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Digital Cyclone , the publisher behind many iOS app (Hurricane Hunter ,Garmin Pilot My-Cast Aviation Weather and Flight Planning ,My-Cast Weather Radar ,Garmin GTN Trainer ,nüWeather by Garmin ,Little Weather), brings Garmin Pilot My-Cast Aviation Weather and Flight Planning with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Garmin Pilot My-Cast Aviation Weather and Flight Planning app has been update to version 4.2.2 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • several different split screen options and a "Direct To" button..
  • This makes flight planning portable and a real pleasure..

Overall Satisfactionc59
Excellent upgrade in time for Sun n fun - Track Up.
A great aviation app for preflight and then flying the route.
This is the best aviation app I have used.
Better than all others.
Best user interface and in flight use.
Fun & Engagingc34
Excellent upgrade in time for Sun n fun - Track Up.
Interface seamless when in a fast paced cockpit.
- Full of useful features.
Gets better everyday.
Production Valuesc70
Best user interface and in flight use.
Ease of Usec37
Very intuitive and easy to use - even in flight.
the product is intuitive and easy to use.
There were a few bugs though.
Updates & Supportc27

Excellent upgrade in time for Sun n fun -
my favorite among Foreflight and WingX. found in 8 reviews
This is the best aviation app I have used. found in 8 reviews
I'm a professional pilot. found in 2 reviews
Need multiple scratch pad pages or tabs with a. found in 2 reviews
Traffic Pattern Direction. found in 1 reviews
Track Up. found in 4 reviews
Gets better everyday. found in 1 reviews
I garmin app for planning & situational awareness. found in 5 reviews
Trying to quickly find a destination frequency with Foreflight is shockingly difficult. found in 3 reviews
A great aviation app for preflight and then flying the route. found in 11 reviews
Nice for a free app. found in 1 reviews
and your surprise and delight will go on for days. found in 1 reviews
flight planning charts interactive maps weather briefing resources and navigation capabilities. found in 1 reviews
- Full of useful features. found in 1 reviews
Super accurate and nice to fly with. found in 1 reviews
Add in a consistent touch screen interface as with their panel mounts. found in 1 reviews
The other thing is it costs $ 99 per year after 30 days. found in 3 reviews
Purchased gdl 39 ads-b receiver. found in 13 reviews
No international airport databases. found in 1 reviews
unhelpful customer service. found in 4 reviews
The approach charts also don't have the expiration date on them. found in 2 reviews
but lately they have been falling behind. found in 1 reviews
I am unable to use ANY IAPs or airport diagrams. found in 8 reviews
Not for Use Outside of USA. found in 1 reviews
What REALLY needs is Nav data displayed in map. found in 3 reviews
pre loaded flight plan is super annoying because it can't be deleted. found in 2 reviews
Terrible Quality Charts. found in 1 reviews
You can't change the input type. found in 1 reviews
Still the same problems with the radar images not refreshing. found in 3 reviews
I deleted the NC IAP cycle to re -download. found in 5 reviews
Map display to select charts is screwed up. found in 2 reviews
Don't think they tried too hard on this one. found in 1 reviews
Needs Printing Capabilty. found in 1 reviews
What REALLY needs is
Nav data displayed in map. found in 2 reviews
Poor airport info / no R hand traffic patterns listed. found in 14 reviews
New version broke VRF/ IFR charts. found in 5 reviews
1 until the bugs are fixed and the app works. found in 3 reviews
Why does the app force you to keep one. found in 8 reviews
really buggy with no Garmin support fix yet. found in 5 reviews
The program isn't retaining my selected flight plans on the map. found in 48 reviews
a pre loaded flight plan that can't be deleted. found in 4 reviews
app updates in background and requires internet connection to start. found in 6 reviews
No synthetic vision yet. found in 5 reviews
try to re -install and it freezes during install. found in 5 reviews
the widgets and map overlays just stopped acquiring data. found in 4 reviews
Optimized for newer iPad means incompatible with the old. found in 3 reviews

The Garmin Pilot My-Cast Aviation Weather and Flight Planning is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 9.5 MB to download. The new Garmin Pilot My-Cast Aviation Weather and Flight Planning app version 4.2.2 has been updated on 2014-11-18. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and ix.Mac.MarketingName. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
Bottom Line: For more information about Garmin Pilot My-Cast Aviation Weather and Flight Planning check developer Digital Cyclone`s website :

Garmin Pilot My-Cast is an aviation-centric weather and flight planning application designed specifically for general aviation, corporate and commercial pilots. Pilot My-Cast allows subscribers to view comprehensive weather information for your route or airport of ...
