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Good Technology, Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (Good Share ,Good Vault ,Prevue GE ,Good Connect ,Good Agent ,Good Pro – secure business email), brings Good for Enterprise with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Good for Enterprise app has been update to version 2.0.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Changing font size shifts all the words..
  • This latest version is very good with an improved calendar view..
  • My iPad is now a real business tool..
  • Works great with Lotus notes and corporate email..
  • Calendar helps me a lot to dial conference call..
Overall Satisfactionclick me14
Much better than blackberry using iPhone 5.
Thanks Good Technology.
Reliabilityclick me10
Security & Privacyclick me24
Good is best secure email app on any OS period.
Updates & Supportclick me24
Batteryclick me14


IMPORTANT NOTE:  The Good for Enterprise application will not operate without the necessary back-end software.  Please contact your IT administrator for a username and password. 
Good for Enterprise delivers secure real-time, push synchronization of Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Domino email, calendar and contacts.  With a familiar and intuitive user experience, you’ll be up and running in no time.  Plus, Good for Enterprise provides critical security and management features allowing corporate IT to secure and control
iPhonecellular phone made by Apple
deployments within the organization.
End User Features:
• Email push notifications
• Message synchronization status bar
• Folder subscription with
emailE-mail (electronic mail) is the exchange of computer-stored messages by telecommunication
• Move messages between folders
• Filter messages by unread, flag or priority
• Sort messages by date, sender or subject
• Flag for follow-up
• View attachments
• Search email folders
• Custom signature
• Bulk email move/delete
• Out of office auto-reply
• Calendar reminder notifications
• Create/edit recurring meetings (Exchange only)
• Calendar free/busy lookup
• Mark attendees as required/optional/resource
• Show meeting as free/busy/tentative/OOO
• Mark meetings as private
• Busy-meter in month view
• Corporate directory lookup
• Maps integration with home/work address with driving directions
Recently added features:
• Folder subscription with email history
• Filter by unread/flag/priority
• Create/edit recurring meetings (Exchange only)
• Bulk email move/delete
• Out of office auto-reply
• Calendar free/busy lookup
• Mark attendees as required/optional
• Show meeting as free/busy/tentative/OOO


Good for IT...
Good for Enterprise—iPhone provides critical security and management features that allow corporate IT to secure and control iPhone deployments within your enterprise. You can rest easy with over-the-air and on-device
encryptionEncryption is the conversion of electronic data into another form
of enterprise data, complete password policy enforcement, and remote wipe of enterprise data.  Not only that, your IT helpdesk can easily manage and troubleshoot issues with complete visibility of all iPhones deployed within your company through a simple, web-based management interface.
Download the free Good for Enterprise client today and you’ll have access to your corporate email, calendar and contacts in no time!
Want to connect with other Good users? Join the Good user community, BeGood ( It's a great resource for Good users to connect and share tips and expertise! You can also email us at [email protected] We would greatly appreciate your feedback.

Good for EnterpriseGood for Enterprise
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If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Good for Enterprise for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting different languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Good for Enterprise app version 2.0.0 has been updated on 2014-11-21. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Good for Enterprise check developer Good Technology, Inc.`s website :
Good for Enterprise


