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Tap4Fun , the publisher behind many iOS games (Global Threat Deluxe ,日本旅游翻译 ,Spartan Wars: Empire of Honor ,Island Empire ,Kings Empire(Deluxe) ,Island Raiders), brings Galaxy Empire with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Galaxy Empire games has been update to version 1.5.2 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • A perfect mix between Starcraft and Eve Online..
  • and we both earn rewards..
  • This is a great strategy game for young and old alike..
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  • it's fun and fast paced..

Overall Satisfactionc65
Also this is hands down an amazing game.
This is the best online game I've ever played.
online connectivity is very poor and it is an online game.
and I definetely recommend this game.
I would not recommend this game to my worst enemy.
This is one of my favorite games one my iPod.
Good game need to have alliances join me 32g2696.
Fun & Engagingc90
Awesome game use this code and I'll help you out.
What has happened to this awesome game.
This game is very fun and addicting also use my invitation code.
This game is really addictive so start playing now.
Love this game can be hard to put down.
people are friendly and it's a good game to kill time.
This game is addicting and super fun.
It's a fun time sink.
I play everyday.
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Helpful tips to the developers.
Value for Moneyc28
You really can enjoy this game without spending any money.
Replay Valuec70
Interesting strategic game.
endless hours of fun.
Social Aspectsc53
It is also very fun meeting new people.
More fun with friends to back each other's back.
Great social and cooperative game.
Ease of Usec17
It's a simple strategy game.
The game is full of surprises.
Security & Privacyc37
Updates & Supportc10
Tip: Get the deluxe version.
Even the Deluxe version doesn't work.

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Hi my name is ztrharris. found in 4 reviews
Great little time waster. found in 5 reviews
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This game is like the best game in the world. found in 2 reviews
: 24ga43 Very nice game. found in 5 reviews
This game is addicting and super fun. found in 8 reviews
This is my favorite iPad game /app ever. found in 3 reviews
The game gives you 26 tasks to get started. found in 5 reviews
Use my activation code plz 7cgca79 when registegistering. found in 6 reviews
Anyone having connection issues right now. found in 2 reviews
and the incessant advertisements by the developer to spend money. found in 54 reviews
Not a game of spend if you want to win. found in 13 reviews
doesn't respond to attempts to contact. found in 10 reviews
Tech support will do little to nothing for these issues. found in 9 reviews
Bug ridden and full of errors. found in 3 reviews
but tap4fun has awful customer service. found in 36 reviews
Why is there no way for me to log in to my account. found in 8 reviews
greedy developer. found in 3 reviews
Only 3 stars cause of aformentioned connection issues. found in 10 reviews
but those who are willing to spend lots of money have serious. found in 7 reviews
total lack of developer support. found in 4 reviews
Great but way too many bugs. found in 3 reviews
I keep getting an error message saying error 500. found in 9 reviews
If the game developers can't be bothered why should I. found in 9 reviews
Constant glitches. found in 6 reviews
the game is kind of clunky and buggy. found in 1 reviews
No fun to start over every time you eant to play. found in 41 reviews
Do yourself a favor & don't download this game. found in 24 reviews
To make things worse last update makes the game unplayable. found in 13 reviews
I cannot return to the game after applying to an alliance. found in 23 reviews
the game is basically unplayable due to lag and connection issues. found in 10 reviews
I would not recommend this game to my worst enemy. found in 14 reviews
Do not spend a dollar of real money on this game. found in 23 reviews
Having spent months building up forces. found in 14 reviews
but the servers has some many issues makes the game really bad. found in 15 reviews
Do not play this game until they work out all the bugs. found in 49 reviews
If you want to build a fleet it could take weeks. found in 38 reviews
This is unjust and has ruined the game of more experienced players. found in 14 reviews
Update forces you to spend money. found in 54 reviews
Don't waste your time unless you plan on using real money to play. found in 11 reviews
Needs mods on the new server. found in 27 reviews
Many who spent their money on this game have been ripped off. found in 19 reviews
No response from multiple attempts to customer service. found in 36 reviews
No way to contact developer from app. found in 10 reviews
Nothing but Error code 502 and error code 504. found in 10 reviews
New players are farmed on heavily and unable to progress. found in 34 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Galaxy Empire for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 17.8 MB to download. The new Galaxy Empire app version 1.5.2 has been updated on 2014-11-28. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Galaxy Empire check developer Tap4Fun`s website :

After soaring through space for months, you`ve finally arrived on an unfamiliar planet with the mission of colonizing it. It`s time to build your galaxy empire. You`ll have to collect natural resources, construct buildings, wage wars ...
