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Fungo Media , brings GameChanger Baseball Scorekeeping / Softball Scorekeeping with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. GameChanger Baseball Scorekeeping / Softball Scorekeeping app has been update to version 3.2.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • For beginners to experts..
  • This app made scoring baseball games a lot easier..
  • Parents can can see live play by play from their computers at home..
  • Web Developer & Dad - Gamechanger is a Home Run in my scorebook..
  • Coaches love the stat tracking and watch it closely for trends..

Overall Satisfactionc95
Hands down the best baseball scoring app in the app store.
It is the best scoring app on the market and the best thing.
My parents love the generated stories the website produces.
Parents love being able to follow the game with live scoring game cast.
The boys on the team love to follow their stats online.
My players love to read the automatic summaries game changer writes.
I absolutely love game changer.
It keeps track of quality at bats.
Fun & Engagingc95
Awesome scoring and stat App that I have been looking for.
Makes keeping score and viewing stats so much easier.
Can we get this for more sports.
Spray charts are awesome to look at and stats are incredible.
Solid and fun.
Scores the game and generates great useful stats.
I can keep track of everything that is happening during a game.
you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.
quickly compiling stats and keeping fans up to date.
without having to undo everything already entered.
Awesome app great way to track everything and keep parents informed.
Very helpful and easy to use.
Unbelievably helpful.
Family Friendlyc84
I've just started keeping score for my grand kids baseball team.
Works wonderful for maintaing stats and keeping family informed.
Production Valuesc100
Very intuitive scoring interface that flows with the game.
The scoring interface is great.
Ease of Usec91
Very easy to learn an all the stats it keeps is wonderful.
Also haven't figured a way to edit mistakes or changed calls.
Easy to use and provides great statistics for managing a team or your child's performance.
Gamechanger is fairly intuitive.
This is a simple app that provides great results.
Very helpful and easy to use.
Updates & Supportc100
and customer service is the best in the business - great app.
Great customer service as well when I have any issues.
Honestly upset with no return from customer service about my issue.
Football version.
they have responded promptly and helpfully.

Gamechanger is by far the best score keeping app out on the market. found in 105 reviews
The shot chart has been instrumental to the coach inplanning practices. found in 17 reviews
Very easy to use and gives a wealth of information to fans of your team. found in 6 reviews
Using this to aid in keeping stats for son's 10yo team. found in 32 reviews
Have used this now for two seasons and it is really good. found in 18 reviews
I use this for my baseball team and absolutely love it. found in 80 reviews
Very easy to learn an all the stats it keeps is wonderful. found in 73 reviews
Best scorekeeping app for youth baseball from the all stars at FungoMedia. found in 95 reviews
It is the best scoring app on the market and the best thing. found in 116 reviews
And only hope it continues to get better and better as this year progresses. found in 5 reviews
Hands down the best score keeping app out there. found in 25 reviews
Great tech support and each update really streamlines previously bulky interactions. found in 22 reviews
This app is the best scorekeeper app I have found. found in 25 reviews
My parents love the generated stories the website produces. found in 54 reviews
It is all I use now for baseball and basketball. found in 11 reviews
Hands down the best baseball scoring app in the app store. found in 135 reviews
Players kept book on iPad using gamechanger and they loved it. found in 41 reviews
The kids love having their names in the post- game recaps. found in 16 reviews
This is an invaluable tool for coaches and parents. found in 9 reviews
also tough to change some plays if you make a mistake. found in 9 reviews
Couple things I would like to see enhanced for fast pitch softball. found in 4 reviews
but very inconvenient when entering multiple games. found in 3 reviews
I have used GC for three years running and can't imagine life without. found in 2 reviews
The only problem with it is that you can't delete games. found in 4 reviews
Crashes during scoring with newest update. found in 4 reviews
loading names and numbers is quicker than I previously experienced with baseball. found in 4 reviews
cool idea that needs just a little more design. found in 2 reviews
dropped third strike and a throwing error. found in 3 reviews
it would better if you could fix mistakes more easily. found in 3 reviews
Needs to be cheaper to view stats or free. found in 7 reviews
scoring high school games is impossible. found in 3 reviews
Doesn't work without wifi connection. found in 1 reviews
My team shows it doesn't exist. found in 1 reviews
Easy to use unless you make a lineup mistake. found in 2 reviews
Can't add basketball game after newest update. found in 1 reviews
I don't even use my paper score book anymore. found in 5 reviews
hard to access stats after closing game. found in 3 reviews
The numbers don't lie. found in 2 reviews
Fix it QUICK. found in 1 reviews
Still no support for a 4th outfielder. found in 4 reviews
app exits out. found in 1 reviews
Crash happy. found in 1 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download GameChanger Baseball Scorekeeping / Softball Scorekeeping for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 6.1 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 3.2.1 has been released on 2014-11-08. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and ix.Mac.MarketingName. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
More Info: Find more info about GameChanger Baseball Scorekeeping / Softball Scorekeeping in Fungo Media`s Official Website :

