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TapMojo LLC , the publisher behind many iOS app (GifBoom: Animated Photos ,Yap - Send Disappearing Photos, Meet New Friends In the World ,GifBoom Pro - Animated GIF Camera ,PicSlides - Create beautiful slideshow and video with your Camera photos or Instagram ,Funnygram - Funny Pics and Gifs with Captions, Memes, Reactions and LOLs ,GasBook FREE - Cheaper Gas Price Finder and Fuel Log All in One), brings GifBoom: Animated Photos with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. GifBoom: Animated Photos app has been update to version 3.2.5 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • I recommend this app to people who love to be creative :..
  • Good way to meet new people other than on Twitter or Facebook..
  • It's a great app to make new friends and share your creativity..
  • Mainly with the stop motion..
  • It's changed my life and the creators are very user friendly :..
Overall Satisfactionclick me63
I love Gifboom :PFollow me @tenor_saxyphone.
I'm disappointed and very mad because I love Gifboom.
I would highly recommend it to anyone lol love making gifs.
Edit: Cannot save gifs fully when making gifs with photos.
it does have bugs that need to be fixed.
Gifboom is amazing and I've met numerous of creative and amazing people.
Like it better than Instagram because there are many more options.
I do wish they had a bigger picture captivity more effects.
One of the best social apps ever almost as good as instagram.
I just love gifboom it's better than Facebook twitter and instagram I think.
Fun & Engagingclick me52
It's really fun to make gifs and share it with everyone.
Gifboom is a really fun way to share pictures.
With the update you made it impossible to share gifs.
Gifboom is awesome way better then instagram and u shud get it.
I'm addicted to gifboom follow me: savannahwear.
When I try to import videos to gifboom it always crashes.
This app is super fun and easy to use.
I do wish they had a bigger picture captivity more effects.
Hey guys I'm obsessed with GIFboom and it's AMAZING.
I love this app it's very fun and entertaining :.
Usefulnessclick me59
Repeat Valueclick me54
But it gets boring really quick.
and do stupid stuff.
Social Aspectsclick me75
Good way to meet new people other than on Twitter or Facebook.
it's like Instagram Facebook n all this other social media webs.
I cant upload gifs to other social media.
I want to check out more profiles & follow more people.
One of the best social apps ever almost as good as instagram.
Great app to create gigs with and to share with friends.
: I have so much fun making gifs with my friends and family.
Production Valuesclick me89
I do wish they had a bigger picture captivity more effects.
Great app it should have more effects though.
Reliabilityclick me64
The new update keeps foreclosing the app please fix it.
Ads not Intrusiveclick me10
Security & Privacyclick me28
Everyday I love to make a new gifboom.
delete my account.
Updates & Supportclick me16
I kinda liked the old version more.


"The easiest animated GIF maker on iPhone."


Take a video from your back or front camera and in a few seconds you can edit it into an animated GIF, a short photo sequence often with unexpected fun! You can also use your existing photos or videos and make fun GIFs you will want to share with your family and friends.

GifBoom: Animated PhotosGifBoom: Animated Photos
Tags :   gifboom ,   location ,   photos ,   animated


GifBoom community allows you to follow users you like with a single tap. Watch your feed for endless fun coming from your friends. You will sit back and enjoy the creativity from everywhere, right on your iPhone!


☆ Create animated GIFs that you can share to anywhere from your camera, photos or videos.
☆ Change speed of your auto timer in camera shooting or move the slider to the left end to enable "Manual" shooting. You can control whatever speed you want to take photos!
☆ Change the speed of your replay with a live preview
☆ Copy the animated GIFs to MMS (yes, you can send the photo via text messaging on iPhone!)
☆ Instant sharing to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Email
☆ Unlimited uploads
☆ Portrait and Landscape orientation modes
☆ Interact with friends through giving & receiving likes and comments
☆ Support front & back camera
☆ And much much more...
GifBoom: Animated Photos


☆ Why can`t I save the GIFs to my Albums?
A: Unfortunately doesn`t support viewing GIFs yet so we cannot save GIFs directly to the Photo Library. The GIFs you made, however, is saved to your
iPhonecellular phone made by Apple
and you can transfer it to your computer through the procedure described in the next question.


☆ Can I copy the GIFs to my computer?
A: Yes. You can copy GIFs you made through iTunes File Shariing. Simply connect your iPhone to your computer, open iTunes, click Apps tab and scroll to the bottom. Select GifBoom app and copy the files to your computer. For details see


☆ Why do you ask for location information?
A: It is required by Apple API to ask for location permission in order to access your photo library. GifBoom do not record your location and in no case sends your location information to us.


