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DPM, Inc.
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Requires iOS 8.0 or la

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DPM, Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS games (High Moments ,GPS for Ingress), brings GPS for Ingress with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. GPS for Ingress games has been update to version 1.96.7 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.


The GPS for Ingress is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 3.7 MB to download. The new GPS for Ingress app version 1.96.7 has been updated on 2015-09-26. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
Bottom Line: For more information about GPS for Ingress check developer DPM, Inc.`s website :

GPS for Ingress provides you with directions to Ingress Portals. GPS for Ingress modifies the Ingress Intel Map making it Intelesque - faster than the standard site and offering many more features, such as: Directions ...
Works by far better then default Intel Think of this as iitc liteit doesnt have the draw tools or other plug ins like player tracker but for basic needs it does the job Not bad for a first release Looking forward to more updates My one hope is that you can get rid of the shake and go straight to iitc map Due to sometimes driving cant shake the phone from the mount              Not too shabby
I am finding this tool really helpful with Ingress There were some real annoyances with the interface but with this update they are largely addressed I know that people complain about paying 99 cents here and there to unlock certain things but I think spending 693 is worth it                 Good tool with active developers
Directions to Ingress portals for free What could be better A must have for any agent                 A must have
I love this app Easy to use Love it                 Makes playing ingress even better
Awesome app when u r traveling in Chicago Florida worked great                 Works great
Never heard of the app until today saw them on Instagram I downloaded it instantly and within 30 min I deleted my other map for ingress If you are familiar with iitc youll enjoy this a lot very familiar interface Missing a couple things I would like to see from iitc But for a free map for ingress this is the one              Great app
Way better than the original Intel and now I can remove ads Thank you                 Nice update
This is a great app and there are a ton of portals in my area There arent that many in my sisters area but I can see the potential and Im excited for future updates Just got another update with more portals thanks                 Just what I needed
Shake button doesnt work           Nice app
By far the best Intel app for iOS Very convenient and easy to use                 Great app
I just downloaded GPS for Ingress last night and within an hour paid to remove the ads It is that useful an app The ability to not show fields AND the ability to use Maps to navigate to portals makes taking down a multilayered field that much easier It is also much faster than the Intel for Ingres app and thats huge Thanks Now for the nits The usability is really bad I almost deleted the app but I stuck through with it All of the controls are too hard to tap The resonatorportal filter It is so small almost impossible The same goes for entering a search location and worse I tried about 10 times last night on my phone to get directions This is the must have feature It either wanted me to enter a passcode or it offered to copy speak etc the Get Directions text As for the money comments First it cost money to write an app I do it for a living and 099 isnt too much All the pro features are pretty useless for me but I did pay the 099 just to remove the ads and Ill likely buy some more features just to suport the developer What did your last Starbucks cost Whats your phone bill Is 099 really that bad Now Im only giving it 3 stars because it needs help but man a 5 star rating is just around the corner for this one Great job BTW very useful just needs some polish           This is the one to get
This app is supposed to be like iitc lite Its not Dont waste your time on it     Pointless
I really like the idea of the map but its really expensive now It runs quick and you can see Intel map but Im not willing to pay 7 to unlock the pro version Its easier to use map navi        Too Expensive
Works so smoothly does exactly what it says it will do no glitches and super easy to use                 Great
I was hoping I could use the app to find large concentrations of just 78 level portals in my area and filter everything else outlinks fieldsetc and it does exactly that The problem is I have to zoom in so close to see them it is useless because you cant see enough area to judge density I dont have to zoom in that close in other Intel apps to see the same highlevel Portals Also I have paid for all the addons        Doesnt seem to work very well
I think I have way too much fun shaking my phone and making the Intelesque map appear lol Ive got to say this is by far the coolest Ingress Intel app Ive used Two thumbs up                 Nicely done
Lol this makes ingress easy as crap Love it every Ingress user needs Ingress GPS                 Super easy
This app is super helpful because you can scope out portals that are out of range of your scanner It also helps with planning larger links and fields This is a definite must have for people playing the game on a large scale BD Cons The interface is a little cumbersome to use but you get used to it The portals are a little laggy to load Expensive for the full app           Quite helpful
Pretty pointless unless you live in the few areas in which Intel is available for portals Great idea though     Pointless
Do not get On the iPhone it is useless The idea is great and I thought it was an answer I was looking for But the advertising banner is over critical buttons so they say its free but you cant use it unless you pay to remove the banner 99 not that that is cost prohibiting but I dont like to be miss led into buying things     Useless
This app surrounds ingress Intel webpage with adds Just use you phones browser     Intel website with adds
I have been looking for something exactly like this                 Love it
Comprehensive solution for anyone who is interested in a better way to interact with ingress intel Developer is on point with responding to inquiries Looking forward to more functions in the future Darktourist approved                 Great App
Installed signed in checked out the lack of plugins saw the amount of in app purchase and uninstalled     Dont bother

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