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Machine Zone, Inc, the publisher behind many iOS games (Game of War - Fire Age ,iVampires ,Race or Die 2 Furious), brings Game of War - Fire Age with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Game of War - Fire Age games has been update to version 2.01 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • This game is mind blowing..
  • The game is above the normal city building games..
  • Best online war strategy game I have ever played..
  • Better than any other RPG game I have pled on iPad..

Overall Satisfactionc73
Amazing game and totally worth the time investment.
Overall this is an amazing game but just one problem.
I'd recommend this game to anyone that loves RPG and strategy games.
I don't recommend this game to the budget strapped person.
This is by far one of the best games I have ever played.
Probably the best game I've played in a looonnngggg time.
It is one of my favorite games and it is really fun.
if not my favorite game for a very long time.
Probably the best MMO available on the iPhone.
By far the best iPhone game I have ever played.
Fun & Engagingc92
Awesome game that is pretty well thought out.
Too bad because it was an awesome game before.
Awesome game very addictive everyone should download this game.
Beware it's very addictive and requires a lot of your time.
I started yesterday and it's been really hard to put down.
" And proceeded to put my log in information again.
it's super fun and one should definitely get it.
You don't have to spend money for it to be fun.
This game is fast paced unlike other similar games.
It's tons of fun building with friends and growing as a team.
Takes a min to figure it out then loads of fun.
I love this app so much I try to play it everyday.
I play it everyday in my parents basement.
everything takes to long to build/research.
Value for Moneyc34
you need to spend money for this game to be fun and addicting.
It's easy to accomplish things without spending my entire paycheck.
yes you will have to pay real money.
Replay Valuec84
I recommend this game to anyone who enjoys strategic games.
If you like strategic games building up and improving your stuff.
Never gets old well played and never get bored.
It keeps me busy and motivated to achieve higher levels.
Fun and challenging game that is addictive and makes time fly.
Social Aspectsc85
It's a great game to play with friends different from other games of it likes.
Great game to play when you have some extra time.
Addictive fun rewarding and social aspect is great.
And the social aspect really makes this game fun.
The social aspect is enjoyable but unless you spend serious money.
They community is great meet new people with different languages.
Many people communicate and meet new people in this game.
Great time consumer with good social interaction with other players.
The best part of GOW is the social interaction.
Best multiplayer game that I have played in my phone.
It is a very well developed multiplayer game.
Production Valuesc90
I'm loving this game great strategy and graphics.
Awesome game lots of fun God game awesome graphics.
Awesome game play and stays interesting.
Ease of Usec86
It's a pretty simple game and its fairly enjoyable.
It's a simple game really and is easy to enjoy.
The game keeps things interesting and it's great.
Awesome game keeps you pegged to your seat.
I can't harvest rss tiles because the game keeps crashing.
Whenever I try to get to the world map it crashes.
Ads not Intrusivec10
So seeing the TV commercials for some time.
Security & Privacyc19
beware of your bank account.
Updates & Supportc10
The part that disappoints me about this game is customer service.

it's super fun and one should definitely get it. found in 128 reviews
The alliances allow you to use teamwork and make new friends. found in 43 reviews
Great time killer in those moments of boredom. found in 95 reviews
Best MMO game on the App Store join my alliance TrickzterNation. found in 11 reviews
This is the first game that got me really hooked up. found in 18 reviews
They'll give you free coins for a review too. found in 16 reviews
It's a great game to play with friends different from other games of it likes. found in 254 reviews
Fun and challenging game that is addictive and makes time fly. found in 24 reviews
Awesome game that is pretty well thought out. found in 1310 reviews
Best multiplayer game that I have played in my phone. found in 11 reviews
It's a big game with lots to keep you occupied with. found in 11 reviews
Awesome game play and stays interesting. found in 12 reviews
I've made so many friends and its a great time passer. found in 28 reviews
The translator makes for great communication between people from all over the world. found in 36 reviews
I haven't lost track of time like this since I played WoW. found in 10 reviews
Just started this game and have thoroughly enjoy it. found in 11 reviews
Great time consumer with good social interaction with other players. found in 19 reviews
Very interactive game lots to do enjoying it very much. found in 27 reviews
Probably the best MMO available on the iPhone. found in 58 reviews
An awesome strategy type game that's very addictive. found in 15 reviews
I would love to not let your account go to waste. found in 95 reviews
but the constant "down for maintenance " is not a good sign. found in 16 reviews
Terrible server maintenance. found in 35 reviews
This game is best if you don't mind spending lots of money. found in 23 reviews
Great addicting fun game but tech support is not the best. found in 13 reviews
