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Mercury Radio Arts, Inc. , brings Glenn Beck with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Glenn Beck app has been update to version 1.0.3 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • That would save some data usage..
  • Great App/Great TV Station..
  • This app works with or without wifi connection..
  • I rather read the articles here then Fox News..
  • I watched the live radio program right from my iPhone..
Overall Satisfactionclick me58
The new Glenn Beck Live shows have never looked better.
Love Glenn but HATE his support staff.
Love The Blaze and Love Dish Network for having you.
I love the blaze news but the pop up ads are ridiculous.
Thank you Glenn and Mercury for this update.
This is the best news app out there because there's NEWS.
used to be my favorite news app till this recent problem.
Will do everything I can to support The Blaze.
Video quality is excellent whether live or viewing archives.
Love the show and the app works fine otherwise.
Love the show but can't stand the crashes so stopped listening.
Usefulnessclick me62
We need to all be able to keep informed quickly.
This is useful for when I'm driving.
Reliabilityclick me37
Ads not Intrusiveclick me25
Security & Privacyclick me42
Updates & Supportclick me18
Batteryclick me40


GBTV is a live
video network featuring Glenn Beck`s new daily two-hour show, plus a full slate of original programming, news, documentaries, features, reality and behind-the-scenes shows, entertainment programs and much more that you can`t get anywhere else.


The Glenn Beck is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 1.8 MB to download. The new Glenn Beck app version 1.0.3 has been updated on 2014-11-21. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Glenn Beck check developer Mercury Radio Arts, Inc.`s website :

Glenn BeckGlenn Beck
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Glenn Beck


