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Google , the publisher behind many iOS app (Castlot HD ,Blogger ,Gmail ,Castlot ,Google Latitude ,Google Catalogs), brings Google Voice with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Google Voice app has been update to version with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • i wish there was a way to turn off landscape view..
  • so +1 for adding multiple account support..
  • This is an awesome app for small business owners..
  • the notifications are not appearing in my lock screen..
  • Nice but can you attach something that'll allow us to send pictures..
Overall Satisfactionclick me40
Thanks Google and Apple for finally getting this to iPhone users.
Thanks google for the crappy buggy app.
Add picture messaging.
It's missing picture messaging plus full screen for iPhone 5.
To all who are screaming about iPod and iPad support.
Love Google Voice service and the app so far.
call quality is better than my other textfree app.
you probably haven't used GV service.
Fun & Engagingclick me25
google voice is awesome and i am happy because the landscape keyboard.
Usefulnessclick me13
Production Valuesclick me25
Way better than using the web interface.
like I am able to in the web interface.
Ease of Useclick me28
It's a great simple app that works.
Rather counter intuitive.
Reliabilityclick me14
Security & Privacyclick me17
you can use this for SMS through your google voice account.
It has allowed me to switch completely to my google voice number.
Add your new TextFree number to your GV account Done.
Updates & Supportclick me38
Please make an iPad version that supports rotating screen.


Access your Google Voice account right from your iPhone.


Receive push notifications for new text or voicemail messages.


Send free text messages to U.S. numbers and make international calls at cheap rates.

Google VoiceGoogle Voice
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Listen to your voicemail, read transcripts and manage your Google Voice inbox.


Display your Google Voice number as caller ID when making calls.


Call contacts from your
iPhonecellular phone made by Apple
Address Book or enter new numbers on the dialpad.
Google Voice


A Google Voice account is required to use this app. To sign up go to


Google Voice is only available in the United States.


The Google Voice is now available as a free download on Apple Store for iPhone owners. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Google Voice app version has been updated on 2014-11-20. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
More Info: Find more info about Google Voice in Google`s Official Website :