GameChanger is a simple yet powerful app for baseball scorekeeping and softball scorekeeping. Winner of "Best in Show" at 2010 American Baseball Coaches Association Convention "A no-brainer" - Los Angeles Times PRODUCT OVERVIEW Coaches and scorekeepers ...
Ive tried many different apps but this has been far and away the best It is very easy to learn and use and allows me to track individual and team data with a high degree of accuracy I rely on this information heavily to set up my team Allows me to help track where we need to improve as a team and as individuals                 Awesome App
I used this app all summer to keep tabs on my sons baseball games when I could not be there I got on today and am now informed I have to pay 800 a month to see anything other than the score Great app if you want to pay for it        Loved this app until
The Game Changers app is awesome for teams to enter stats during the game Its super easy to use and learn The live animated update streaming is killer for friends and family to be able to use when they cant be at the game The stats reporting for team coaches is excellent too The one thing I suggest they update is the ability to enter field positions for multiple innings I coach youth baseball and we change fielding positions a lot It takes some getting used to adjusting that in the app Otherwise its an awesome app and I recommend it for anyone who coaches                 Awesome app for keeping in game stats and live animated updates
Ive been a scorekeeper for years using a paper book and this app converted me Its easy to use and fans love following the games Fans at the game use it as a scoreboard                 Very good app
GC is great For the same effort as scoring a game manually GC produces almost limitless stats and info No more transposing pencil marks on a scorecard into a spreadsheet Most of the bugs have been workedout so it is a pleasure to use It will take a couple of games to get used to using it and even then there will be those odd baseball plays that take some thought to score properly But once youve done everything once it is easy Invest a little time in learning how to use it and it will be well worth the effort                 Would never go back to the old way
Great way to follow the game for those who cant make it Works great for coaches to see where errors were made and to follow stats                 Great App
Used it so the team can see all their stats online                 Wow everything works as it should
Go ahead and download it You can thank me later                 Great app
Never going back to pen paper ever again                 Great App
Love the app for schedules rosters scores and stats Also great tips and teaching tools                 Great app for scorekeepers and stat
GameChanger has brought big league stats to our team and has saved us tons of time in the process Thanks GC                 Amazing
Helpful for Coaches to see the teams stats Also helpful in tracking stats for the other teams that you may play on a consistent basis              Great App
Its a little complicated at first as it is set up to do big league scoring It took me a couple of games to get used to how things work but overall nice way to keep stats and score game Used it all spring and feel pretty comfortable using it              Definitely better that old score book
I spent this past week at an elite baseball tournament with amateur teams from all over the country competing at high levels The tournament employed scorekeepers to score and track the game on GameChanger most of whom are also coaches themselves They told me they use GameChanger themselves with their own teams because its fairly easy to use and it provides them great stats and insights into individual and team performance I used the app to score a few innings and found the user interface intuitive and it allows for tons of data to be input fairly smoothly The box scores and spray charts are great visualization tools I saw both umps and coaches coming over to the GameChanger scorekeepers to verify their own stats and tracking Beautiful UX                 Amazing coaching resource
Great free app with excellent video tutorials available Gamechanger is a great source of information about opponents in addition to being an excellent way to your follow your own teams games The app calculates all the stats for you Very simple to use on an iPhone Overall outstanding                 Awesome app
Works amazingly for stat keeping I have yet to find a better stat keeping app                 Awesome app
Of the various game apps weve used this was the most user friendly by people who are not tech savvy                 Easy to use
Fantastic app Use for both my mens league and coaching high school ball Couldnt ask for a better bookstatistics app that is free and so easy to use Cheers                 Awesome app
Been using this app for years now Its nice to be able to show my players their stats                 Love this app
I have never been more grateful for any app My daughter was playing in a softball tournament across the country and we couldnt be there to watch her play but this app was a savior You can watch it real time at the pace of the game or after the game ended at a faster pace It has team stats and player info you could quickly see how other games are going if youre in a tournament I could see this being a serious addiction for people who watch professional sports and have to miss a game on TV                 Didnt have to miss the game
This is everything an avid sports enthusiast wants from an app that does this The stat keeping is great and the analysis is impeccable The only trouble is that the interface is not as intuitive as one would want and a bit of customization should be possible for ones team page Maybe a couple of graphics of team logos pictures etc Otherwise home run              Needs work but awesome
Im just a mom Four of my sons play baseball and this year was the first year that Ive taken on score keeper duties GC makes it easy Ive learned so much more about the game just from game changer Its easy to keep up with pitch counts errors etc love this app                 Im just a mom
Huge time saver for scoring The stats provided make decision making a lot easier for positioning and lineups                 AWESOME
I appreciate that it anticipates almost every potential action in a baseball game and I appreciate the in depth statistics it provides                 Everything I want in a baseball scoring app
Needs a lot of improvementssssss Hope soon        Game changer