Ive been running electronic flight bags now for about 10 years Ive used all sorts of softwarehardware combinations during that time including Jeppesen AnyWhere Map ForeFlight Windows tablets etc I also owned various generations of Garmin and Magellan GPS units None of the above are as useful reliable and intuitive as the Garmin PilotIpadGDL69 3D Im running now Regardless of the other apps features the fact that Garmin is the only one with a dynamic map puts the others out of the running Also the GDL69 3D gives me what Ive always wanted a reliable and inexpensive attitude indicator backup I couldnt be happier with the utility and safety provided by this app As an aside Im a retired Naval Aviator who learned dead reckoning navigation during flight school My life would have been much less exciting in so many ways if this technology had been available during the Cold War                 Excellent app
Ive tried them all Garmins nav app is nowhere close to the other guys Blurry scanned sectionals terrainobstacle layers obscure everything when youre flight planning on the ground everything is RED no document storage meaningless Stadium TFRs every venue in the nation is simply blue all the time no indication as to when the TFR is active annotations on plates get ERASED with the next 28day cycle chart update no terrain profile etc etc I just spent 38k updating avionics in my airplane GTN750 etc and found this app on iPad mini unusable Really disappointing        Way behind the curve
Ive been testing Garmin pilot for a few days and its a great product for very quickly gathering information like procedure charts frequencies airport info and has ship on plate included unlike fore flight where extras are a lot extra money Some gripes flight plan entering is a little conflicting You can tap something on the map and quickly go direct to it however it wont amend that to your flight plan If you have several fixes entered in a flight plan you cant go direct to one if you are bypassing a previous line item You have to manually edit the typing Getting fuel required and en route time remaining requires two three deep taps only in the flight plan menu to get those crucial numbers You cant just display time remaining on the main map Its good could be better Six bucks a month isnt too bad for the easy availability of info Even better with adsb weather functionality though I dont own the antenna              Good product
This app worked really well but I now cannot get the DUATS briefing if my enroute time is less than 1 hour I cannot file a flight plan is the enroute time is less than an hour Once you have these errors there is nothing that can be done to correct or change it No amount of tweaking will get your briefing or plan filed Also the feature where you tap an item on the map screen used to instantaneously allow you to select from the wheel of options Now it has a spinning wait thing that happens Many times in an IFR environment you need something now You dont want to wait 30 seconds for the spinning to stop Once these issues are corrected it will go back to being awesome           Went from awesome to broken with this version
The most powerful function of this apps is the synthetic vision on the iPhone The menu layout is cool an all But the overall function is very complicated Unlike foreflight that is very intuitive and to the point no need for confusion           Good not great
It seems to me like you guys are behind falling further behind and not trying to catch up Im considering the switch to ForeFlight if I dont see improvements soon           Good but lacking recent innovations
Still need to maintain a Foreflight subscription due to the lack of airport info For example no runway info for 09FA have to use Foreflight Info about nearby restaurants is spotty so need Foreflight to find a place to stop and eat For example the Runway Cafe on the field at KSEF isnt even listed Nearby Hotels Forget about it must use Foreflight again Garmin Pilot is no help when planning an overnight stop Ironically this info is in the AOPA directory on the Garmin 696 Finally would be nice to have a way to provide feedback to Garmin about the app but no feedback link is provided or at least made obvious           Airport info needs improvement
Does everything my 20000 Aspen does in my panel All the usual Garmin functions in their panel and mobile applications plus terrain obstacles and synthetic vision Add a Garmin GDL39D antenna and get attitude too Beautiful A must have                 Spectacular on iPad mini
The most recent update for this program broke the ability to get a DUATS brief as the estimated time enroute does not fit the DUATS system This takes a very solid app from well above average to a below average one as a pilot now needs to use other avenues for a weather briefing Also because of update changes it is not possible to file a flight plan because of the changes that Garmin apparently made to the estimated time enroute and fuel quantity Whenif Garmin fixes this issue this app will be significantly better Id give it a 5star rating if that were fixed As of now this app only has usefulness to me because I own a GDL39     Most recent update is awful
