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Disney , the publisher behind many iOS games (TRON ,Cars 2 ,ABC News ,Handy Manny Workshop on iPad ,Disney Fairies Fly Lite ,Craft Finder on iPad: Great Crafts from Disney FamilyFun), brings Gardens of Time with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Gardens of Time games has been update to version 3.0 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Most awesome Addicting amazing game ever..
  • This game is super fun and extremely addicting..
  • Enjoyable memory game as one seeks to find hidden objects quickly..
  • Reminds me of my childhood and Highlights hidden pictures..
  • I absolutely love hidden objects games & this one takes the cake..
Overall Satisfactionclick me62
I absolutely love hidden objects games & this one takes the cake.
This would be a perfect hidden objects game.
I love playing this game while Dennis is watching his freaking sitcom reruns.
I normally love playing this game but it's been frustrating lately.
I play this game all the timeThis is one of my favorite games.
This was my absolutely favorite game until Rock You took over.
I would recommend this game to anyone who likes the challenging types of games.
I can not recommend this game to anyone at this point.
I love the game just wish your energy would increase as you progress.
Wonderful game highly recommend it to all gamers.
Rock You has ruined a once wonderful game.
Most awesome Addicting amazing game ever.
Fun & Engagingclick me75
Awesome game that Is relaxing yet brain teasing.
Sad again to find an awesome game that lacks a lot.
Very VERY addictive to those who like hidden object games.
Ridiculously overpriced game but very addictive.
Good free game to pass the time.
Shame on Disney for advertising a free game.
This game is super fun and extremely addicting.
This is a very fun game that is always changing.
It's a very fun game but it's becoming very frustrating.
This is a fun and challenging game that keeps my interest.
The game itself is fun and rather additive.
Usefulnessclick me60
I play everyday day and wait for energy to play more.
I'm sorry but I can't play everyday.
Just have to keep coming back to play every day.
Ultimately if you don't mind waiting to play every day.
Why can we upgrade everything nowChanges have been challenging.
Value for Moneyclick me39
Wish you could earn more gold bars without spending real money.
Wish there was a way to advance without buying gold.
Just wish this game wouldn't want so much money to play.
So you are forced to buy gold to buy anything good.
Replay Valueclick me45
charge ups a little slow as you get into higher levels.
You unlock new levels and get mini quests that keep you going.
This is a fun and challenging game that keeps my interest.
so it gets boring waiting around for new scenes to unlock.
Social Aspectsclick me49
Certainly not the best social game like in 2011.
A great hidden object interactive social game.
isn't this supposed to be a social game 11.
Fun search and find game with a social networking game twist.
For those of us less than interested in social networking.
Production Valuesclick me68
Fun and addicting beautiful graphics great for passing time.
beautiful graphics and the characters are classy as can be.
It's a fun game with beautiful graphics but its totally unfair.
Reliabilityclick me42
Excellent game keeps your memory in tacked.
Great game keeps me busy for long hours.
Game keeps crashing when searching in the builds section.
Keep up the good love this game keep the updates coming.
Very nice memory game keep your mind busy.
Game keeps freezing and won't let me move my buildings around.
Updates & Supportclick me46
Very similar to the Facebook version that got me hooked.
Wish I phone version could play with Facebook version.
Wish it connected to Facebook version like other games do.
I like that it is less social than the fb version.
I think I like it better than the FB version.


The #1 Hidden Object game from Facebook comes to the iPad! (Note to Gardens of Time web players: this game does not connect to your web game, it is a new mobile game.)


Over 30 Hidden Object Scenes! Join over 16 million players that are playing Gardens of Time!

Gardens of TimeGardens of Time
Tags :   gardens ,   hidden ,   facebook ,   corporate


The Time Society is a mysterious organization established in the early 20th century to guard the secrets of time travel, and preserve the flow of history. Their journey takes them to the farthest corners of the Earth, and the farthest reaches of time. The Society is tasked by its reclusive founders to find hidden objects out of place in history, and to preserve historical artifacts in their various Gardens of Time. The Society has found itself extraordinarily busy as of late forcing them to seek out new apprentices to fill the ranks.


Their latest you. Go on an incredible time travel adventure with the new version of Gardens of Time!
Gardens of Time


Collect hidden objects from places such as:
•The Egyptian Pyramids
•Westminster Abbey
•The Great Wall of China
•Garden Of Hesperides
•Al-Azhar University
•Eiffel Tower
•Palace of Heavenly Purity
•Greek Vineyard


**** Game Features ****
- 36 High definition hidden object scenes
- 7 Paradox Scenes (Can you spot the difference?)
- Decorate your Garden with hundreds of amazing structures from different points in history!
- Challenge other players through OpenFeint, GameCenter, and Facebook!
- Travel through time as the newest member of the Time Society!
- Visit beautiful locations to find unique objects!
- Visit your friends Gardens and vote for the best!
- Compete with players around the world to have the most beautiful Garden!
- The most popular Hidden Object Game on Facebook!


