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Little Rhinoceros , the publisher behind many iOS games (CarPal ,CarPal Lite ,Simionic Simulator for Garmin G1000 (MFD) ,Garmin G1000 Simulator), brings Garmin G1000 Simulator with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Garmin G1000 Simulator games has been update to version 1.4 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.


The Garmin G1000 Simulator is now available for $9.99 for iPad owners. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 14.9 MB to download. The new Garmin G1000 Simulator app version 1.4 has been updated on 2014-11-25. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPad.Requires iOS 4.3 or later.
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Garmin G1000 is an integrated avionic system used in many small aircrafts. This simulator simulates a primary flight display(PFD) which is used in Cessna 182T. Most of the useful functionalities has been implemented in this ...
The comment about someone needing to make a hardware frame with real buttons failed to notice that yhey actually make that too See Simionic net                     They have a hardware Bezel too Farufon
Not Good knobs impossible to control bad design     Not Good knobs impossible to control bad design Drtomek
If you re wanting a good G1000 simulator to practice or use with your home flight sim this is the one                     Accurate G1000 ettsn
The knobs are difficult to use Someone needs to market an affordable bezel with real buttons and knobs that would take advantage of the software and fix the physical limitations of the app                 Best tool around but has limitation scottc7187
It was a little helpful but the knobs are very difficult to accurately use I gave up trying to enter a flight plan         Kind of limited AKangryptarmigan
Wow Just wasted 10 The app does not include any g1000 controls That s what you need to learn to fly a g1000 So you want to enter a flight plan Sorry go buy the S700 bezel     Worthless unless you buy the 700 bezel SRM14
I like the PFD even though it s limited I purchased the MFD and the PFD for my I PAD and can t use the MFD MFD purchase is a real waste of money             PFD MFD Flyn55
I m training in the crj 900 at Mesa airlines and this app is helping me greatly thank you                     Amazing Fmxyonoho
Pretty awesome Helped with my training of the functions of the g1000 Perfect tool for simulation and procedures                     Impressive Kilo176
The G1000 is a pretty complex beast you want to learn about and practice on the ground as much as you can before you use it in flight Very easy to use and I love the interaction with my sim XPlane which works flawlessly I do think though that the MFD should have been included as it is part of the G1000                     Excellent learning tool Apfelmaennchen
I bought this app to simulate my G1000 interaction with the X Plane C172S While it was usable with the on iPad soft buttons the real thrill happened when you paired it with the hardware bezel Suddenly it WAS a full fledged G1000 trainer You can buy it off the author s store I d give it 4 5 stars if I could because the only thing it s short on is the Autopilot AP feature meant to simulate the GFC700 Yes the AP works but it scallops a whole lot i e hunts for the level altitude that you set or chases the glideslope by a LOT If you re doing instrument training this is a real boon but you have to hand fly the plane VOR DME approach practices are great and the buttonology is 95 similar to the real thing Don t expect it to fly every leg of your approach for you it ll miss turns and blow through procedure turns Oh one more thing VNAV doesn t work so you re on your own for those step downs It is however good practice for the pilot you Great training tool                     Great G1000 sim Steadfastly
Awesome realistic app                     Great for training for real life and xplane 11 Hpeterson10579
I m currently a student pilot and this app helps me simulate real world flying Love it                     Great app Ulooky
I use the app as a refresher to fly a G1000 172SP when I need to get up to speed Love it                     Great refresher 7377?262?33
So far just running it standalone on iPad to get some advance practice on G1000 before flying it in the aircraft and it works well                     Good for initial training Db2wings
Works well and works with the A2A C182 on P3D                     Training and P3D K12k12k
Works well with X Plane 11 beta So far I m impressed with its functionality for the price offered Excellent value and I m planning to get a second iPad to tie in the MFD With the optional bezel this comes close to simulators costing tens of thousands of dollars Keep up the great work                     Fantastic training tool anam77
A really creditable attempt to create an affordable simulator for a very complex instrument It works well with xplane and is almost as good as the xavion product that costs about 2000 I hope you ignore the facile comments and continue to develop the product                     Works well with plane RobertYJ
Can barely get the knobs to turn Would be great if they fixed this issue     Broken slomia