☆ Why do I get an error saying "User denied access" when importing from Photo Library/Videos?
A: This might be due to GifBoom not granted location access to your phone. To turn it on, go to, > Location Service and turn it on for "GifBoom". Please see previous question for the reason GifBoom requires Location service.


☆ Why do I need to sign up in order to make GIFs?
A: GifBoom is a social sharing service for GIFs. By signing up you will be able to share GIFs with the community and participate it through likes and comments. Sign up requires no more than 30 seconds and we never share your
emailsE-mail (electronic mail) is the exchange of computer-stored messages by telecommunication
with public.


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download GifBoom: Animated Photos for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 5.1 MB to download. The new GifBoom: Animated Photos app version 3.2.5 has been updated on 2014-11-23. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about GifBoom: Animated Photos in TapMojo LLC`s Official Website :


or in any emotion gig boom is the app to choose. found in 13 reviews
Its a fun easy way to share pics and videos. found in 4 reviews
Omg Best App Ever. found in 3 reviews
I love this app it's very fun and entertaining :. found in 8 reviews
My new addiction after instagram. found in 4 reviews
being able to turn gifs into mini videos is cool. found in 4 reviews
Very entertaining and there are some really creative ideas out there. found in 5 reviews
love ittt. found in 4 reviews
Who won the gangnam style contest. found in 1 reviews
Justin Bieber joined GifBoom. found in 5 reviews
I love taking pictures & this takes it a hole different level. found in 5 reviews
it is ^^ too cool for school. found in 1 reviews
This is an awesome app that I highly recommend for teens. found in 4 reviews
This app is a wonderful way to express yourself thru sharing photos. found in 29 reviews
&' This Gifboom Needs An Update. found in 5 reviews
thank you for bringing back the old editing options and video option. found in 3 reviews
I think it's a great app to interact with other people. found in 8 reviews
ill Follow You Back Promise
SO FLIPPING AMAZING. found in 2 reviews
it won't let me watch certain gifs and it keeps saying request timed out. found in 86 reviews
I love everything but it won't let me share to tumblr. found in 34 reviews
only thing is it has WAY TOO MANY advertisements. found in 10 reviews
But for some reason my gifs dont get saved to my gallery. found in 30 reviews
A kind of fun app but sometimes it gets boring. found in 8 reviews
but something happened and now GIFs won't animate. found in 16 reviews
But it crashed alot for me and sometimes my gifs won't load. found in 16 reviews
It keeps crashing everytime I try to login it crashes. found in 65 reviews
Every time I try to make a gif from a video it crashes. found in 436 reviews
Needs a "share to tumblr " option AFTER YOU UPLOAD. found in 34 reviews
I love gifboom but the gallery bug needs to be fixed. found in 55 reviews
It also won't let me upload a gif from my camera roll. found in 28 reviews
would get 5 stars if it would fix the upload to tumblr. found in 34 reviews
Crashes at about picture 13-15 each time I try to make a gif :/. found in 436 reviews
the app started to quit and won't save gifs anymore. found in 22 reviews
Plus it sometimes has trouble loading gifs. found in 6 reviews
Please make it eaiser to post things directly to ifunny. found in 88 reviews
This update is terrible and won't let me save to my camera roll. found in 150 reviews
It doesn't let me upload to tumblr -____- sad sorry one. found in 34 reviews
it doesnt say connection error anymore but it keeps saying request timed out. found in 86 reviews
I deleted and redownloaded the app and tried to log back in. found in 49 reviews
My app every time I try to login it says request timeout. found in 65 reviews
the app they force you to use for gif collages. found in 47 reviews
Edit: Cannot save gifs fully when making gifs with photos. found in 77 reviews
whatever is wrong with this app needs to be fixed soon. found in 55 reviews
I can't even get to my gallery anymore. found in 30 reviews
Keeps crashing every time I try to upload a Gif. found in 28 reviews
GIFS saved to camera roll are horrible quality. found in 148 reviews
wonderful if you use tumblr but it crashes every time I try to make a gif. found in 436 reviews
I can't even save gifs anymore let alone edit them. found in 38 reviews
I cant make collages anymore please go back. found in 32 reviews
iPhone 320x480 1
iPhone 320x480 2
iPhone 320x480 3
iPhone 320x480 4
Icon 175x175 1
there is no option to turn notifications on I go to notifications centre and gif boom isnt on there    notifications
Low quality gifs          okay
I love it its really good nothing wrong with it and the gifs come out perfect but only thing wrong with it is the ads that come once in a while just like 8 seconds so thats fine             Amazing
Theres so many things wrong with this app Its a good idea but it needs to be updated I cant save my videos to my camera roll and there are so many others bugs and things that really needs to be fixed for this app to be successful    Just no
Wish you could do more          Its cool
too many repetitive unnecessarily placed and just annoying adsbeen a user for 3 years and ads were the worst idea    hate
this app was so much better 2 years ago than now    HORRIBLE
Gifboom deleted my Account    Noo