**** IMPORTANT ****
- Please be aware that we currently support both generations of iPads
- Upgraded your iPad? Want to play your existing game on your new iPad? Make sure you login to Facebook to save your game stats for easily transferring your game to other devices
- We want to make the game better for YOU!! Your feedback is important, so if you have any questions or comments please go to to contact us.
- An Internet connection is required to play Gardens Of Time. The gameplay and statistics are NOT connected to the Gardens of Time Facebook game.


Terms of Use:
Privacy Policy:


The Gardens of Time is now available as a free download on Apple Store for iPad owners. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 15.4 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 3.0 has been released on 2014-11-28. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Gardens of Time check developer Disney`s website :


The Gardens of Time is completely innovative and amazingly addictive. found in 1812 reviews
Its a pretty cool game very entertaining and addicting. found in 27 reviews
This is a great way to pass the time as well as stimulate your mind. found in 273 reviews
This is a fun and challenging game that keeps my interest. found in 80 reviews
Need more room on the board for my new addiction. found in 11 reviews
Download it and get your friends too and have loads of fun. found in 65 reviews
A relaxing game that keep things going and keeps your interest. found in 23 reviews
Awesome game that Is relaxing yet brain teasing. found in 532 reviews
Very addicting and a great time killer. found in 87 reviews
Very nice game I love hunting for things in pictures. found in 32 reviews
This game is fun and creative. found in 13 reviews
Very addicting but lots of fun and a good time passer. found in 22 reviews
A good time waster and tool to sharpen the eye. found in 63 reviews
helps pass the time and makes your brain focus. found in 15 reviews
This game keeps your mind sharp and gives your brain a workout. found in 68 reviews
It's a great game except for the change in energy. found in 67 reviews
Other than that it's a great way to waste time :. found in 64 reviews
The game also crashes frequently and won't connect to Facebook. found in 78 reviews
Wish you could earn gold bars without having to purchase them. found in 389 reviews
The game crashes a lot when shopping for items. found in 132 reviews
Can't understand why reputation points decrease at random times. found in 180 reviews
Fun but I'm always running out of energy and it's getting expensive. found in 378 reviews
I refuse to pay for the privilege to play. found in 45 reviews
The limits on material requests & blitzes are ANNOYING. found in 524 reviews
I can't upgrade buildings and half the stuff doesn't work. found in 210 reviews
Fun but don't like not being able to exchange silver for gold. found in 366 reviews
I can't open new scenes without upgrading the buildings. found in 278 reviews
This is fun but not I refuse to spend money constantly to upgrade. found in 50 reviews
It gets boring playing the same scenes over and over. found in 43 reviews
Can get really frustrating at times in certain levels. found in 25 reviews
Warning: Don't invest real money in this game. found in 424 reviews
and it is really NOT that much fun anymore. found in 87 reviews
Hate waiting for experience and energy to build up. found in 39 reviews
I wish you could play longer without having to purchase gold. found in 51 reviews
It is SOOO annoying that you really have no way to earn gold. found in 768 reviews
also please create other ways to get gold bars other than money purchasing. found in 438 reviews
Upgrade buildings for more reputation does Not work properly. found in 210 reviews
Being able to exchange silver for gold would be excellent. found in 366 reviews
Like it but don't get far fast keep running out of energy. found in 378 reviews
10. found in 768 reviews
create other ways to earn gold 9
Ridiculous to keep playing just on the hope of things being corrected. found in 524 reviews
I can't unlock new scenes because everything moves like molasses. found in 278 reviews
One per chapter is insufficient
you can't exchange coins accumulated for gold. found in 358 reviews
Suddenly my reputation points reduces and increases with no reasons. found in 180 reviews
but still possible except no way to earn gold or crystals. found in 768 reviews
Seriously needs a better gold bar to silver conversion method. found in 404 reviews
Very disappointed with the loss of max energy from 60 to 30. found in 352 reviews
Great except for the energy level depletes so quickly. found in 188 reviews
Impossible to play time crystal levels without paying cash. found in 318 reviews
Don't like how difficult it is to earn gold bars. found in 389 reviews
I can't send material requests or receive materials. found in 524 reviews
- Can't increase size of Garden without spending a fortune. found in 189 reviews
Also the gold bars needed are impossible to earn. found in 752 reviews
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Icon 175x175 1
Way too many bugs and even more advertisements It freezes and exits the app within 20 seconds of play this has been going on for MONTHS I used to play this religiously but its gone way down hill Find a better game to play that a developer actually cares about they havent updated the app since April Im excited to free 11 GB when I delete this app    DO NOT PLAY
I played this game under previous ownership Since it transferred it has been unplayable On my iPhone it reset to level one from fully complete chapter 25 4 stars 5 episodes each chapter plus all additional time based challenges and cannot be recovered despite my attempts to contact customer support tickets ignore my information On my iPad it is still beautiful but cannot add people to replace all those lost in the transfer and the free invite button has not worked since the change in ownership Thank goodness I never make any real money purchases DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME There are much better choices out there    Be Warned Updated
