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Description - GIF Maker – Making GIF camera, Moving and Funny photos

CY eBiz , the publisher behind many iOS app (GIF Maker – Making GIF camera, Moving and Funny photos ,조용한 연사 카메라), brings GIF Maker – Making GIF camera, Moving and Funny photos with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. GIF Maker – Making GIF camera, Moving and Funny photos app has been update to version 1.0.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.

Overall Satisfactionc31

Just wish it has an option to share to tumblr. found in 1 reviews
length available high resolution continuous shooting. found in 1 reviews
Really good app for making gifs. found in 1 reviews
I haven't seen such an easy way of doing it. found in 1 reviews
24 language versions. found in 1 reviews
gif maker camera is an application that can makes animated gif. found in 3 reviews
connects with all social media. found in 1 reviews
Its workin good. found in 1 reviews
Very welcoming interface. found in 1 reviews
Can't send in a text message. found in 1 reviews
The other gif apps I have found wont upload it correctly. found in 1 reviews
but it never bothered me. found in 1 reviews
Please did and I'll give it a higher rating. found in 1 reviews
Great app but needs work. found in 1 reviews
But a stability fix is needed. found in 1 reviews
can't save to camera roll to share on Instagram. found in 6 reviews
It survived only to crash when I tried editing the speed. found in 1 reviews
It makes gifs great but no way to export or share. found in 1 reviews
There's no way to save a gif you've created to camera roll. found in 1 reviews
No option to save to camera roll. found in 1 reviews
makes a gif but cannot save without joining their service. found in 1 reviews

The GIF Maker – Making GIF camera, Moving and Funny photos is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 16.6 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.0.0 has been released on 2014-02-25. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Requires iOS 6.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
Bottom Line: For more information about GIF Maker – Making GIF camera, Moving and Funny photos check developer CY eBiz`s website :