Seriously this app is just depressing I bought it to help training with my transition to the G1000 but it s always crashing especially the MFD When connecting the PFD and MFD the thing gets much worse Guys if you re wanna charge for something take it seriously and fix these crashes     Crashes all around Whatever135890
Helpful study app for my instrument rating                     Very nice Corey546
Complete waste of money Application is mostly not responsive crashing every few minutes of use Simulation can t be calibrated pitching up or down it s descending Both PDF and MDF are buggy Wasted 20     Garbage Jerry Guzik
At first I had high hopes that this software will help me learn practice my instrument procedures instead of spending money on the RedBird Simulator But it keeps crashing on my iPad 4 iPad mini 2 The controls are lagging not responsive I barely get it to work by closing all of my other apps in the background Still if I input the commands too quickly it freezes eventually crashes The MFD is the worst software out of the G1000 PFD MFD All it does is open crash It doesn t even give you time to input the commands     Software not worth buying Hi-Happy
So this works well with PREPAR3D Even standalone it works great A great tool for training whether you re after VFR or IFR simulation I do ask that when connected to PREPAR3D that whatever you see on a G1000 display in simulation it matches exactly to the app Such as V speeds are shown in the game simulator G1000 PFD but not on this PFD G1000 simulator                 Has more positives than negatives Boostin91TSi
Great app for simulating the G1000 I use 2 IPads for a PFD and MFD and works great to keep current on my procedures for flying Thanks                     Great App RedrockPilot
This is an amazing app especially considering the price The logic is very close to the actual G1000 Makes for a much higher fidelity simulation when used with X Plane Still a few bugs but five stars because the author is continuously upgrading the app and it s light years ahead of anything on any aircraft in X Plane                     Fantastic App Hanson24
I found this to be a great app so I can play around with the features of the G1000 without actually sitting in the plane However to truly get the most of this app and the MFD sold separately you have to have two iPads and an older PC running Windows 7 or older Does anyone else see how massive this shortfall is Find a solution to this odd combo of technology and your sales will significantly improve         Meh Black Mamba1
Works well as a stand alone or with FSX P3D I ve never been more familiar with the G1000 since I got this and the matching MFD app Keep up the good work                     Thanks for creating this app Random Dent
Hey great App Only ten bucks for a lot of functionality So far just bought the PFD All the bottoms and knobs and the autopilot working well Shot an approach and that worked fine too Love to see a pause and preposition function Great job                 Great App Mike CFI
As a flight instructor with several thousand G1000 hours logged I have to say that this is by far the best G1000 simulator I know of that s available for less than 20 000 Perfect not yet there are a few minor issues that can be improved upon but it s certainly good enough to serve as a legitimate training tool for both VFR and IFR students pilots Get the PFD P MFD bundle and sync up on 2 iPads for the most realistic experience                     Fantastic app at a great price mderwin
This is 10 for an app that really lets you practice with the G1000 controls Amazing It s probably not as good for folks trying to use it as the panel for a simulator as the button presses are finicky However for people trying to learn the G1000 for an airplane this is amazing and a great adjunct to Garmin s manual                     Amazing Khelmar
Within 2 minutes of downloading this app the app crashed Very slow response for throttle Had to tap move throttle multiple times before anything would happen Why do you have rudder control by the way That s the last thing I need to worry about with this waste of money By the way they forgot to put instructions with this app So you can attempt to fly around and attempt to do an approach while tapping on the iPad screen in a frenzy trying to get the buttons to actually work I gave it one star cause I am learning where the buttons are Oh they don t tell you anything about using a second iPad as the map display     Very Slow Crashes No instructions Whit544
Bought both Pfd mfd First of all they will not work together in same iPad Button response bounces making it impossible to enter flight plans or move among pages in the FMS or most anything else Both apps crash and you need to start over again It does have potential but needs a lot of work before it is ready for prime time Might be good as a toy but certainly is not a training tool Wish there had been a demo I would never had bought it     Pretty but too difficult to use Flyinjacl
I don t fly with the Garmin 1000 but I ve flown with other glass cockpits and the concepts are pretty universal The app is probably the best way to practice instrument approaches VOR ILS that I ve seen I also did point to points which worked out well Some minor anomalies on airway navigation switching vortac stations radials at the halfway point provided a greater than actual CDI deviation but very minor Also a VOR gave me DME which is shouldn t have NUN but the VOR DME and Vortac worked fine I can t figure out how to adjust the selected speed on the FLC as well Recommendations setting the heading bug and course can be difficult with the built in interface are small Could you provide the option to just drag the heading bug and course on the HSI itself to the selected radial heading It would be more efficient                 Good training app Rockkrawlin4x4
