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Google , the publisher behind many iOS app (Google Voice ,Google Places ,Google Translate ,Google TV Remote ,Google Authenticator ,Schemer), brings Google+ with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Google+ app has been update to version 3.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • The best sns software on ios..
  • This is a sharp and sleek design app for the iPad..
  • One of the best Social Media apps in any platform..
  • Easy to keep in contact with friends and family..
  • But I would recommend this app because you can make friends..
Overall Satisfactionclick me94
Works better than I expected and much better than Facebook app.
Google+ for me personally is the best social media app out here.
One of the best Social Media apps in any platform.
Much better than FB particularly how it handles pictures.
Thanks google + for always making things and then some.
Love the new Interface an make the user experience so much nicer.
Love the new design makes using google plus much more enjoyable.
Fun & Engagingclick me92
google is awesome and much better than Facebook.
Get your friends on and make use of an awesome social networking app.
It really needs more users.
This is an amazing app and really fun to use.
Google plus is a great app it is fast and fun.
Usefulnessclick me90
Everything google makes so smooth even there browser easy to navigate.
Everything Google makes or produces is just absolutely amazing.
Google has succeeded in being everything Facebook should've been.
everything Facebook does g+ does better and g+ does more.
Horrid stepchild of everything Facebook.
Family Friendlyclick me92
I can stay in touch with friends and family and share pictures and everything.
Social Aspectsclick me93
Google+ for me personally is the best social media app out here.
This is the best social networking app in the App Store.
Great way to keep in touch with the things going on all around the world.
Great way to stay in touch with those people and subjects you really enjoy.
I wish more people used Google + it's so much better than Facebook.
Meet new people and make new friends who share the same passions.
Production Valuesclick me85
Love the new Interface an make the user experience so much nicer.
Much easier richer web interface then any other social media web.
Visually stunning with a simple elegant design that's easy to navigate.
Ease of Useclick me67
Is a simple app with all we need to use Google+.
No glitches and love the community options and easy navigation.
Visually stunning with a simple elegant design that's easy to navigate.
Not only is it much more intuitive and user friendly - it's beautiful.
Reliabilityclick me38
this app DOES work on IPod touch.
Security & Privacyclick me73
Google+ has less confusing privacy settings compared to Facebook.
Its privacy settings and flow are lacking and/or unintuitive.
Of course you'll have to have atleast one gmail account.
My google plus account doesn't link up to the app.
Updates & Supportclick me57
Once the excitement over a native iPad app subsides.
On the down side:u2022 No native iPad support.
Excellent customer service and beautiful work with attention to every detail.
Customer service is terriblefireplace won't get fixed.
now where's the iPad version.
the new update is awesome.


Google+ for mobile makes sharing the right things with the right people a lot simpler. Huddle lets you send super-fast messages to the people you care about most. And no matter where you are, the stream lets you stay in the loop about what your friends are sharing and where they’re checking in.


* Circles let you share the right things with just the right people.
* Stream is where you can get updates from your circles or see what people are saying about things nearby.
* Huddle is super-fast group messaging for everyone in your circles.

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Google+ is only available for users 18 and older.


If you are iPhone owner,you now can download Google+ for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 5.3 MB to download. The new Google+ app version 3.1 has been updated on 2014-11-21. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, and iPhone 4. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Google+ in Google`s Official Website :


