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Immersion Digital , the publisher behind many iOS app (Bible ⊹ for iPhone ,ESV Bible for iPhone ,ESV Study Bible for iPhone ,The Bible by United Bible Societies ,ESV Bible + ,Bible360), brings Glo Bible for iPhone with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Glo Bible for iPhone app has been update to version 1.3.9 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • An excellent tool especially when you're tracking bible verses..
  • A well- rounded Bible study aid..
  • I am glad I found this version of online bible..
  • anyone interested in studying God's word..
  • Best bible tool on the market..
Overall Satisfactionclick me80
Love the reading plans and that I can use it across several devices.
The reading plan on the iPad is terribly buggy.
I love the bible reading plans and two taps to a scripture.
This is the best bible app out there in my opinion.
and I'd prefer to have a few more translations.
I also love the media and atlas features included with the Bible.
The premium software has been a wonderful resource on my PC.
Thanks Glo bible for a great product.
This wonderful program helps bring the Bible to life.
Fun & Engagingclick me90
Awesome Bible -Lots of great info.
and I'd prefer to have a few more translations.
Glo Bible is Awesome.
and it's easy and fun to use.
The interface is intuitive and fun.
Inspiring and easy.
Easy access to my Bible and notes all the time.
Usefulnessclick me72
It helps me stay on track with reading.
It makes me look forward to the bible every day.
This is a very useful Bible app.
Very helpful with learning the bible.
Functional and helpful.
Production Valuesclick me76
It's fast and the graphics are beautiful.
The graphics are beautiful I love it.
interface a little too busy for me.
the graphics need improving to support retina display.
Ease of Useclick me91
Brings a terrific experience to God's word.
It's handy and easy to get around this app.
I like the versatility and the easy navigation.
I really like how easy this app is to use.
its amazingly easy to understand.
and it's easy and fun to use.
so it's has become fairly easy to navigate.
It's very easy to read and access each book.
Reliabilityclick me39
Fix the force close on the iPhone.
Updates & Supportclick me88
The NIV version included with this app makes reading very easy.
I use the free version all the time.


** Winner, 2010 Bible of the Year, ECPA **
** Winner, 2010 Media of the Year, Christian Resource Awards **


The 2010 Bible of the Year, Now available on
iPhonecellular phone made by Apple
with the bestselling NIV translation - for FREE!

Glo Bible for iPhoneGlo Bible for iPhone
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Existing Glo users: Download the Glo Bible app today, and log in using your Glo account to access your translations and media.


Glo is an interactive Bible that brings the text of Scripture to life through
videos, high-resolution images, articles, 360-degree virtual tours, and much more. Glo for iPhone includes 2 lenses: Bible and Media.
Glo Bible for iPhone


Download Glo Bible and register to get Glo Lite for FREE, with full offline access to the Bestselling NIV translation, the KJV, "My Notes" synchronization, and full-resolution samples of Glo photos, artwork, virtual tours and videos.


In the zoomable Bible lens it takes just taps 2 taps to access any chapter of the Bible. Each verse is linked to resources and media.


Upgrade to Glo Premium in-app for access to 3500+ media elements linked to the entire Bible, plus the ESV and the Message translations all installed on up to 5 devices including Mac, PC,
iPadtablet made by Apple
or iPhone.


- - - - -


Glo in the Press


Glo has been featured in the Washington Post, Mashable, Newsweek, the Guardian, Miami Herald, Orlando Sentinel, Charisma magazine, Denver Post, ABCNews Now and more!


"Glo…is cool with a capital C." - Newsweek
"The ability to have context and visualization of concepts at your fingertips is something that nearly any textbook could benefit from." - Mashable
"Glo Bible spreads word (and HD video) of God to digital generation" - The Guardian
"[Glo is] bring[ing] religion to digital generation.” - Telegraph, UK
"just about anything that you would need from research tools to audio-visual aids is right at your fingertip when you use Glo." - Max Lucado
"Glo digital Bible designed to reach a younger generation" - Washington Post


- - - - - -


Visit the places you`ve read about. Explore the World of the Bible. Experience the Bible like never before.