Our law firm uses this app or gives a blackberry. found in 5 reviews
I have it installed in at least 3 different companies. found in 4 reviews
I work for a Fortune 500 company with a robust IT infrastructure. found in 5 reviews
Good Technical Support has been timely and helpful when needed. found in 4 reviews
not just sender and subject. found in 4 reviews
App developers - PLEASE update to support iPhone 5 screen res. found in 68 reviews
Also needs software to edit office/excel/word documents. found in 27 reviews
so the caller id doesn’t translate to names for incoming calls. found in 4 reviews
Icon doesn’t show anything like number of unread emails. found in 39 reviews
Lots of room to improve especially FIX NOTIFICATIONS. found in 7 reviews
App isn't updated to support newer was to refresh. found in 57 reviews
Notifications does not appear in notification center for iOS 7. found in 32 reviews
but it still doesn't store the corporate address book locally. found in 6 reviews
There is no search function for tasks. found in 6 reviews
Doesn't remember frequently used archive folders for emails. found in 25 reviews
Even after the update there isn't any support for iPhone 5. found in 10 reviews
It still isn't native push email support for iOS devices. found in 18 reviews
Can't forward attachments or open them in another program. found in 8 reviews
When it decides it will download new emails. found in 60 reviews
Will be 5 stars if its ever updated for iPhone 5. found in 62 reviews
U can't attach a file or attachment or email picture. found in 17 reviews
Stupid on Good's part as IT policy can restrict contact syncing. found in 16 reviews
A few annoying issues - must update for Iphone 5. found in 104 reviews
Now I am no longer receiving notifications of new emails. found in 60 reviews
Apple's mail app never crashed once on me. found in 45 reviews
Worst email app for any smart phone. found in 108 reviews
Still no support for iPhone 5 screen 6 months after release. found in 104 reviews
Terrible email client from a user usability perspective. found in 42 reviews
Cannot access any work emails now while out of the office. found in 109 reviews
Continuous crashing in iOS 6 makes this impossible to use. found in 56 reviews
No copy and paste in an email application. found in 53 reviews
Please add the ability to open attachments to emails in other apps. found in 44 reviews
Unread message count does not display actual number of unread messages. found in 39 reviews
They still have no support for the iPhone 5 screen. found in 68 reviews
Browser is awful and iPhone 5 screen support would be good. found in 56 reviews
It's really amazing that it still doesn't have iPhone 5 support. found in 68 reviews
This app is horrible-- several features common in all email apps. found in 118 reviews
Says its connected but I don't get any new mail. found in 39 reviews
Pull to refresh takes 4 to 5 tries to kick in. found in 57 reviews
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iPhone 320x480 2
iPhone 320x480 3
iPhone 320x480 4
iPad 360x480 1
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Icon 175x175 1
Unreliable antiquated notifications simply dont work No Touch ID Given size of the company I would expect more investment in user experience My very large employer is in the process of switching to an alternative Now Blackberry is buying them Given their track record in strategic decisions no surprise    NOT good
Vibrates and I dont get an email Make an alert or banner notification    Too many vibrations Not accurate
Proposed meeting changes are still not handled correctly If I send a meeting invite and someone proposes a new time all I receive is an email stating that something has changed but nothing more No details of the new time or an option to accept reject etcOverall the calendar support needs to be beefed up       Still needs some work
I count on staying on top of my emails Its sad when 4 hours goes by and still not one email       Long delay for emails
Come on guys hurry up and send an update because I am out of town on business and I rely on this app to keep up with my emails from work Darn it    Crashing
See that joke That joke is to humor what Good is to a functioning email client    Good More like Not Good
Finger print option for signing in rarely pops up       Finger print
Too many inconsistencies and antiquated interface Email count doesnt match Once a mail folder is synced cannot unsync Password requirements are terrible Please release an update with fingerprint recognition for signing in    Wish my employer used a better app
Clearly Good is focusing their investment dollars on their b2b sales force and the show circuit instead of their customer experience engineers Seems like a profitable business strategy in the corporate IT world where usability and features are not a factor for adoption or a basis for competition    I think my employer was duped into buying this
So is the app going to send me a pin so I can use it    Good App not good
Im shocked that our IT people at our company rely on this application for our enterprise email I think it is slow and fairly painful Address lookup in particular is so painfully slow that I just cant bother to add anyone unless I have their email address I will only reply to other messages or search for their email in my existing messages Takes too long to replicate       bad
Simply by adding Touch ID you go from 1 star to 4 Thank you             Touch ID thank God
The app is very slow because there is a lag between when I get an email with when the Good app gets the email Sometimes the lag is up to 5 minutes The notification system is terrible Does not always work and locked screen notification does not work either    Slow and Does Not Work
