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Google, Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (Google News & Weather ,AdWords Express ,Google Places for Business ,Google Docs ,Google Analytics ,YouTube), brings Google Drive with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Google Drive app has been update to version 1.0.2 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Outstanding cloud/ cross platform file system and more..
  • This is a huge space saver for my iPhone..
  • Drive is the best cloud storage / organizer out there..
  • They are perfect for college students..
  • it makes it super easy to transfer files and pictures..

Overall Satisfactionc70
Drive is the best cloud storage / organizer out there.
What cloud storage app doesn't offer this Very very very disappointed.
Google drive is by far the best cloud service out there.
Thank you google drive for helping to solve the storage problem.
Kinda a big deal: offline editing Play audio files.
Love being able to access from both my apple products and IBM products.
I love being able to open my documents anywhere.
Drags me away from dropbox good job google.
Multiple account support just like the gmail app.
Please add multiple account login.
The prices for the extra space is better than Dropbox.
Now is no better than Dropbox or Box.
Fun & Engagingc63
Drive is awesome for storing and retrieving important information.
Google Drive is awesome and easy to use.
it's like having a flash drive all the time.
I use Google drive all the time.
Use it all the time for school and personal file sharing and collaborating.
I love it I use it all the time for school and other things.
Yet the most awesome cloud app I've ever experienced.
OS X & PC awesome cloud storage.
I love Google Drive and use it for everything.
it allows me to access everything I need wherever I am.
Production Valuesc30
Ease of Usec63
Easy to use and easy to share files with long-distance family.
can't edit files Pros: Can rename and share files.
easy to organize & bring my work & docs everywhere.
If you have folders to organize your things.
Uploading is easy and the integration with Gmail is super convenient.
Very simple app to use with a ton of value.
I can't believe google can't do a simple app.
Very easy to use and convenient.
Now with simple editing features.
Only recently every time I try to upload pictures to a file.
Security & Privacyc47
Multiple account support just like the gmail app.
Please add multiple account login.
Dropbox has a password protection feature which is great.
I especially like the password lock feature recently introduced.
Please add password lock to specific folders across all devices.
Log in issue is not allowing me to utilitze this app.
Updates & Supportc10

It's great for keeping documents of my small business organized. found in 10 reviews
I find it extremely useful for collaboration on projects across continents. found in 11 reviews
Great for students and grownups in and out of school. found in 7 reviews
Use it all the time for school and personal file sharing and collaborating. found in 9 reviews
I use this often for group projects and personal assignments. found in 22 reviews
Google really did a great job with their cloud services. found in 46 reviews
Google drive is by far the best cloud service out there. found in 88 reviews
Storage way better than iCloud. found in 11 reviews
I have all my my files at my fingertips wherever. found in 7 reviews
Needs offline editing for single person documents. found in 50 reviews
My big issue is that there is no print option. found in 24 reviews
without having to open a doc in another app like Safari. found in 33 reviews
This app is great but theres no undo button. found in 31 reviews
but I discovered I can't open/ play MP3 files on my iPhone. found in 25 reviews
It's also unfortunate that you can't edit presentations. found in 80 reviews
Please add a way to edit power points. found in 27 reviews
Also spell check and double space would be nice to. found in 78 reviews
Why didn't you at least tell us we can't edit spreadsheets. found in 126 reviews
The app keeps crashing whenever I try to upload photos or videos. found in 55 reviews
Accessing documents takes very long time to load. found in 49 reviews
Needs multiple account sign in and needs footnote abilities. found in 29 reviews
but it keeps on crashing every time I open a document. found in 33 reviews
Mine doesn't seem to refresh even after pressing refresh. found in 65 reviews
Cannot edit tables AND no option to add password protection. found in 57 reviews
Okay app but NEEDS THUMBNAIL VIEW FOR IMAGES AND VIDEOS. found in 12 reviews
This is absolutely pointless without the ability to edit files. found in 59 reviews
Please update to be able to connect to printer. found in 23 reviews
We are unable to create your new document. found in 64 reviews
Love Google. found in 85 reviews
but the mobile version DESPERATELY NEEDS SPELL CHECK. found in 78 reviews
you can not edit google docs natively from the app. found in 96 reviews
I can't view a google doc in google drive
Google Docs /Drive continues to have absolutely terrible mobile apps. found in 516 reviews
But not only is it annoying to switch between apps. found in 107 reviews
Google Drive is rather useless without the ability to edit documents. found in 201 reviews
No upload from your camera roll makes this app useless. found in 78 reviews
ruining update makes it so you can't edit docs in the Drivd. found in 96 reviews
Completely useless if I can't edit spreadsheets shared with me. found in 126 reviews
This is a good app but you need to be able to edit power point. found in 81 reviews
Switching between two apps just to edit docs is ridiculous. found in 96 reviews
Hate that they split it into separate apps. found in 109 reviews
Sadly there is still no ability to edit spreadsheets. found in 126 reviews
The pull to refresh simply hangs there and doesn't actually update anything. found in 65 reviews
Far less useful now as the ability to edit files has been removed. found in 59 reviews

The Google Drive is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 6.1 MB to download. The new Google Drive app version 1.0.2 has been updated on 2014-11-04. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 5.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Google Drive in Google, Inc.`s Official Website :