Now a more pay to win game they are making it to where you want to spend money and it wasnt like that before Everything is way more time consuming then it once was but they added a lot of new things which is great but you have to spend a great deal of time in the game the game also has login issues logs you out randomly sometimes right when you sign in The developers had a really great game when it first was released but now they really messed up in some areas but it is still none the less enjoyable           Down graded
Do not download this game There are constant bugs to deal with and when you bring it to supports attention they will do nothing about it for months at a time On top of ignoring you there are hackers and cheaters that are allowed to keep playing Tap4fun only cares about money not providing a fair and fun gaming experience     Do not download
Sadly I have been playing this game for the last 23 years I have not quite only because Im so invested But I have an opinion from a long term stand point of this game and its so bad its sad This game was amazing when I first started having to plan attacks and build ships to battle one another and it was all based on skill and how well you can strategies Now its who ever has the bigger pocket book wins You can spend to win in this game and with all the attack restrictions they placed in this game attacking others is pointless other then to just wipe them out I have over 50billion power score and Im 2nd on my server All I do is sit and build Why dont I attack you might be thinking Well no points I could spend billions of gas to hit a protected planet and waste so much players now days self protect and this option destroyed the combat in this game And the cap on Debris is junk 25billion resources might seem a lot to some players but for players like my self we lose trillions of debris if we attack Tap4fun does not care about how this game is run and dose not update to keep up with players All they focus on is how many spend event can we put into the game each week Having to spend 3000 to be a top player on all server events is crazy and wrong Also dont bother contacting support unless you have screen shots and even then they will do nothing but give you the run around They keep vary poor data logs so if you lose something your SOL 90 of the support I talk with ether gives you out of date info or has really no idea what your talking about I hope this helps new players and bring to light the amount of crap this company throws at its players     What a bad game
Down load this game at your own risk is a scam     Scam
This game started out good but Tap4Fun fast changed it to a game of fraud and cheating as they play favorites with players from China and Russia by giving them tools to have HUGE fleets so that nobody else stands a chance DO NOT waste your time or money on this game     Fraud and cheat
Good game                 This is awesome
This game consists of groups of Bullies that are called Alliances various amounts of people that Destroy everything you do While some amount of Attacks is expected they routinely destroy 10 thousand ships 30 thousand ships and more This takes years to build all lost in a day due to bullies that only intend to destroy the game as long as they spend money it will continue All this just my opinion from the year I spent in game I would recommend this to my Enemies It costs them money I would NOT advise anyone to play the Galaxy Empire games Too much destruction by people who just want to be hateful This ruins the game the Only way to play is to acquire mass a amounts of people 200 plus that just want to make things better and together you could accomplish it over years of destroying other players WAR Question is it worth it Mafia comes to mind In my opinion this IS a game to Avoid     One to Avoid at ALL costs
Since none of your help connection in Galaxy Empire or online are working Im using a previous email in order to make you aware of problems that Im having with this game The fist problem I have already mentioned None of the help or contact us services work in the game or on line Also the Monthly Sign in List stopped working after the first month of signing in The list shows that I have two award pending but when I select it all the awards are greyed out from the previous month As a result I am unable to collect rewards for playing everyday Can you fix IOS5S User     GALACTIC EMPIRE NOT WORKING
Its great until other players kill you              Its OK
I dont know if this was on purpose or what ever but for the last task when you make an official account it keeps saying sorry and makes an excuse Now I tried to exit the game and get back on but when I got back on it said I was a different player and I had to start over Honestly what the heck happened to all my stuff I worked really hard to get what I had Thankfully I didnt spend any money but I had really good stuff This is the third time Ive had the game and the third time Ive had to restart Last time I had like 50 battleships and 200 light and heavy fighters I spend more time playing this than I do on clash of clans Why should I if Im going to lose all my stuff once a week     Wheres my stuff
Game is fun and addicting but server is slow a few glitches cause purchased credits vanish But the worst thing is that support requests are never answered     Fun game BUT