Not a fair game when level 11 attacks a level 5. found in 17 reviews
Super laggy and my game crashes very frequently. found in 52 reviews
And I'm still can't open the game. found in 16 reviews
Can be a little boring with not much action. found in 9 reviews
unless you spend hundreds of dollars dominating the alliances & kingdoms. found in 95 reviews
Although the game has both technical and balance issues. found in 4 reviews
Which is completely frustrating and why I stopped playing. found in 43 reviews
it total ruined the game for lower Stronghold players like myself. found in 17 reviews
Unless your willing to spend $100's of dollars to stay alive. found in 115 reviews
Whenever I try to get to the world map it crashes. found in 10 reviews
If you have money to spend and a tiny wiener. found in 40 reviews
Horrible customer service and support and system crashes. found in 206 reviews
Not a bad game but it gets repetitive after a while. found in 70 reviews
Unless you have thousands of dollars to spend don't even bother downloading. found in 237 reviews
The recent changes in payouts have made the game difficult to progress. found in 91 reviews
Was great until the credit card warriors started to ruin it. found in 70 reviews
You cannot compete without spending a$100 a week minimum. found in 191 reviews
People should not download this game because:
You cannot successfully compete in this game without spending real money. found in 103 reviews
it is true that you don't need to spend money to play the game. found in 957 reviews
This game is made for the people with money to waste. found in 95 reviews
so there is no way to advance unless you spend money. found in 95 reviews
This game is pay to win at its absolute worst. found in 242 reviews
If you new to the game dont bother otherwise have yourcredit card ready. found in 125 reviews
I refuse to spend money on this game just to make myself stronger. found in 97 reviews
It is horrible for new players and the game doesn't make sense. found in 106 reviews
If you aren't willing to spend don't bother downloading it. found in 115 reviews
People here spend thousands of dollars to get screwed over again and again. found in 124 reviews
But too many fundamental things cost real money. found in 268 reviews
1: it looks horrible. found in 82 reviews

The Game of War - Fire Age is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 42.6 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 2.01 has been released on 2014-11-24. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
Bottom Line: For more information about Game of War - Fire Age check developer Machine Zone, Inc`s website :

I found Game of War Fire Age more engaging than its closest analogue Clash of Clans - NYT review Join the ULTIMATE BATTLE for DOMINATION of the WORLD PLAY FOR FREE in the most ...
Fix lagsMore kill eventsBetter drop rates in chestUpgrade your serversBetter customer service     Think of the players not your wallet
I didnt think to give this game a chance but a friend got me in and I was surprised how much more fun it was that I thought A year later still playing Who would have thought                 Unexpected fun
Slow glitchy game on well kept iPhone 5 Slow game play Deleted     Slow game play Boring
This is a very addictive game but the glitches are terrible Black screen repeatedly getting kicked every 10 minutes make this the most frustrating game     Addictive game
Boycott MZ     BOYCOTT
Game is fun until you are over level 15 but then you realize It isnt a free game if you want to advance and functions for the game that should be included cost extreme amounts of gold to accomplish Norma players are over powered by big spenders and you are only left with farming If you make it into high power the game becomes boring because of the boring events and competition against other dead kingdoms Customer support is terrible too when you have a game related issue        Not What It Used To Be
This game is not only expensive the progress takes forever Im talking about years time in order to be available to play you have to spend 100ds of dollars and plus crashes all the time     To expensive to play
UPDATE Game lags and shuts down often causing loss of troops money Game is 100 geared towards spending increases with each game change Many game explanations for upcoming events are too vague Packages for sale include items no longer of much value Populations of most kingdoms are low Customer Service has cut and paste responses to emails MZ seems more interested in greed One starThis is a 5 star game well thought out addictive to play but I have rated it 4 stars which I will explain The first 15 minutes is overwhelming but once you get past it is a great game 5 packs are immediately available and are a great buy but these are short lived never to be seen again The next packages offered are 100 with a few horrible offers in between There are huge spenders that dominate very quickly After two solid months if you arent spending real money much of your time is watching timers set for additional troop training researching and building MZ makes no effort to offer decent packages under 100     Its all true
very awesome game its a game most addicting and enoyable by all ages come and join our adventure and unlock quests                 awesome
As others have written this game is addictive The social aspects are fun You cannot advance without spending and you cannot become a power player without spending a lot Bullies are everywhere Technical issues are well publicized and impede game play costing players lots of money Dont start Find some other entertainment Yes the big players are spending thousands No exaggeration     Addictive expensive issues
