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FISHLABS , the publisher behind many iOS games (Galaxy on Fire 3 – Manticore ,Rally Master Pro 3D (US) ,Dog Mendonca ,Rally Master Pro 3D ,Warp Shift ,Book of Unwritten Tales 2), brings Galaxy on Fire™ - Alliances with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Galaxy on Fire™ - Alliances games has been update to version 1.0.2 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • This is a strategy game on the scale of the universe..
  • which in RTS games seconds matter..
  • Super fun..
  • other than that awesome game..
  • But other than the other small details like internet connection..

Overall Satisfactionc53
This is a strategy game on the scale of the universe.
Again this is an amazing game I strongly recommend it.
GOF2 was my favorite game of all time.
I would still highly recommend this game to anyone.
but in my opinion this game needs a major overhaul.
the game is the Best MMO you'll find in the appstore.
Wonderful game been playing for about a week now.
Fun & Engagingc86
other than that awesome game.
Awesome game.
Super fun.
Very fun game.
Value for Moneyc12
without spending real money.
Social Aspectsc53
This has to be the best online multiplayer game I have.
the first multiplayer game set in the gof universe.
Production Valuesc66
All in all it's a great game it has amazing graphics.
I love the visuals.
But I wouldn't know with the severe connection issues I'm having.
Updates & Supportc21
and what appeared to be a bad customer service.

the game is the Best MMO you'll find in the appstore. found in 3 reviews
Nice job on the Update :D. found in 1 reviews
The alliances are awesome and its overall a great strategic game. found in 3 reviews
This game is amazing and is totally worth a shot. found in 3 reviews
What's wrong with my iPod. found in 1 reviews
I'm now lvl 140 - still playing since release. found in 1 reviews
It supports the iPhone 4. found in 1 reviews
although there's a bit of a learning curve. found in 2 reviews
Pls some tell me how to change character. found in 1 reviews
This may just be because I'm a sci fi nerd. found in 6 reviews
but it also says its compatible with ios 6. found in 19 reviews
For the next game please make it like Galaxy On Fire 2. found in 2 reviews
Keep getting kicked off the server and the game crashes. found in 5 reviews
Moving resources around planets is now pointless. found in 2 reviews
Played this game as a closed beta player. found in 16 reviews
Just needs a chat room or something so it's easier to recruit people. found in 2 reviews
and was told the app was incompatible with my device. found in 7 reviews
but fix server issues and you will get five stars. found in 18 reviews
but it needs fixing because every time I try to play the game it. found in 6 reviews
but the original game mechanics are gone. found in 3 reviews
the servers cannot allow me to join " request timed out ". found in 3 reviews
I love the game but the server crashes excessively. found in 8 reviews
the jovial crowd playing the game would be very patient. found in 9 reviews
The only problem is that the app is unable to load. found in 10 reviews
but it is an iPod 4 gen. found in 7 reviews
but is absolutely killed by the terrible server connection. found in 12 reviews
sorry about misspellings I'm using voice to text function. found in 2 reviews
This game is nothing like the original GoF games. found in 4 reviews
But right after the intro when Game Center finished loading. found in 3 reviews
Play this game if you like constant server disconnects. found in 3 reviews
patch even normal game play seems to result in server crashes. found in 8 reviews
It says its compatible with an iPod touch with iOS 6. found in 19 reviews
It keeps stating establishing server connection. found in 12 reviews
you'd think the game is still in closed beta. found in 16 reviews
but in my opinion this game needs a major overhaul. found in 7 reviews
You better make this app compatible for the IPod touch 4th gen. found in 21 reviews
A great way to spend hours waiting for the load up screen. found in 9 reviews
I'm really sad and disappointed that this is galaxy on fire now. found in 61 reviews
Yet again I'm unable to login to the game. found in 17 reviews
and unless you start playing the game when the server opens. found in 9 reviews
Needs to be compatible to 4th gen ipod. found in 16 reviews
this is what you get- server issues. found in 18 reviews
Worst customer service I've ever seen from a company. found in 7 reviews
Final analysis:
But I wouldn't know with the severe connection issues I'm having. found in 7 reviews
Took forever to load. found in 10 reviews

