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Goodreads , brings Goodreads with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Goodreads app has been update to version 2.0.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • It's also a great way to set goals for..
  • This is a great app for book lovers and those in book groups..
  • It really helps me stay organized and feel better about my reading..
  • I absolutely love this app it's like my personal library..
  • You're wasting time..

Overall Satisfactionc87
Love goodreads and this app is just fantastic.
I love Goodreads but this app constantly fails me.
This is a great app for book lovers and those in book groups.
I love good reads it's soo much better than the website goodreads.
I love being able to keep track of all my reading collections.
Love the scan feature and recent updates to follow friends' updates.
The app keeps crashing when I try using the scan feature.
Goodreads website is the gold standard for sharing books.
Extremely poor implementation of the Goodreads website.
Also love being able to update my status in books and rate them instantly.
Perfect bookmark to every book lover's life.
Fun & Engagingc83
I'm totally addicted to goodreads and will happily use it anyway.
Goodreads is awesome and deserves an app that is awesome too.
Goodreads is an awesome site for anyone who enjoys reading.
I'm obsessed and I'm on it 24/7 literally lol.
I really enjoy this app and use it all the time.
And it's fun to see what your friends thought of books you've read.
You're wasting time.
Keep track of everything you are reading and want to read.
It really helps me stay organized and feel better about my reading.
I really love this app and use it almost every day.
The book reviews are helpful and the "similar book" feature is great.
I love this app and use it nearly every day.
I use this app almost everyday for books.
an extremely useful social network for bibliophiles like myself.
Social Aspectsc87
What a wonderful conceptu2014a social network for book lovers.
Social network doesn't demonstrate useful information.
Another way is through social media sites like goodreads.
social media infused broken app.
Great fun sharing books with friends and keeping track of books I've read.
Great way to stay connected with friends and find new books to read.
Production Valuesc61
iPad and Web interface are all rich and easy to use.
I like this app even more than the web interface.
Ease of Usec62
I found it easy to add books to my lists and add friends.
It's so easy to add books recommended by others.
I can't find away to add books I've read.
This app is well organized and easy to use and navigate.
Easy to use and navigate app similar to the website.
The new update makes the app difficult to use and navigate.
The app is super convenient and has a ton of functionality.
It's super convenient for sorting books.
Makes it super easy to find new books to read.
so this app makes it super easy to do so.
Security & Privacyc85
Syncs perfectly with my goodreads account on my computer.
This is a must have for anyone with a goodreads account.
My goodreads account is linked to Facebook connect.
Updates & Supportc98
A great mobile version of my favorite book website.
Great mobile version of the full website.

particularly for voracious readers and bibliophiles of all kinds. found in 22 reviews
Great for keeping track of books I want to read and to get recommendations. found in 523 reviews
It's good to have one of my favorite websites to take anywhere. found in 32 reviews
Love goodreads and this app is just fantastic. found in 1200 reviews
This is an excellent app for bibliophiles that allows people to network. found in 46 reviews
The app allows you to add and read reviews of books as well. found in 95 reviews
Still a fantastic app for bookworms with all the updates. found in 579 reviews
Truly a great app for readers of all levels. found in 336 reviews
We are both avid readers & are always exchanging "good reads". found in 370 reviews
Great way to keep my books organized --especially ones I want to read. found in 44 reviews
It also makes recommendations based on what you reading habits are. found in 33 reviews
but there are still a few glitches with the scanning option. found in 18 reviews
Goodreads is an excellent community for anyone who enjoys reading. found in 22 reviews
Perfect bookmark to every book lover's life. found in 174 reviews
This app is great for the avid reader and/or book collector. found in 232 reviews
Which is great way to keep track of books you have already read. found in 2013 reviews
I enjoy adding my books to this virtual bookshelf. found in 27 reviews
informative and one of my absolute favorite sites. found in 21 reviews
It has a wide selection of free ebooks to read. found in 29 reviews
Good way to keep track of books I've read and to discover new ones. found in 928 reviews
Cool app but the scanner doesn't work all the time. found in 10 reviews
Can't see book covers or full descriptions in threads. found in 38 reviews
Would be perfect if I could search lists thru the app. found in 11 reviews
Really good app but I wish it was more like the website. found in 17 reviews
The search option crashes every time I use it. found in 11 reviews
but it lacks a lot of the full functionality of the website. found in 19 reviews
Pretty good but could use some improvements. found in 8 reviews
but I tried to update my profile picture multiple times. found in 15 reviews
missing some features available in full version. found in 7 reviews
Only complaint- wish the search feature wasn't so strict. found in 13 reviews
An area for improvement would be the search function. found in 41 reviews
and Goodreads has helped me organize my books and connect with other readers. found in 30 reviews
Only complaint is I can't find a place to enter giveaways. found in 24 reviews
There's no access to group discussions which is disappointing. found in 23 reviews
wish I could access /see my annual reading challenge from the app. found in 15 reviews
There are also some other website features that are missing. found in 18 reviews
but I can't find where to add friends. found in 41 reviews
I don't like the new home page. found in 7 reviews
Reinstall fixed all " Unable to Load Page " errors. found in 68 reviews
I get the message " unable to load page. found in 68 reviews
Needs an iPad version and more features from the website. found in 19 reviews
It's a good app juss don't know how to read the books. found in 29 reviews
Unusable if you use the Goodreads discussion boards. found in 6 reviews
But the problem is that I cant figure out how to read. found in 25 reviews
Useless to me when the bar code scanner doesn't work. found in 10 reviews
Whenever I try to change my profile picture it crashes. found in 15 reviews
No quotes section. found in 8 reviews
Needs to add the ability to login via Facebook. found in 12 reviews

