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Kaufcom GmbH , the publisher behind many iOS app (Destroyer ,1,000,000 Swear Word Generator ,Sex Wheel ,Talking Pengu & Penga Penguin ,Free action images and wallpapers - Nasa, Space Shuttle, Military, Missiles & more ,Executives Decision Maker), brings Gingerbread Run with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Gingerbread Run app has been update to version 1.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


Get the super agile and acrobatic Gingerbread Run.
Bob the Gingerbread is about to be sold to a couple of hungry children that can barely wait to sink their teeth in his sweet body. To save his life he decides to escape from the pastry shop. In order to accomplish his mission he will have to deal with the guardian and a lot of obstacles that are placed on his way to freedom. The guardian is a doomed rolling pin placed there from the baker to flatten or smash every pastry that should come up with the idea of escaping from his temple.
Help him through all his struggles. Test your reflexes as you race along the bridges. Swipe to turn, jump and slide to avoid obstacles, collect the colored chocolate balls and see how far you can run!
Everything looks sweet and attractive, but do not forget: you are hunted from an angry rolling pin and all your abilities are required to safe Bob’s life.
Every false step or collision could hurt him or even bring him to death.
Remember to pay attention to the precipices (gaps), as Bob from a sea of hot milk surrounded is and he will melt like a butter cookie, if he should be falling into it.
All your strength is needed to dodge all the pastries on your path. Run, skip and evade a great amount of dynamite bombs that could blast him away, biscuits, pastries, croissants, pancakes, chocolate bars and more delicious things to give our brave / hapless hero at least the illusion of salvation.


Challenge your friends and try to establish a new record.




★ Easy touch and tilt control
★ Original 3D-run function combines jumping, turning and sliding
★ Colorful graphics and smooth animations
★ The coolest gingerbread ever to play with!
★ The never-ending mega game

Gingerbread RunGingerbread Run


Start this epic running adventure and escape from the dark rage of the bloody rolling pin!


Get one of the sweetest runner games of the mobile market! It will make your mouth water!
Gingerbread Run


Advice: Probably not so recommended for people that are on strict diet ;-)


It is a free app – download it and have fun!


The Gingerbread Run is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 40.2 MB to download. The new Gingerbread Run app version 1.0 has been updated on 2014-11-17. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
More Info: Find more info about Gingerbread Run in Kaufcom GmbH`s Official Website :


