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Michael Vokes , the publisher behind many iOS app (Summary Text - Free Summize scanning ,block Boy SKINS for minecraft PE ,Ghostcom Communicator Pro ,Best custom skins hd for minecraft pe ,Translate Pro - Translator, Dictionary, Voice ,Best Download maps for minecraft PE), brings Ghostcom Communicator Pro with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Ghostcom Communicator Pro app has been update to version 1.0.6 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


The Ghostcom Communicator Pro is now available for 1.990 for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It is a whopper, weighing in at 41938944, so make sure you have plenty of free space on your iOS device. The new Ghostcom Communicator Pro app version 1.0.6 has been updated on 2015-10-19.
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Ghostcom Communicator Pro is a startling application which attempts to receive messages and drawings from the spirit world. Ghost Communicator: Ghostcom Ghost Communicator is a truly remarkable application that attempts to receive messages from the spirits. Simply ...
I was able to communicate with pets that have crossed over The messages even included their names I kid you not It really freaked me out at first but then it was comforting especially when they said we are all around I just lost three cats this year and it is a comfort to know they are still with me I showed my elderly mother and she got communication with her mothers sister including her name which is an uncommon russian name Not sure how it works but definitely recommend                     Heard from deceased pets Susjjan
I use this app every now and again Sometimes a face appears that s kinda cool The words that appear seem to answer questions but it can go one way or the other depending on the order of the words Still a bit skeptical but its still a fun way to pass time during a really boring meeting                 Still translating Milliepants
My husband and I love this app We can turn it on anytime and get random messages that usually will relate to something in our live It s totally cool every now and then we catch a face in the words part that usually is quick to disappear or the screen all the sudden Shatters which is even weirder but still cool Love this app                     Best ghost app ever Lucious1jb
This is fun for sure however my vote is still out as far as authenticity I would recommend this for fun though with a few synchronized happenings while using it I currently live in one of Americas most haunted towns so will keep experimenting with this             Spiritualist Flesh for LuLu
Accurate messages about my life kinda blew my mind but I truthfully say this is a good app                     Very good Mamagx7
The best part about this app is how unpredictable it is compared to so many others I have tried I have never received the same message or drawing twice You can t type your own words into it or record your own voice over a microphone Considering these facts this tool has been surprisingly accurate and responsive in my opinion I lost my older brother way too soon very unexpectedly less than a year ago We were incredibly close and a huge part of me died along with him I have felt lost ever since this tragic event in my life The worst part is the surplus of unanswered lingering questions I was left with I try my best to keep busy but it s impossible to move forward without some type of closure My brother was extremely clairvoyant and a man of strong faith Since he departed this world he has sent me many signs I have even felt him around me at times so much that I get chills it feel the need to respond I often speak to him in my mind when I place my finger on the screen of this communicator Based on the answers and pictures I have gotten I know in my heart it is him I have seen his words face Thank you for this remarkable comfort during what has been the most difficult time of my life                     Best spirit app I have ever come across Aimeebs
Images and messages all don t make any sense but it sure is fun             Message doesn t make sense Imee2017
I always turn down your music and up mine and I get a positive reading every time because there is no source of evil or sickness only a Source of good Try that if you want to truly connect with pure positive Innate intelligence and not just thought forms Great app Abraham Hicks and the playful message will be there for you lol thanks for designing this I ve been looking for one that isn t just words and set pictures This is the real thing Law of Attraction people will get this                     Non physical likes this app Dr. Christina Sunday
As a psychic medium already I like to test these apps for fun but this is the first app that I have found to be 100 accurate It s great if you are already in tune with spirit and i level if you are not The circle when it stops and the messages comes through the energy feels like a portal opens and allows the spirits to come through and speak Like with everything spiritual and related to spiritual communication exercise your understanding of how energy and spirits and how they work as well as grounding and protection This is not a game Your intention is everything so when you use he app be mindful Definitely recommend                     Accurate Sally 357
I received a spiritual call today from my spiritual husband I was told by the doctors that I m dieing and he my spiritual husband called me today at 7 29pm today telling me he loves me and he wants me to be with him this app confirmed that he was the one calling my phone thank u all keep up the great work                     I talked to my spiritual husband HUMMINGBIRDLOV3
Ghosts have never existed and this app proves it Nonsensical jumbled words the user is supposed to make personal sense of mixed with an automatic drawing portion that owes everything to pareidolia and a bunch of images that could already be misconstrued as faces and figures already on the board stretch the limits of sheer goofiness Sometimes a jump scare face will peer out at you Again ghosts have never existed     Goofy jthompson
Feels like it can help open the quantum real just a bit Good work so far                     Ghostcom Kenekiel