For constantly nagging me to update my pilot information with the only option to Remind me Later How about never I paid a lot of money for this subscription quit nagging me And while youre at it why doesnt Garmin work on the speed of their data servers The app often takes forever to downloadupdate weather pireps and other layers For the amount we pay for this their servers should not be the weak link These slooow speeds happen when on an extremely fast broadband connection     Thumbs Down
First the latest version crashes and wont restart if you try to reconfigure the logbook fields Only way around it is to uninstall and reinstall MAJOR issue if it happens just be for a flight or inflight like it happened to me gladly I have JeppFD and Foreflight as well Need to fix this PRONTO Bundle Jeppesen plates and nav data like you do in your avionics and this app will be a world wide rock star Until then youll live in the shadows of Foreflight           Latest Rev crashes room for improvement
Ive been a Garmin Pilot user since version 10 and the latest addition is great I specially like the Garmin base map which looks similar to the G1000 base map Keep up the great work guys                 Great app
When I turn on the app it askes me if i want to report the crash Before I chose any of the options I quits On and on     The app crashes as soon as I turn it on
I was flying Ill lets practice approached today The application shut down I rebooted and shut down again Once I landed I call text support and theyre only suggestion was to delete the application and to reinstall via the App Store Interesting techsupport also responded that they were not aware of any known issues with version 62 which is a bit surprising noting all of the comments on this website This version is the fixed right away     62 not good
Latest update has MAJOR bug that completely freezes the app if you happen to leave while on the airport info page Absolutely unbelievable Only fix is to delete everything and re download all charts etc FIX THIS     Dangerous eternal loading screen Beware
Its awesome Georeferenced approach plates are a must Integration via Flightstream to your GTN series NavCom makes it unparalleled                 Best aviation app out there
Can also confirm that the app randomly gets stuck on loading in a state that cant be rescued Unbelievable this wasnt caught in testing This is a serious safety issue and therefore the app is getting booted from my cockpit     Dangerously Buggy
If you dont adjust the logbook fields it works fine If you move the fields it crashes requires reinstall Awful Can not figure out what Garmins agenda is Do they listen to their customers the pilots Pilot have been asking for a NRST iconbutton for years and they finally got around to adding it The NRST button should NOT show the text NRST but instead display the nearest airport ICAO at a glance distance and relative heading Selecting it should then proceed to the overall map and flight path Flying in IMC turbulence or both the pilot may be too busy to be pushing buttons on hisher iPad The pilot should look make a decision on the deviation then if necessary make the turn to the information displayed relative heading and distance and fly the heading Secondly the airports that appear in the horizontal bar show a distance and an arrow Does any one at Garmin realize how hard it is to see the distance value small font and the skinny little arrow in bright sunlight on a glaring iPad and try to figure out which way that arrow is pointing When it goes to NRST map page the distances and heading to the airports should appear directly underover the airport icon again I should not have to select an airport to determine what its relative heading The pilot should be able to look turn and fly The closest airport should be highlighted Then selecting the airport should draw the dashed line and flight path after selecting the airport Airspace Still no airspace altitude values B C D on the VFR vector map page Again view and know Then selecting the airspace from the radial menu highlights the area in question as presently performed On the homepage icon selection how come there isnt a NOTAM button for the selected route Wx page is the worst Please buy or steal someones weather information for the next release Speed When using it with Bluetooth and the GDL39 or a Connect 110210 the app slows down significantly like it cant handle the work load Trying to bring up a radial menu on a given airport sometimes takes multiple presses or touch and wait several seconds Code needs to be optimized For VFR pilots