This game I can be a 5 star but tap4fun just think of money they dont help you with the one that cheat they play with a program call BOT I ask them for help and they dont care you see it that this game is one on one but those that use bot play with there laptop It me VS a laptop I have send tap4fun 100 of mail with ideas the last one is to add a random 4 digit number before you send any fleet and this it there answer Dear Friend Thank you for writing in This is Dora once again at your service hope you are doing well I really appreciate for writing us back I hope you are doing well I can understand your point and I will forward this to my tech team as a feedback so that we can work upon this for the future events I appreciate you for sharing your suggestion and I will share the same with my tech team My team will definitely welcome this suggestion as it will make the GE game more consistent This is a matter of time so you will get to see when this change will take place in the future events I will highly appreciate if you take some time out for me and fill up the feedback form by clicking on the survey link followed by the email That will help me to measure my service abilities and gives a moral boost I really appreciate your time and patience have a blessed day Regards Dora please help us thank you     Review of Galaxy Empier
With every update the game gets progressively bad tap4crap has taken a fun game and have screwed it up each time with each update They have greatly changed the game dynamics and not for the best Do not spend your money on any of their games     Worst company
This game is awful There are large alliances seediq specifically that use hacks to obtain illegit fleets and on one server they even had a mod that worked for them and allowed this to go on The customer service for this game is about the same as talking to a brick wall The game is just a cash cow and the past few ships put into action are purely cash cows All the developers care about is the money it brings in     Do not want
The game has problems but no need to say its the worst game in history look at the other games like it like clash of clans boom beach come on I think its a five star                 A fine game
Its come back they have done a good job in restoring this game              Good
This game suffers from overt focus on inapp purchases and the new game platform barely runs on iPod 4 Now moving account to iPad 2 to continue fleetsave operations The basic basebuilding model is still intact           Used to be lightweight and fastloading
You destroyed global threat for this game You lost alott of players because of this bs galaxy empire Thanks I hope u fall hard     Fullofhate
Not worth the long load times and constant connection issues     Not worth it
So cool                 Best game ever
If the App store had a block Id block all games that Tap4Fun has made     Worst company ever
A dire warning Tap4fun are aware that Chinese players use 3rd party software to cheat In game Emails to moderators have confirmed this Tap4fun has as of this time done absolutely nothing to stop the hacking If you do decide to play this game be careful of spending money in an attempt to catch these hackers Also be careful of passwords you use for this game Dont use passwords you would usually use After posting this review Tap4funs way of dealing with it is to bring out a new update to hide the bad reviews Come on TAP just delete the cheating accts and let decent folks at an otherwise great game     Before downloading this game
This game is way better then all those clash of clans Why Simply because it does allow you to build up to 7 or 9 planets at same time share your resources building colonies is fun unique and fast its does not take years to get advance in this game Some planted are good for metal and some for gas some planets are bigger and some smaller This game has a lot of potential to expect and creat even more better and retaliating output enjoy and have fun and remember its only game for fun nothing serious or person                 Cool game
I highly recommend this game to all strategy gamers its a very fun game but just a recommendation to the developers not enough people play this game to make all these new worlds and it causes people to quit when they have nobody to talk to but overall great game                 Really good
This game starts out simple and enjoyable after youve been playing for about a month or two you become big enough to be attacked by other players At that point is where you problems start youve already invested your time and energy into the game and if you played long enough youll begin to realize how many bugs are really are by that time its too late The developers of the game dont really care that you lose your in game credits or dont get the awards that youve earned or if other players are cheating The more that you lose the more likely you are going to buy the in game purchases to get your fleet back to a place where you could actually play the game They have no incentive to replace any of your losses due to their bugs or cheating players Any reviews of this game that are over one star are by the employees of the company so be wary There are much better games on the App Store than this one     One stars is too many for this game
Server is too slow Tap something and wait 1015 seconds for server communication     Too slow
They should change name from Tap4fun to Pay2win     000
Biggest problem with this company is that they keep adding features and not fixing the problems Theres so many small tiny fixes that will bring this game back to playable but they keep overlooking details When showing numbers use commas IE 1234122 Please change your font so with monospaced and each letter is equally spaced apart For a long time now the popup notifications and badge icons do not work     Needs fixed not features
All the events involve spending money Its hilariously stupid     Money Sink
Poor English is are what to expect For younow Too many flashy graphics and notifications that cant be dismissed I used to play the game years ago when it was originally released and I had a blast then The game has just become terribly broken Dont even waste your time unless youre a Chinese stock broker     Bad bad bad