This game seems like it would be fun Although I have not been able to open the app since the first time I played it since I downloaded the game The game allowed me to open and play one time and after I closed it once it now says can not connect to server    Can not open the app
Put a lot of time and money in this awesome game Wont let me transfer game over to new phone but I didnt complain Wont let me open still has forced closes and this is the third time Ive had to start over RIP OFF    Shame
Deleted this app about a year ago when it was taken over by some else Never received any notification that this app was being sold and your game progress would be erased if you did not accept the new terms Spent many and time building a beautiful garden Will never download anything they have to offer Only reason for 1 star is you cant give 0 star    Complete rip off
Who is Rock You What happened to Digital Chocolate My favorite first apps were through Digital Chocolate Now all the reviews I read for things Rock You has touched are awful This is so sad       What
It used to be easy to get friends Not anymore We all need friends to advance in this game Please send friend request to Dbacker Thanks    Need friends
I need 28 more neighbors Brilliant idea to get neighbors this wayPlease add me jellybean1992Its the only game I play                ADD ME
This game is awesome I love it However I started on my mobile invested more than 500 thousands of hours then they changed the rules Not only did they take away all mobile support but made it impossible for my mobile to download the game PERIOD I had to reinstall it on my PC when I did I lost everything I ever invested ie months of my time months of acquiring earned items silver gold etc and more than 500 invested in building my garden The game is great but Rockyou will rip you off Good luck suckers       RockYou effed up a good thing
I downloaded this game out of nostalgia I used to play the game on Facebook A couple of years after I quit playing I found it was no longer working and found this in the App StoreFor the most part this is the game I remember The blitz scenes with the exception of the speakeasy are different thoughStill it would be nice to get friends easier My player name is lmanderson if anyone wants to add me Its different starting over but not in a bad way except for needing to rebuild my coins balance and my garden which unfortunately takes first 10000 the 15000 then suddenly 100000So if RockYou ever decides theyre serious bout improving the game the two best ways they can do it are to lower garden expansion costs and to make it take less temporal energy to play a round Take away the neighbor requirements in addition to that would make it perfect          Fun but
Upgraded to newer version and it wont even open on my iPad The logo shows and the app crashes    Changes are horrible
This is a fun game but has way too many ads Plus you are not able to buy more gold to continue playing If you love watching multiple ads every time you play this game is for you       Too many ads
Add me as neighbor eathan             Good game
The advertising makes it so hard to play The X doesnt work to close the adds most of the time Have to close the app and re load After all these years Im calling it quitsStarlightGood bye       Disappointed
Helpful tipWhen a quest says to invite neighbors but there are none to invite I just make up names It works Example player player123 addme Lisa Linda Lisa123 Linda123 Just think of anything someone might have as their player name If it says it dont exist just try another       Game Gardens of Time
After reading all the reviews I decided to give the app a chance anyway I was able to play for about two weeks before I finally hit a standstill At this point theres no reason to keep it    Nope
Player ID is gingerlee I used to like this game but it is soon glitchy    Please add me
What is going on with you folks Ever since you took over no random invitee list receiving requested items is like pulling teeth Come on get it together A lot of people have invested time and money Is anyone even monitoring system    Sharlands Garden
Starting 6115 the game wont open I usually play this game a few times a day and it always works on my iPhone6 but it hasnt let me open the game yesterday or today It says could not contact servers I know its not my internet server thats the issue because Ive tried it at other locations I love this game though please fix this issue          Game wont open
Ive had it Deleting this app for good There is no social network I cant connect to Facebook with it and cant invite friends Since rock you too over theyve fkd everyone over    NA
Too many ads Cant play very long before you run out of energy Im deleting and taking my energy elsewhere    Not bothering anymore
Love this game but wish there werent so many ads Looking for active friends Add me mystere1          Love this game
The game is messed up beyond repair Recently one of my buildings went missing causing me to redo a mission four or five chapters ago in order to not only get that building back but also a wonder that disappeared because of the first missing building If anyone is miraculously still playing add me ali3N5    Hmm
This game used to be much more fun than it is now Only 3 different blitz games when there used to be many Cannot connect to Facebook which made it easier to get neighbors now you are forced to hope for a friend request be accepted or spend money to buy what you need to move on which I refuse to do Hopefully this gets updated soon For those who still play and need friendsmy ID is jenletcone75 I have seen others post their IDs and it is a great way to add friends to move on in the game Thank you          Still fun but needs some help