This app is a scam It is extremely buggy and will freeze on you abount every 10 seconds It s basically a scam Interesting is also the fact that you can fly a 100kts and stay exactly in the same place The website is also very explicit Don t send us any bug reports we don t care     Scam lfac132476
Im totally satisfied with this app to say the least I primarily use it for IFR training flights synced with a Cessna 182T in XPlane for Mac I can simulate an entire real life flight with SIDS STARS and IAPs I also use it in conjunction with Skycharts which displays separate MFD functions on my iPhone or iPod I cant wait for the Developer to finish the G1000 MFD to truly complete the integration Great effort and great value                 Impressive realistic G1000 simulator w XPlane Integration
I would love to use this on the FSX Learjet when I do the Autopilot malfunctions Basically this app should allow you to set different aircraft specifications Had to refund this app because of that other then that really cool app Please make some flexible changes so I can buy again           Needs to become compatible with other aircraft
Every time I try to load a selected approach the App crashes I am using an iPad mini Most everything else works fine Also I am unable to make any commNav frequency changes when connected to FSX I have to make all changes thru FSX           Pretty good but crashes often
Great app to use to practice holds and approaches on the G1000 Almost exactly the same as the real thing                 Perfect for IFR training
I cannot tune any of the knobs I tap all around and it wont home in on the tuning buttons and after about 20 tries it will tune one character then another 20 taps and so on and so forth Auto pilot doesnt work shows altitude as a number I think I just wasted 10 bucks unless we get a fix Could it be due to the new iOS I give it two stars in the hopes it will work in the future        I wish it would work
Pretty good app which lets me learn the G1000 from home I have one big issue though The simulation mode does not seem to work on my iPad 2 I can increase throttle but it appears that I am unable to control the attitude since no matter how I pitch my iPad the plane always only goes down Also controlling roll by tilting the iPad is not very accurate Lastly I am sitting on a runway at 3ft elevation but due to the inability to pitch up see above I am going down to negative altitude very interesting My preliminary verdict good app but either the simulation mode should work or they should remove it all together           Good App But
This app is great I have a few suggestions that would make it the perfect app One is that I have noticed the CDI shows you on a radial in Xplane 10 when you are slightly off but running parallel to the radial It will get you where your going but just offset by a fraction of a mile Also it would be awesome if you could add a pop up view that allowed you to spin the knobs instead of just pushing the Other than that amazing work Hookup with Xplane works flawlessly and I just purchased the mfd today You have a loyal fan              Extremely well done
Great app when dualed with FSX is a wonderful study tool to practice approaches and what not Cannot wait for the MFD and have both touchscreen out in the flight planning room at school WELL DONE SIMONIC                 Great for instrument flight students
Approaches just got so much more fun in FSX Foreflight PFD MFD Cant get much better than this                 Wow
Very accurate replica of G1000 intricacies I use this app on autopilot for approaches and missed approach so I can practice setting up frequencies VOR ILS course selection holds CDI etc The only improvement would be to make it easier to twist knobs I would have a small num pad popping to enter frequencies and courses                 Great for instrument training
Emailed in with an issue Got no support Poor layout and functions too Thanks for taking my money     Stay away
I dont fly with the Garmin 1000 but Ive flown with other glass cockpits and the concepts are pretty universal The app is probably the best way to practice instrument approaches VORILS that Ive seen I also did point to points which worked out well Some minor anomalies on airway navigation switching vortac stationsradials at the halfway point provided a greater than actual CDI deviation but very minor Also a VOR gave me DME which is shouldnt have NUN but the VORDME and Vortac worked fine I cant figure out how to adjust the selected speed on the FLC as well Recommendations setting the heading bug and course can be difficult with the built in interface are small Could you provide the option to just drag the heading bug and course on the HSI itself to the selected radialheading It would be more efficient              Good training app
So surprised and mislead by all the overthetop ratings this is a toy nothing more     Really
Really good simulator                 Solid app
