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Google , the publisher behind many iOS app (Google Search ,Google Translate ,Castlot HD ,Google Catalogs ,Google Authenticator ,Google Latitude), brings Gmail with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Gmail app has been update to version 1.3 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • I never had any problems and the video chat is awesome..
  • Gmail is the best email service I've used on the iPhone..
  • respond to google calendar invites right from the app..
  • Has the search function that Apple's default mail app is lacking..
  • Calendar integration..

Overall Satisfactionc64
The best email client as far as I'm concerned.
What kind of email client that doesn't have a forward option.
I like the app much better than the default mail program on the iPad.
but better than the default iPhone mail app.
Notification center support means I can finally give this 5 stars.
Provides the gmail experience with support for multiple accounts.
Gmail works worlds better than Apple's native mail app.
This app is still better than apple's but it's very buggy.
Gmail is the best email service I've used on the iPhone.
Three things you should know: let alone any other email service.
Everything google makes is just great thanks google for gmail.
Thanks Google for making each version worse than the last.
Thanks gmail teams for such a good work.
Fun & Engagingc98
Gmail is awesome and I like having them as my email service.
Gmail is awesome it lets u do things that is pretty cool.
an awesome email app and so much.
Awesome email service.
Everything google makes is just great thanks google for gmail.
and love that I can stay connected with everything google.
I used to love everything Google created but not anymore.
Social Aspectsc38
GMail is the best email/ social media platform combination going.
my actual email from Promotional emails to Social Media emails.
If I wanted the social media look.
Production Valuesc45
Brings the gmail web interface for the desktop to my iPad.
It's like I was using the web interface which I love.
Really solid implementation of the Gmail interface in a native app.
The Gmail interface is well designed and always responsive.
Gmail interface on iPad is poor.
Ease of Usec72
Simple app with a great interface & design.
GMail is fine for simple email messaging.
but it's simple email retrieval.
Remember the easy interface of old gmail just like that.
It's very convenient to click and go right to my mail accounts.
This app works great for basic email and is super convenient.
I found gmail to be an efficient and easy to use option.
Security & Privacyc53
Get a gmail account because it is just that awesome.
Native iPhone gmail account shows notifications and this app doesn't.
I really like the function of multiple account in one application.
Updates & Supportc39
It works nicely in tandem with the browser based version.
A solid translation of the browser- based version.
Nothing like the web based version.

Keep up the good work google you're doing great. found in 34 reviews
I travel quite a bit and Gmail keeps me connected to everything. found in 9 reviews
I love having promotional emails separated from primary emails. found in 19 reviews
The best free email app on the market. found in 8 reviews
Tons better than iPhone's standard mail app. found in 13 reviews
I like the app much better than the default mail program on the iPad. found in 319 reviews
Can't even send in a crash report before it crashes. found in 119 reviews
Also there is no unified inbox feature implemented. found in 136 reviews
Needs multiple account support and the ability to send from other addresses. found in 204 reviews
Add support for banner notifications and then I'll love it. found in 65 reviews
I like the app but the font size is too small. found in 91 reviews
More gestures like swipe to delete would be nice though. found in 567 reviews
Would like to open links in safari. found in 49 reviews
I wish they would support multiple accounts like the website does. found in 224 reviews
You can't turn off conversation view which is extremely annoying. found in 98 reviews
Definitely needs notification center support and a snappier UI. found in 34 reviews
Still no multiple account possibilities for mobile users. found in 207 reviews
Needs multiple accounts and double tap to zoom among other options. found in 93 reviews
Please give the option to open links in Safari by default. found in 53 reviews
There is not a way to open attachments in other apps. found in 37 reviews
The app continues to crash when checking emails and composing new ones. found in 47 reviews
needs support for multiple accounts and notification center. found in 280 reviews
The notifications don't work sometimes but overall not bad. found in 54 reviews
The app also seems buggy with multi account support. found in 165 reviews
It needs notification center support as well as notifications in general. found in 316 reviews
We'd like to see support for multiple gmail accounts. found in 466 reviews
Still falls short due to lack of support for multiple accounts. found in 280 reviews
Takes forever to load and display new emails. found in 205 reviews
It's impossible to have more than one account configured. found in 147 reviews
Kind of useless when you have multiple Gmail accounts. found in 466 reviews
Can't swipe to delete or select all button. found in 567 reviews
no push notifications showing up in the notifications menu. found in 379 reviews
There is NO integration with Google Contacts or Google Drive. found in 155 reviews
Except Push notifications for new email don’t work. found in 309 reviews
This makes it very difficult to cycle through multiple emails. found in 134 reviews
Can't seem to hold on to multiple email accounts very well. found in 138 reviews
It really shouldn't be this difficult to count unread emails. found in 192 reviews
Needs multiple account support and iOS 5 notification support. found in 207 reviews
but please god add notification center support and view in lockscreen. found in 316 reviews
With no multi account support I may as well just use safari. found in 165 reviews
Please support multiple accounts and I'll change this to 5 stars. found in 224 reviews
Trying to login to Google Apps account- and won't work. found in 252 reviews
Native iPhone gmail account shows notifications and this app doesn't. found in 458 reviews

The Gmail is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 3.2 MB to download. The new Gmail app version 1.3 has been updated on 2014-11-26. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Gmail in Google`s Official Website :

