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Google , the publisher behind many iOS app (Google Places ,Google Authenticator ,Schemer ,Boutiques ,Google Shopper ,Google Voice), brings Google Search with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Google Search app has been update to version 2.0.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
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  • The speech recognition capabilities on the search are amazing..
  • I downloaded this app for the Google Now cards - super convenient..
  • great to finally have it cross platform on my iPad..
  • This adds useful information to the best search engine there is..

Overall Satisfactionc78
Much better than Siri although scores are always a little behind.
This app is the best search engine app EVER.
This app is pretty disappointing considering google has the best search engine.
Thanks Google for doing it right the first time.
Thanks Google for making my life miserable :-.
Searching images with this app is way better than safari or google chrome.
This app has amazing voice recognition that can often beat Siri.
Fun & Engagingc77
I love this App and the speech recognition is awesome.
This app is perfect and the voice search is awesome.
This adds useful information to the best search engine there is.
There is an extreme lack of useful information.
Almost everything Google does is amazing and surprising and delightful Waze.
Why does everything Google puts out seem half-baked and untested.
Using the google/gmail app for everything I possibly can.
You need to have this app it's really helpful.
It's faster and more useful than Siri and more intuitive than safari.
Exellent on the go saves time great app.
Ease of Usec51
Finally a simple search application for smartphones and tablets.
I thought this was just a simple search app.
Easy simple fast and effective.
I downloaded this app for the Google Now cards - super convenient.
Voice search makes it super convenient.
Security & Privacyc52
and is very good for activating gmail account and even chat.
that means that a computer is parsing your gmail account.
Why does this app let you setup your gmail account.
as well as the privacy concerns many have raised.
Privacy concerns aside.
With one account you can do everything.
Updates & Supportc11
Google mobile app: now with the longest version number ever.
Does drain battery so not full stars.
doesn't drain battery but keeps logging me out.
Kills battery because location services stay on.

Also it automatically shows your flight information and tracks your packages. found in 34 reviews
Google wins over Siri for response correctness and applicability. found in 6 reviews
Smarter than siri and google now works great. found in 10 reviews
widgets track useful information based on location: traffic conditions. found in 13 reviews
It does everything and its voice recognition beats Siri. found in 23 reviews
Much better than Siri although scores are always a little behind. found in 422 reviews
Google love and the Goodliness :p. found in 20 reviews
Google continues to impress with its artificial intelligence. found in 26 reviews
A great alternative to Siri searching on the the web. found in 57 reviews
This app is beast GOOgle FTW. found in 9 reviews
Voice recognition blows Siri out of the water. found in 19 reviews
Please fix this app it has a horrible crashing problem. found in 21 reviews
good app but needs google goggles for ipod touch 4. found in 19 reviews
Google needs to activate the sports scores. found in 57 reviews
and you can't save images from the app. found in 59 reviews
however the voice recognition search needs to be fixed. found in 17 reviews
Needs Voice Search for those with iPod Touch and mic. found in 12 reviews
Amazing app but PLEASE add google googles support for iPod touch 4g. found in 107 reviews
The search results are good but the voice search doesn't work. found in 35 reviews
The google talk on iPod touch 4th generation DOESNT WORK. found in 134 reviews
It won't let me save pictures anymore google please fix this. found in 74 reviews
One: push notifications of important information would be great. found in 103 reviews
It would be better if Google added voice search for iPod touch 2G. found in 112 reviews
This could be so much cooler if u added voice search for iPod touch. found in 112 reviews
This app needs push notification for events and traffic alerts. found in 12 reviews
Just wish I could open multiple tabs and keep them open. found in 76 reviews
Can't open safari if I click one of search results. found in 66 reviews
No google goggles for iPod touch 4 gen what's the deal. found in 203 reviews
Keeps crashing when I open google now please fix. found in 45 reviews
except bring the old Google app we all loved back. found in 92 reviews
Image search is horrible on Google for iPhone. found in 156 reviews
Does not remind me about any Google calendar event. found in 110 reviews
Needs google goggles support for 4th gen ipod. found in 78 reviews
Scrolling doesn't always work on search results. found in 304 reviews
There is no difference than just using the web browser. found in 121 reviews
I will reinstall if multiple tabs are implemented. found in 76 reviews
The app crashes fairly often on my 3rd generation iPod Touch. found in 99 reviews
Google goggles It needs to support ipod touch 4th gen. found in 134 reviews
These cards are useless if there are no push notifications. found in 103 reviews
The google goggles don't pick up anything anymore. found in 377 reviews
No support for iPod touch 4 would love to try the goggles part. found in 107 reviews
The search history change is also extremely annoying. found in 146 reviews
Horrible experience for IPhone 6 Plus and iOS 8. found in 168 reviews
Constantly says "No internet connection " which is completely untrue. found in 75 reviews
Loads very slow and every time I try to search something it freezes. found in 121 reviews