This works surprisingly well Ive been working on my Instrument rating and this sim has been a huge help This is very accurate                 Great
App does not work on my iPad 1 Opens to PFD view can not get the bezel view to see buttons Adding power results in high speed but no climb Alt tape sits on 900 Cant calibrate pitch Very pretty but unusable for me     Doe Not Work
App works well on its own but the nice surprise is that it works as an instrument when youre running xplane on a computer using the same wifi network                 Works with xplane
Fine producy              Works ok
Excellent for transition to glass panel However Ive actually have Dynon Skyview in my bird A Dynon Skyview app would be a nice option for aircraft in the experimental community In the meantime will keep using this great app to keep my airmanship skills in tune                 Xplane for Velocity Xl
Absolutely fantastic for the price Would nice to see an MFD maybe included manual for garmin and the ability for it to work with mobile versions of X Plane Overall a good value and worth your money              Great needs more features
Pros This app is a very nice addition to my XPlane cockpit The display is very clean and crisp and an attractiveaffordable way to equip a simulator with flight instruments and other capability without having to purchase dedicated individual devices Installation of the XPlane plugin was reasonably straightforward Once connected the graphics are smooth and move in realtime with the simulator Cons The IAS scale will not read any higher than 200 knots which is a problem if you are flying a high performance airplane The flight planning popup is very difficult to use and the waypoint map is too small to be of much value This may of course also be the case with the real G1000 Connection between XPlane and the app has to be manually restarted every time I open a new scenario in XPlane Verdict One of the nicer iPad apps available for flight simulation but some small refinements would go a long way           A nice app that needs a little refinement
As a pilot flying a G1000equipped airplane I have used the Simionic G1000 for familiarization where it has been an essential skillbuilding machine Much safer and cheaper than trying to learn in flight I think any pilot transitioning to a G1000 glass cockpit system would be as pleased with this working model to reinforce other study I hope that the Simionic G1000 will continue to add functionality as its appreciative audience grows Knobs for example would be better if they would twist rather than function as pushbuttons However any such objections are easily dismissed for now due to the overall sheer amazingness of this beautiful simulation                 Simionic G1000 Great for study and play
This APP works great              Works Great
This is a great app One of the best for study and practice IFR They only think is missing and would be nice Is to have the option to have an image of your airwork That way after you practice you can print or just check your work I think that would be very easy to do it I hope the owner make the upgrate Congratulations Regards Capt Alvaro                 Great app
I wasted my money I have to figure out how to get my money back The graphics are typical Ipad graphics The major problem is that there are no instructions of how to use it When you open the app it opens and sits there No way to figure out how to make it work No user friendly     Lack of Instructions
I have a flight sim I built and thought this would be a great way to add glass to my sim The only problem is the app cant be set using external FSX controls Using my iPad mini its hard to change settings on screen especially when quick changes are needed If the PFD and MFD are upgraded to use FSX controls the ill purchase the MFD As it is now I cant use the PFD app with my simulator           FSX compatibility
This is a ridiculous value for a G1000 PFD simulation that pairs with XPlane The PFD has been working reliably for me over the past couple of hours and seems decently mature I would have paid 25 for it The MFD still crashes too frequently to be useful MFD can run a little longer if I dont press any buttons For only 6 extra I would still buy the MFD for learning purposes but it needs to mature                 Amazing
Perfect for learning or practicing the G1000 PFD Works great on iPad 3                 The Best G1000 PFD App
I just flew a DME arc intercepted a localizer and flew an ILS down to the runway Other than a small anomaly while tuning in the localizer frequency everything worked exactly as the real G1000 including the autopilot                 Very realistic
I use it with XPlane 10 on the Mac and it works sensationally as a PFD Very excited about the MFD that is forthcoming I also hope the author will add IAPs for nav database updates at some point Id love to have updated nav data and have a way to keep giving the author money so development and refinement will continue Thanks                 Needs a couple tweaks but otherwise super
Fantastic job Adds new dimension to P3D v22 If I had an IPad Air I would definitely get the MFD                 Works With P3d v22
highly useful and extremely accurate i use with all students utilizing the cessna g1000 and it helps them A LOT i with there was the MFD as well because then this APP would be my only go to for avionics training outside of an expensive sim                 Excellent for all pilots