This app is a pain to set up It would be so much easier if they can just pull the player information from major Little League or better yet sources like Team Snap or Shutterfly Most people have already set up all their team information rosters calendars game information on these sites Why should they have to set up again in Game Changer There are other easy fixes to some of the set up problems For example when youre selecting opponents names why not pick from a list of MLB American League and National League teams instead of having to ype each name in individually After you set up each game information including away or home when you go to score the game it again asks if you are away or homegame Changer already has that info Its just lazy programming I have not come cross a single parent or a coach who is willing to enter the information into Game Changer to be able to use it As a coach every parent I asked to set it up says they hate using the Game Changer app     Setup hell
Love the app I connected to my sons team as well as both of my nephews teams I feel like I can be at the game even when I am not This app is great Just wish there were other time options such as 2 or 3 month subscriptions I guess that is where the money is made It also could use an availability portion like TeamSnap It would be perfect if that happened                 Awesome
Gamechanger has done a great job of creating and constantly updating this wonderful product Easy to use and keep baseball stats to cover every possible scenario Keep the the good work                 Only way to keep stats
I have used this app over the past two seasons It makes score keeping so easy and lets our fans keep track when they cant attend our games Must have for all baseball teams                 Amazing app
Great tool Needs improved ability to correct issues when you fall behind in the action which is easy to do Needs better ability to find and download other teams rosters Keying in another teams roster 3 minutes before a game is not preferred Pricing model for live scoring needs revamping The model is holding back widespread usage                 Excellent much better than IScore
This app stinks     Bruh
Stats galore Love the new updates that are sent when you enter or edit the schedule Keeps my Fans in the know                 Love
I can now view stats for games just by tapping on a game in the schedule This is so awesome                 Love the new feature
This app is a must have for any baseball or basketball coach I use it for both sports and it gives you more than you can ever imagine                 Must have
This is Frenline Delpha from the site NationStatesnet I recently participated in the World Baseball Classic and I have been using this app to RP my games and it is extremely helpful It is also simple to use The only reason it dosent get five stars is because I want them to add a feature where you can delete any name you put on the roster              Helpful for the World Baseball Classic
Just finished up our third year using GameChanger for 12U Cal Ripken team and are still using this app for AllStars Easiest to use best features of any stattracking app and its free                 Musthave stats app for coaches
Game changer changed the way I coached my summer baseball teams and also help me be a better coach I love the fact that I dont have to do the math for stats And show my coaching method better when I dont have to keep the book every game Thank you to everyone the help create this app                 Love it
Game changer has a huge benefit to us on various levels Players and coaches alike analyze that statistics that make us better We continue to stress quality at bats for hitters and first pitch strikes for our pitchers and the game changer app makes this easy to analyze With our prepayment for fans our extended baseball family can follow along pitch by pitch from anywhere Thats probably the most mentioned feature of using GameChanger We love it                 Extremely beneficial to our team
Great app Kept us informed of the games during the Little League World Series Easy to use and the statistics were up to the minute                 Outstanding during the LLWS games
Our families LOVE being able to follow the games in real time The game recap stories are amazing The stats and spray charts are very useful and interesting The more you use it the more valuable it becomes Now every team can employ Sabermetrics Thanks GameChanger                 This is the BEST ONE The 1 everyone uses
Have my scorekeeper use it the last 4 years Loving it Still the best                 GC
Love being able to keep up and watch my sons baseball games from anywhere                 Love it
Never do I have to feel guilty for not paying attention or missing a game This app tracks all the details I need and then some Thank you GC                 Love this app
Love the team messaging tool So helpful GameChanger has been a life saver It totally replaces my stat sheet The ability to see stats and shot charts during the game is awesome Being able to set foul count alerts is very helpful too I recommend it to every basketball team and coach Thank you GameChanger                 This is a life saver
Far above all others                 Best way out there to score and keep stats
Home run                 So much fun to watch real time
Scoring a game couldnt be simpler the stats this app produces are fantastic                 Sweet app
Great pitching stats                 Really useful
CoachPlay on multiple softballbaseball teams Its easy enough to operate that I do it while playing Nothing like putting in a base hit while crossing home                 Best Stats App
Great great app                 GameChanger

GameChanger Baseball Scorekeeping / Softball Scorekeeping SportsGameChanger Baseball Scorekeeping / Softball Scorekeeping SportsGameChanger Baseball Scorekeeping / Softball Scorekeeping SportsGameChanger Baseball Scorekeeping / Softball Scorekeeping SportsGameChanger Baseball Scorekeeping / Softball Scorekeeping SportsGameChanger Baseball Scorekeeping / Softball Scorekeeping SportsGameChanger Baseball Scorekeeping / Softball Scorekeeping SportsGameChanger Baseball Scorekeeping / Softball Scorekeeping SportsGameChanger Baseball Scorekeeping / Softball Scorekeeping SportsGameChanger Baseball Scorekeeping / Softball Scorekeeping SportsGameChanger Baseball Scorekeeping / Softball Scorekeeping SportsGameChanger Baseball Scorekeeping / Softball Scorekeeping Sports

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