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Glo Bible for iPhone for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 88.0 MB to download. The new Glo Bible for iPhone app version 1.3.9 has been updated on 2014-11-17. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later
More Info: Find more info about Glo Bible for iPhone in Immersion Digital`s Official Website :


Thanks for your creativity in developing such useful tools for bible study. found in 95 reviews
Thank you for offering such a great way to read the Bible. found in 157 reviews
Great Study Tool - Needs More Translations. found in 110 reviews
Glo Bible makesThe Word Fun & easy to read. found in 385 reviews
Love reading the word of God and applying it to my daily living. found in 31 reviews
THE MOST awesome bible resource I've had period. found in 21 reviews
Now the app crashes upon touch and doesn't even open. found in 2 reviews
Fix the force close on the iPhone. found in 2 reviews
but iOS 7 interface would be nice. found in 4 reviews
Love it - but wishing for more free versions. found in 2 reviews
but needs NASB. found in 2 reviews
Also u are unable to sync data between devices. found in 13 reviews
But they desperately need updates on them. found in 2 reviews
Although this could be an operator error. found in 2 reviews
I have not been able to open this app for several weeks now. found in 2 reviews
but I wish they would update for iOS 8. found in 2 reviews
This app is sometimes a little slow to load. found in 5 reviews
I like this bible app because it doesn't require wifi to open. found in 2 reviews
Really cool features but no Spanish translation or Languages choices. found in 3 reviews
but it's still by far the best bible app. found in 2 reviews
The longer I have the app the longer it takes to open. found in 2 reviews
but i would like it to be fixed if possible. found in 9 reviews
Have to uninstall and then reinstall. found in 6 reviews
Great but frustrating how long it takes to open. found in 1 reviews
The only drawback is I wish there were more translations available. found in 17 reviews
Cannot copy verses in separate pages properly. found in 3 reviews
Many quirky issues such as inability to select certain verses. found in 3 reviews
Disappointing updates & customer service. found in 4 reviews
Just needs to be fixed. found in 9 reviews
it wants to sync and then crashes. found in 13 reviews
Cannot finish reading plan. found in 3 reviews
Such a waste paying $30 if I can't watch the video. found in 2 reviews
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iPhone 320x480 2
iPhone 320x480 3
iPhone 320x480 4
iPad 367x480 1
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iPad 367x480 4
Icon 175x175 1
It wont open and I dont want to delete it because j have many things highlighted or bookmarked already on this app and I also have notes on it so please make an update or something             I need it to open
Love the app BUT after the latest update it wont let me open the app Hopefully this issue gets resolved SOON       Crashes
App doesnt load anymore    Fail
After the recent update none of my study notes are available you know the ones I PAID FOR I logged an incident but of course I havent received any updates Very disappointed in this app and the support    No MacArthur and No support
Ive had this app for about 5 years now One of my favorite features was that you could search the Bible for certain words That has been taken away now apparently unless you pay 30 to get the feature back Not to mention the fact that it crashes and bugs out ALL the time now I guess after 5 years Ill unfortunately be looking for a new Bible app incredibly disappointed    Once was a five star app
This app hangs when I try to open it scanning my data This app used to work well but the latest version is nonfunctional This is sad I am at a Mens prayer breakfast and I have no Bible This looks like bad software engineering to me I have now moved over to Tecarta and have bought several translations there It just works Goo Bible has spun out of control obviously lacking basic test procedures Im out    It is broken
I will give details below but basically I would warn you not to buy this App because they dont seem to be maintaining it much less updating it They break key features andor make it unusable and then they may or may not get around to fixing it The Glo Bible App with study notes from several Study Bibles has been a much used resource for me for years as I prepare to teach and preach I never was a big fan of the interface why cant I see the clock in the menubar etc but I got used to it The ease of having the study notes from multiple bibles was the primary reason I used the app Now however the app is broken and I can only access one set of study notes out of four that I have purchased I bought these resources and now they are simply not there Support tells me they are aware of the issue and working on it but it has been weeks and I still cant access the notes The Mac App has also been broken for a long time and there doesnt seem to be any urgency in fixing it I have no confidence in the ability or interest of the developers of this app to keep it up to date or significantly improve it       It used to work
I love GloBible Just lost it yesterday after I either updated the app itself or the iOS on my iPhone Im not giving up hope there must be a fix for this Now the logo is just fixed on the screen and it stalls there          Come Back I love this App
I loved this app until it started shutting down as soon as I open itPLEASEEEE FIX THIS    Used to love it
This app is usually on point fully functional but since the new update it cant even load it just crashes 2seconds in Please fix this I love this app and would like to go back to using it    