Google Drive lets you create, share, collaborate and keep all your stuff in one place. Upload all your files from your computer - even the big ones - and you can access them anywhere, including ...
I am unable to download videos from the app that I uploaded from my computer It used to let me before the update              Cant download videos I uploaded
My school switched to iPads and now we rely on google classroom and google drive for our assignments One problem I CAN NEVER OPEN MY ASSIGNMENTS Fix this It wastes time in class and makes me wish we never had to buy these stupid iPads     God forbid I can ever open my assignments
Uploaded videos lose the DATE it was taken on Major flaw Pictures upload fine but view them in Google Photos if you want to see the date it was taken bc in Drive it wont show it Again a major flaw           Great for photos not good for vids
I couldnt be happier with this application It is fun and extremely easy to use All my important files photos and documents at my finger tips I have no desire whats so ever to look into any other similar applications Thank you google                 Just awesome
New update cant fetch data as you scroll down to do so the app crashes and take you out of the app Please fix it please     Keeps crash
So glad I had this and it updates on its own so when my computer crashed I just went and logged on at school and there was my paper right where I left off                 Saved my butt
Great app Easy to use                 Excellent
This is simply the APP I have ever used                 Simply the best
Dropbox has the ability to search within the app from the iPhone home screen search Can you add this feature Thanks              Search from iPhone Home Screen
Does everything I need it to do no problems with it              Great app
Files just do not load     Does not load
Great for organization and storage Highly recommend                 Great app
Able to save documents various extensions on one device and access on another No crash issues as of yet                 No issues here
Love the app to keep everything within reach and synchronized The only problem I have with it is you need different apps now in order to work in spreadsheets documents or whatever where you used to be able to do it directly in this app Other than that the app works very well              Would be perfect if you didnt need other apps
Convenient and does the job              Essential app
This app has literally solved all of my problems regarding storage                 SAVE STORAGE FOR DAYS
Its convenient free and it helps I appreciate this app                 Great
I have videos saved into google drive and I want to save and move it to my gallery but it wont save Tried several times and its getting really annoying    
So I have this app which is awesome for storing pictures but since the new iOS 9 update my app will not download for nothing FIX THIS     Wont download
I am extremely glad too see the built in password feature now available              Recent update is good
This is a great way to easily store and organize files I am a teacher and I use this for all my products I make for the classroom or buy from TeachersPayTeachers I can also make documents such as lesson plans and share them with other teachers                 I Google Drive
I use this to store work and personal files as well as toe of photos                 Great App
Google Drive always does what I wanted to do I have never had an issue with it                 I love Google drive
User friendly Fast Flexible Stable I use it for all my documents Keep it up google                 Love it
This is very useful for sharing and viewing files                 Excellent App
I have had several issues with the app not backing up all of my photos Until it is fixed and it backs up everything I will use Onedrive           Cant trust it
Free and lots of storage Great for people who dont have a lot of money to spend or even for people with more photos can pay 20 a year and get 100gb                 Great
Nice job thanks                
Very helpful this a                 Awesome
and no open in options to select Please fix     Cant download to camera roll on iPad air2
Being in college can be a pain in the rear sometimes when you have to keep track of multiple powerpoints and class notes Have no fear though Google Drive will keep all of your files in an easy to access way Having the app on your phone saves you the hassle of bringing a laptop to class or to that business meeting All of the files are right there in the palm of your hand Get this app and use it if you havent done so already                 Helpful like no other
I have access to all my files wherever whenever The convenience lets me be great                 Great App
Having Issues saving videos Needs to be fixed              Having Issues
Tried opening a PDF in acrobat that was in my drive folder Just freezes The PDF reader in Google Drive doesnt show form view which makes it useless to me        Open in doesnt work
I always love their update and awesome UI And specially offline file activities features                 Day to day use app
Great app for finding and updating all of your data on the go Editing features are limited I find myself going to the laptop for anything more than a simple update              Handy app spartan features
File has to be deleted onebyone in mobile app quite time consuming Other than this it is great              Just 1 little issue
Crap     Crap
What more can I say I love this app                 Easy Safe Reliable
It just works Enough said I use it almost daily                 Works flawlessly
Good for documents              Good
I cant view my deleted items on the mobile app Pleas add an option to view the deleted items           Major Issue
Im on the road and was really counting on this update fixing the inability to save videos to my iPad But it is still bugged Tap that option and the app freezes temporarily then the window just disappears and nothing else happens My ability to post a weekly online video is hampered by this        Save Videos Still Broken
Ive been using Drive both personally and with my students for more than five years In my experience its the best free app out there for facilitating storage and collaboration of files and ideas in my classroom Yes it has its limits which causes moments of frustration anyone still annoyed about having to switch between all the productivity apps and Drive but we still use it multiple times a day every day all school year long              Thank you for helping my students learn and collaborate
I still cannot view images even though they are saved in offline mode which means I have to have connection if I want to view pictures or most things other than Google files        Offline mode still broken
I use this app mostly for photography because of the large storage space that they give you But one thing that I wish they would fix is the exporting process of photos Sometimes it takes seconds for me to export a photo from this app on to my phone Sometimes it never exports If they fix this problem I would gladly give this app 5 stars Other than that small problem this is a great app media storage              Love this app but
Every time I try to upload pics from my phone the files dont open It keeps kicking me off the app        Issues uploading pics
I like how I can have access to all my work files and folders It really is a take everywhere app I can pull up my folders right at the job site                 Great functionality
I store all my photos and videos and important documents on the Google drive so I can make lots of free space on my iPhone How handy is that                 Cant do without
The app works great for accessing documents and I especially appreciate how easy it is to toggle between accounts              Great for my purposes

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