The app crashes every time I use it and when it does work there is a constant stream of adds    Waste of storage
I joined gifboom around late August early September in 2014 At the time gifboom was one of my favorite apps Around October the gifboom app crashed and deleted everyones accounts After it crashed nothing was the same There has been a lot of nudityviolence on the app Also the app crashes frequently and every time you close the app and reopen it an ad pops up I hear that gifboom will be completely be deleted by August so if you have not already downloaded gifboom this app is not worth your time       not as good as it was before
It makes gifs like I want it to but the fact that an ad pops up every five minutes is extremely annoying Also YOU CANT CLICK OUT OF THE AD I wait until the x pops up to click out of it and it wont allow me to So frustrating Finally to get rid of it I am forced to click on the ad clear out of it and clear out of gifboom to reopen everything          Decent
Worthless Locks up the app so you have to watch a video or a game preview before you can use the app TRASH    Garbage advertising
I actually love this app Its a little community where people dont judge so harshly It has its bad sides but I can really be myself on it I made friends on this app and I hope it sticks around The only thing that it needs is an update to fix the bugs and maybe some new effects added             Honest
I used to use this app a few years ago before apps like Instagram and vine rose to popularity This app is now almost completely obsolete and practically a ghost town Im surprised anyones even still on it anymore       The death of gifboom
Ive been using this app for 3 years now yes it has changed but I like it wayyyyy better than how it was I am 17 and enjoy this app Definitely suggest it for any girl that wants to show off or feel pretty or anyone that is scared to be themselves This is the app for you                I still love it
DONT DOWNLOAD I had gifboom for almost 4 years I had nearly 600 gifs posted on my profile I loved it so much I traveled the world one year and made gifs in all 6 countries I visited I had gifs with my dogs that have now passed away I had a precious gif of one of my best friends who sadly passed away I had 4 years of memories on this app All of a sudden one day I logged on and all accounts were deleted and unrecoverable All 600 gifs were gone forever This is just a stupid social network type app I know but I had never saved any of those gifs so its like 4 years of those memories are just vanished Since then this app has gone to crap Its just a bunch of preteens posting nudes and drugs so I deleted it forever ago Wouldnt recommend to anyone Gifboom needs to be over for good    HORRIBLE AND HEARTBROKEN
I cant seem to put music on my gifs whenever I got to find music and click download 30 seconds free it says cannot download this track is annoying and I dont have music on my iPod Also whenever I see a gif with music the music never plays This app needs a huge fresh and new update Ive used to have it in the past and thought I should use it again but please fix this          Cant put music
Show two full screen popup ads in 20 seconds get deleted    Nope
Tbh this app is pretty good except for the fact that you can not send or share the edits to vine or kik I mainly got this app to make edits for vine but now I realized I cant and I dont know how Other wise this is a very good app possibly include kik or vine in the next update             Updates
Its amazing I can now post gifs on Instagram But I usually use Gifgoom more                Great
After they restarted it was good but there back to the crap full screen ads again that start last way too long    Back down the toilet
Everyone should get just dont do nude gifs or anything this is an age appropriate app and I hope it never shuts down I love this app so much just kind of tired of advertisements otherwise I still dont mind                Amazing
Whenever I try to save a gif from my gallery to my camera roll as a video it doesnt save No matter how many times I try to save it I still dont see the video And come on Im trying to make a Fred and George Weasley edit and Im sad I cant because this app isnt working the way its supposed to Fix This             Gifs on Gallery Not Saving
This app is horrible and doesnt function at all properly I use to love this app and now it wont stay open for more than 10 seconds Along with all of its other flaws of my audio being taken out not recording when button is pushed constant crashing Waste of time would not recommend this to anyone    Done
My friend had this app before her account got deleted due to the update and her family didnt have enough money to keep paying for her phone so they were forced to sell it then she had to move away but before that she said I should get it so I did then when I got on everyone had already restarted so I got on and I decided to post about my idol Selena Quintanilla but then out of no where I was getting friend requests that just kept coming of over age men and women posting naked gifs of them and I am only 11 and those people are nuts also I was getting messages from them telling me to send them videos of me nude this app is the worst app ever invented I hate this app so much that if it was a person I would wish cancer on it I think this app is not well monitored by its creator there are now people asking what my address and what town and state I live in so they can come and do it with me like seriously and I cant even believe how many people there are that post nudity and drug use I hate this app get it off the App Store or monitor it better please    To much nudity