The Google Search is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 8.4 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 2.0.1 has been released on 2014-11-14. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and ix.Mac.MarketingName. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
Bottom Line: For more information about Google Search check developer Google`s website :

Get the most advanced Google search experience for your iPhone, now with Google Goggles, Voice Search and My Location. GOOGLE GOGGLES Search by taking a picture with your iPhone camera. Image recognition technology recognizes objects and ...
Am I the only iPad user who the app opens sideways on Got the automatic update today on my iPad 2 today totally messed the app up It is now sideways doesnt fit on the screen doesnt rotate and worst of all I cant type anything into the search box Please fix right away Used to be my one and only search engine now need something that works And the new logo looks like crap     Epic Update FAIL
I installed the new update and now the app does not work at all Very bad update I want the old one back     Cook
Bugs bugs bugs Dont like it Does not work well with IPhone Do something bout this     Awful not happy
Ever since the latest update I cant get through typing before the app locks up     Freezes
Who is responsible for this hideous design I hate this update     UGLY ICON seriously Google
Didnt ask if I wanted to update just went ahead now it doesnt work so crap app on iPhone 6 plus     Crap app
Yes it may crash on occasion but overall it is very nice to use              It is good
Love the update with the new logo and all but every single time now when I enter text into the search field the app freezes up on me after typing in just a few letters or if I enter a space in my search terms Then I have to force close the app and try again but the same thing keeps happening Please fix        Latest version very buggy
App is great the logo change is also very cool as I wanted                 Good logo change
I kinda liked the old Logo better                 Its good but
This app crashes more than any other app I use I have to delete and reinstall frequently Most often I will try to search and the keyboard will pop up but nothing ever shows up in the text box When this happens I have to delete and reinstall as the app will not function at all Come on Google get your act together     Crashing
I have been using this app for over and year and it has been pretty convenient for quick searches However now I have a hard time using it because it looks too close to the Groupon app           App resembles Groupons App
After the logo update the Google app freezes then crashes Ive deleted it restarted my phone and everything else but nothing     I now use bing
The app worked fine until this current update to 804 Now it opens but is frozen and wont respond to voice and wont enter text ergo useless     Current version doesnt work
Half of the my screen it is gone with this updated I am not even been able to open in my browser the links no open no more worst display ever on any Google app        Terrible update with it it lost functionality
The old version was great almost never crashed This latest version crashes several times DAILY Please fix so I dont have to go to annoying Bing        Crash App
Very FRUSTRATING this recent upgrade freezes crashes advises that I check my WiFi connection Absolutely NOTHING WRONG with the WiFi This new upgrade is a complete waste of time FIX IT     TWO THIMBS DOWN
Fix the YouTube app not this Nice app tho              Hey Google
The new icon is awful Please go back to the elegant white g on light blue background This is the new coke vs classic coke debate all over again     Terrible new icon
Vegging for              Foggy
New app does not have indicator if shipped after buying items harder to navigate the old version was better     eBay
I love the app it can help me a lot but the new Icon is bad it stayed the way it was i would like it Its cool how you guys put the stuff when you enter the app but when you open the app you have to open the app              Awesome but new icon
Strange layout Too many different views and screens Feels like theyre trying to do way too much with one app     A weird little app
The app shuts down when Im in the middle of reading or commenting on an article and when it does that theres no history of it Also as another reviewer said I dont like previous viewed pages disappearing after only two days the original Google was better But I do like the new thick multicolored G        App shuts down too much old version only I hope