The Goodreads is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Goodreads app version 2.0.1 has been updated on 2014-11-19. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Goodreads in Goodreads`s Official Website :

Tap into the world's largest social network for readers with the Goodreads iPhone app No other app combines the power and depth of the Goodreads community with an enormous catalog of books and book reviews. Goodreads ...
Will rate goodreads 5 stars when they add half star incrementals Excellent app otherwise              Needs half stars
I like goodreads as a good place to consolidate my book lists those Ive read and those I want to read I also like the book reviews which help with the book selection process and book recommendations from friends The app is a good takealong for future references However it lacks the perusal ease of the website and some of the other features including promos and events When home I use the website first over the app Being asked to rate the app againstill same feelings I prefer the web site which navigates much much better I now have an actual Kindle Voyage rather than using the iPad as my ereader When sitting out on my patio or on the road I cant read in daylight as image is completely washed out The Kindle Voyage has a direct link to goodreads While the screen is great for reading outdoors it does not access goodreads anywhere near as well as the web site and the Kinlde has more limitations than this app My order of referring to goodreads first the web site then the iPad app and lastly the KindleVoyage           Online web site better than app
After updating the app to 319 it crashes consistently upon opening Can you make 318 available to iOS 7 users Not a good idea to upgrade my old iPad to iOS 8     319 Crashes
Still jerky UI Still room for improvement A great app for readers Sort the UI Please I hope the people who created this app is reading this Its a really great thing Im on it all the time Please just make it nice and intuitive to use No one near me is a reader so this is a godsend I found my thing Make it nice              Great idea
I use this ALL the time I go to Barnes and noble take pics of the books I want to read add them to the toread shelf and then request them at my library Its awesome I have a few suggestions for the app in particular Ive noticed that sometimes when I finish a book give it a rating and a finish date it doesnt stay in my read shelf It will move back to toread This can be annoying when Im making sure I have the dates in for the reading challenge Also an easier way to use Listopia I can see the newest ones or whatever that suggested list is but it takes some work to get to the actual Listopia section Same with the giveaways its difficult to get there Honestly if I didnt know they were there Id never find it              Great app possible improvements
After the latest update the app quit working     Will not open
Great app You can scan books in the bookstore and view results reviews instantly And you can follow people with similar tastes and see what they are reading                 Awesome
I love goodreads But just did the 915 update an now the app will open and then immediately shut down over and over again Please fix soon        Iphone 4 support gone
Also good for not so good reads All around good app for reads in general                 Good for good reads
This app isnt perfect but its one of my favorites As a book addict I use GoodReads almost everyday to find recommendations see what my friends are reading or mark my own reading progress LOVE                 One of my favorite apps
Does no one tests these newly updated apps on the iPhone 4 Crashes upon launch     Crashes
The app is pretty much the same as the website The only difference is the certain details when you post a review or comment in a discussion like if you dont want it to show on your updates or Facebook if your connected you can just uncheck the box Here on the app you cant do that              I like it
I love this app and use it a lot I just did the most current update for it but all it does is crash I shutdown my phone and rebooted and that didnt help Fix it     Fix it
I love this app It helps me discover new books to love and share my love for the ones Ive read              Very helpful
Goodreads worked perfectly fine for my iPhone 4s before today now I cant even get in the app without it closing on me Ive tried to reinstall it but that didnt work Needs to be fixed        It doesnt work after the new update
Just did the update that came out this morning Dont do it if you want to use goodreads Ever since I updated the app I cant open it to use it     Goodreads
I cant open the app since the latest update It crashes as soon as you try to open it Please fix     New update keeps crashing
This app got me reading more books again Thanks to Goodreads I love reading Goodreads has a lot of good book recommendations                 Wonderful
Best book app out there                 Amazing
Id recommend this app to any bookacholic who wants to keep track of their readings Sharing reviews being able to see short summaries rating books are just a few of the things you can do with this app Its the best                 Great app quite useful
I recently moved my books read list from an Excel spreadsheet to Goodreads cloud dont fail me now The app goes way above and beyond I can see what my friends are reading and recommending I have a place to enter all my want to read books that I can access when Im at a book club meeting or at the library I can ask questions of some of my favorite authors and the app will recommend books for me based on my bookshelves                 Great app for bibliophiles