would like a Foreflight Like profile view Overall it is the best Garmin release since its inception Foreflight and WingX still provide more functions but honestly there is a point where too many functions and information begin to slow the application down The whole idea to flying with an iPad EFB is to be able to gather information quickly at a glance and dig deeper for more information as needed This application does a pretty good job of doing that Also Garmin updates are notorious for taken six to eight months while other apps of the same type are updated much more frequently Good news is that if a pilot uses Foreflight it is now compatible with the Connect 110210 bluetooth streaming along with the GDL8488 and youll get Foreflights awesome weather information as well        Crashes during log book adjustments
I like what theyve done with the gld39 Connext support Warning You have to perform the firmware update and then forget then pair again after Once I did that it is working much better than in the past Very excited to fly with it now                 Gdl39 improvement
From day one pairing to either iPad Mini or iPad Air was hit and miss Now Garmin Pilot is freezing on both platforms There is nothing like having a screen freeze in midair on a cross country flight Absolutely pitiful Additionally and only for the short time when it did work youd have to switch to home screen to slide over to SynVis Horrible to have such poor performance on the worlds number one tablet And this coming from the producer of the G1000 Really pitiful     Fails Continuously on iPad Air
Have used many flying apps back to early days on a pocket pc Like having a handheld GTN750 maybe better Coupled with a flight stream with adsb the traffic screen with target trend in split screen mode is amazing flight plan changes from the GTN automatically update instantly many other really nice features                 used many this is now the best excellent with flight stream
Due to the recent software version 742 you cannot file a flight plan The app is excellent except for this new version does not work I called support and they could not give me a timeframe to fix this problem with a new revision        App does not work now
If you view the airports page specifically the fbo section and leave the app when you open it the next time it hangs up and gives a perpetual loading message Nothing corrects it other than deleting the app and reloading it This is a repeatable bug     Serious bug in latest version
This latest update has completely made this app unusable and Garmin has made no effort to address the issues or to communicate the problems to pilots who pay a premium annual license to use this app Weather briefs and flight plan filing is no longer working Unbelievable that Garmin puts out software without testing it This happens time and time again Only difference this time is that they messed up an extremely important part of the app Contact Garmin support and after waiting for several days for a response they come back with no eta on a fix and not willing to roll back to prior version to they figure it out     Wow Cant believe how poorly Garmin is managing this app
Previous versions had bugs and I gave poor review After more than a year using the app I now have a changed viewit is GREAT Latest versions of app have been stable and bug free I just installed flight steam 210 in my gns530 gdl39 equipped airplane Pilot and the GNS talk well with each other syn vis is neat aid Can enter flt plan with airways on app then upload to gns Enroute changes can be made on either devicewhichever is easiestand then synced to other If you have Garmin in your panel this is the only way to go                 Wowgetting it right
Wowthats amazing                 Sina
Great app and have used it for over a year After upgrading my IPad it has developed a bug when in the airport page and it goes into an eternal loading condition from which there is no escape              Loading bug
Very stable and easy to use especially if you are used to other garmin products                 Perfect for pilot
Well the blurry charts have improved The little radial menu is pretty intuitive But the app charges for every little thing including refusing to show any terrain info without additional money even though it says terrain is included in the subscription features for the basic low cost plan Right next to the button where you pay The frequencies list is a mess Should be ATISAWOS TOWER GROUND UNICOM then others But is alphabetical The freq list for KSFO is about fifty frequencies before you find tower Not good under stress in flight No weight and balance No auto filling of plane info based on type or N numberhard to hit tiny button to get to main menu etc        Needs improvement
Between recent update from version 61 and 62 this application stopped working I just get a black screen with GARMIN in the middle of it This is dangerous and needs an immediate fix     Private pilot at DRT
