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G-Whizz! Apps, LLC , the publisher behind many iOS app (LDS Music ,Facely HD for Facebook + Chat ,UNC Housestaff ,Children's Songbook ,Himnos SUD ,G-Whizz! Free), brings G-Whizz! Free with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. G-Whizz! Free app has been update to version 2.5 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • great good as with pc version..
  • It makes working between social networking and email incredibly simple..
  • And being able to quickly view documents is a time saver..
  • A very user friendly application..
  • face book..
Overall Satisfactionclick me78
Finally an awesome Gmail app that is secure.
It makes Google reader so much easier to view.
Love being able to access all of my Google stuff in one App.
Thanks Google for a very useful app.
Love the calendar function for my iPhone.
I think I'll stick with Terra browser its even better than safari.
The browser is slow but still better than safari in my opinion.
Perfect for us google lovers who have an apple phone.
Fun & Engagingclick me87
Awesome all in one google app.
Google awesome.
Usefulnessclick me93
it's nice to have everything in one nice neat package: news.
it is nice you can find everything you need in one app.
Saves time and space.
This is a handy and useful app.
One app for useful tools.
Love this app so easy and helpful.
Indispensable tool on the go.
Social Aspectsclick me87
It makes working between social networking and email incredibly simple.
Great to hit most of my social apps in one hit.
Production Valuesclick me50
Although its a web interface.
Finally a great Google interface.
I like the Google interface.
Ease of Useclick me91
Super convenient to have access instantly to gmail.
Just brings all of google's web offerings together in one convenient.
It's a simple app easy to use.
Love this app so easy and helpful.
Easy yo use.
Reliabilityclick me57
New update fixed bugs.
Ads not Intrusiveclick me46
Security & Privacyclick me85
A must for anyone who has a gmail account for work.
It has every single part of your gmail account.
To get to my calendar and docs has been so helpful.
It's easy and quick to get to my calendar.


★★★ Now includes all the features and apps found in the #1 Google Apps Browser, G-Whizz! Try G-Whizz! today! ★★★

★★★ 1 of iLounge`s 100 Essential Apps of 2010!
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G-Whizz! is simply the fastest way to use all your favorite Google apps! Get instant access to 18 different Google apps right on your iPhone,
iPadtablet made by Apple
or iPod, plus bonus apps like MySpace, Twitter, and Facebook!

G-Whizz! FreeG-Whizz! Free
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Like getting things done fast? Love Google? Then Google Apps Browser is the app for you!




✔ Get fast access to all your favorite apps
✔ Use with any
GmailGmail (pronounced Gee-mail) is a free Web-based e-mail service currently being tested at Google
or Google Apps account
✔ View badges for Gmail, Reader, and Voice
✔ Receive chat alerts for Google Talk
✔ Get push notifications via Prowl
✔ Send free text messages
✔ Chat with your friends
✔ Check your Gmail
✔ Watch YouTube videos
✔ Find cool pics with Image search
✔ View your favorite photos in Picasa
✔ Follow your favorite sites with Reader
✔ Open links in our quick view browser
✔ Post to Instapaper, Read It Later or Twitter
✔ Access your Google docs anywhere, anytime
✔ Discover the perfect restaurant with Places
✔ Track your schedule with Google Calendar
✔ Share interesting stuff with Google Buzz
✔ Stay up to date with Google News
✔ Keep in touch using Facebook
✔ Follow your friends on Twitter
✔ See search results as you type
✔ Get things done with Tasks
✔ Translate text instantly
✔ Get driving directions
✔ Find great deals with Product search
✔ Read books for free with Google Books
G-Whizz! Free


Features unlocked when you buy the paid version:
✔ Enhanced support
✔ No ads!




★ Gmail ★ Reader ★ Talk ★ Calendar
★ Docs ★ Voice ★ Search ★ Tasks ★ News
★ Buzz ★ Picasa ★ Images ★ Books
★ Places ★ Maps ★ Shopping ★ Translate
★ YouTube ★ Facebook ★ Twitter ★ Myspace


★ NOTE: Google Voice works best on
iPhonecellular phone made by Apple
devices - it is not optimized for iPod or iPad.




"If you`re a serious user of Google services on the iPad or iPhone, G-Whizz is an app worth checking out." - iLounge Review


"Handily replaced 7 Google apps that I used regularly on my iPhone and iPad...I practically live in this app now. Keep up the great work!"