The Galaxy on Fire™ - Alliances is now available as a free download on Apple Store for iOS owners. The application is available in multiple languages: English, German. It weighs in at a hefty 288 MB, so make sure you have plenty of free space on your iOS device. The new Galaxy on Fire™ - Alliances app version 1.0.2 has been updated on 2014-11-05.
More Info: Find more info about Galaxy on Fire™ - Alliances in FISHLABS`s Official Website :

[ The first multiplayer game set in the iconic Galaxy on Fire universe Forge strong alliances with confederates from all over the world & collaborate or compete with thousands of other players in real-time ] ...
The game is great and the graphics are good but there needs to be more Kinds of ships Add battleships cruisers destroyers or Mabye even transports Everything else in the game is great                 Need more ships
This is the best thing out there                 Amazing
This games still needs a little work but I know it has great potential                 A really solid game
Great game that allows you to build up planets and fleets huge amount of expansion A small fleet can be just as dangerous as a big one So anyone can hurt you but there is Hugh amounts of diplomacy Makes its a lot of fun                 Awesome space wars
Its fun                 Fun
Do not play this game This game is a money farm for Fish Labs Crappy multiplayer games like this one litter the App Store like obese couchsurfing uncles Now my couch has BO If a FREE game has a 99 dollar in app purchase then DO NOT PLAY IT Play Infinity Blade and Galaxy on Fire 2 or even Angry Birds This developer is capable of creating great games Play Galaxy on Fire 2 Get the add ons That is the best game on iOS     Develope Galaxy On Fire 3
Awesome                 Nice game
Awsome                 T
Its a good gameLike EVEs base commander              good
Easy and complex at the same time                 Good Game
Best game ever                 Lol
So far so good I havent spent a dime on the game and am playing well Im sure that will change as I get up into the higher levels but I enjoy the game so far very much              Not bad
Im a big fan of the entire GOF series but this game is quickly becoming my favorite The IAP are reasonable both in price and scope which alone would be worth 5 stars for me But the production values are also super high the graphics and atmosphere engrossing and they even asked to rate the game after I had first opened it The last point seems minor but comparing it to most other similar apps the player will usually get bombarded by messages either for IAP that primary ruins the game or ratings when you dont even understand how to play yet Overall super enjoyable experience beginning to end                 They even asked at the right time
This is easily the best longterm real time on the App Store The gameplay the fighting and keeping your boundaries and all of the sovereignty it is like Social Space Chess where you may send some carriers at an enemy planet then you will wait a few hours to see their response They may beg you to turn your carriers around they may insult you and brag about their superior friends or they may launch a counter strike at your planets maybe all in the same timeframe of your carriers reaching the enemy planet to fight This is very social oriented If you do not want to coordinate or negotiate this game is not for you At all Join Server Aurora and shoot me a message if you want to start playing                 Best LongTerm MMO Real Time Strategy
After the new update attacks freeze and reboot is needed New challenges designed to make you spend money No longer a pleasant diversion        Void update broke the game
I love it it can be confusing sometimes But once you get the hang of it its really really fun                 Great gamegood graphics
Yeah you need this game                 Nuff said
A really nice game Please change the app home icon into something more better this versions icon looks cartoonish Disgusting              Awesome Game
This game is awesome and Ive had fun playing it but I wish the races werent just cosmetic other than that must get                 Great game
This game is great Amazing graphics and gameplay and totally fun But it would become great if the developers would make a browser version in which you can log in from your PC or Mac But still a great game                 Great game but needs browser support
Gotta say when the new update hit I hated it Now Im really enjoying the new additions Fighting the Voids makes for some really good joint efforts and the prized Void Carriers something to work for now lets see if FL can fix the extended calculation times and freezing that comes with massive joint effort battlesThis is the only game I play really                 New update
Love the new update amazing game                 Amazing
Runs good on iPhone 6 and looks great As a fan of the original GoF games this finally feels like a solid longterm strategy game                 Solid on 6
For some reason my game has zero sound no bleeps bloops music nothing The game gets quite boring with no sound           There is no sound whatsoever
This game is a free to play gameit has the option for u to buy currency if u need a bit of helpthe developers give u 100credits a day so u save up over time it will come in handythen there are achievements that also give currencyshipsand xpthe game is called alliancesfor a reason if u join an alliance things get easier for u rather than being a lone wolf and having to watch every cornerread other comments about the game to get a better picture as well and download the game so u can see for yourself                 A great game