I used the app for 2 years now and love it However there is little things that take a lot of time to fix or improve I wish the team were listening to their customers Things that i wish to see 1 Ability to annotate and write notes on the navigation maps and charts 2 More advanced annotation options including write text on the approach charts and thinner marking lines the smallest one is still very bold           I love this app
I have had 4 instances over the past year where the app locks up trying to verify the subscriptions I was told that a new release would solve the problem This happened again a few days ago and was told a release release was coming soon In the meantime I was told to delete and the reload the app which is not possible while in flight Do not use this app in flight     Do not use in flight
Not working with iOS8 on iPhone6 When clicking on Pilot Information or Aircraft or User Waypoints or Trip Planning it doesnt work and opens the Subscriptions page over and over On my iPad3 and iPad2 not on iOS8 it works fine Garmin love your products but we need app that work Saturday and Sunday I had to use another product as Garmin Pilot was not working I fly again Monday and then Wednesday I hope it is working by then     Broken on iOS8please fix ASAP
Bug filled update that randomly stops working I am trying to find paper charts for a trip I have this afternoon Pay attention Garmin I have Garmin avionics in my plane but this is making me think twice next time I need some avionics you guys have some smart people working there get it right and to management dont force things to market that are not ready     Has worked great
You left me in a bad position on my last flight The VFRIFR charts no longer work when not connected to WiFi Like when actually flying I do not carry paper charts You left me in a bad position I can no longer trust your product Please give me back the last version It worked It works as long as you are connected to WiFi So I thought it was working until I got in the air You are going to get someone killed Please fix ASAP     New version broke VRFIFR charts
Crashed 20 times on my iphone today All other programsapps running just fine     Review
When my app works is great but over the past few releases Ive had crippling bugs 1 Last it was the flight planning bug The entire app would freeze and I would have to force close the app Simply filing an IFR plan was a bear often remedied by calling the FSS 2 In its current release I am unable to use ANY IAPs or airport diagrams GREAT Half the reason I use this app They all showed as not downloaded they were I deleted the NC IAP cycle to redownload but now simply clicking the cycle to download it crashes the app to the home screen UGH As of now Im sitting in the RDU GA terminal hoping an app redownload will solve the issue           Bugs
Updated review for 742 As others are reporting flight planning is now a broken feature because there is no way to get briefing data Since it is a big part of the pilots workflow it dramatically degrades the apps value The app still gives the option for DTS and CSC DUATS but the FAA discontinued DTS support Now the only option is CSC This is broken and can get updates because of a bug in this version of the Garmin Pilot App Error EnrouteTime doesnt match pattern It didnt seem to matter what ETE was entered less than an hour more than an hour etc The error always occurs You cant go back to using DTS and there is no integration with the FAA approved Lockheed Martin weather brief and flight plan filing Old Review While the latest release promises new features for iPad users pilots with an iphone will be frustrated The most common tasks are impossible Take flight planning You use the FPL button and can enter waypoint identifiers andor work directly on the map But there is no way to the file the flight plan or get a brief Those are trip planning actions which are totally separate and there is no way to go from one to the other The app even prevents simple copypaste from the flight plan text field Its as if they were developed by two different companies Stranger still is the fact you can bookmark a flight plan and you can save a trip plan but they are not the same implantation so you still cant perform the two tasks together Intuitive pilot workflow is not one of the Gain Pilot strengths     CSC DUATS is the only option and its broken
I just wasted 2999 hoping to see an upgraded better APP than before but saw the opposite Garmin used to have weather radar charts with great graphics but have now replaced them with crappy NOAA radar Caution     Downscaled Crappy APP now
Easy To use But one problem Not all international airports jepessen charts are included in the database              Perfect for pilots