Dont spend money I bought a in game pack They took the funds out of my bank accounts and I did not receive my pack They have not replied back to my 2 service complaints I will be having my bank dispute as soon as it it no longer pending     Dont spend
Was great at the start but as time goes by you unfortunately need to spend huge amounts of money to complete the simplest of things Dont waste your time or money Customer service blows     How bigs your wallet
This game takes forever to load and crashes often Its full of ads and no real path to max without spending a ton of cash     Not a quality game
Only the rich have a chance of even advancing in the game Its all about in game purchases The only reason I am giving one star is you have to rate at least one star to publish     Stinks
In App Purchase is broken it stole my money and didnt give me my in app purchase I was very unhappy     In App Purchase
EWB8 47996 70567 This is my friend code Use it and get extra gold and other items                 Great game
The customer service is non existent You will pay thousands of dollars not an exaggeration to get anywhere in this game Some of the research would take years if you dont buy a pack for speedups The game gets super laggy every time there is a kingdom vs kingdom event which is a huge part of the game Its a fun game but you just dont know what your getting yourself into until it is too late     Bad Customer service money pit
Horrible customer service     MZ
Kingdom events are unfair to the lower level players     Unfair
Yes Its an addictive game Yes You make good friends with other players in game But The game crashes constantly and the customer service leaves much to be desired Not to mention if you really want to do well It will cost you your mortgage and forget about relationships Run away Run away now        Run Away Now
The game has many facets to it but the monetization aspect is just over the top I need over 10mil VIP points just to be able to quickly open my resourcesthis will never happen since I dont spend 1000s Nothing is ever done to enhance gameplay without a ridiculously over the top price to unlock said enhancement Overall the app is pretty slow     Greedy
They need to stop spending so much money on advertisement and spend on making a game that isnt garbage     They have the wrong priorities
This is a terrible game dont waste your time playing this Play clash of clans there is a reason it has better ratings     JUST SAY NO
I love it and all but whats the point having so many barracks if you can only train troops in one barrack at a time                 Awesome
I loved this game from day one but recently Ive become frustrated with it Game kicks me constantly and crashes out or freezes at key moments Id say it was easily four stars when working but losing troops and infernos when it locks up makes the fun disappear fast        Lately very hard to play
MONEY PITNever ending anytime you start to get on top of research a new tree comes out cost every one who can make it spends so much the accounts get to big to do anything with no fun anymore cant attack unless your willing to lose 1001000 of work cost 1000 to get items to make gear and then you get it and more comes out that you have to spends 1000 on to get new gear just so you can fight a littleSexually harassment and personal attacks ungodly cant block and get away from person they just block you track you open another account and start all over mz will do nothing about itNew stuff comes out and is unless alliance city huge money pit and is 100 unlessSo much more Dont play unless they fix the issues     Never ending
The loading is taking for ever           The loading too slow
Game crashes constantly Unplayable now Dont waste ur time     Lags glitches and crashes
Didnt have any past experience with this type game At first was totally lost as very poor instruction is available on the game itself The most important decision is the alliance you should join After a month I lucked up and got into a good one where the members would help me learn Have enjoyed playing but it is very expensive to be a competitive player and there are so many playing the game has become very glitchy as the servers were incapable of handling the rapid growth Poor planning by machine zone Bottom line unless you are willing to dump at least three thousand dollars into this game you will never be a competitive player and if your goal is to be the king you better plan on spending 10 grand        Wow
Its not fun because its to complicated Also u haft to pay for a lot of things if your ever going to get good at it Clash of Clans is defiantly better     To hard
This game kicks you out and you have to reload every few minutes it seems Reload and you could be attacked during this time This problem is not being solved as of yet Costs of repairs to your city after Attack could be expensive     Overload
I spent 25 in upgrades After having my peace shield end I was attacked 95 times the first day without a peace shield and lost everything I restored my city from gifts only to be wiped out again the next day I rebuilt again only to be wiped out again There are people in this game with more power than you ever have a chance of obtaining unless you want to buy thousands of in app purchase Mist of them teleport away after they kill you giving you no chance to beat them backThis game is addictive until you realize what an absolute wasteland of cheaters there are in the world     Waste of time and