Latest update by new company HORRIBLE Nearly all of my friends disappeared so now getting building supplies takes forever and there isnt any way to invite new friends It looks like the new company wants to force people to buy gold in order to advance in the game There are way too many ads including videos which require you to watch the whole thing all the while deducting the time from your scene play which gives terrible scores and silver I thought original Playdom developer was too greedy but RockYou is worse Im done with this once fun but now ridiculous game    ZERO and NEGATIVE Stars should be an Option
Add me garden id Mccloud70          Game use to be much better
Its incredibly frustrating not being able to invite random friends through the gameIf you are looking for more friends please add me Play ID gardengamer       Need more friends
I used to enjoy this game There are simply too many ads to play I do not have the time    I agree with the other 1 star reviews
This game used to be great but not it not anymore The game has to many bugs and is not being updated to correct them If your playing please add Sykoladybug to your friend list    please add ID
The game crashes every time I try to connect to Facebook via the game       Glitchy
Ive been playing daily for months I changed my user name it accepted it and then the next time I went to play my game will not load It just keeps saying cannot contact servers As my wife plays daily and has no problems with it I know its not our wifi Please fix this ASAP Or tell me what to do             Game wont open
Since the upgrade you cant do much I really liked the game before the update but wont be playing it now All my things were wiped out and you cant get past all the ads So I deleted it       Upgrade is terrible
Lots of ads Every time you change a page theres an ad Its hard to get friends obviously not many people are playing at If you dont have a lot of friends you cant make all the challenges Energy is very slow to accumulate It takes 10 energy to play a scene and when I cumulate 30 energy I am done in under five minutes I am not going to invest money in something when I dont have friends or neighbors that can send me the help that is needed    Boring
I like the game itself but I cant figure out how to disable all the ads          Ads
Hey guys please add me my garden name is Girlamorous or ghiebaby14Thanks             Add me and please fix or update the game
Thanks to all of you giving your player id here where everyone is writing reviews and seems as all of us are Please add mePlayer id sadiebell    Need friends
I love this game but every time that I try to connect to Facebook on my iPad it crashes I cant complete the challenges without any neighbors so therefore I cant continue to play    Fix this app PLEASE
I lost all my game today at level 45 Please add me My ID is now MBGpaws    Please add me
Good game hard to put it down some times                Heavens wonder
To many ads I likes it when it was ad free After every game there is an ad Im deleting    Bad especially with ads
Add me and my friend to your neighbors listplay54405560452play30909531663          Friend request plz
Add me as a friend please Southern CharmGreat way to add neighbors from here List your info for others to add       Friends requested
Play id is caitlin7774                Add me
I do love playing I just really wish they would fix the problemsFirst get rid of the annoying pop up ads Why do you need them Second fix the crystals It has not worked since you took overThird make it easier to find neighbors againAlso please make it easier to expand garden Allow us to use silver rather than gold to expand to the larger sizesI am glad I have never spent a dime of actual money to play    Bring back crystals Update Add me player ID startagain
Ive been playing for 2 years and its impossible to continue on with out help Please add me 76022509872    Add me as your neighbor please
Liking my new ipadloving my new gardenenjoying old scenes wanting new friends to help me out Play dailyStill looking for friends to help me outHaving funtrainlady83 can not connect to Facebook I am done here    Looking for people who play the game
Loved this game like everyone else I keep playing despite all the problems because its such a great concept Please add me as a friend ID play1371735468    SpeechGirl23
CONSTANT SCREEN FREEZESBSPlayer ID PeaceTrainGarden Name The 12th of NeverROCKU is the epitome of a company that is only in it for the Bottom LineThey are using a DEAD game they killed as nothing more than a Billboard for their adsMaybe A Right Off Ya thinkduhPlayed this game for 3 yrs when it was GREAT under PLAYDOM the creator when it was BAD under DISNEY and Now when it is WORSE THAN EVER under ROCKUPlus It really ticks me off that ROCKU still displays on the cover page the Best Social Game Award for 2011 that Playdom won Like ROCKU can lay any claim to that achievementI think NOT    GARDEN OF WALKING DEAD
App wont open anymore RockYou is not a good company ByeI HAVE NO MORE NEIGHBORS The game is basically unplayable now You are ruining years of game time and play that I have out in DO SOMETHINGAfter new user agreement update its difficult to press some of the buttons at the top of the screen some buttons arent working Please fix thank you    Wont open anymore
Currently I am unable to play much of the time due to crashes or cannot load messages If RockYou is relying upon advertising to gain revenue wouldnt you think that their clients might ask as to why there is so much dissatisfaction amongst the players Just a thoughtPlayer ID Amherst Garden name SerendipityFriends are always welcome do look here for names Also try the blog I will add you newbies as well          Serendipity


15.4 MB
Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 3.0

iOS Gardens of Time 3.0 Mobile

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