I ve had some good experiences with this app and yet some confusing ones One good thing I can say for sure about this app is that you are given warnings of malevolent spirits trying to come through and to close the app quickly I appreciate that I have also seen some unfamiliar faces in the window including a little boy who keeps showing up I ve seen several other different faces come up but this one keeps coming through for some reason One message reflected a previous conversation that I had with my husband earlier that day and it was some advice that I didn t expect Still curious about this app though Today is 6 23 2017 and when I first began to use this app I was able to see faces Now I only see words and no faces I used to see a Native American a little boy and an elderly woman I mostly see words and a cracked screen that prevents me from reading the message In the beginning this app was interesting and I was intrigued by it but now it s just gotten boring             Warnings are given when necessary Great She Wolf
The very first time I used this app something came through so spot on it was actually terrifying It had the name of this really scary woman I knew who cursed me but then she died It said her name and that I did her wrong Which I didn t But let me tell you I about peed my pants                     Freaked me out Teana Beana
I must admit I got this app for pure entertainment I didn t really expect anything to occur I was highly curious about the nature of the circle print and how it would work what all the writing around the circle meant At first I just would get random messages till one day it started answering questions I was having in my head That s when it caught my attention My grandmother came through and it said on the circle the last words she spoke to me the night before she tragically died in a fire These were not ordinary words That s how I know she came through Another night I dreamed of my conure bird which died many years ago I did the drawing part of the app and low and behold there was a bird Feathers and all No need to convince me this app is real                     Convinced Mummy of four
I just purchased this app and it seems to be stuck in the Communicator room Can t get back to main menu to go into the Automatic Drawing screen             Can t get back to main screen Luci.d
The drawing feature is terrible                 More update Kablaum
To good to be real I swear i saw my granbabys face I miss him so much                 Idk seems to be BrenL58
Great app cool messages                     Love it GuardianAngel1783
Pretty neat                     Neat Gamielke
I love this app I m a believer for sure A name that came up the 2nd time I used it was Aoife The reason that this is significant is because a couple of months ago that name was spelled out on my pendulum board So ya I m a believer                     The name J one s
I ve been using this app for a while now and I never saw a picture in the circle until today For some boy I never seen before from along time ago it flashed before a message came through It s weird sometimes I think it works other times I don t It says things but it could just be random answers that makes sense to me because I can relate it to something now because it s actually happening from the spirit in real time So I Dont know                     Weird Pheonix Oracle
I like this app It s interesting to see the responses I just don t understand the drawings They don t make any sense to me yet                 baddoghouse
It s cute as long as you consider it a game not real automatic drawing is just white splotches Not worth the money         Not the real thing Dolly-g
So far it seems give me a lot of details My grandfather gave me a message through here Gave four stars because I m still trying to figure out how accurate it really is                 Still trying to understand SunoCarzie
The hidden meanings in the words leave you second guessing urself and keep u thinking Once you solve the meaning you re like wow so true Cool app get it                     Awesome I call him mittens, idk
First time I used this app an older woman s face appeared then message has this happened to anyone cuz it only happened once creepy             A face instead of words Brutusbradshaw
Being clairvoyant I can already see ghosts and other spirits and sense them Lately I ve started drawing some of the things I see One is a bad spirit standing behind my dad it s been attached to him for a while need him to know it s there before it can be banished and the drawing mechanic in this app drew a picture that was like a child s attempt to replicate what I drew only two nights ago Creepy                 Downright creepily accurate Stop_popup!!
Just weird enough for me Have to look a couple times a day just to see         Strange followmybliss
I am a believer in all things paranormal This vital communication tool can be taken with a grain of salt but my opinion is it has hit everything I ask Doesn t scare me and I m in love with it You guys ROCK 3 I recommend this to any skeptic Go on try it out What do you have to lose Lol                     Interesting NobodysFallenAngel
Not sure what to think yet but it draws something I don t usually recognize and makes a garbled message with words partly out of order Comes off as somewhat real because it s seems to not be spitting out stock phrases             Promising MizMM
I ve been using this app for almost 2 years I first got it on my tablet It has predicted so much for me I use this app everyday it guides me in the right path and gives great advice don t know what I would do without it                     This app is my life Kasinicki
I refuse to give any stars to this but I had no choice It s fake just a game thru this app Funny how they have their own people write these reviews saying they got real results HA Don t bother getting this app if you are looking for something real It s definitely a fun GAME tho That s all     Terrible Kimber112
This is a waster of money and I have been ginpven the same results many times Trust me on this It s not worth it Don t waste 2 on nothing     Do not get this if you are looking for true paranormal results Jocey5623
App is a lil frustrating can you please make it where the right words fall in place instead of randomly in screen and pleaseake the drawings board plain black or somethin Please make inprovmemts prople are paying for a app please fix UPDATE PLEASE N THANKS             Random words Andrea and king Pablo
Ghostcom Communicator Pro EntertainmentGhostcom Communicator Pro EntertainmentGhostcom Communicator Pro EntertainmentGhostcom Communicator Pro EntertainmentGhostcom Communicator Pro EntertainmentGhostcom Communicator Pro EntertainmentGhostcom Communicator Pro EntertainmentGhostcom Communicator Pro EntertainmentGhostcom Communicator Pro Entertainment

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