Either it never opens or it gets stuck on the startup screen for a long time then crashes when I try to do anything even scroll Please fix this       Loved this app but it wont open
My McArthur and NIV notes are gone All my bookmarks gone Hilighted verses gone I paid for this stuff what happened Very disappointed    Whered everything go
Since upgrading to 1412 I found my inapp purchased study notes are missing I installed what I believe to be the old version of the app Bible from 2013 and all my purchases ARE there I tried deleting and reinstalling Glo Bible 1412 logged in and now my inapp translations are also missing in addition to my purchased study notes The store wont let me restore purchases It keeps saying You currently have all available items    Inapp purchases missing with 1412
I love this Bible it is great for cross referencing and has videos and pictures to give the reader an in depth look into what is being read                Great Study Bible
If you have an iPhone 6 then you are probably in the same boat with me that the app crashes consistently with errors pertaining to syncing popping up just prior to the crash I sent an email months ago asking about the issues and got a reply that they are working on the issues Well Ive been using this app almost since it first came out Syncing was an issue that the Glo folks handled the same way They basically said an update was coming and nothing for MONTHS was released Now the same thing There hasnt been an update to this app since early 2014 You would think they would have had a release related to iOS 8 but that didnt happen either For a product that relates to Christians the Glo folks seem to be lacking integrity in my mind They took my 50 just fine but are failing to keep up their end of the deal If they need to release an upgrade that I have to pay some money for but do something please Update Synchronization fixed yay MacArthur Study Bible is gone what Opened another ticket I hope they fix this quick I want to like this app againUpdate they fixed the sync issues but introduced a new bug back in May Its been over a month and Im still missing my NKJV and MacArthur study notes purchase Boo       Horrible App Poor Support Wheres the update
It was great until it just stopped working    Ugh
I made the mistake of updating Glo Bible last night and now it doesnt work at all I am in the market for a new Bible app    Worked great until I updated it
Worked great on my old iPhone 4 got an ip 6 and mini iPad locks up my mini and always kicks me off my 6 tired if sending error reports with no resultsand yes I have deleted and reinstalled the app nothing changedtoo bad was a cool bible app    New not always good
This was a very unique and helpful Bible App Now it wont even open I will be deleting it soon unless the bugs are fixed       Please Fix
Sorry fellas but this thing just crashes and crashes and crashes New iPhone 6 with latest update No problems on any other app So much potential Such awful implementation Just pass this on by guys    Soooooo buggy
This used to be my go to app for Bible reading Has lots of great features However recently it would not open the app would just get stuck on the logo page like others have experienced So I deleted the app and redownloaded it just to find out the NIV84 version was no longer available This was the only app that still had it Im guessing this is NIV being stingy and forcing the last app that has the 84 version to upgrade Im very disappointed       Disappointed
Until one day it just stopped working It is a great tool I miss it          It was great
I love this app but am having problems after the recent update I have a 4s and when i open the app it closes immediately Normally the app deserves 5 stars but because i cant even open it right now its just takin up space          Recent update problem
I have happily used this app for years Have spent money on multiple add ons I know they said that they fixed the bugs and my app does not crash now but it does not actually let me into the app like its frozen on the glo screen I cant take the chance of spending more money on something that I cant even use I will be deleting it and replacing it with a reliable bible app       Problem not fixed
It would be nice if they added a screen mirroring feature on this app for Smart TVs             Screen Mirroring for Smart TVs
So when you go through any book of the bible and get to a spot with a chapter that is one page or less psalms 15 being an example it will not let me change to the next chapter or previous chapter Is there a way for you guys to fix this          Single page chapters
Wont even open after latest update Please fix          Quit working after update
I believe Glo bible is the best bible app available since u can switch versions while reading plus sets up a reading plan So u can learn important scriptures I like that I can read the bible in bed with lights out                Review
This is a great app that has easytouse offline access                Best bible app Ive used
Its about time Excellent Bible program is back May it stay healthy I purchased an easy 60 plus over the last year During that period the app purchases sometimes were partially recognized It seems like they have finally fixed this So Im going to again put faith in and believe that they will leave it fixed                Excellent program
I loved this app before the latest round of updates It so nice always having a great bible on my iPhone at all times Now have not been able to use this beloved app for several weeks    Please fix latest update crashes
This app is frozen more than its available and it takes forever for their team to fix it I spent a lot of money on upgrades so you would think theyd be on top of it REALLY frustrating       Frustrated
Love it                Love it