Glenn Beck for President. found in 2 reviews
This is useful for when I'm driving. found in 2 reviews
Video quality is excellent whether live or viewing archives. found in 7 reviews
Glenn Beck is a true American hero. found in 3 reviews
Works without a hitch. found in 1 reviews
One of my top five apps. found in 1 reviews
the glenn beck radio program live video weekdays 9am et. found in 4 reviews
Now "The Truth Lives" on my iOS devices. found in 3 reviews
I hope this will be fixed in a future update. found in 2 reviews
Now "The Truth Lives " on my iOS devices. found in 17 reviews
Need to integrate fat booth app. found in 1 reviews
You can get all the news that matters right here. found in 3 reviews
it switches to audio only. found in 4 reviews
and the truth shall set you free. found in 4 reviews
Glenn is a true patriot. found in 3 reviews
Thank you God. found in 2 reviews
I do think there should be news streams either incorporated into the app. found in 2 reviews
Also some of the stories won't even load. found in 4 reviews
1 update now will not load on my iPhone 4. found in 3 reviews
but half the articles won't open. found in 2 reviews
Only issue is you vacant share news stories on Facebook. found in 14 reviews
these SERIOUSLY annoying ads keep popping up. found in 5 reviews
News Feed Portion Very Unstable. found in 10 reviews
There are many articles that never load. found in 4 reviews
Can't upgrade my first generation iPad. found in 12 reviews
AirPlay Video is completely worthless. found in 9 reviews
it would automatically open the App Store and suggest I download various apps. found in 10 reviews
Keep getting "error loading" problem from my Apple TV. found in 44 reviews
The constant redirects to the app store are insulting. found in 39 reviews
I'm prompted to upgrade and cannot use any of the controls. found in 11 reviews
then cancel my subscription if they don't pay attention and fix it. found in 10 reviews
The advertisement screen continuously pops up while trying to read the news. found in 61 reviews
75% of the news articles never open completely. found in 22 reviews
when I attempt to open an article. found in 14 reviews
Please update it to support the Apple TV and Chromecast. found in 9 reviews
iPods and first gen iPads cannot be upgraded to iOs 6. found in 23 reviews
Creating this app for iOs 5 or higher is unfortunate. found in 18 reviews
I cannot share the news stories via Facebook or Twitter. found in 14 reviews
What happened to the radio. found in 10 reviews
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I hate to do this but I will be canceling It just wont reliably work on my iPad Either I get a black screen with no sound or a frozen screen       Cant use it
I cant stand it constantly flipping over to the App Store How am I supposed to read the news like this constantly being interrupted Deleting your app now    Done
Paying 999 to be flooded with adds is crazylove the shows but it is shenanigans how many commercialsadds there are even on the playback feature       So many adds
The Blaze is great but the app is dead I finally gave up hoping for a fix The relentless opening of the App Store by the ads in the Blaze app made it impossible to read any articles I doubt very seriously there will ever be a fix since this problem has occurred off and on for about a year Its just been out of control for the pass 6 months Its dead folks time to move on    The death of the Blaze app
The Blaze provides up to date news on the go I love that I get the WHOLE TRUTH about what is going on in our country and the world I never use the other media organizations anymore to slanted to the left or right This gives me truly balanced accurate news                Best News Outlet
I love and support The Blaze but I detest the constant harassment for my location This seems to be recent but it needs to go away Apps can determine a devices location several different ways but I will never agree to allow this or any app access to my location Please remove this          My Location
Can not stand the constant and unstoppable redirects to the App Store And the fact that this has been an ignored complaint for so long is absurd and frankly unforgivable I am uninstalling and will also not visit the website There are plenty of other sources for news that do not act in this manner The Blaze needs to take a hard look at what they have become Very disappointed Does Beck even know about this or does he simply not care Or did he sell it off    Horribly annoying and unethical
Love the app but every time it opens it directs me straight to the App Store Please fix          Bugs
Please fix the frequent flipping from the news articles to the App Store Just stop it    Enough is Enough
Ive had it with being led away to the App Store People have been complaining about this for so long but the last update for this app was Feb I will also stop visiting the website for the new I will now use Breitbart or Drudge    Done
This was a great resource for news but Im hitting the delete button now because I can seldom make it through an article without it automatically switching to the App Store A real lost opportunity for The Blaze    Disappointed
Here we go again Trying to read the news section and it keeps flipping over to the App Store page for CANDY CRUSH Do you want people to read your news or play some game Seriously its like every sentence I read it flips over to the App StoreCOME ON SCREEN YOUR ADVERTISINGUpdate no end in sight the ad hijacking is even worse than beforeIm glad to see others finally complaining about itGlenn I know you use third party ads in your app I really think you need to drop them like a rock They are now scaring subscribers off Is it worth it A couple extra bucks but you get the word out to less peoplewhat is more important to you your message Or advertising revenue from your app Heck I would pay a separate subscription fee just to have an ad free experience Im here to read your content nothing more If I want to play candy crush I think I can manage to find it on my own    Intrusive ADS
The ads lock the app up What a pile of crapStill the same thing They must not care what people think What a bunch of trash Dont waste your time with this app    This app is no good anymore
I cant read a full paragraph without being redirected to an advertisement or app Ive looked for places to leave comments suggestions but havent had any luck so Ill got for the reviews Get rid for the garbage ads and redirects 5 out of 5 material 1 out of 5 for the experience    Great Articleshorrible experience
Love the blaze hate the constant pop ups Id rather pay for app and not have the blasted annoyance when trying to read an article       Fr pop ups
Open an article and find yourself transported to the App Store without reason It never stops I am fine with an ad banner to click but to just transport me to the App Store for openingviewing an article is ridiculous    Good articles Poor app management
Im deleting this app because of the redirects to the App Store Use to use it several times a day now cant even get through an article This is the worst case Ive ever seen of ruining a perfectly good app Do not download 0 stars    Redirects ruined this app
Wish Directv would pickup this on TV                Great website
Love the content hate the app with the automatic redirects to the App Store I dont look at the App anymore because of it but wanted to leave feedback in the chance that a developer actually listens From the looks of the other comments Mr Beck is not listeningI waited and hoped no changes I am uninstalling as soon as I submit this review    Stop the Ad redirects
Big fan and I love The Blaze but this app crashes way too much    FIX THIS APP
Seriously Are you kidding me Pop ups from the App Store Pretty sad Blaze       iPhone 6 pop ups when I read news
As a Beck and Blaze supporter Im disappointed in the ad strategy constant pop ups and the sneaky way in which ads are given to the consumer So until this is fixed Ive deleted The Blaze from my iPhone Sad indeed    Stop the Popup Ads
I like the sites content but lately as I open an article the App Store opens up Whats up with that Please fix this annoying issue because the site us too good for this          What happened