Good game                 SmileyFace
The first one level 2is inposselbil now same thing aigain come on     Same old
There is a lot to enjoy about this game It might be an improvement to include official diplomatic forums for officers denoted as Diplomat Or perhaps AA Gun emplacements or orbital platforms meant to defend a planet against attacking fleets              A very promising game
Part 1Long Story Short New paint job same Ford Pinto Rather than fix bugs errors and issues with the current platform FishLabs desides to add more content to fuel their cash flow generation This game is not one that stimulates the eyes yet the community in it keeps it alive throughout your attempts to claw every last dollars and cent out of us The developers either lack any real care at creating a functioning platform or lack the skill required to do so Many players have spent hundreds yes parents wondering if this is the right game for your children of dollars the worked hard for and adding more bells and whistles to a load of crap still leaves you with a load of crap Either test and fix issues before you release Yes if there is an AI you put in game that has a ridiculous multiple we will tray and beat it so think twice before stacking the game with 160 thousand ships on a planet that your lackluster server cant handle Fix the issues or depledge That simple     Update Kills game destroyed it entirely
For some reason on my gofa I cant here the sound any more           Bug
Honestly I got the game when it came out and I stopped playing for a year because it was just dragging along Then I get it back and its so much better I actually make it again now              Great
Its a good game but a little confusing when sending cargo and reassigning your fleet              Good but
Always learning something new in the game                 Good long term game
After a slight learning curve its a pretty fun low key game leveling isnt timelife consuming                 Fav App game by far
Love it                 Great game
I certainly enjoy this game                 top notch
Probably one of my favorite strategy games on the App Store Leveling up is fairly easy and satisfying Being able to travel between other planets and see it in live travel is really a neat feature The battle screen is cool but I wish there was some way to control your fleets individually Adding a clash of clans type of battle system with your ships That would make it even better in my opinion                 Fantastic strategy game
Good war game              Great game
I would recommend this to those who like Starcraft                 Great enjoyable game
Wend I got the game it look pretty cool I play it and then it kick me out I started to click on and it kick me out I deleted and downloaded again still kick me out of the game           Please fix it
This game is a complete and utter scam The developer FISHLABS is incapable There are numerous bugs that the developer has had more than a year to correct yet they have not BUG FIXING FAIL Nearly half the time that you submit a bug report it does not go trough and the other half of the time they ignore it SUPPORT FAIL They frequently introduce new content that is flawed and heavily bugged DEVELOPMENT FAIL Most of the high level players in the game still play solely because of the time investment and the community This game is a complete and utter failure It is not even worth the space it takes up on your phone These are not the complaints of a person angry at the cost of the game These are the complaints of a person who has spent 2 years watching this game stay bugged and defective     TERRIBLE DEVELOPER
It was amazing playing the first game its even better                 Loved the first game
Great game lots of depth                 Love it
Would be a 45 stars if your ships didnt get stuck during transfers Please fix ASAP        Deez nutz here
Its the only game in iPhone I play                 Best MMORTS Ever
Its a time based game that feels really complex Well made but I spawned next to a level 663 so well see              Complex
Its iight              Chunk14
This is a game which really makes you strategize in order to win against other players                 The best strategy game on here
GOFA is a really fun game that puts strategy on a whole new level I wish however there was more customization Perhaps you could be able to equip clothes and armor on your avatar to make you unique I also wish you could color code or name code your fleets because I always confuse my fighter fleets with my bomber fleet Lastly I wish you could research more stuff such as weapons for troops Overall keep doing what youre doing FISHLABS              Pretty Good But Needs More
IMPORTANT if you want this game because it looks like you can be in dogfights with other planets or something YOU CANT I got the game for that reason and was very disappointed when I could not So if you like combat games this is not one this is like tap wait tap tap wait tap join group tap wait wait     So disappointed

Galaxy on Fire™ - Alliances Games Fire AlliancesGalaxy on Fire™ - Alliances Games Fire AlliancesGalaxy on Fire™ - Alliances Games Fire AlliancesGalaxy on Fire™ - Alliances Games Fire Alliances

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