Run dont walk away from this app On hold for over 1 hour and still no help I paid over 250 for three subscription services and they are not showing up on my Garmin account Apple has them paid but no record to Garmin The whole setup procedure is archaic and needs revamping So now I need to be on hold for even more time to resolve this mess     The worst customer service
App crashes when changing settings for logbook features Turning off instructor certificate expiration causes app to crash The only recourse is to delete app and reinstall     Love it
Missing features Would be nice to have features including traffic and weather overlay onto the approach plates Also nice to have a split screen view of the approach plate and say the AHRS info from fs210 or gdl39 3d Fs210 and garmin 430w is a nice combo with the garmin pilot app           Missing features
After flying for 2 years with Foreflight app i downloaded the garmin app thinking it would be better since garmin is a leader in avionics industry Purchased the iFR premium with georeferenced charts Well ill start by that gero reference charts only works on approach not in arrivals or departures procedures and they still havent fixed the issue that they state in version 622 i was trying to look for an airway will enroute and when i tried to zoom in it will only diplay a grey screen it worked great when zoomed out but i couldnt read anything in the chart now i will have to see how to go about a refund with itunes and garmin i wished ive never had purchased this app     Review
It has to see a cell tower If it doesnt then things dont work even if you have downloaded the content prior So what is the problem altitude If you fly low its a great tool If you fly high goodbye        One big flaw
I have been flying with this combo for about 4 months and am generally happy with both The GDL is hard wired to an external antenna The main downside to this setup is Bluetooth vs wifi About 35 of the time the iPad says its connected but the app doesnt think so Must reboot one or both to make it work I live in Southern California and file IFR often I really miss the ability to automatically file tower enroute control routings as you can with other apps Also it would be nice to be able to dim the screen at night without leaving the app              Pilot and GDL69
Well I got Garmin pilot pro as a free subscription for a year from my school I used to use foreflight and It took about a year to get used to Garmin but I absolutely love it now and renewed my subscription After trying foreflight xwing and garmin I feel garmin is the most intuitive There is a learning curve but once you get used to it it really makes sense There are very few things I would change with the app                 College student commercial instrument
I am a professional aviator that has been using electronic kit bags for years I use the Garmin Pilot for my personal plane and travel In August the app crashed in flight rendering it completely useless until I landed and reestablished an Internet connection Garmin said it was a known problem with users who had renewed their subscription in the last 7 to 10 days Just this past weekend I was traveling from my home airport which is adjacent to KAFW to another airport for the weekend I knew that a TFR had been established at KAFW due to the arrival and presence of the Thunderbirds However the Garmin pilot app DID NOT seem to know it even though the TFR was in effect for most of the week It was listed on the FAA site and Foreflight was displaying it prominently Once again the Garmin pilot drops the ball and leaves you dangerously exposed When I brought it up to Garmin this morning I was told The problem would be passed on to somebody else and was repeatedly just asked if I had checked Duats Garmin seems to be missing the point        Garmin pilot drops the ball
Not only does the predictive waypoint feature not appear to actually work but now every airport is listed as Has No Instrument Procedures Not cool Garmin     Buggy useless update
Awesome program even better if you have the receiver                 Great Program

Garmin Pilot My-Cast Aviation Weather and Flight Planning WeatherGarmin Pilot My-Cast Aviation Weather and Flight Planning WeatherGarmin Pilot My-Cast Aviation Weather and Flight Planning WeatherGarmin Pilot My-Cast Aviation Weather and Flight Planning WeatherGarmin Pilot My-Cast Aviation Weather and Flight Planning WeatherGarmin Pilot My-Cast Aviation Weather and Flight Planning WeatherGarmin Pilot My-Cast Aviation Weather and Flight Planning WeatherGarmin Pilot My-Cast Aviation Weather and Flight Planning WeatherGarmin Pilot My-Cast Aviation Weather and Flight Planning WeatherGarmin Pilot My-Cast Aviation Weather and Flight Planning WeatherGarmin Pilot My-Cast Aviation Weather and Flight Planning WeatherGarmin Pilot My-Cast Aviation Weather and Flight Planning Weather

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