Great way to keep in touch with the things going on all around the world. found in 324 reviews
Great interface and Great social media platform waiting to be discovered. found in 57 reviews
Google+ for me personally is the best social media app out here. found in 802 reviews
This is the best social networking app in the App Store. found in 782 reviews
Google plus is my favorite social networking tool. found in 38 reviews
but very disappointing to see no iPod Touch support. found in 93 reviews
It doesn't give me the crash report option anymore. found in 27 reviews
Not compatible with iOS 5 yet unfortunately. found in 11 reviews
You can't upload photos from albums only the camera roll. found in 12 reviews
Good App for a Service No One Uses. found in 32 reviews
Doesn't work on the iOS 5 beta need to be fixed. found in 283 reviews
Still no landscape support. found in 12 reviews
Hope to see an update with location sharing soon. found in 12 reviews
That plus 2 step authentication makes it a PITA to start up. found in 26 reviews
App is easy to understand but the keyboard support is off. found in 11 reviews
This latest release has a bug if you use 2 step verification. found in 24 reviews
Notifications don't always refresh without force-quitting the app. found in 14 reviews
it NEEDS iPad and landscape-angle keyboard support. found in 14 reviews
I wish I were able to change my profile picture & other options. found in 118 reviews
but needs Messenger like the iPhone version does. found in 12 reviews
but it needs an iPad version please. found in 16 reviews
Google needs to incorporate google docs into this thing. found in 49 reviews
This app has no video upload capabilities. found in 9 reviews
Everytime I try to change my profile pic or anything there's a black screen. found in 139 reviews
My complaint is when trying to use 2 factor authentication. found in 12 reviews
Have to log out to look at business pages. found in 52 reviews
App crashes every time I try to change my profile pic. found in 139 reviews
Unable to post photos to albums. found in 38 reviews
Really disappointed that this isn't out for iPod Touch. found in 51 reviews
I can't care less about " what's hot ". found in 51 reviews
Crashes every time beyond the home screen on my iPhone 4. found in 55 reviews
Annoyed with the constant black box to upload pictures. found in 34 reviews
Google is kidding with us not adding ipod touch support. found in 93 reviews
Doesn't allow to post photos from anything except the camera roll. found in 66 reviews
This needs to be compatible with all devices running iOS 4. found in 86 reviews
The second thing is an issue with push notifications. found in 47 reviews
It's upsetting not being able to upload videos via iPhone. found in 275 reviews
Terrible to find out you need an invite after you install it. found in 43 reviews
Will not work with iOS 5 beta 3 at all crashes. found in 283 reviews
Another reason GOOGLE needs to stay with search engines. found in 49 reviews
I would be ashamed to claim iPad support in this release. found in 124 reviews
I cannot upload pics. found in 34 reviews
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Icon 175x175 1
Before I updated my Ipod5 to ios9 Google now has a black border around the app Its as if you guys havent created an ipod5 version for Google It was fine before update please remove these black borders when I open google          Black border around app
I love this App I think its just as good as other Social Networks of people would give it a chance             I love it
Hey ya all I do love google plus it gets me away from facebook and all that But why not make it a bit more interesting because people just dont use it much at all Would love to have more people on here          Like this app but
In iOS 9 on iPod 5 the app does not fit the screen       Bug
Yay Now Its in full screen again Just the way I like it And It runs so much smoother too and I love the new logo Thanks So much for the Update We really needed it for IOS 9             Yaaaaaass
Since the IOS 9 update the google plus app has not resized to the correct height on my 5S For some reason it is showing once started at the size of a 4S screen size             Post IOS 9
Needs to be fixed for iOS9          FIX
I havent had any trouble with the siteGood job google team members                Google Is great
Love it 3                Great
I am always on this app and usually love it but recently I just updated to iOS 9 and the display comes out small its weird       IOS 9 DISPLAY
First off typing a post with a Bluetooth keyboard screws up the interface the DoneShare button doesnt work properly as long as the keyboard is activeAlso on an iPhone 5 running iOS 9 the screen is scrunched like the app thinks its a smaller device       Not great
The problem is Since iOS has updated to 9 Google looks very tiny I can hardly read a thing Its like its cropped Black TV screen borders the top and bottom    FIX PROBLEMS ASAP
How about a multimillion dollar company ALLOWS you to change your name as MANY times as you want Seriously Im so sick of thinking I can change my name when I can because there is a stupid unnecessary limit of how many times you can    Blows
Hey the new iOS date makes the screen on Google shrink and its strange please fix this             Fix
Its a cool app you get Google notifications                Google Plus is Awesome
Before I installed IOS 9 today it was great from the past two years Ive used it But after I installed the update the screen above and below are black and my app screen towards Google is so small as if its 4th generation screen Its good but just needs a fix about it Please fix it would you Its a great app                Needs an update