This has been a long time coming. found in 6 reviews
Basically it works well and helps save money a lot. found in 5 reviews
Baba booey Baba booey. found in 1 reviews
your chats together into one thread. found in 7 reviews
Archiving messages SMS & voicemail
Voicemail transcription. found in 7 reviews
Thank you Apple for finally approving this app. found in 4 reviews
Way better than GV + with their lack of push and spellcheck. found in 5 reviews
I am really tired of hearing the default tri -tone ringtone. found in 4 reviews
8. found in 7 reviews
no voip support Would also like to see searching SMS. found in 8 reviews
Consistently crashes during sign-in on iOS 5. found in 146 reviews
Now I have an iPhone and don't make calls over wifi anymore. found in 55 reviews
I finally was able to log on after rebooting my phone. found in 80 reviews
Google needs to optimize the program. found in 31 reviews
My main complaint is that there is no support for landscape mode. found in 5 reviews
Also google needs to make phone numbers in voice mails clickable. found in 31 reviews
Google needs to update the app to flow well with iOS7. found in 31 reviews
Please google I love the app but fix this. found in 39 reviews
Lack of support for MMS continues to be puzzling. found in 16 reviews
IPod support is probably coming unless apple objects. found in 39 reviews
It needs VoIP dialer functionality. found in 9 reviews
Please provide iPod and iPad support. found in 46 reviews
taking Google Voice calls in Hangouts doesn't work well. found in 36 reviews
It's missing picture messaging plus full screen for iPhone 5. found in 31 reviews
The app needs an update to fix the random crashing and sign-outs. found in 9 reviews
This app constantly freezes and takes forever to load conversations. found in 10 reviews
If all you do is receive calls them that is fine. found in 59 reviews
although voicemails and older texts don't show up in Hangouts. found in 20 reviews
I am constantly missing calls and it freezes alot. found in 6 reviews
Doesn't always refresh automatically when a new text comes in. found in 75 reviews
To make and receive calls I need to install the hangouts app. found in 57 reviews
Very disappointed - please fix your broken buggy Google Voice app. found in 1429 reviews
GV Mobile and Google Connect are far better GV clients. found in 159 reviews
IOS 5 & Google Voice don't play well together. found in 146 reviews
Yet another person charged for international calls on Iphone app. found in 110 reviews
This app is pointless without iPod Touch support. found in 76 reviews
Missing ability to send and receive MMS. found in 83 reviews
App is giving an error when I try to login. found in 80 reviews
Please make this available for ipod touch users. found in 63 reviews
Do not make international calls using this app. found in 61 reviews
Issues include: new text messages aren't displayed when you open the app. found in 75 reviews
I can not receive calls on my google voice number. found in 59 reviews
App refuses to login to google voice account with $10 credit. found in 93 reviews
called and missed called list
Unable to login or use this app on my iPad. found in 80 reviews
There is no way to send picture or video messaging. found in 57 reviews
iPhone 320x480 1
iPhone 320x480 2
iPhone 320x480 3
iPhone 320x480 4
Icon 175x175 1
Receiced texts dont format properly in iOS 9 it runs out of the thought bubbles and is unreadable until you reply to the received text Please address with an update thanks                Good solid app but needs an update for iOS 9
I use it for privacy reasons with my job Its realistic up to the point of pictures You cannot send them which makes you highly suspicious I had to download another app and give out a new number       No pictures
Even with the latest Hangouts app the Google Voice app is still the most intuitive way to get maximum functionality out of the service However it needs some updatesDelete voicemail and texts not just archiveCalling and texting requires too many taps Once I click a phone number I want to contact I am asked whether to Call or Text then which associated phone number obviously the phone Im using which Ive designated in Settings then if I select Call I get a pop up that Google is calling me and I click OK unnecessaryAccessing my contacts list to call or text is too many taps away Should be one of the key fictions at the bottom of the screen       In need of updating
Such a frustrating user experience And since the mobile web version of google voice doesnt work in Safari its the only option for using my Google Voice number on the go It used to transcribe voicemail but not anymore It used to pick up my voicemail but now calls that get forwarded to my regular cell number leave voicemail on my cell not in Google Voice Plus no way to block numbers from the app    Agh Argh Gah
It takes a long time to enter your email address and password each time you want to use the app for some reason I keep getting logged off    Keeps logging me out
This app needs a massive update Its extremely buggy and the interface is very sloppy and unreliable It doesnt match iOS in anyway since iOS 7 Messages are buggy when being sent and received That sending pop up needs to go I hope someone at Google sees this app needs to be revitalized as people still use it Needs a complete revamp and update Everything just looks plain hideous    NEEDS a MASSIVE UPDATE
Does what I need without fail Could have a feature or too but it works flawlessly                Works perfect
Why arent the text messages threaded together It opens a new message for each text message Lame    Text Message Grouping
Very lacking but it does all the basics Primary complaint is the inability to select manyall items to apply actionsUnimpressive graphics too You get the feeling they dont really care about this app       Substandard
