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Google, Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (Google Play Music ,Google Play Movies & TV ,Zagat ,Google Offers for Business ,YouTube Capture ,Google Analytics), brings Google Play Music with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Google Play Music app has been update to version with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Easily my favorite music streaming service and the only one I use..
  • Eq settings..
  • Finally Edit Playlist option..
  • I still love cloud play because it has Last FM scrobbing..
  • Finally a legitimate google music release for the iOS os..

Overall Satisfactionc49
The iPad support was a long time coming.
Best music app out there for a small price.
What good is a music streaming service that doesn't stream music.
Thanks Google for finally getting this to the App Store.
and Googleu2019s all access music service is surprisingly good.
This subscription is by far the best music service out.
Great job Google and keep improving the service.
So much better than iTunes.
All access I better than spotify imo.
Fun & Engagingc49
Awesome music app.
Awesome service.
Trying to create a new playlist crashes the app.
Security & Privacyc10
Updates & Supportc38
just make an iPad version and maybe add lyrics options.

It IS the best cloud music management of them all. found in 1 reviews
About freakin' time. found in 1 reviews
Great first impression. found in 2 reviews
Keep up the great work guys. found in 2 reviews
I pay 10 dollars a month for unlimited music. found in 8 reviews
iPad™ APP PLEASE COME ON Google™ STOP SNORING AND WAKE UP. found in 3 reviews
Google's official app has much less of that. found in 2 reviews
there's a plethora of apps for music lovers. found in 3 reviews
000 songs with me on my touch. found in 14 reviews
Default sound quality is better on beats music and iTunes. found in 3 reviews
Setting the industry standard for engineering. found in 2 reviews
Daily Suggestions. found in 1 reviews
Thanks for finally releasing this. found in 3 reviews
Thank you for finally bringing this to the iphone. found in 2 reviews
I need an equalizer or I'm finished with Google. found in 1 reviews
Improved over last version. found in 2 reviews
Finally all my music at my fingertips again. found in 2 reviews
Please fix this issue of random offline songs skipping. found in 12 reviews
but as an All Access subscriber who primarily streams via mobile. found in 7 reviews
Also I can't edit playlists from within the app which is irritating. found in 15 reviews
offline streaming shoots back a streaming error. found in 10 reviews
he lack of a native iPad version really detracts. found in 8 reviews
It's great just needs iPad support. found in 61 reviews
except for the lack of iPad optimization. found in 6 reviews
Seems kind of crazy that there's still no iPad optimized version. found in 10 reviews
And the app crashes whenever I attempt to make a playlist. found in 10 reviews
And don't tell me to switch to offline mode. found in 32 reviews
I press the download button but still not available for offline play. found in 27 reviews
Downloading songs for offline listening requires repeated clicks to complete. found in 38 reviews
Has to load using a network connection to play downloaded music. found in 48 reviews
Needs Auto Playlists and Downloaded music filter. found in 90 reviews
Why isn't there a way to delete songs from my library. found in 47 reviews
I'm unable to play any downloaded musics offline. found in 90 reviews
There's no way of easily delete songs from your library. found in 21 reviews
Playback often skips 20 seconds into a song to the next song. found in 42 reviews
and needs to be able to download music from library way quicker. found in 22 reviews
Every time I try to open the app. found in 21 reviews
The songs stop playing and skip to the next one without warning. found in 27 reviews
Google: please add iPad support to this app. found in 61 reviews
No way to remove certain downloaded songs from your iPhone. found in 27 reviews
I tried to download an album and the app crashed. found in 81 reviews
Now it seems completely broken - keep getting "error trying to stream music ". found in 50 reviews
but offline mode isn't working. found in 32 reviews
This Google music app cannot buffer worth a crap. found in 118 reviews

The Google Play Music is now available as a free download on Apple Store for iOS owners. The application is available in multiple languages: English, Arabic, Catalan, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese. It weighs in at only 4.0 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version has been released on 2014-11-26.
Bottom Line: For more information about Google Play Music check developer Google, Inc.`s website :