Not sure if iOS 9 or my iPod but the app only fits the screen of what seems like an iPhone 4       Not full screen on iPod 5
The resolution is messed up with IOS 9 please fix          Resolution problem
Would be a 5 if we had polls Come on man       Smh
Itd be nice to be able to create polls from your phone Itd be really nice if links could open in Safari by default rather than having to load pages twice             Would be nice to create polls and use Safari
The auto back up feature is both good and bad New pictures are uploaded automatically so that you do not have to remember However then you will have to edit which pictures stay and which go It moves the work to the back end and can be just as time consuming Despite this I can say that it has saved me when I had a bricked phone I lost access to the internal memory                Improving
First off ever since iOS 9 came out the layout of the app when i open it on my iPhone 5s is as though Im using an iPhone 4s screen If I could screenshot it and paste it here Id show you all Please fix this on the next update Thank you       Problem and It Could Be More Better
Cuts the top and bottom off the app since iOS 9 update    Improper scale for iPhone 5
More power more world more control absolutely the best way to connect and interact possibly taking over LinkedIn Facebook Twitter in the future Adaptive and awesome Wish Apple would buy from Google                G is the best
Love G                3
This app doesnt fit the iPhone 5s screen Please format correctly to work on the iPhone 5s    Horrible on 5s
While using this app on an iPhone 5S iOS 90 I opened the app and noticed the two black bars top and bottom of screen and hangouts worked fine Please fix this Why is this happening                4s view on 5s in iOS 9
I think iPhone for G should have polls at least             G is an awesome app but
This app is very user friendly and is quick to upload and just as easy toread It rocks                Review for Google
I actually enjoy Google a lot more now When Google forces us to use Google it upset me at first but I now like it and especially if you have a YouTube account you can see who replied to your comments or likes them However when I upgraded my phone to iOS 9 the App is no longer optimized to my iPhone 5s Please fix this                Not bad
Love it It is my only social media platform now Suggestions for improvement1 Add reply as an option to comments instead of having to manually type their name by memory 2 Add a translator I skip anything I cant read on my phone                LOVE IT
The current version looks all small and distorted Seriously disappointed          Please upgrade for IOS 9
The format for google plus is smaller than usual for IOS 9 please fix this issue its really irritating me    
With the new iOS 9 update some or all people have a smaller screenIt is now sadly harder to use now             iOS 9 Breakdown
Could you please make one for IOS9 I know I have an Iphone 5S but the Google app looks terrible on it       IOS9 Update
Weve been through two updates and STILL NO POLLS GUYS COME ON PLEASE WE ALL NEED IT             POLLS
Make a new update for iOS 9 the screen is to small                Google plus
The best feature is the location tracking Our family uses it every day instead of calling the person the driver to find out where they are we just check their location The app is free and device agnostic                Great app
The screen is half eaten up by the new to black thing I could see more before I updated to iOS 9Please return the screen as it used to be because you could see more on the screen       Display to small
Happy happy                Loved it
This is a very good app recommend it                Great app
When i updated to ios 9 the app became squished and deformed on my screen Please update to ios 9 soon          Awesome But
Im trying to post a picture but now with the new update the button is gone and the picture is placed in the wrong spot       Pictures wont post
WHOT R U DOIN ITS NOT FILLING IN THE SCREEN WHOT WHOT WHOOTT I love g hehe             Hi Im a fangirl
I like g family Im able to get to know people from all over now if only I could have a big yard just so they all can come for dinner                Well done
Latest version fixes iOS 9 issues             Back to normal
Google is a love and hate thing for me I love the people I meet and the pictures and memes not to mention that it has hangouts which is awesome I love the fact that you can roleplay But it can be a problem Sometimes the app crashes but its minor the biggest thing is that there are people who have billions of accounts and its to much For people who dont have a account is difficult to create a good gmail account Other than the trolls I suggest it to all ages who are bored             Its great
Very convenient and easy to use I save all my pics here to save memory yay                Yaaay Love eht
I love the way the app feels and works Simple and rock solid                My preferred network and social app
Just updated to iOS 9 on my iPhone 5s and the app now runs in iPhone 4 resolution with black bars at top and bottom Please fix          Weird Bug


Social Networking
5.3 MB
Compatible with iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, and iPhone 4. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 3.1

iOS Google+ 3.1 Mobile

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