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TimBecca LLC, the publisher behind many iOS games (iReformed Reference Library ,Bible•Dict ,RunBuddy ,Gospel Harmony ,Galaxy Trek ,Gospel Harmony for iPad), brings Galaxy Trek with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Galaxy Trek games has been update to version 2.0 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.


If you are iOS owner,you now can download Galaxy Trek for $0.99 from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 8.0 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 2.0 has been released on 2014-11-24.
Bottom Line: For more information about Galaxy Trek check developer TimBecca LLC`s website :

Also check out Galaxy Trek for iPad - now available in the App Store. The galaxy is being overrun by an invading horde of enemies know as Swarmers. The swarmers are fast and ferocious and ...
This is a well done update to the classic trek game it succeeds keeping the old gameplay mechanics while updating the interface for the iPhone Very nicely doneIt does lack a little bit of the feel of the old game in certain ways In the days of DOS command lines before Macintosh ever existed there was a certain thrill to the tedious operation of the older game having to issue commands even to view the sector long range scan short range scan like listing files in a directory just felt like being an expert operatorA particular example was the manual torpedo launch in the original that required you to specify the angle and the spread of your photon torpedoes Success depended largely on your ability to properly estimate the angles so your expertise and intelligence were or seemed to be at the time huge factors in success In this version that is simulate by randomness in the torpedo launchThere is still call for skill and expertise in this version It seems that if you want a high score you need to move at a faster warp factor Doing so requires more energy and careful balance and usage of shields and lasers minimizing pit stops at stationsIt would be nice if those high scores were saved in the game center to compare against others Please add that feature and I will give you six stars                 Just like it says
One of the better comprehensive games                 Great fun
This game has a very intuitive user interface and graphics that make it much more fun to play than the classic textbased Star Trek version of old Im very glad this game was updated and this particular version is fantastic                 Great Game
Very very nice                 Galaxy Trek
But still a nice throwback to EGA Trek                 Miss the old Star Trek for Mac
Skipped many a class in order to get my geek on playing this game                 Love it 80 all over again
Really enjoying the game                
Very enjoyable                 Great game
In ancient times 1970s I played this game on a PDP11 minicomputer I always enjoyed it Its great that its available again              Plays like the old version
Great game Fun to play No issues                 Fun game
If you liked EGA trek or games like it on the PC this is a must have                 Good game
A nicely done classic Not too much added keeps the feel of the old trek games from the 80s                 Nice throwback
Upgrades are nice EXCEPT you need to decrease the power of the swarmers missiles or quite putting my ship next to a star after warping I have only played two games and lost both because the swarmers blew up the star If this keeps up I will DELEATE the game                 Quite putting my ship next to a star
Fun game to play It is a good version of the old EGA Trek              Fun Game
Very good easy to learn              Gene
Great                 Cool
Loved it Problem is I could spend hours at a time playing this game              Great diversion in a Familiar Star Trek Universe
Its ok but not exactly what I wanted           Fun
Good fun strategic game in the mold of star fleet battles all about enery allocation and repair priorities              Galaxy trek
Great game Reminds me of one of my favorites from childhood                 Great game
Good game for what I payed for it but needs some improvements maybe more ships to control or different types to use overall a good time consuming game           Good game
Like the old version Great UI Pretty good directionsOldschool earn more points objective                 Just as advertised
This game provides a much needed trekbased app for all It would be thrilling to have a bridge commander game like this              GalaxyTrek a nice fit
Fun and interestingReminds me of a Nels Anderson Game I played on a pc 15 years ago Had a problem and I had to deinstall and reinstall twice One issue Display of remaining life in quadrants that are asking for help                 Great Game
Ive been playing variations of Trek for over 30 years mainframes This is one of the best versions yet Waiting for a new and improved iPad version                 Great game
It is cool                 Tre
Excellent game Reminicent of my favorite one from the 80s the was played on an old Kpro computerwith a green screen monitor Now that I have a new IPad I wish the game was available for that device too                 Space the violent frontier
The game may look 2D and boring but it is not Galaxy Trek brings in an exciting adventure that involves basic tactics This game is perfect for those looking for something basic and sci fi Though there is barely a story the arcade gameplay keeps me going                 Small but fun
A great tribute to an old favorite Very well done and well worth the 99 cents                 Great
Its a great app Well done                 Good
Just like ega trek as others have stated This games takes it a step further with newer graphics and freedom of play Fun game Score over 15k ur a baller its tough to do so                 Good fun for everyone
Great version of the classic Trek game              Great game
This brings back memories of playing a trek game in the early 80s on a genuine IBM PC with monochrome monitor This is a great refresh of the genere I have been waiting for someone to write this game Id give it 5 stars but I do agree it needs sound Nothing fancy but maybe you could sample the classic sounds of phasers and torpedes firing Anyway please ad basic sounds to perfect it Maybe change the graphic for the ship to more resemble you know what                 Great game
Reminds me of the old MSDOS game EGA Trek Well worth the 099 for this game                 Fun game
Eva trek clone                 Back to the future
much like games i loved i 80s and sharper graphics              upgraded memories
Good game           G
The original trek game was the first computer game I ever sawrunning on a friends apple II This has all the fun of the classic with much better graphics that old version had nothing but letters that fired asterisks at each other Only negative is that play gets repetitive after a while              Great version of classic trek game
Its a fun game but my game is frozen on the galaxy map and I cant do anything to fix it I dont want to delete it but              Need to fix bugs
So kool great                 Galaxy trek
This is really similar to the classic and legendary win trek Awesome                 WinTrek
Such memories great game nice upgrade to the graphics                 GalaxyTrek
Does a good job of depicting you as sole defender of a large area while all around you is desperate screaming then all too often silence Torpedo swarmers occasionally pull some unexpected reverses on you tooSFX dont seem to work for me thougj              Very nice
This app is defiantly worth 099 I have some suggestions1 Maybe you can make it where you can upgrade or refit your ship                 Just Epic
Awesome                 Awesome
My son likes to play because he really likes the old spacebased TV shows I like to play because it is a fun diversionand I like the old TV shows too                 Fun Game
I wanna be able to do more           Its good
Love it                 Cool
Definitely worth having on my phone Great way to pass a few minutes Love it                 Great fun
This is a great game Especially when you are trying to pass the time on the train Very fun to play                 Nice App

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