I use this app daily to get reviews on prospective reads Highly recommended Also helps me to keep track of what books and authors Ive read              I like Goodreads
app has worked fine until todays update now it crashes before its finished loading please put it back the way it was     app no longer works
Crashes on iphone 4s I recommend not to update to the latest version if own 4 or 4s     iPhone 4s crash
91515 Like many reviewers I have an iPhone4 and the app no longer works I swear this just seems like another way to push us to by newer phones and that annoys the funk out of me Old review I think the app is headed in the right direction but still needs improvements My biggest complaint is that I can only see the first page of comments on reviews which is unhelpful since it starts in order of oldest comments first You tried to change that with one of your updates theres now a button that says see more but it still doesnt work for me New review took it down from 4 stars to 2 I love the app I use it daily but the comment problem with reviews has yet to be fixed even though youve listed it under big fixes at least twice I know what youre thinking why 2 stars if thats the only thing you dont like Because it really needs to be addressed     Yippee Doesnt work
This unwieldy app gives you a smallfraction of capabilities online It is difficult to use and even discourages me from using Goodreads at all     Clunky with small fraction of the abilities provided online
I like to see what friends recommend and are reading I like the Most Popular lists I would like to be able to personalize my homepage more and to have the option to swipe to delete books or swipe to pop up options like email and other apps have              Great app
Wish I would have had this in high school I love joining groups and talking to people with so many similar interests                 Love it
Great app that I use daily              Great App
You seem to have lost eight months of the books Ive read this year All of March until the beginning of October have disappeared from my books read section Can I get them back This is one of your best features and its messed up           Lost books
Havent had any issues helped me read much more I love using the list option adding book Ive read and plan on reading thanks devs                 Fantastic
I love that I can come here and find out everything that I need to know about a book before I go out and buy it to read and then put on my shelves                 Love
Id be utterly lost as a human being without this app                 Book Nerd Paradise
I use this ap several times a week to see what other people thought of books Im interested in and to share my thoughts on books Ive read Its great for keeping a list of books to look for when Im in my favorite used bookstores and I love the virtual bookshelves you can label the books youve read with I have shelves such as WithAnimals Zombies Memoirs and PermanentCollection                 Goodreads is great
I love this app and use it all the time I track the books I own have read and want to read Ive used similar apps in the past but this one is my favorite                 I love this app
See above                 Love it
The app is really great Its useful and helpful But it randomly crashes Please fix this           Crashes
Easily one of my favorite apps Rate books Find new ones Keep track of what you have read Make a TBR list                 Every book worm needs
Love this app Ratings on books are usually exactly what I would rate them I always use this before buying or checking out a new book                 The best
Excellent for tracking your books can send recommendations to friends and get suggestions                 Must have for book lovers
This is a very easy to use app              User friendly app
I dont know what I did before goodreads I love finding new books in the listopias and signing up for giveaways I love having a place that I can always and easily go to for what to read next and to list what Ive read already                 Books
This could be the best update ever I wouldnt know it crashes every time I try to open it     Crashes
I really am enjoying GoodReads I can post where I am in my book and comment for my sisters and my friends to see I just hope it makes it easier to post regarding Ebooks              A good way to keep track
This update literally wont stay open It shuts down after 5 seconds at most     Update released 91515
Good reads is one of my favorite apps Its fun easy and informative I love to log my books and see what my friends are reading and the discussions are great                 My favorite App
Why theres no sign in with Twitter I want to access my account and I cant        Signing in
Hey developers not everyone manually updates their apps and reads the descriptions Instead of screwing iOS 7 users over by forcing them to update to an incompatible version you could have marked the new version to not update for iOS 7 users     Use version restrictions
I like the idea of using this app to track what books I have read and to find reviews on possible new books but this app for the ipad needs work It difficult to get started and organize your bookshelves Its easier for me to log on to my desktop to make changes in the bookshelves Although I do like the scanner to add books Just needs to be a little more user friendly with some things I dont like having it linked to my FB account to find friends who are using Goodreads                 Good idea but
Wont open just force crashes repeatedly on my ipad2 Works fine on my iPhone 5c Love the app great for track reviewing books youve read books you want to read and categorize        Update makes it crash

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