Make a moving photo (GIF) by using sequential pictures picture function of your camera. Share my funny and moving GIF with friends and family by making through my own expression. Characteristically express my funny, comic and lovely ...
cant save to camera roll to share on Instagram no fun Useless for me if I cant share this way Please allow to share on Instagram or capable to save gif to camera roll     Fun app but
Cant send in a text message Thats what I was really hoping to do Otherwise its a really easy and fun app           Good Tough to share
Would be Awesome if u could save to photos     Cant save to photos
Theres no way to save a gif youve created to camera roll you have to use their weird service with incoherent English     No way to save to camera roll
I like this app I really do but it would be awesome if I could put words in with my frames and decorate the gif a little Could you please put that in Thanks              I like But
This was the best app I tried after several other failed either from bugs lack of options or for the ability to just make a gif and be on your way without the fluff                 Easy Worked
After searching on the AppStore for a while I came across this tool which does exactly what I wanted it to do It helped me create a GIF from pictures that were already in my camera roll For some reason none of the more popular apps dont have this feature Also nice interface                 Fantastic
App works good to create Gifs but most everything is in Chinese or Japanese I have no idea I set it the App to ENGLISH and still most is in Chinese Even the Help Me section is in Chinese I have no clue what it says No Good     Too much Chinese needs ENGLISH Option that works
I have 3 problems with this app that would have to be improved to become a overall amazing app 1 You cant save this into your camera roll as a video In your camera roll it only shows up as the first picture in your gif 2You also cant post a video on Instagram just on Facebook and twitter This is a big issue as Instagram is one of the largest social media sites 3 Lastly this app does not allow you to share this gif as a video through a text           Could use improvment
I like it havent had any technical problems but could you please tell me how to change my username              Its workin good
Gif maker is great but no way to share through messages or instagram           Okay
There is a gif that I have been trying to make for a while but it has a lot of photos in it The other gif apps I have found wont upload it correctly so I have been trying to find another app to use This app wont let me use more than 30 photos which is only half of the gif I am not happy with that because I cant find any apps that can put together my gif correctly        Not enough photos
Great app Super easy to use Very welcoming interface and great quality Gifs Highly recommended              Nice app
This would be so much better if it didnt crash as much as it does When it workswhich it seldom doesit does its job But a stability fix is needed Not a question        Unstable
Easy to make an gif but hard to save and actually share without signing in BYE FELICIA     Cant save to camera roll
I wish you could add typed dialog like if I wanted to add a funny blooper from a movie but I cant because I cant add typed out words in the bottom Of it just because I spent a while making a gif just to find I couldnt add words to the bottom              good EXCEPT
광고만 없음 좋을텐데              좋아요
Great I have created so many gifs its free download it now                 FANTASTIC APP
I have a few problems with this app First of all you cant save it to your photo album Second you cant even post it on Instagram If these 2 problems were fixed I would give it 5 stars Otherwise good app        Needs more sharing options
This is an amazing app Its the most simplest gif maker app Ive ever used The only thing I have a problem with is the bugs Its sooo buggy Every time I would scroll through my photos to pick which ones I want to make a gif out of the app crashes And it does it multiple times It takes like 10 minutes for me to make 2 gifs because the app keeps crashing If these bugs would get fixed then I would give it 5 stars              GREAT APPBUT
I could never get the app to actually let me upload any photos It crashed each time I went to my photo gallery spelled as gallary in the app     Cute but crashes
It makes gifs great but no way to export or share     No export
Buggy app And how do I delete my gifs from the album        Buggy and cannot delete
You cant turn a saved video into a gif you can only pictures together and make that a gif What a waste     Misleading app
Some people are complaining about the app only allowing about 30 pictures per gif or something but it never bothered me I think this is a functional and fun app              Good
being able to save directly to your camera roll wout having to jump through hoops join a separate social network that is subpar not being able to have an option to save as a video clip I like how you can use this directly or piece together an animation from bursts you have takendoesnt just have to be bursts However 2 really huge things I cant stand Albums dont appear Everything is just CAMERA ROLL so if you want to start gathering pics to make an animation from the vacation you took earlier in the year youre literally scrolling though every pic that youve taken since That is annoying but what makes it even more frustrating is that it crashes before you even get there What Ive been doing is trying to animate shortly after pics are created It still crashes multiple times but since its fresh on your camera roll at least you have a fighting chance insert being held together by chewing gum and good intentions here Another option is using the camera burst option directly within the app but I find that the bursts this way are more sluggish theres more time in between bursts than if you just use the phones It comes out choppy like some Benny Hill effect and its just clunky to use wan ad on the bottom Over all 3s which is probably 1 more than it deserves cause I do like the potential of this app it just falls short and sometimes on its face           Goodbut crashes too much
Good app but it crashes more often than not        Good but crashes a lot
The app works really great I really had fun with the app but the gif cant be shared on instagram Meanwhile the reason why i need gif is to share some cool stuffs and gifs on Instagram This is really disappointing One more thing I cant view it on Photos anyways        If only
This is a great app but its always crashing which makes it really annoying to use Please did and Ill give it a higher rating Thanks           Great app but needs work
Yep makes a gif but cannot save without joining their service No option to save to camera roll     Cannot save
You cant share to camera roll That ruins the whole app              Works good but add to sharing
I like this app because its easy very simple to use that and it didnt nag me to rate it but other then that it also saved my gifs into my photo album so Im happy now I can make gifs                 Great
For a free app this one didnt have those features you always seem to need but have to pay for Easy to use and no ads popping up It has crashed a couple of times but what app hasnt                 mike185800 Free Simple
crashes way to much You cant even make ONE gif without it crashing on you     horrible
This app could be really great but I havent gotten to use it cause it crashes and glitches every time I scroll or go to my camera album Sooo annoying Do not recommend using it     CRASHES EVERY 2 SECONDS
Really good app for making gifs Just wish it has an option to share to tumblr Share your gifs on Facebook then download them on your computer and post to tumblr                 Great app
Easy fun connects with all social media emails into your personal photos                 This is it
I love this gif making app It is absolutely amazing                 Amazing app
This app works great dont get me wrong but it has crashed many times immediately after trying to save my gif If you can please fix this Its very frustrating and annoying when trying to save a gif I have been working on for a while           Great but
Gif maker crashes 10 out 11 times Its so buggy but when it doesnt crash it does what it needs to do           Gif maker
This app makes great gifs you can save to your phone in an instant The best part is the ability to change the speed                 Perfect
It doesnt let you post it on instagram if you do the picture doesnt move This is the best gif app so far but it doesnt let you post on instgram And when you save it on your phone it doesnt save as a GIF it saves as a picture If it can do those things this app would be a 5           Post to social
I tried making a 10 picture GIF and it crashed on the last picture Okay So I tried making a 5 picture GIF It survived only to crash when I tried editing the speed Useless app for me Im on an iPhone 5s btw     Crashes
This app was fine for creating a GIF but when I went to share it I ran into this nonsense In order to relieve the discomfort that user can not delete a sharing link The link becomes the sharing after registering as a private on sumzzal In SUMZZAL MY SUMZZAL you can terminate the sharing link or delete the data Um ok Think Ill just use a different app        Easy to make GIFs not easy to share them
Let me just say this is the best gif maker for photos that I have found I love the way that you can choose the frame rate I havent seen such an easy way of doing it TO DOWNLOAD to downloadsafe to camera roll you have to go to the actual URL and then save it You press share then send by email and itll show you a URL and you have to copy and paste that into safari and itll bring you to a webpage that has your gif on it and thats where you save itI know its a bit of a long process but its worth it This would be an even greater app if you could make videos into gifs Its a little hard to screenshot every frame                 Please add video to gif making

GIF Maker – Making GIF camera, Moving and Funny photos EntertainmentGIF Maker – Making GIF camera, Moving and Funny photos EntertainmentGIF Maker – Making GIF camera, Moving and Funny photos EntertainmentGIF Maker – Making GIF camera, Moving and Funny photos Entertainment

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