Google Play Music makes it easy to discover, play and share the music you love, anywhere With our new All Access service, you can enjoy millions of songs, listen to custom radio with no limits, and ...
Amazing                 Hzhs
Great for radio Only thing is it needs an equalizer and sleep timer If that was there this would easily be the best music app on iTunes              Almost perfect
I cant even open the app makes no sense Continuously shuts me out and closes     Wont open
This thing claims that it supports ipod touch 4 generation while in reality it does not     What a lie
Unlike other reviewers I dont care for offline playback I simply want to stream my library when I have wifi available However this app wants to store hundreds of MBs of data every time I use it for some reason Considering I only have a 16GB iPhone this is simply unacceptable and I was forced to delete the app Ugh        Uses too much storage
I used to really like GPM Its a buggy mess now While theres an option to download my music I have not been able to successfully download a 3 GB playlist It always gets stuck and only downloads 15 of the playlist I cant remove songs from playlists The UI is kind of annoying it takes way too many taps to get to my favorite playlists It can also be difficult impossible to see the entire title of a long song Heres the good stuff the radio stations are really good The selection of music is great        Used to be pretty good
easy to handle                 UNREAL
Whenever I play a song it downloads it to my phone and takes up space I then have to download it manually and remove it        data bug is present
This app is good on its own but can barely function through a chrome cas           Needs improvement with chrome cast
How do I unsubscribe from this     Dont like it
Now it wont even open     Update messed it up
I loved this app because all the music was free Now you need a google play music account to get started I already have so many account for Google that Im so sick of it I dont want to make a new account for something thats not that important Seriously Google I only had to sign in with my Google account This is ridiculous     Worst update in apps
The full screen ads are a showstopper for me Uninstalled     Full screen adsuninstall
Its a good app                 Awesome
Very wonderful app              Great app
I love this app make me happy                 Music app
This app is amazing                 This app though
This app is great it has all the music that I need its a perfect app                 Perfect
Users that upload to the free music cloud service is unable to access via iOS device in Singapore           Enable Google Play Music for Singapore
Its good                 app review
I just cancelled my subscription to Google Music The playlist function is completely broken After ordering tracks they all suddenly and randomly reorder themselves bizarre Deleted tracks on a playlist reappear magically and others get deleted for no reason     Playlists completely broken
Until the sub genre sections are restored     Down to one star
Ive had problems with this app and the G app ever since they came out and the issues have continue through multiple phones and iterations of iOS Since the last update the app wont even open AT ALL I click on the app get to the welcome screen then it crashes Ive restarted my phone deleted the app and reinstalled all with the same endresult CRASH You would think a billiondollar company like Google Alphabet could AT LEAST release versions of the app that open at a minimum I understand theres always going to be bugs here and there but this is unacceptable and frankly quite rediculous     Cant even open the app Crashes
I love google Use lots of their apps I have been using google music for about six months Suddenly it states that I need to subscribe a Google Play Music subscription to skip songs These are my own uploaded songs and I was not streaming Since when do you offer a free player and then state you need to subscribe to hear your own music Strike one     Google does evil
I enjoy how the playlists change throughout each day based on the time of day and day of the week Uploaded my whole music library for free as well                 My favorite music app
Such a amazing app I love it                 Lovely
Works awesome                 Works
App crashes every time I try and launch it 6 plus 812     App crashes every time
Didnt google already buy songza Just focus on that app or atleast use its interfaceThis app has a overcomplicated interfacePlaylists and variety is good just like songza       
The app lagsstutters a lot while scrolling I have an iPad Mini 2 which I think is a quite capable device to handle the app but why is it lagging while I scroll Something wrong with the app           Stutter
Ive used this app previously without issues but now every time I try to open the app it crashes immediately     App Crashes
App has no scrolling of artist names or song names If I its longer than 25 inches its cut off If I ruled the world is the longest song name I can see Even then the d is cut off by The service is great tho But rage against the machine switched their edited songs with unedited songs as the band is often known to do causing me grief at work Worth it to spread some rage though     Great service bad app Sept 8 2015
I love google but The chromecast portion still needs a lot of work Please fix it so Im not forced to use something else Its your product and your app It should work the best Music stops after like two songs And app becomes useless I am using an iPhone        Great app but needs improvement
Love it              Awesomeness
I love it                 Music is fine
This app really really needs a lot of work I get there are some people who are heavily invested into radio services like Tune Beats 1 etc But its one of those things that half of the people could care less about and the other half use it like its the best thing in the world Im a member of the former I dont like radio services and dont use them has nothing to do with ads free music cant be free be considerate fools Its not good for the musician Google Apple Spotify Pandora etc But I just dont like them I hate that his always defaults to Listen with Radio stations at the top Also when I search for artists in my library it shows me radio stations I cant stand this Not to mention performance is abysmal Functions flawlessly on my Galaxy S6 edge This app is running horribly slow and janky on m iPhone 6 Plus AppleGoogle who knows Maybe its 814 or preparations for iOS 9 Every new Apple update always ruins functionality for a lot of apps and Google is typically on top of fixing things Either way bad performance and forcing us into the radio ecosystem is not acceptable           Still ten times better than using Apples Music app but
I was trying to decide between Spotify Google play music It was a difficult decision but I chose Google play music because I was able to use the app on more than one device That was my decision maker But I had a payment issue and was only given one day to respond before my subscription was canceled I tried paying it but still canceled Im sure all my playlists are gone too The only way to have support Is via email I dont even know how to resubscribe The app is not as user friendly as I would like Spotify has more music available to choose from I wish Google play music would have a home button on the main menu Because when you search you have to press the back button multiple times to get back to your home page if you search more than one song or artist I really enjoyed this app but am now reconsidering Spotify           Spotify is better
I dont use the radio function of this app All I want is a way to access my music without having to use up local storage to so But since radio had been added the search function is now effectively useless to me The only results that come up are radio stations It would be nice to be able to choose the radio function rather than have it forced on its as Google tends to do to us these days           Too much radio not enough music player
It is very good for evreybody                 THE BEST APP
App wont allow me to upgrade to the all access pass and its frustrating to say the least           All access pass
I like this app because I can hear different kind of music                 Cool app
App nice I can listen to my fav musics                 Very goood
I love it all the music I need                 Wonderful
Apple please enable in Google Play Music in Singapore App store as well free users have store music on Google cloud too           Working great but
I have this issue on my iPad where when I download an album and then closing the app then reopening it it either downloads successfully or removes it half way completed           Bugs
This summer has been rough My playlists are all messed up songs are mislabeled and album artwork is all weird At least Google has a usable app                 Waaaaay Better Than Apple Music
This is a really cool app and its just so amazing                 Best app
The Chromecast support is horrible with this music app I never have problems streaming with other video apps I would think streaming music world be easier              Good music competition when it works
Amazing                 This is an amazing app
Amazing                 Sweet

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