When I opend the app it would close me out of it Dont get this app    Dont get it
I love this game fix the buggs porfavor it kicks me while Im running                Please fix
I got into the game but it was really dumb and boring                Bad
I cant even play the game It always crashes on me    Horrible
I bought this app and it did not even load it just crashed not even letting me into the game DO NOT GET THIS APP    Crashes
This game is so fun If you like this game then try temple run 15 stars I give it a 4 12             Ginger
When I was trying to play it kicked me off to the home page NO STARS    Worst game ever
I also thought this game was fun and wen I tried playing it brought me back to my home page too dont get it    Terrible
Too hard          Bad but funny
This game is ridiculous when ever click on it it closesIt is so stupidThis game doesnt even deserve 1 starsorry to burst your bubble to the people that love this game but I have a reason to hate this gameAnd no people i never even played it because I did not get toDont download this gameYou have been warned    Sucky
Never ever get it    Hate it
I cant play this game due to the fact that it crashes and takes me back to the main screen of my Ipod Touch every time I try to play it The second it starts up it crashes before I could even get a chance to play it In short I cant play this game due to the game crash and close    Cant Play Due to Crash
When I looked at the pics to this game I thought it would be good but when I actually got it it stunk I started playing and the graphics were terrible I tried to jump but instead fell into the water Dont waste your time getting this game because its bad    Bad bad bad
This game was super awful I was on my iPad and I brought it it would not turn on it was horrid not five stars just one                Awesome not
It is so bad do not get it it crashed    Bad game
It crashes and freezes then turns back to da home screen    Ugh
It closes every time    Terrible
I really like this game the only thing that i think needs fixed it that there needs to be upgradesother than that this game is really fun and addictive swag             Addictive and fun
It wont even open It has a loading sign and then just goes back to the home page Really anoying    Terrible
This is a bad game It kills you right when you start And it does not even tell you how to do itit sounds like a fun game but its really not          Lionlover
It is a copy of temple run and brings me back to the home page    Dont get this game
Ok so I thought it would be really cute but it wont even let me turn or jump Please take my word I thought most reviews would be wrong and I would love this game and it would be my favorite but it turns out they were all true It loads for me but I wish it didnt After I finish this review I am deleting this stupid game Plus its just a copy of temple run Dont get it please    Dont get it its stupid
Its a really fun game and very addictive I just feel like it needs upgrades Other than that I think it is a very fun game and very similar to Temple Run          Its fun
WARNING Dont buy this It may glitch for some people but it doesnt for me I KNOW WHAT THIS GAME IS LIKE When you turn you die when youre not supposed to Also your character doesnt look like its running More like walkingCHEAP AFFECTS    STUPID
Just goes back to home page I want to play it    Hate it
This app doesnt work at all So I buy the game try to open it it loads for like 3 minutes then it takes me to my home screen I try again and again same thing happensWorst app ever It stinks What Im trying to say is dont get it                Dont get it
This app crashes    Crashes
This game stinks you go on it and it pops you out DONT GET IT    Never been in it
I thought the game looked really fun but it will not load right on my iPod I do not like that I am really sad I can not use the app do not download it it will wast your space and time I do not recommend it It is a really dum and silly game    Not happy
It does not work If you charge for a game fix it    Crashes
It is gay                Dont get this game
Ok so I played this game on my friends device an it was fine so I download the app and it didnt like even work so I was like so mad because every time I would tap on the app it would like half load and then go back to the home page I was so frustrated so I know that you are just going to ignore this but DONT GET THIS APP    Dude really
I bet this is a really good game But it wont open    
This app called Gingerbread Run is really dumb because all it did was load go to a really black screen and then go to the home page of my iPod    Dumb
This game also made a crash and put me on my home screen as well but it is very creative so people rememberDONT JUGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER                Great and cute
This game is horrible it will NOT LODE it is so mest up    Gingerbread run
I would rate this game with zero stars You expect a fun little game BUT NO yes this game is a little fun WHEN IT WORKS this game often take at least 5 minutes to load and always brings me back to the home screen I just mad Im deleting it and Im going to tell everyone I know how crappy it is Grrrr    Take this off the App Store
As soon when I get the freaken game I go to play it it takes like 8 seconds than it brings me back to to my home screen then I try 4 times after that it still does that this game is a peace of CRAP    This is the worst game ever
I love it and it doesnt take a while at all at all to load but I think its awesome                Bethany Paige 9
DONT GET Hate it 0 star this is coming form a 3rd garde     0 star
Dont know what is wrong with you guys this game is awesome it is so cute                What is wrong with you guys
I read some reviews and got it then it crashes On my iPod its just like really Dont get it waste of time    Really
I have had this app for three days and havent been able to get in it because every time I try it crashes    FIX CRASHES
When ever I tryed going on it Goes blank and sends me back to home screen I dont know if its just my iPod touch or if its just the game    This is a wast of time
Works perfect for me Using a iPhone 4S                Good
It wont even let me on the game    Worst game ever
I watched my younger brother in law play this on his iPad and it looked like fun so I downloaded it on my iPod Touch 4th Generation It crashed the moment I tapped it Ill give you 5 stars when Im able to play without crashing or lagging    Crashes on iPod Touch 4th Generation
It is so cool get it now                Gingere bred run
I dont like it its boring and the notifications arent good    Hate it
This game is bad it does not even let you play on it it just goes back to the home page when you click on it    Dont get this


Kaufcom GmbH
40.2 MB
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.0
iPhone iPad

iOS Gingerbread Run 1.0 Mobile

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