Ive been using GV for years I knew it was too good to be true when an app actually worked Once updates started to roll out crap hit the fan Goggle used to be able to access my contacts and I had the option of saving new ones so numbers just didnt show up in my call history Whens the last time you remembered someone based on their number Exactly I use this for my business and nonprofit so Im not giving out my personal number Like I said it used to work almost flawlessly Until I recently had to reset my privacy settings Now GV doesnt have access to my contacts Therefore all those contacts I added to GV now show up as numbers not the persons name I have gone in to setting and there is no way to force GV to request permissions it has to ask I tried to reset that but it just messed up all my others apps that need permissions I dont understand why I even deleted the app and reinstalled did some kind of turn off phone hold this button backdate phone etc Nothing I heard Google has stopped support on GV and put more into Hangouts which I could care less about Im running ios7 but from what I hear ios8 is even a bigger disaster Why cant devs just make an app and leave it the flip alone Not everyone wants a freakin update every few weeks They break what works just to add a few color changes Im not sure what in gonna do I wish I never would have relied on an app to operate my businesses Now I have print collateral everywhere with my GV number in it       It aint all that
This design refresh after years of hibernation finally brings this app out of the dark ages I like whats been updated Basic features are still missing though Such as access to my Google contacts picture messages blocking callers or reporting as spam The app doesnt run smoothly It feels dated and clunky       Better but not good
the app does not perform work as it is defined i downloaded it hoping to have a mobile for my ipod touc via wifi it does work with the touch according to researched information i contacted help forumtheir response this app is only capable of text messages or photos NOT Voice even though the name and the icon imply voice or talking they also stated you could talk via the google hangouts app so someone is deceiving the consumer    false advertising
I have been using Google voice for nearly 4 years As an exotic dancer I needed a safer way to contact clients and for that matter guys I date and block them if need be all while having the ability to archive messages to reference later Overall the service works great but why no address book was included in iPhone app version is beyond me So I had to add the clients number to the iPhone which became problematic when Facebook linked my profile to these contacts and all the sudden my privacy was violated And because you can add and update or block numbers from the app only when you log in via your email it gets super annoying I also wish google had allowed for pictures to be sent out not just received I recently downloaded another Google voice 3 app which I hoped included an address book along with picture sending and since downloading and using that I can no longer make calls using regular Google voice app I also wish the messages wouldnt be separated into various conversations with the same person Why couldnt they archive like regular text message for the same number Google please fix       Calls no more And no address book
I though this is international calling app not cool from Google    Only for US numbers
Google Always did a great job internationally but not on this App which made me fake an American number to Get it to work for me and Im still limited There are so many Apps that compete and google can do so much better here starting with international calling for free and many upgrades and bug fixes that are long overdue       International support
Why is there no search    Great service Terrible app
I tried to make international calls but this app never worked I always got this we had an error message I want my money back    Complete crap
So much potential Basic functionality is solid but desperately needs to support MMS Also notifications dont work as well as gmails if a message is read on a different device the notification count should be updated          Good but should be better
For a free app and free number its awesome I am super please with this app I do not have to give my personal number out and I can text and receive pictures on my GV account I do not know what the other reviewers are saying but this app get 5 stars You cant beat free                GREAT
The app works fine but the UI needs to be updated Google please deliver something fresh       Please Update
I can only reicive calls on cellular data I want to disable it or delete my account but I dont know how I hear u cant delete on sprint abd thats my carrier so please help me I need to disable this account    I need help
Its kind of pointless without group messaging functionality    No group messaging
They seriously need to update it Google is going defunct and unless I sign up for it I cant send MMS Seriously The rest of the interface is clunky too Needs a LOT of work       Googles Most Outdated App
When is this feature coming Having to go to the site any other way to do this seems a bit unnecessary    Still no way to mark old msgs as read from the app
Needs either a universal app or a separate one for the iPad    Universal APP needed
I cant even log in I use gmail on a daily basis yet it wont let me log on I keep getting an error message    Horrible
Theres no way to block contacts within the app          Block contacts
Overall the app is good but I think the one thing that would make it better is group messaging             Good
Google knows how to make apps but you wouldnt know it by this poorly designed one that hasnt been updated since September 2014 The app is clearly dying off and will likely merge with Hangouts in the near future    You can do better Google
Great alternative for calling                Awesome