I have already brought this issue up the quality of the app is diminishing rapidly and unfortunately my opinion of it has to as well The ad hijacking is getting ridiculous when you want to share something on social media you get pulled away from what your doing repeatedly Im a Blaze subscriber and I dont see the Blaze taking the out of control ads on the app or the website seriously This is my fourth complaint about this issue Please do something    Opinion dropping even more
Glenn Beck must be running low on funds This app redirects automatically to ads as many times as 3 or 4 times per article read This is shameful Glenn       Low on
I would love to read news stories however this app just keeps crashing halfway through any article i attempt to read Just too frustrating I am deleting app    Just keeps crashing
I have been a Blaze subscriber since it started watch it on satellite TV and have used this app since it first became available I just deleted it because of the ad pop ups that automatically take you to the App Store with every single news story and sometimes more than once while reading an article Sorry Blaze youve ruined your app Ill just go old school and read The Blaze through the website    Ad redirects ruined it
If you cannot find the App Store icon on your device You should have no problems accessing through this app    Best used to open the App Store
do not get this app unless you like getting pulled to thge app store for candycrush and other app ads this app has not need updated in some time and just like the website it is not crap one is laggy as heck the other is ad filledi am done with this good bye blaze    this app is crap
I generally appreciate the information The Blaze provides However get rid of the pop up ads or I am gone There must be other advertisers that are Illini to work with your company that Candy Crush Glenn you claim that your audience is some of the most vigilant and intelligent people But you insult our intelligence with horrible ads and tabloid life news stories Please hear your audience       Pop ups really
I have had enough Bye Bye Blaze Cant take the App Store loading every minute anymore    Elvis has left the building
I have paid annually to subscribe to The Blaze for three years because I believe in the mission however I am sadly on the verge of cancelationThe Blaze website is overwhelmed by intrusive ads but that can thankfully be removed using adblockers Even so I NEVER read articles on the web because the site itself is slow and freezes my iMacNow I can no longer read the news on my iPad app because EVERY SINGLE STORY I click on hijacks my app and send me to the App Store complete with the desired app popped up and ready to buyIts annoying intrusive underhanded and downright rudePlease Blaze developers KNOCK IT OFF or Im out    Ad hijacking is insane
Video play back not working after sharing with friends                Video
Whats with the transfer to the App Store nonsense We all complained about this once before You contacted me and said it was a known problem that was being worked And indeed it seemed to calm for a time Now its back with a vengeance Glenns concept behind The Blaze is a good one But we do have a limit and I just reached mine    Here we go again
I had this app Looked at all articles from the show Waited No change no updates Deleted app Weeks later added back Same stuff Deleted againSome will subscribe to the Blaze Some will not But most all enjoy reading posted articles BUT You never change them    Why
I really like the Blaze and it is my go to news app though with the recent change of all these pop up ads Im very highly considering deleting it Its one thing to have an advertisement at the bottom but to force open the App Store on my phone multiple times while Im browsing news articles is ridiculous FIX IT or lose another customer Also the ability to read post comments would be nice Two stars because I like the articles low rating because of forcing my phone to do what I dont want it to       Popup ads are killing this app
Used to be my goto app Now when using the app it hijacks your phone and sends you to the App Store for candy crush or some other game app Obnoxious and a total deal breaker for this app They should have known better than that considering most of us already have a paid subscription    Ads take over Obnoxious
It keeps opening up my App Store Why    Pop ups
Worst news app ever If theres a search function theyve hidden it so well its useless Cant see anything unless you are a paid subscriber Pass on this one    Terrible
The Truth The Obvious The Connections The PrayersListen Learn and Lead your Self Your Family Your Community Your CountryThe Concerns of our Country The Importance of the Constitution and the FutureUnity of the Faithful                Faith Principles Character Evidence Based
Apparently Glenn Beck makes a huge amount of money via incessant intrusive ads that hijack your device I cant think of any other reason for him to allow these obnoxious ads on his app This app with its neverending ad distractions will have you frustrated angry and in short order not giving a rip about the articles you have been trying in vain to read The final straw was this popup ad that plays a loud and annoying jingle even after you close the app and turn off your device Stay far away from this app    Worst App Ever Created
If you dont like having your news with a forcefed side of popup trash ads you are NOT going to like this appThe news articles are great But in the time it takes me to read one article and Im a fast reader I have had my apps window forced open almost a dozen times with ads Its distracting and annoying Some of the ads cause the Blaze app to crash Not cool I would pay to have a nonad nopopups news experience Please make the trash ads go away    Forces apps page to pop up
I cant even read the news without a POPUP add throwing me into my App Store Tried to read 4 news stories got threw into the App Store 4 times Could even finish reading any of them Please I love to read the true news    POP ADDs
Sometimes the app does not work The news doesnt come up          Good app but
I love this app Its news story coverage and headlines are incredibly detailed Heres one request if you are not working on it already update this app for Apple Watch please Id like to check recent headlines with your app on my Watch Thanks                I love TheBlazeUpdate for Apple Watch
I dont have problems with ads like other reviewers I just want to be able to read the entire headline without having to click on the story          Just show me the whole headline
Ive open five news articles this morning and literally every one sent me to the App Store Sorry gang but that makes the app almost useless to me You get a second star only because I can still use it to watch The Blaze TV but for reading the news its worthless       Ads are Ridiculous
The ads are killing this app Im a Blaze subscriber but I am deleting this app until such time as the ads are more in line with the small banners you see in other news apps Having something jump out at me every time I click on an article link is so annoying And half the time it crashes when I go to share a story on Twitter or Facebook With all the time and effort you see being put into the Blaze Network I cannot believe the mobile app has been neglected like this       Great Network App Needs Work
Your ads are embarrassing This app looks like an Alex Jones abomination Makes the news look like National Enquirer Super cheesy and unreliable Deleting    Love Beck but this app BLOWS
worst part of of this app for me is all the smutty ads embedded throughout the app between your articles I am a big Glenn beck fan but I thought he represented wholesome values So why should I be subjected to this garbage Is this the best I can expect Horrible Pop up ads from the store too    Extremely disappointed


Mercury Radio Arts, Inc.
1.8 MB
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.0.3
iPhone iPad

iOS Glenn Beck 1.0.3 Mobile

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