The service is soso Theres definitely a delay in emails but I am never sure if that is caused by my works network or the app Overall it has been a nice feature offered by my employer a government agency I like how it keeps my work stuff separate from my personal stuff But the app has lots of room for improvement Lately notifications just stopped working My IT department said that this is an issue with the app Very annoying because I have no idea when emails come in The app also needs better customization Darknight mode would be nice as would the ability to do basic HTML editing in the app bold text anyoneThe app is also just really slow Takes forever to open       Decent App if Its What You Have to Use
My password expired and app opened screen for me to update password However no keyboard was accessible If you hit Cancel a keyboard popped up for a fraction of a second I dont type that fast Big problem       Could not update password no keyboard
The Touch ID Only works when the app is running in the background It should be available every time I attempt to access my email       Touch ID needs work
When I read an email via Outlook good app still shows that I have unread message via badge indicator The number of messages on badge indicator is not updated unless the app is opened again    Message Indicator on Badge Issue
Ive seen and used many many apps but never seen one as disfunctional as this one Its as if the taxonomy of commands were all mislabeled leading to simple actions like scrolling results in the deletion of a message What a mess    Avoid this app
Never updates my inbox real time even when I refresh    Dont Bother
Since upgrading to 31 the app regularly hits spells where emails dont load Coincidence I doubt it    Upgrade downgrade
Awful software    Terrible
I wish I could give a 0 star rating Lack of standard capability and more inconsistencies in this application than I thought were possible Here are a few of my gripesInaccurate inboxesMysteriously deleted emailsEmails sometimes do not sendCannot copypaste between app and other screens Inconvenient layoutinconsistencies between email and signature textslow load timesinability to access email folders from applicationinability to sync with iPhone calendar contacts photosetcDont waste your time or money    Good Mediocre at Best
So I am forced to use this app due to IT restrictions at work No Touch ID push functions seem to break often and password restrictions are crazy I truly wish Good was not part of my life This could be a good app with a little work and more frequent updates Perhaps the fault lies more with Apple for not having security that IT departments can trustif they did there would be no need for a separate app for work email Wouldnt that be nice       Buggy and antiquated
I wish I never had to use it It never gets the number of unread emails right Asks for the password so often that Ive started hating it Sometimes the Touch ID too works but this app asks for password even after getting the Touch ID right    Its an irritating app
I cant get my calendar to sync and is locked in decrypting database          Errors
Needs to be updated sooner so the app is compatible with iOS versions as quickly as possible needs Touch IDbetter notifications with quick replyneeds support for attachments       Needs work
This is an OK email app It would be better if 1 there were more sounds to choose from the sounds provided are ridiculous for email notifications and 2 the badge counter would be corrected if youve read an email on another device the count stays Microsofts Outlook app has better sounds to choose from and any email app these days shows the correct badge count       Please update the sounds
My emails do not update properly the calendar reminders get mixed up if the time is changed i get random reminders for meetings that do not exist Im forced to log back in every 15 minutes of inactivity I cant copy paste anything from the app to my phone and there is no integration between my work calendar and my iPhone calendar Whats the pointThe least that you could do is fix your bugs    Buggy and lacks basic features
It does what I need it to                Good
I updated to the latest version last week and the app is stuck at decrypting database step How hopeless    Stuck on decrypting database
It would be nice if the badge notifications were correct and you didnt have to log in just to clear them out You would think this would be an easy fix Frustrating Developers please listen    Incorrect Notifications
It says in the update that this version allows the use of TouchID but I dont find it          Where is the TouchID
First If I want to attach photos I have to do it one by oneSecond I cant even forward meeting notices Third is it that hard to have the badge notification match the number of unread emails I always get faulty notifications even if I had read the email already Now today Ive gotten zero notifications even though Ive gone through tons of emails    Cant even get notifications right
No one would ever use Good by choice Because iPhone email is so insecure in a corporate environment were saddled with this halfbaked attempt at a useful email and calendar app Nearly two years after being forced onto Good I still wish I could have my BlackBerry Z10 back If anyone out there in IT is considering Good for their business Run away dont walk Even the people at my firm saddled with administering Good hate it    So Bad