Wheres the MMS support Badges and notifications remain after archiving messages via GV web and badges even remain after deleting new messages in the app Also would be great to be able to search texts and change the text soundOverall this app is one of the worst that I still use Its value is completely derived from the GV backend    Badly in need of an overhaul
The app dial pad looks ancient and international messaging would be appreciated    Poorly designed app from Google
This app is really disappointing It is very buggy Google is lazy       Awful
Well it works pretty good for what I use it for just a bag up but a update would be so nice tho             Gets the job done
I needed an extra line for my business and was super confused why Google voice is so bad it makes magic jack look great Thats sad Im tempted to delete this app and get Skype Google voice does call other numbers but shows very odd numbers saying it called the other person There is no call settings right Google youre a billion dollar corporation Look at the layout for iPhone or magic jack copy and paste how they do it And why does it call other numbers that are clearly not that number    Needs work now
Would be great if it would alert you if it was a calling coming from your actual phone number or google voice          Works
Spartan No improvement for years to interface or overall user experience       Weak
It doesnt work to make callsso its worthless to me    Doesnt call
The app is stable and the features it has implemented work well aside for one glitch and the lack of s few features IssuesWhen text messaging sometimes new messages wont show up in the same thread but instead will start a new thread Lacking featuresThere is no option to chose which voicemail greeting to use or for how long to have that greeting active before switching back to the default You cant activate Do Not Disturb and then also cant set a timeout to go back to accepting calls MMS Picture messaging is absent entirely It will however email you the photo however usually hours later       Missing features but convenient
This is a great app and I love he service which Ive used since 2009 Id really love to see an update to support the larger resolutions like on the iPhone 6 and 6 The app seems blurry and pixelated             iPhone 6 update
Google voice is an awesome product That lacks some functionality However the iPhone application continues to have several issues For instance I have to continue to resign in frequently which can be upsetting Especially when the system does not recognize username andor password and I never have this issue when I use my laptop Moreover once you are able to login its extremely difficult to navigate to the homepage These two main issues are so frustrating I dont even want to use this application    Unstable application
Whats the point if it doesnt work over wifi Cant get phone or text msg to display iPhone basically worthless except for text messaging       No wifi phone
No good international call up to Ukraine mobile Before 15 c per min Now 17 c WHY PS Guys you change before 17 c per minute now you change 20c per minute serious now 21 c per minute Thank you GOOGLE No more service whit you    International rate up Why
Tried to find out how to delete older texts and call history turns out not possible and directions given are not correct    Cannot delete texts history etc
I dont understand why this app has not been updated in a year Looks like garbage Get some more developers and update it    What the hell
I mainly use the app to check voicemail or receive messages since my phone doesnt get a signal where I work but my iPad which is on a different carrier does For that I do love the app I would like Google to add the ability to manage multiple accounts via the app             Its Ok
I left my phone at home and need to make a call while I only have my iPad The iPad version was not able to make a phone call    Can make a call
This app NEEDS a material update The icon is themed but once inside the app you ate subject to the worst Google design Ive ever seen Aside from the blogger app that is    DESIGN IS AWFUL
For whatever buggy reason this app refuses to make or receive calls making it useless I can text and see missed calls and read transcripts of the missed calls the app refuses to take    Cant make calls
Ive used GV for the last four years and its been a mostly positive experience For a free service its remarkably robust what with its plethora of options including call forwarding support for individual personalization regarding voicemail greetings and a while host of other related features Being able to move from one device to the other simply by means of my google account is wonderful However the application itself leaves much to be desired While MMS is unsupported in any platform of GV the app performs only modestly well in handling simple SMS The design is clunky and doesnt match the last three major iOS updates Inbox sorting is a disaster as unified threads by contact are impossible Instead seemingly at random new threads are started between the same contact often in the space of an afternoon The resulting clutter is painful to say the least and Ive missed many a quick message from a friend due to the poor message management Notifications work well and messages are usually timely enough as makes no difference compared to a standard text message For the money ha Its free its a great application if youre in need of skirting outrageously expensive carrier charges for text messaging However if youd prefer the ease of standard messages through your carrier service and some of the perks they offer think twice about trying out this application Cheers          Solid functionality Lacks refinements


Compatible with iPhone. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
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iOS Google Voice Mobile

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