After playing Galaxy Empire and buying Credits this company Tap4Fun will not give you the rewards associated with buying Credits they have scammed a lot of players from these Credit rewards very bad communication with Tap4Fun because they are from China I finally had to contact ITunes to try and get a refund from this scam company     Scam
This is the best game ever you all have to play                 The best
Wow Best game ever                
Сплошные баги Но в последние 2 дня с багами стало полегче так как в игру вообще невозможно зайти вторые сутки     0 звиздей
The game is a good concept however the company is horrible Support is nonexistent and there are bugs which cause you to lose fleet but when you mail support no response or progress They have done this to me many times I was too 30 2 times and both times was wiped due to bugs of not showing attacks This game is horrible all around me and my alliance are quitting and have refunded over 5000 dollars from these dirty cheaters     Horrible management bad game
The game is not playable due to a slow serverio on the game makers end I can only give it 1 at this point     Server is Too Slow
I started playing this game when it came out and continued until I lost my password Ive never encountered any major or debilitating bugs Try it and see for yourselves                 Dont listen to the others
Fun but few bugs after Im done buying something you go back to your planet and the menus in front of the planet           Fun but
Trust me I wasted loads of time to this ridiculous crap Unless youre already like the top 100 ppl or so then you will get nowhere You will think you are and then you will lose everything to someone like a 1000 times more powerful and then they just keep attacking every day leeching until you just stop making anything all together Ridiculous You have to pay money to make them unable to attack or find you again Btw Ive had this game on and off for about 4 years and was at one point ranked like 300 and something top score So I know what Im talking about Dont get it     Dont waste your time
This is THE MOST miss managed game I have ever played Updates fix certain bugs but create others Items dont work as advertised Game play is disrupted because of new bugs Items taken away but the credits spent yes you pay for credits are not returned to you Customer support is a joke Suggestions are not listened to Its an addictive game Could have been great if it wasnt for the fact that the people running it are totally incompetent or just greedy and fraudulent Im not sure which at the moment     Worst management EVER
The game had an update last night but the last update listed was from 6 weeks ago No one in the game has any idea what the developer has done to the game now Just one example of the worst support I have ever seen with an app Its a great game but very poorly managed           List of updates is far behind
This games terrible not fun at all Too time consuming     Dont play
How do you get growth package point things              The new update is so confusing
Warning This game is has groups of bullies that would destroy everything and also Farm your planets not allowing you to build This game can be fun at first but when they discover your location You done Also if you pay to move your planet I say they find it at less 2weeks so the farming may begin again     Avoid This Game
This game takes away your resources and wont let you attack at all when you start its like the makers are trying to piss you off on porpoise dont play its a waste of time     Game is the WORST
This game is a sham Too many upgraded have taken the fun away Tap4fun has become a greedy fraudulent company There customer service is by far the worst when they do help it has absolutely nothing to do with the problem There are in game resources which you spend money to earn all the suddenly it is taken away from you How is that not stealing Do yourself a favor dont download this game This game use to flourish now its quite boring since sooo many players have left now you have to spend a ton of money to have any competitive edge     Terrible upgrade
Addictive and great time killer Nice graphics                 Very challenging game
Awful buggy games with zero customer service They treat theyre players like     Tap is awful
BUGS CHEATS Credits are ridiculously overpriced AND you MUST play the Event to have any chance since Event ships are 100X tougher than anything you can build in your Shipyard That only lasts until you meet a bigger Fleet leaving you helpless and at the mercy of bullies until the next Event Of course if the bully plays the next Event too you cant catch up Defenses are useless so dont bother building them There are only 2 strategies bully weaker players as you lose all your ships attacking a peer but none against weaker players even though you should statistically have moderate losses and send your fleet on a weeklong mission at 10 speed to hide from attacks Sends Push Alerts for useless events like building a Cargo Ship or upgrading storage but it wont alert you to other players attacking your base The server clock keeps lousy time so your Cargo Ship might not actually be built when you login Also daily resets are at midnight AND 5pm Pacific depending on the particular event with some flipflopping back and forth between 12 or 5 There are already tons of multiaccount cheats and the number grows with every worldserver merge ObviousCheat and ObviousCheat2 become ObviousCheat301 and ObviousCheat2301 and are joined by ObviousCheat309 and ObviousCheat2309     CHEATS AND BUGS

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