This is one of the most painful apps I have ever used While it seems to accomplish its goal of security this is at the total sacrifice of any sort of convenience The app does not refresh in the background so you do not know if you have new emails until loggingin to the app However it still does not refresh until you manually do so And the notification badges stick around afterwards so you have no idea how many emails you actually have Loggingin every time it times out is annoying and seems like they should consider allowing a touchID login as that would seem to be more secure anyways This app has so many problems it is tough to find a starting point and the only reason I ever downloaded it was that it was required by my firm Look for any other alternative until they have made serious overhauls to the functionality of the app and notification system    Awful
I really wanted to limit this app to WIFI only and it does not allow that feature in the Cellular Data settings like most other apps       Not well developed
Why do I need to enter the password every time I use the app not killing the app or logging out The setting says 24 hours Btw I just lost a long review because my nickname was taken Seems like the App Store has a bug too    Password every 15 minutes
Im forced to use this app for work Otherwise Id never ever choose to use it It crashes CONSTANTLY About 30 of the time I can use the Touch ID But 10 of those times Im prompted for a password immediately after It sends email automatically if you close out the app or it crashes while you are writing it It absolutely NEVER displays the right number of unread emails and only notifies me to a new email about 25 of the time This app is straight awful Hire someone from Google The gmail app is great    Crashes doesnt do even its basic job
Just installed a crashes immediately when run    Crashes immediately
I have been using this app but I am not get new email notifications unless I open the app Sometimes I miss very important email due to get notifications Need improvement       Can not get notifications
This is how I have to get my work emails I do not have a choice Old company used Airwatch which was better Not that youll be doing this but Apple Watch support would be nice I know wishful thinking          Marginal at best
Throws your iPhone back into the 90s    Horrible
The latest update stinks it doesnt update the number of new messages and doesnt update incoming messages throughout the day This is a new problem and has only been happening since the last update    It keeps getting worse
I can agree with many of the reviewers here that this isnt the most sophisticated application and it does have a lot of room for improvement from a feature set prospective However it works well enough to be able to read and respond to emails on a mobile device and to update and check your calendar I did notice that there are a lot of complaints about password functionality and security This has NOTHING to do with the app itself These problems are occurring because the IT team administering the backend of the application has set up the security like that You can get very granular with the backend configuration on the server side and its 100 up to you IT team if your even required to have a password much less the complexity That has nothing to do with Good The only issue from a technical prospective that I have run into is when you push out policy to lock down the phones such as password requirements etc when the app is uninstalled those settings remain in place and the user is unable to change them after without wiping and resetting the phone back to factory settings That is something to keep in mind if you have a lot of BYOD users          Not good not horrible
There are too many simple things that they just cannot seem to get right Take as just one glaring example the indicators of how many unread messages you have The app icon on the phones home screen may say you have X unread messages while once you open the app but before logging in the app says you have Y unread messages Then once you log in to check your messages the app shows you actually have Z unread messages or maybe none at all Unfortunately this three way discrepancy is the norm rather than the exception And this situation has persisted for multiple iterations of the software There are several other very basic things they just cant seem to get right too If they cant get the simple stuff right why does anyone other that corporate IT who has completely bought into this app believe they are getting the more critical details correct       Too many inconsistencies
Bold move to name the app Good    If only zero stars were an option
It would be nice if features that are introduced consistently worked Half the time Touch ID works and the other times it never comes up and I have to put in my password Would never use if my company didnt force me to    Garbage
I lost access after 841 and my IT administrator is saying I have to wipe my phone clean to clear the old corrupt profile then load everything back on manually not from a backup and this is the only way to get access again This is unacceptable Please make the existing certificate work with the updates iOS    841 ruined it
What happened to being able to reply to and forward meeting invites Did the latest upgrade actually remove that feature Please fix that ASAP one of the most useful features of this app       Cant use my calendar
Not so good Unable to check email now because of iOS 841    Not compatible with current iOS


Good Technology, Inc.
English, French, German, Italian, Spanish
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 2.0.0
iPhone iPad

iOS Good for Enterprise 2.0.0 Mobile

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