The game its self isnt to easy but the games in it are to easy           To easy
This game was great at first Now its all about money they rip you off I dont recommend playing Its all money based now you get ripped off     GOW
This game is free to play but pay to win With that said I love this game It is so addicting and I have gained many friends playingNow for the biggest downer of the game the recent lag has made the game almost unplayable If you are at war and the game lags it could cost you thousands of dollars realistically Shields not going up in time armies not recalling when you need them to etcleads to many lost dollarsThis game is awesome just beware that if you invest too much money it may go down due to excessive lag Just invest with caution because MZ customer service is mostly dismissive of the issues If you think you have MZs support you dont They are a business and making millions so their concern is not for the individuals but for themselves           Beware of your investments
Still the best game on my phone                 Lamia
I enjoy playing this                 Great game
Bad game If you want to be competitive stand by to spend mass money If you have a in game problem youll have to wait two weeks for resolution Do not waste your time on this game     Bad game Money sink big time
I have been playing this game for over 2 years The lags and bugs keep getting worse rather than better Its next to impossible to succeed in this game without spending thousands and thousands of dollars MZ adds new requirements to obtain levels when previously it didnt require all the new bogus requirements I used to be enthusiastic and now I am considering just dumping it all MZ if you care Please honor requests to give permanent shields to players who have passed away in real life and make it easier for the little people to succeed It seems only the very rich players have a chance to succeed As it is I do NOT recommend playing this game It is a time and money waster     Disappointed
Am I the only one who downloads this App to get coins for other Apps    
Do not try this if you are not rich Everyone will try to kill you     Wasting time
Fun and addictive game Its very complex I like that But when the game glitches during kvk ke and it will Theres goes all your hard work and money down the drain Mz wont help you in anyway even because of the glitches either Fun game cant deny that but time and money lost because of app unstableness not worth it     Still a very fun game
Unless you plan to spend lots of money to be competitive plan to be frustrated playing this game     Addictive and expensive
The packages have gotten better over the past few months and you can build an account that is semicompetitive for around 500000 If youre not willing to spend that then dont spend 1 because your account wont be strong enough to participate in any attacking If you want to be a top player in your kingdom be prepared to spend between 12000 and 15000 on your accountIve spent 1500 so far and I have a low level trap account I can not participate in any attacks because Im too vulnerable for a counter attack My account is also dead as I have no speed ups to build troops anymore I need 120 3day speed ups plus resources to rebuild after one attack which right now would cost me 4999 and thats to just be attacked one in a kingdom attack event Or I could just wait the 360 days to rebuild those troopsIts very addictive and dangerous if you are on a budget avoid if you cant afford another expensive addiction     Very expensive serious lag issues now
Game of War is the worse game i hv ever played The commercials are nothing like the game even though they say its the best I just really hate the playing style and it should not be 1 on top grossing category It should be number 50     This game is terrrible
Every time they update the game gets more expensive harder to build and grow and more glitchy and dont try to talk to MZ they wont respond I guess they are too busy counting the money from their overpriced packs and making expensive TV commercials to support the customers who made them number one game     Glitchy with lags greedy developers and terrible customer service
thank u                 ThankYOU
Huge waste of money Dont get pulled in Horrible servers must worse customer service Every update requires more money to be poured into the game There is never a logistical update that actually improves gameplay just new core sets that further increase the rate of inflation in gear Regular gear is a waste So much potential to be a great game but all they care about is the money Not quality of play     Horrible customer service
This company spends more on their ads than they spend on making their game better     Crap
Either start listening to your players and fix the game first instead of adding more expensive updates or prepare for a mass desertion of loyal playersProfit will always be welcome greediness is notOne star until you get your game straightKingdom 324     Boycott MZ

Game of War - Fire Age Games Chat With Real TimeGame of War - Fire Age Games Chat With Real TimeGame of War - Fire Age Games Chat With Real TimeGame of War - Fire Age Games Chat With Real TimeGame of War - Fire Age Games Chat With Real TimeGame of War - Fire Age Games Chat With Real TimeGame of War - Fire Age Games Chat With Real TimeGame of War - Fire Age Games Chat With Real TimeGame of War - Fire Age Games Chat With Real TimeGame of War - Fire Age Games Chat With Real TimeGame of War - Fire Age Games Chat With Real TimeGame of War - Fire Age Games Chat With Real Time

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