Get the official Gmail experience for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. With the Gmail app, you can: Receive notification badges for new messages Read your mail with threaded conversations Organize your mail by archiving, labeling, ...
Great apps I can check my emails without any difficulty Once or twice it got frozen Had to reboot it              So far no BIG problems
Please please make the left and right swipe options like they have from within the apple mail appto mark as read unread reply star forward reply etc i am thinking of switching to them because its much easier to use Also no number or contact links within emails to easily add to contacts or call The only advantage over the mail app is that it downloads immediately Other than that its nothing great        A surprising miss from Google
People who are looking for a perfect allinone email app shouldnt be looking at this free app as a solution However if you are already using Gmails wonderful browser experience on your desktop or tablet PC this app makes for an equally wonderful companion Unfortunately most people expect the same experience on mobile as they do in their browser which at this point in time is a foolish notion with freeware The app does its job and does it well                 Does its job
Handy Easy to use on iPhone                 Excellent
The layout is difficult to read I often miss important emails because the app sorts them itself The copy and paste function barely works and when it does after I paste the font is a different size Its not easy to edit it will delete whole sentences when trying to edit one letter        Room for improvement
Perfect for checking email              Great App
This is a very poorly set up app It is trying so hard to be Facebook Well it is not even close It crashes It is confusing It is slow and I dumped it If I have to use it in the future I will head to another email and dump gmail     TERRIBLE WASTE
Its a good app but I dont like how I cant move all emails from one contact into the primary folder from promotions           Gmail
My notification sounds are gone Could not figure out what happened until I noticed the app updated today the day my notifications stopped     New update horrible
Yes Gmail becomes one of my family members                 One of my family
Works pretty well and is obviously easier and quicker than signing into my account via safari browser              Decent app
noooooooo Google I love Google but Google does not like the iPhone Shame on you     thanks
Good software              Good software
This is just an unorganized mess     Aweful
Ever since the most recent update I constantly have error messages that I have lost my internet connection and the app has to close Before the update I had no issues Please resolve        New update is horrible
Awesome Love the new update                 Nice
My favorite mail browser mobile and desktop              Mail made easier
Fantastic app for email Absolutely love it and use it every day                 Gmail
Gmail or Pony Express Pony Express is the best choice     Which is the best
Better than CATS I laughed I cried I felt good all over                 Fantastique
Why cant we delete all the mail at one time This app is time consuming           Cant Delete
I agree with many previous reviewers There are a lot of issues with this app and much of the functionality is pretty bad Not being able to swipe to delete is one of the things I really enjoy on the iPhone mail However the fact that this is instant and the push is immediate is why I have chosen to install this app The iPhone regular Gmail was getting so bad it wouldnt bring my email and unless I went into the mail app and actually started it I was getting emails several hours after they had been sent           Okay but
Fabulous                 Love it
Love it                 Great
I cant remember it crashing Syncs up really quickly              No problems
Im in love with gmail so easy to use                
I love this app I have multiple email accounts for work school and personal use and the Gmail app makes it easy to use I never miss a thing                 Great for multiple accounts
I like having access to all my emails quickly without using chrome though that is also a nice app                 Emails man
It bothers me that I have to see the icon and my profile picture every time I go back to it after using another app but not so much that Ill stop using it              Annoying startup
Very good app                 Good
Ridiculous thing is there is no way to change the notification sound Its bizarre Hopefully in next update Google will put this option     Ridiculous
Google you get 5 fails from me and one star only because zero stars is not an option A MULTI BILLION DOLLAR company arrogant as you are and you cant even provide an app that notifies me when I have mail An app whose settings are available in the Notification Center settings Amazing Not only that your app arbitrarily deletes my accounts For some amazing reason I am sure your app decides that I no longer want to check mail from one two four of my accounts AND I have to reenter all of the user IDpassword combinations to set it all up again Apparently money cant buy everything since you cant create a decent app with all those billions of dollars This is NOT a productivity app Its a LACK OF productivity app I had to search through dozens of emails when I woke up after installing last night because I receive ZERO notifications This app has since been deleted Back to Apples default email app At least it notifies me when I have an email     FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL
Greatperiod                 Great
Ive used this app for YEARS and never had an issue Loved it to manage my email but for the last 6 months or so I get the cant load mail screen of death when I open emails You know I should be able to read my emails in my email app And for the love of god make it easier to attach images           Email Contents Dont Load
Works as close to my gmail account as one can expect from an iOS app Use it everyday              Works well
Awesome app so neat and handy for all my needs                 Best app ever
I want the UI to be more attractive              It works well
Every time I try to login it says Timed out please try again Then I try again and it still says the same thing I cant even get on my email Whats wrong with this app PLEASE FIX     HORRIBLE
This app is annoying It very often says that messages arent available offline or says it cannot connect to get messages when Im on wifi or LTE It also struggles to open messages The only reason I use it over the iOS mail option is because the app allows you to delete messages whereas the iOS option doesnt        No Offline Messages
Fast Easy and Reliable This App has a great feature set Far better than iPhones default mail Its so nice to be able to count on Google for a great very useful App Thank You                 Ignore The Haters Gmail is Terrific
Ive had no problems thus far I love this app                 wonderful
No problems at all                 Gmail
very good                 very good
It has few bugs and doesnt work properly on iOS 9 Not letting move emails to a folder        Not iOS 9 compatible
I love my gmail app but recently not so much it wont let me access my emails or anything it says cannot connect to Internet can you please help                 Bug Problem
It works great but it would be awesome if chat features could be enabled like desktop version           Works Great but outdated and dull design
Wanted to use this so I could take advantage of my paired accounts but every other feature of this app is flawed or buggy Lived in it a few days before giving up     So broken its useless
Id actually use this app instead of the default iPhone app or another emails mobile app if I could actually access Group addresses I cant even edit my address book using this app           Too difficult to access address book
Pretty good                 Pretty good I like it
Efficient sleek and quick Everything you want from an email app                 Stunning

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