Excellent super easy                 Excellent
I cant say enough good things about this app I was looking for a better setup with Xplane then SimAVIO I found this app on the Xplane forums and I must say way better setup for me then what I was using when Im done with the sim I just take my ipad with me and continue my training on the G1000 Great app Li and look forward to the MFD                 Great
Self contained is fine just need to read he info Doesnt work with Win8 socket layer fault website offers little to no assistance           Works and doesnt
The PFD works very well However the MFD needs a lot of work Crashes all the time Limited approach plates Not impressed with the MFD As a G1000 instructor I wouldnt use the MFD simulator           Major Mark
I have been unable to install the Bridge sidebyside configuration is incorrect Also I am unable to see the control knobs soft keys like in the description photos It seems there are no settings or options buttonspages in this simapp on how to set it up Aside from the 1 time view upon starting the app for the first time which shows basic functions such as steering acceleration pitch tapping the center is supposed to Recalibrate your neutral pitch but this doesnt work for me either So I am hoping tech support will enlighten me and all will be good as this is most likely a case of just not knowing enough and I will adjust the star rating accordingly I finally noticed the arrows which toggles the instruction pages left and right Much better Just waiting on help w the Bridge file for use w FSX Gold Ed Thanks to great support I am up and running w FSX and Simionics G1000 sim At 10 this app has incredible value for anyone seeking pilot certifications or just keeping those piloting skills sharp I would hope to see more features w the integration of FSX or Xplane in the future Such as allowing flight plans and other information to be input through the iPad G1000 app automatically filling in your FSX G1000 The FSX sim is very hard to read w no zoom capability That alone would be worth another 5 to me at least                 Great App
Very pleased with this App Its a great learning aid for those learning the G1000 without the costs involved with an actual airplane Have mine hooked up with my XPlane and LOVE IT Would absolutely love for a MFD version to have the complete package Definitely worth the money                 Great App
This app is a scam It is extremely buggy and will freeze on you abount every 10 seconds Its basically a scam Interesting is also the fact that you can fly a 100kts and stay exactly in the same place The website is also very explicit Dont send us any bug reports we dont care     Scam
This is an incredibly detailed and well thought out addition to any home simulator Will save you a lot of time and money if you are in flight school                 Awesome
Please note that this app does not include the MFD You have to purchase the MFD app separately AND it can only run on a second iPad how many people have 2 iPads This is a big difference from the PC simulator from Garmin and makes the app pretty useless for me Im going to try to get my money back     Only half an app
I love this app I have been flying the G1000 for 3 years and in just one hour of practice on this app I learned things I didnt know I used it standalone and with FSX and now I can truly simulate what I fly This is a great app                 Great
The app crashes so often it is difficult to appreciate how beautiful this simulation is The buttons respond quite slow as well Looking forward to improvements           crashes and button response
This is a great app Worth getting it to study prep for IFR and to stay current in knowledge I wish for next version they would have the MFD screen as well screen to the right I get them confused some times              Great App whats Next
It feels great to setup the iPad at instrument distance with this app and then put the virtual cockpit on the tv at viewing distance I do have difficulty getting the mfd and pfd apps to connect over blue tooth and wish there was a wifi option I usually can get it on the 3rd or 4th try The dev is working on a hardware adapter to add the actual nobs I cant wait to see it                 Works well with fsx steam
Its very nice but waiting for mfd           missing mfd
As a licensed pilot I am pretty demanding about what I want to use to enhance my simulated flying You just raised the realism level on my home GA cockpit significantly And even better it didnt cost me 5k to add a functional G1000 to my setup I can honestly say this is the best 10 I ever spent in the app market I cant wait to add the MFD module to my cockpit so consider me a presale Keep up the awesome work Gwen                 Thank you
While Im sure stability will improve over time currently I cant finish a flight without either the PFD or the MFD crashing Looking forward to the next major release           Not stable enough when paired with MFD
Great G1000 training app A few flaws inaccuracies but remarkably accurate overall Good job Would like MFD too              Pretty Good
Works perfect good learning tool                 Works perfect

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