"Love this app! It has replaced the default mail app in my tray. Must have for anybody using the Google suite."


"This is so much better than messing around with a lot of Mobile Safari tabs and bookmarks."


"This might be the best RSS Reader on the market!"


"The must-have app for Google. What the official app should have been. 15+ Google apps in a clean interface. Much easier than accessing them via a separate browser."




Have a question? Found a problem? Need a feature? Then just let us know! We’re eager to respond to your feedback so we can make G-Whizz! even better!


Email: [email protected]




Notice: Google is a trademark of Google, Inc. This application is not produced by or affiliated with Google.


The G-Whizz! Free is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 2.8 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 2.5 has been released on 2014-11-21. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
More Info: Find more info about G-Whizz! Free in G-Whizz! Apps, LLC`s Official Website :


Has everything in one spot and easy to use. found in 7 reviews
Great browser to use all of ur goole aps. found in 12 reviews
Sleek and convenient for Google users on the go. found in 67 reviews
It allows you to use multiple google applications simultaneously. found in 17 reviews
Would be nice if free without ads. found in 2 reviews
but cannot get 5 stars until iPhone 5 screen is supported. found in 6 reviews
Don't really care for the Facebook and twitter integration. found in 3 reviews
Its good EXPECT 4 the stupid hate ads. found in 11 reviews
google voice doesn't update consistently and often displays deleted messages as new. found in 4 reviews
Wish I didn't have to sign -in to each function separately. found in 15 reviews
The free version has super annoying ads. found in 3 reviews
Search function in chat doesn't work either. found in 5 reviews
Decent functionality but too many annoying ads. found in 8 reviews
Google chat stopped working and then it was removed. found in 3 reviews
Would have given 5 stars but Calendar needs a little work. found in 4 reviews
Web browsing and maps don't work as well as regular google apps. found in 2 reviews
Google talk app is having issues and not starting up. found in 43 reviews
Worked great until iOS 6 upgrade. found in 9 reviews
needs iphone 5 support. found in 4 reviews
Incredibly difficult to edit docs w/ iPod. found in 6 reviews
But recently Google chat has been gone and it not available. found in 23 reviews
you get an annoying full screen video. found in 2 reviews
I am liking everything so far push notifications would be nice. found in 14 reviews
i would like better if the calendar had a week view. found in 4 reviews
Can't even upload anything to my Google drive. found in 19 reviews
Haven't tested it yet but was asked to review to get updates. found in 11 reviews
This app is nothing but a glorified web browser. found in 24 reviews
Can see calendar events in desktop mode but glitchy. found in 7 reviews
Push notifications for talk would be nice. found in 14 reviews
Huge full page ad blocking the app says " hate ads. found in 11 reviews
with annoying ads. found in 8 reviews
When opened facebook always go for auto close. found in 8 reviews
it only refreshes if you go into the individual apps. found in 12 reviews
google voice is not working on my iphone and ipad. found in 46 reviews
and force closes every time I try to edit contact details. found in 29 reviews
It doesn't even fully use the iPhone 5 screen. found in 6 reviews
Tried all night to sign into Talk and it failed everytime. found in 15 reviews
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I enjoy having so much in one app                Love it
Love the concept of gwhiz but it is too slow on my iPad and my Chromebook       Review
I use GWhiz for work and it is great Easy to navigate around A couple of advice for the creator 1 phone numbers links and URL addresses should be hyperlinked Great app otherwise             Great app
Me likey likey                Epic
I love it                Nice app
Our office uses google calendar drive and mail This allows me to bring my iPhone to a meeting and have all my needs met                I need this
Much more reliable tuan tje pervious versions Call quality has improved and lest packet loss Great job by the engineers who listened to the reviews and made these updates                Great Improvment
Lots more features than I use but nice to know they are there                Great app
Havent been able to make it do my bidding yet Sorry Wont rate it though because it looks like it COULD be really nice Oops No rating no comments Sorry again          Too Soon to Tell
Great app Love everything about it             Love this aop
La versión antigua es mejor que la de ahora    iPhone 6 Plus
Great app             Good
It is easy to access and use I use it more from my phone than a laptop or desktop                Least to use
This app makes my life easier I use my email calendar and Drive regularly I love having them all in one place                Great app
To be honest I had only good experience with all of the Googles services They are in my opinion the best in the industryThank you Google                Google is the best
So now with this new update the fixed the ad issue and overall runs pretty smooth             Gotten better since last update
Very slow and sticky    Disappointed
Latest update features intrusive ads that force video streamingusing tons of data Im done    Deleting