Crashes when I zoom out        Crash
I like the look the ease of navigating and its simplicity Combine it with the features of Chrome              Its good get it
Does not work Crashes on open every time     Pretty but
When trying to set a reminder still get error 300400 Google product is good when it works otherwise you are out of luck     New face new design still broken
So Ive looooooved my Google app but when it recently updated the search box is now finicky and only lets me write things in it when it wants too Super irritating Please fix I Google multiple times an hour lol so this is necessary           Bad update
Great neat app but a bit slow on my older device Is it just me or does the logo seem strange           Great neat app
No surprise here The app has always been improving the cards are useful and relevant Im digging the new logo I dont use it as a default browser but I definitely use it often Maybe a tip I would give is to have a night mode I think that would cool if they could do it                 What else to be expected
The app no longer works Im unable to type anything in the search bar Also the voice command option doesnt work New update didnt fix it either     App does not work
Why did you have to change the icon I loved the G on the blue background it was so simple and classy Now it looks childish with a silly font G with a whole bunch of colors on it with a white background Its awful and everyone agrees so can we just have the old one back              Love the app HATE new icon
I used to love this app Now its slow and crashes all the time        Not Happy
Dont like the new icon     Bring the old icon back
Googles last update should be avoided at all costs Why use an app if the app makes everything harder than it used to I stopped using it because it is no long reliable for me The last update was the final straw Pointless unreliable onerous Removed     Getting worse
The past few releases have progressively gotten more unstable Unimpressed Google           Been really buggy lately
The main gripe I have with this app is that the recent pages delete after 2 days so any searches that you wished to refer back to are gone when you come back and you have to search all over again Why cant I change this option in the settings I prefer this app over safari but keep pages like safari           Recent Pages Delete
Less is better I dont know what you where thinking but the new app Icon is horrrrrrable To much going on I had to move this icon to the last of my Icons to see I was much happier with the old It is simple and has the goggle stand out Now sorry looks like a mess on my screen     Hate new Look
I would love to use this as my primary engine but not having bookmarks makes it very inconvenient Consider the add pls           One Fatal Flaw
Since updating last week I cant get Google to open Whats all this about signing in I tried to register and it said my name and password didnt agree If its because I dont have a Google email account then shame on Google as it gave the opportunity to list using another server When I try to enter the name of what Im wanting info about nothing happens I hope someone sees this and will answer     Google wont open
Ever since the update on 99 I cant type in my search question nor will the mic work About to delete it     Update on 99 destroyed it
Great when it works     Freezing up
Why does Google keep getter worse instead of better I used to use it for everything but I have come to HATE IT Takes forever to load slower slower response time and sometimes it doesnt respond at all The new preschool style logo is the last straw goodbye Google     Why does Google keep getter worse
Loved the Google app It was my go to for searching the web until this latest update On my iPhone it has frozen It wont do anything Have restarted phone problem still persists Only had a few occasional crashes prior to newest update     Latest update has problems
This is a must have                 I love it
As hard or repetitively I tap on the search box I cant type in it Tap and hold nothing Tap the microphone nothing WTH Google Using iOS 841 Sept 11 app update Same results after restart I guess were stuck with Ms Pardon Siri     Cant type a search At all FAIL
Used to work fine Now just sits and searches no results     Crap
The Best                 Awesome App

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