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Google, Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (Google My Business ,One Today ,Google Wallet ,Primer - marketing lessons for startups ,Google AdSense ,Helpouts), brings Google Play Movies & TV with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Google Play Movies & TV app has been update to version 1.0.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
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Overall Satisfactionc49
Thanks Google for bringing my content to a different platform.
I love being able to access my Google Play movies on my iOS devices.
This app work fine but it needs one thing.
Great picture quality.
Ease of Usec12
it's easy to use and works flawlessly with my Google Chromecast.

I can see all my tv episodes. found in 2 reviews
this app works terrifically. found in 2 reviews
and see your notifications appear etc. found in 1 reviews
Great picture quality. found in 1 reviews
and also enjoy listening to music through those same awesome speakers. found in 1 reviews
One more way to further immerse yourself in Google's ecosystem. found in 1 reviews
OMG So cool. found in 1 reviews
Not having problems others have reported. found in 1 reviews
I watch the walking dead you think five is about to come out. found in 2 reviews
The Chromecast and Chromebook user's dream app. found in 1 reviews
downloading videos in the background can decrease battery life. found in 1 reviews
lets you view your Google Play purchased movies and shows. found in 1 reviews
App runs well. found in 2 reviews
make sure the "ringer" switch is set to ring. found in 1 reviews
Note 3 to Ipad Air. found in 2 reviews
stable internet connection. found in 1 reviews
there's nothing worse than an interrupted experience due to poor design. found in 2 reviews
No Apple TV Support. found in 2 reviews
Can't manage content from app. found in 1 reviews
no ability to use the device in portrait mode. found in 15 reviews
It either doesn't load or says it's having license issues. found in 1 reviews
Does not work with AirPlay. found in 1 reviews
Google movies needs offline playback. found in 2 reviews
Way to Screw the Pooch. found in 1 reviews
No mention of AirPlay for Apple TV in the app description. found in 18 reviews
Does not work with Apple TV. found in 2 reviews
It used to work until the last update. found in 9 reviews
It doesn't work on my iPad mini. found in 2 reviews
One update since it's release and still no offline support. found in 1 reviews
Now I can't stream and watch the movie I bought. found in 6 reviews
Crashes way too much. found in 1 reviews
I just wish I could search and order movies through the mobile app. found in 2 reviews
crashes when trying to download for offline viewing. found in 10 reviews
Why this app does not have search future to search for movies. found in 6 reviews
It needs better airplay support. found in 6 reviews
Needs an option to download movies not just stream them. found in 5 reviews
App stopped allowing me to stream movies after a recent update. found in 9 reviews
I'm unable to watch the movie on both my iPad and phone. found in 5 reviews
If I try and stream it it will say unsupported video. found in 3 reviews
Can't actually rent/ purchase movies via app. found in 5 reviews
I can't watch shows without the app stalling and stopping constantly. found in 6 reviews
Sick of google trying to force everyone to use google plus. found in 15 reviews
You can't stream or download anything from the app. found in 6 reviews
but the omission of offline playback is stupid. found in 7 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Google Play Movies & TV for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting different languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish. It weighs in at only 4.9 MB to download. The new Google Play Movies & TV app version 1.0.1 has been updated on 2014-01-15. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
More Info: Find more info about Google Play Movies & TV in Google, Inc.`s Official Website :

