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Telmate, LLC , the publisher behind many iOS app (Telmate Guardian ,GettingOut Visits ,GettingOut), brings GettingOut with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. GettingOut app has been update to version 1.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


The GettingOut is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 6.4 MB to download. The new GettingOut app version 1.0 has been updated on 2014-08-14. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
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GettingOut provides simple and reliable inmate communication services helping friends and family to stay connected. With our free mobile app, you can easily make deposits, send messages, manage your account and more, all on the ...
Great idea keep in touch with your loved ones on the go but poorly executed You have to scroll all the way down when you open the messages it should go right to the latest message just like your phone messaging does It overlaps the messages as you go down so you cant see them and also cuts them off as if there is a character limit So you still have to get on the computer to see your messages Money deposit system works fine but that doesnt do any good if you cant also use the messaging aspect In summation go back outside come in and try it again     Needs refinement
The app wont even open Please fix this as soon as possible My boyfriend is in jail and it would be great to get to use this app     FIX IT
With this new update the posts are on too of each other and you cant read them Please fix ASAP           Cant read posts since the update on 103114
It cuts of the bottom of messages messages are on top of each other it keeps logging you out in the middle of a message I uninstalled it because I hated it so much but reinstalled it only because its easier to type my emails through the app Telmate is a horrible company all around Their customer service is the worst Ive probably ever dealt with They know full well their service is a monopoly its not like we have a choice in who to use for our phone email and video visits So we are stuck with terrible service all around     Latest update horrible
This corporation making 25 cents per message to let us talk to loved ones we dont get to see 25 cents a photo and in some cases 6 bucks a phone call they cant even have a functioning app OR website Are you kidding me Theyre making bank off of people who miss their family and you cant even provide a proper service app for them Fix your app fix your website because as it stands neither should have been launched publicly     This app is a joke
Before the update I would have given the app 4 stars since it makes it really easy for me to communicate with my friend But since I downloaded the new update all of the messages are unreadable and now Im having to go through Safari to read my messages Already tried deleting the app and re downloading Please fix this     Horrible update
Very very good But I dont have a notification when my son wrote me in spite I put alert notification with sound Whats wrong                 IP
I have to use the webbased program to use telmate now Since I upgraded when I click on a persons name the app just quits I tried restarting and even reinstalling but to no avail I hope a fix is coming for this soon so I can better stay in communication           Used to work but not since upgrade
I have sprint who wont allow collect calls and no debit card to set up an account so Ive been unable to accept calls or communicate and I was miserable knowing he was trying to reach me and I had to hang upnow I can communicate with him Awesome app                 Thank you
Im happy with the most recent update in terms of the message bubbles not overlapping Im having issues with the syncing of the messages and any notification to let me know when I have a message When I go into app to see if there are any messages it says there was an error and kicks me out Also I dont get notified when my Husband sends a messageso I have to constantly go into the app and refresh it in order to see any new messages Please look into these issues Thank you        Could use another update
Telmate needs to fix the problem ASAP I thought it was just a problem with MY phone but now I see that its the app itself     Needs to be fixed
Finally a tool that helps me to stay in contact with my incarcerated friend no matter where I am Not only does it easily allow me to send messages but I can make deposits and manage my account as well Thanks for a totally cool app                 Awesome tool
Charge 8 to deposit 20 then take4 more for inmate to transfer to phone then charge 6 for a 15 minute phone call Not to mention the awful app You guys are def smart making a ginormous profit but come on     Awful
The Apis really useful but its not worth all that you have to put up with message sync errors when u get a message its on top of the other messages like actually on top of the other messageslets get some updates please     Where do I start
Im so excited to see this Thank you for making it easy for people to connect despite the circumstances                 Thank you
If I could give this 0 stars I would Please fix this This is literally the most horribly functioning app I have ever HAD to use in my whole life So many glitches If there were other companies that supplied inmate communication services telmate would have no business This service is terrible as a whole     Worstworstjustawful
Would really be better if I could sign in Because I used my phone number to create my account I cant sign in with it on the app as it requires an email address Really wish that would be resolved        Cant sign in
