then the game will be perfect                Favorite Game of All Time But
The tournament is rigged so that the ai will get combos and never mess up while your fruit is made so that it will be stuck next to the ais fruit so you will lose I hate this new update and strongly suggest you to not buy this rigged price of crap game this has become I really appreciated the old style instead of this new unfair game mode    Rigged tournament
Well I just want to say I love the update My favorite mini game is the lemon one Then after beating the final character which started to get frustrating after a while took me two nights to beat all of them I received a blade This blade actually helped me with a 50 combo So happy Also I did set a new high score as well with this blade                Love the new blade


Halfbrick Studios
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.8.1 (226)
iPhone iPad

iOS Fruit Ninja 1.8.1 (226) Mobile

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