Ive been hearing that this app runs out at the end of the summer Im hoping that it will be renewed This app has been the best Most of us had this for at least 3 years I dont want to lose all these wonderful people Ive became friends with and I know most of them dont want to either We all are a big community and we dont want to lose that                Please renew dont want to lose this app
Not the bestbut does what I need             Love itbut
Ive heard rumors that its shutting down please tell me those are fake Thank you please reply                Is gifboom shutting down
the ads make me not even want to use the app because they pop up every 3 minutes and it is sorepetitive theres no skipsetting sometimes it even redirects me to the app store As I am a very active customer id be willing to pay for a pro version even if it just removed ads Please at least offer that          remove ads
Okay this app is AMAZING and all but I HIGLY suggest they have a tutorial to them now Im new to this so idk if they did but if they did BRING IT BACK I think it help a lot of people make Amvs music videos and so much more I STILL dont know how to use this app but hopefully if u guys agree and if they see this it will become a great app          Good but
I love the people and this app this app has changed many lives including mine Ive become closer with people and I love meeting new people I hope this app never gets deleted                LOVE LOVE LOVE
What should I say just wow Its awesome go and try it                Wow
Met so many cool people and met a few and super close with them but the ads are annoying after awhile and they are the same ones over and over but other than that wished there were more hip hop songs                Awsome
Its good for gifs but there are a lot of ads that I cant exit out of sometimes and there are inappropriate things too       Honest
Yes it has flaws and no its not perfectBy far the best GIF app on iOS Other apps want you to make inapp purchases or kill the apps with silly watermarks                Hall Of Fame App 49
Ive been on Gifboom for a long time Yes it has adds but the friendships you make on this app are priceless Its worth the apps because you get to be with people who dont judge you                Awesome
Ive been making edits of Dan and Phil for a while and people get to see them I love it and its really fun Especially when you have fans of your edits                I love it
When I first started to use this app I loved it Until there were UNDERAGED CHILDREN displaying NUDITY DRUGS PROVOKING SELFHARM and BULLYING This app need more supervision This sight is basically CHILDPORNOGRAPHY There are little girls under the age of 13 displaying nudity onto this app and boys doing the same thing This app has disgust me to no end Fix this problem with more supervision The creators of this app are disgusting in my eyes and possible anyone elses Provide more supervision for these CHILDREN Just sickening Thisapp doesnt even deserve A star    Disturbingly AWFUL
I cant attach any music to any downloaded gifs Here I am sending my gifs thinking that my friends hear the music that Im attaching Plz fix this bc I love gif boom       Music cannot be saved to Gif
I love this app sm thank you                
its kinda boring and its hard to get followers and friends and wayyyyy too many ads there used to be no ads at all    ehhhh
It should have a variety but it doesnt its just blahh       BLAHH
Amazing app I got an add blocker cause the ads were annoying                I LOVE IT
Okay this app was really fun when I started on it but now its just pissing me off Whenever I go to make a gif the app crashes It gets on my nerves I hate putting time into something that wont work Either fix it or Im doneSecondly there are a lot of idiotic teens on this app posting nudity content Now Im only fourteenyears of age and I dont feel like running into some useless horrible disgusting teen that takes selfies of their junk because they have nothing better to do Its plain disrespectful and gross Ugh TeensReally fix these two          Needs Fixed
it keeps on crashing and its soo frustrating i would rate it zero stars if i could and i dont write reviews at all but i just had to i honestly dont recommend it    HORIBBLE
It works but ever since I updated my phone it hasnt been working as well             Minor issues
I just wonder why you guys not donee update for gifboom but there seem Go down because of Ads    New update Gifboom
So I used the app for a good 2 years everything went smoothly till a couple days ago I deleted the app on accident and went to download it again After about 3 hours the app hadnt downloaded yet its been 4 days and it still hasnt downloaded It just says loading when its not even loading Please fix this because Id like to make some edits but the app doesnt even download    FIX THIS
cool app but since the crash theres been no push notifications bring those back                put push notifications back
I like but for gifs and music could you add where we want the song to play Thank you             Like this but


TapMojo LLC
5.1 MB
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 3.2.5
iPhone iPad

iOS GifBoom: Animated Photos 3.2.5 Mobile

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