Im happy I can stay in touch with my loved one But please fix the notification I have to constantly check for a message Also would be nice if the message showed up right away and not hours later if even at all IMO with the money this company makes off families of incarcerated this app should be working WAY better than it is        Mediocre
It just shuts down immediately     Cant open app
This will not let me log onto the app and keeps taking me to my home screen This needs to be fixed     Poor
Cuts off every message The bug fixes from latest update have only given me horrible bugs I wish I could go back Its the only way I can talk with my brother and now I cant even read his whole message Please fix     Please fix the bug fixes from latest update
Dont get me wrong I like the fact that we are able to communicate with our love ones but theres still some issues Like the times are off I dont get notified when I do get a message and I cant make a deposit thru the app It always tell me my email is invalid Adding sound to the notifications would be great It would also be great if it was compatible with the newest iOS software        Needs minor issues to be fixed
It was working great till it upgraded and now I cant even open the app Soon as I open it it kicks me right out My fiancé father of my child is incarcerated so itd be nice to be able to open this app bc it was very convenient before when I was out Now I have to open it on a web browser Which isnt a problem I would just like the convenience back    
It worked fine for me until the update now it wont even open This needs to be fixed ASAP     FIX THE PROBLEM
Now the time and date is off I dont receive notifications The app needs to be compatible with the software update for the iPhone It was working great until this iPhone update Its very disappointing Adding sound with the notifications would be good Fix the minor bugs        Not compatible with the newest software update
This app can help you deposit thats it     Waste
If I gave this app 5 starsId be saying its working perfectly Im EXTREMLY GRATEFUL Telmate made an iPhone app where I can communicate with my love However the UI is a bit weird Theres this weird scrolling the app does on its onif you are typing or reading the most current message the messages start bouncing as if you are scrolling the page Also updates should include me being able to see my profile as well as add photos videos from my mobile devicebeings he iPhone is the selfie king Otherwise well done Also consideration to allow video chats via your mobile device should also be included in the app Hopefully this is feedback that can help Telmate grow              Well done Im just happy I get to speak tosee him
I give this app 2 stars because the problem is how its hard to see the messages when you have to try to keep scrolling all the way down to see the message from the inmate When the file gets full it makes it harder to read what they send I think the new messages should be at the top please fix ASAP Other then that I would rate this 5 stars because its a good way to communicate with the inmates        Fix ASAP
It was a great app at first but ever since the update I have not been able to use it It kicks me out right away This needs to be fixed right away please Many people depend on this app so we can communicate with our loved ones Please fix it    
Im very happy about this upgrade The texts dont overlap anymore and when I open a thread it starts from the recent one The timedate is great too Only thing in my opinion is the notification system I have to check it constantly manually As to when I log into my tablet it rings when I receive a message Overall Ive had a positive outcome from this update on my iPhone 6 Thank you              All smiles
Please fix notification alerts Have to open and refresh app constantly to get new messages Also read receipts would be a great add     Still buggy
This new update is horrible When you click on the message it shows the very first message oldest making you have to scroll down to the newest message But you cant scroll down far enough to read it and messages are on top of each other This made me give 1 star otherwise it would be 5 Please fix immediately     Update made worse
After sending a few texts messages you can no longer see the most recent message due to the layout You would think for as much money as this service charges the app would be more user friendly than this So far Ive had nothing but bad experiences with the entire system Dropped calls unreadable text The entire thing is a mess Simply a waste of money Your better off driving to the facility and having a face to face visit     Now I see what everyone is upset about
Terrible The messages overlap the other messages and they go under the key board so you cant see the rest of the message Fix it asap     Fix it
Like the other reviews the messages are always right on top of each other making it almost impossible to read some messages I have drag my message up to be able to read it No notifications could it be that the time and dates are off Other than minor issues with messageswhich is all the app is good for besides fast deposits it can be a 5     Can be a 5
App will not even open     Horrible
Great concept to keep in touch but I never get notifications even though they are turned on I have to keep returning to the app and refreshing to see if I have new messages Then loved one thinks you are ignoring them which is the worst considering Great idea and convenient but needs a quality update     Need major work
Since phone update to iOS 9 it has made chat move ahead 24 hours and dont get notifications anymore     Updated
Your last update made it worse When you click a message it goes to the top of the original message and you cant scroll down to the newest one     Bug fix
Its gotten better since the upgrade now messages just take forever to sync And READ RECEIPTS PLEASE        READ RECEIPTS PLEASE

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