I have used this Bible for years and had purchased multiple study bibles through the app The most recent update broke access to the study bibles forcing me to go out an buy the study bible again from somewhere else Support says they are aware of the issue but nothing has happened for weeks No updates have been communicated for such a large outageTo have nearly 100 invested in this app the support is far below industry average As an IT professional I cannot understand the poor management of their Change Control procedure and lack of customer service       Lost Purchases
I love this Bible app It is everything youll want it to be There is just one thing that needs fixing I like to invert the colors white text on black background I find is less distracting to others at service however when you highlight a verse the highlight is too bright to read the text This could be fixed by dimming down the highlight when inverted or making highlighted text black print when highlighted Thanks             My Favorite Bible appbut
This used to be a good app I purchased the MacArthur study Bible notes but as other people have said the app no longer supports them I am going to check out the free gtyorg Bible app and you can get the MacArthur notes for 599 as an in app purchase    Used to be a good app
I really liked using this app til latest update I cant open it now Only way Ive found to open it is delete the app and then reopen it After a day it goes back to not being able to open it again I dont usually write reviews but Im so frustrated with this new update and Really like the app before If the wheel isnt broke it should be left alone       Sad
I have used this app since it first came out Told all my friends about it but now it wont even open Gets stuck on the glo screen Please guys fix this I miss this bible I feel like Ive lost one of my hard copies       Used to work
I dont know when it happened but apparently they stripped most of the translations out of the free app If Id never had them Im sure Id be fine but this just looks like a money grab My update became a downgrade       Downgrade
Application just freezes when I try to open itnever gets past the logo page What to do Aside from that its a great app Help             Had trouble opening since ios8
I love the simplicity of this app About a year ago I bought the full bundle which allows me to get most of the extra content While its a great idea this company has terrible customer service I had asked questions about windows phone service as well as other bugs Ive had Often times I wouldnt even get a reply back These people dont care about their customers unfortunately Again great idea great app but will soon be forgotten due to lack of updates       Great Idea Terrible Execution
First I lost the john MacArthur study bible that I purchased Now I have no other versions but NIVandKJV where I used to have the message ESV I am getting very frustrated it needs an update very bad Every time there is an IOS update it just does not catch up    Need updates
The iOS 8 update mishap seems to be working accurately and consistently for the approximately the past month I thank the technical staff for their success This is an easy to use versatile product                Ap seems to be fixed
App use to work great and now it no longer works on iPhone 5s OS version 83 Open the app just shows the GLO icon full screen and nothing vet happens This error seems to lock up phone and I have to restart phone    No Longer Works
Lately it will not open for me but I was using it daily It has many great features when available Please update it however you need for it to pull up because I miss reading it on my phone It keeps freezing even after I turn off the app and turn it back on Thanks          When it works I give it 5 stars
This is my GO TO Bible app It just does what I want and need                My GO TO Bible app
Love this APP I have used it for 5 years without a hitch Great study Bible and the added features have made it more enjoyable I refer to it almost every day Could not recommend it more highly                Used this APP for 5 years
Lots and lots of effort went into this and for that alone I give it 5 stars A in effort It is quite a dense app though and I am a bit lost already I think an improvement would be some type of walkthrough or a way to give me a birds eye view of all I can do with this Its just very complicated but I plan to spend some time figuring my way through Im just glad apps like this exist                Lots and lots
Ditto here with the Initialization Synchronization issue I have this and the MacArthur Study Bible app Both have been rendered useless Seriously Unable to use either A few troubling facts No settings on these apps You cant do ANYTHING No update since August 2013 Totally unacceptable No email support They dont respond The web site is useless Not one word about these issues It would seem theyve left the country with a big bag of our money My fee bible apps All work 100 fine The 2 bible apps Ive spent almost 60 on from this company 100 failure rate Thus company needs to respond and address the numerous concerns that a LOT of us seem to have No update for almost 3 years Thats disturbing and leads me to believe Ive lost my money never to get it back Frankly Shame on them    One star and thats being generous
Awesome app until it freezes up upon entry If you delete it and redownload it it will work for a little while and then wont let you back in again Please fix One of the best Bible apps around when it works And I paid alot for the upgrades    It freezes up


Immersion Digital
88.0 MB
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.3.9
iPhone iPad

iOS Glo Bible for iPhone 1.3.9 Mobile

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