Google Play Movies & TV allows you to watch movies and TV shows purchased or rented on Google Play. Watch your favorite movies and shows instantly on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch from wherever you ...
You load the app no movies show up for watching or purchasing Waste of an app     Useless
Saved my money for standard movies for Google play Thanks for making an app that really works                 Great app
I will never get another movie from google play It buffered and had bad pixels the entire movie I have zero issues with netflix If I could give a zero I would     Google play movies buffering
Cant watch movies that I purchased from Google on my iPhone6 Plus     Streaming
Can only download and watch movies you have already bought from another app           Cant buy movies from open app Bad salesmanship
Considerably cheaper than iTunes Works just as great                 Cheaper
Im not sure if its just me but whenever I try to watch something it never streams or even if I try to download it it wont do it     Not streaming
Movies dont stream well and keeps telling me I cant download the movie because I dont have enough space on my device even though I have 15G available Awful     Awful
Horrible experience Streaming was choppy scenes were repeated dialogue was deleted First and last use on my new iPad     Terrible
Found a movie in the Google Play store that I could find anywhere else Bought it and then tried to play with AirPlay to watch via Apple TV but seemed like it was buffering like crazy I figured the issue was the app itself and that I would be able to watch from Safari when I initially purchased in Safari was asked if I wanted to go to the app so figured watching in Safari was also an option Deleted app and then tried to watch in Safari kept pushing me to redownload app Once I redownloaded app couldnt download the movie because it said it was on a different device This was a horrible experience so glad I dont have to deal with the Google BS all the time     Horrible Functionality
Always defaults to the same two episodes of shows making you click through screens to see where you actually are in a series No auto play No playlists No features Just a money sink while Netflix plays constantly for hours from a great UI Save your money and skip the wasted time and effort of inviting google into your living room to spy on you worse than the NSA     Terrible UI and poor features
Very disappointed Downloaded Still Alice tried everything NO closed captioning     Not for hearing impaired
This is a poorly designed app It has no movie menu to select a movie to stream and has no ability to download a movie     Poor design
I do not mind to buy TV shows on Google play but this app has a lot of bugs First mistake no on screen volume control Number two lay out of library shows are often hidden in numerous steps to get through Last headache for no reason it tends to freeze up a lot I hope Google fix their app soon Coming from a person who has an HTC phone chrome cast and smart tv with heavy use of YouTube I can not recommend this to anyone        Why freeze
please fix this problem the app is crashing each time i want to play a movie     Please fix this problem
It keeps freezing my movie Please just fix it     Buggy
If you go into in Watch Now or My Library theres no way to get back out to the main screen Or maybe theres no intuitive way to do it     Bug
Quality of movies purchased through this app was really bad Streaming was choppy Needs improvement before I will use it again        Needs improvement
This app really needs a search field for my movies I have a lot     Needs a search field
No Apple TV support        Apple TV
Great app for movies I recommend needs an app icon change thats not google standards come on guys Need good looking app           Google nice job
It just says its downloading it forever but never does It does work perfectly fine on wifi though        Works good unless you want to download
I guess I was just lucky this time I casted a movie from my iPad mini using my Chromecast to my hdtv I had zero problems streaming the movie and experienced no buffering Picture was very clear I feel for those who hadhave problems with this app as I know how frustrating streaming can be sometimes                 Worked for me using my chrome cast
Still not working     Not streaming
Just a lot of waiting for downloads that never happen or loading while trying to stream     Would be cool if it worked
This app is so fun                 amazing
Why do downloads keeps disappearing I dont have wifi at home I download at work It would be nice if the movies and shows would stop disappearing or asking for Internet access        Downloads
How come it works on iPhone but not iPad Update fix please        Needs compatibility with iPad
No AirPlay mirroring option Absurd     No AirPlay option
Cant purchase from this app unless downloaded from another device        Cant purchase From This App
This App still needs a lot of work No HD is available     Google play
Deliberately makes it impossible to stream on Apple TV I get it they want you to get the chromecast Useless     No AirPlay support
Only adds content to download queue and never finishes the download     Will not download content on ios9
I enjoy watching movies from Google reasonable and run smoothly at least most do But this Google Play app needs MUCH improvement I finally broke down and PURCHASED a favorite movie and it has never shown up in My Library I have to go into Google browser to Google Play enter the name of movie then it lets me play This is the exact opposite of what an App is designed for ease of use Google DO BETTER For shame        App fail
Id rather just have my google movie collection get buried in dust than giving that company another cent     I wont even bother
Easy to use with my Chromecast for obvious reasons but it seems that the slider bar is the only way to move forward or back within a video It can be tough to get back to just the right spot if youre in the middle of a two hour movie and just missed a single line The addition of a button to skip back 10 seconds like the Netflix app has would make me completely satisfied with this app           Works well enough but missing a key feature
I keep redownloading the shows I have purchased because every once in a while I think its probably every time Google updates the app all the downloads become unplayable Its unreliable and I simply wont be purchasing media from Google anymore     Downloads not playable
So it works great if you rent a movie and want to stream to your chromecast If need to rewind or pause thats where the problems start There rewind and fast forward are all accessible at the very insensitive slider bar If you missed that last word rewinding is hard and inaccurate There shouldve a 30 or 10 second rewind button I saved their website on my bookmarks so I buy online and open the app to watch I dont know why some of the bad reviews failed to mention how easy that is to do For me its just the actually video menu that Im disappointed with           Easy to use but lacking features Id expect
It would be nice to play movies offline              Awesomebut
Consistently freezes and then finds time to crash Great application Google     Junk
Im glad there is google play video app for iOS but I notice that when you download the video the quality of the video is decreased Please improve quality of downloaded videos           Heres the thing
No HD useless app Why did they even make this app     Why no HD
Idk how to download the movies        Idk how to download
Cant buy from the app so its a waste of space        Google app
No hd     Not optimized for iPhone 6 6
Very convenient                 Awesome
No AirPlay option Weak app     No AirPlay
Why does this keep happening Clearly a DRM license of some kind is not being renewed even with the app has regular connectivity Major inconvenience and makes app unreliable for travel where offline playback is the only option        Downloads gone

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