This is a great app to useIt allows you to use multiple google applications simultaneously I suggest downloading it                Great app for multi use
A lot of times I cant even post to a comment Lose a starSluggish a bit tends to freeze up changing either to portraits to landscape vice versaStill have the old basic layout of ios 6 when were on ios 8 This app needs an overhaul before recommending buying the pro version I havent yet and wont until I know from this free version to shows what you guys are made of even thou I have weblockdisconnectdisconnect kids to block any ads from you but not the point          Needs to be updated to iOS 8
The best                Translation
Would like more functionalityBetter calendarMore little details             Not perfect
Nice Sinks with my nook hd my PC with no problems             Google calendar
It has everything that I need and more I like it I read more news than ever And I can see the headlines from my country Brazil USA my husbands country and from where were living right now UAE                Very Good
This is the only calendar app Ive found that shows all of the events on my google calendar including those from outside synced calendars Only drawback on the calendar is a streaming bar at the bottom of the screen that runs continuously Not sure what the purpose is but its super distracting Like having fb and Twitter in one place Some features dont seem to work like Transit             Great App w Some Drawbacks
I love this app but I have to put in my password every time I open the app It used to store it but now it doesnt Frustrating          Love the app but
Very convenient and easy to use Great job guys                Thank you
Very satisfied Its very nice to have everything in one place             All in one
Easy to access and use                Great app
First of all People dont understand that u r able 2 turn ads off Second of all it crashes all the time I tried like 1000009 times to read a darn email and It will not possibly let mee I thought that it would be a awesome app for about every little thing but no it is like bottom rank out of all the apps I have and that would be amazing if u guys fixed thatThank youNyan Cat       Crashes
iPhone 4S IOS 7 Still crashes When I open app crashes or if app opens I try to open an email app crashes When I try to paste into calendar notes locks up and crashes From an open email link the back arrow goes back to inbox and not back to open email Does not allow to open links nor videos in Safari YouTube Video sound will not work within App       Keeps crashing needs improvement
Very good                Very good
Love it love having all my google apps in one place                Love google
I use many of Googles applications on a daily basis I hadnt really thought too much about how inconvenient it was to have to switch between applications and reenter password info etc This new allinone Google product allows me to access all of my google apps in the same place Great idea to consolidate keep up the great work                Great additionCombo App
Loves it                Mike D
Horriable app Keeps crashing Do no download    Keeps crashing
Very handy for me Slow at times but it could be the connection                Like this app
I like it had a hard time finding thing but it is all good now                Review
Allows you to do all your emails plus access your calendar in Google Nice to have this in one app They could make this better but for now its functional Improvements could be made on going to a web link from an open email Hard to get back to original screen and sometimes it locks up but will recover Its the best of the bunch so farfor running On an iPad             Better than the previous version
I like the ease of my Drive at my fingertips as we converted at work I dont like the ads on such a small viewing window Its driving me nuts that the directions on how to add your calendar to your home screen say to hit an arrow that doesnt exist I must like it enough to have been using it for over 2 months but the little things could make it that much better Lately its been freezing on me has lost emails in progress             Overall Me Likey
Great spot for news and email in a single app                Essential
Would have given 5 stars but Calendar needs a little work Ill be watching for updates             Great interface to gmail
How about a Outlook mail button                Mail
I like checking everything through 1 app                Great App
The app is still showing that Google Voice is not possible on mobile phones Please fix this       Wish for Current Version
Packed with goodies and loaded with features                Super cool
I love this app but it would be a lot better if you added Googles My Business app                Needs Googles My Business app
Soon I might have only a Google app at my fingertips to do my bidding when I need to be productive I like multitasking apps and havent been let down Give me an app to help me keep track of my quilting Google and you will have done it                Another great Google app
Used to love this app Now it crashes every time I open it Not sure what happened but its too bad because it was a good app when it worked       Used to be great
Lets us keep kids sports schedules on track                Perfect app


G-Whizz! Apps, LLC
2.8 MB
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 2.5
iPhone iPad

iOS G-Whizz! Free 2.5 Mobile

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