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Download GPS on all maps - Maprika puts "you are here" sign on any map: ski resort, park or campus map iPhone iPad iOS

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Maprika , brings GPS on all maps - Maprika puts "you are here" sign on any map: ski resort, park or campus map with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. GPS on all maps - Maprika puts "you are here" sign on any map: ski resort, park or campus map app has been update to version 2.2.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
    Overall Satisfactionclick me91
    the best mapping solution for ski resorts national parks and campuses.
    Amazing accuracy.
    Amazing customer support.
    Thanks for the great work.
    Usefulnessclick me73
    Very useful for keeping track of others on the slopes.
    Fantastically useful.
    GPS location service was very helpful.
    Really helpful and awesome.
    Updates & Supportclick me100
    That is customer service.
    Very quick to respond to requests.
    Amazing customer support.


    * Locate yourself on any of the 500+ maps of theme parks, university campuses, hiking and biking trails
    * Track the locations of your friends on any of these maps
    * Make your own maps and share them with the Maprika community


    Maprika is the best mapping solution for places like ski resorts, amusement parks, and campuses.
    Getting ready for a weekend in the Disneyland with friends or family? With Maprika, you will never lose each other in the crowd!
    Maprika uses GPS to put a "You are here" sign on the real park maps, just like the one you get at the ticket window. But that`s not all. You can also see where your friends are and easily meet them for lunch.
    More than five hundred ready-to-use maps are already available for free download from Maprika. To name a few, we have maps of Yosemite and Yellowstone national parks, Grand Canyon, Chamonix, San Diego zoo, and many more.
    We`re constantly adding maps to our collection. Still don’t see the map you`re interested in? With Maprika, you can add maps yourself.
    You can even draw a map on paper and take a picture of the drawing! Once you`ve added GPS anchor points to the map, upload it to our server and share with the Maprika community. Also you can send us a map request on www.maprika.com, and we will do our best to add it for you.
    Going to a place with expensive roaming or no cell phone coverage? Maprika maps stay in your
    iPhonecellular phone made by Apple
    memory and will be available anywhere, regardless of the Internet connectivity.
    Just remember to download them before you leave!

    GPS on all maps - Maprika puts "you are here" sign on any map: ski resort, park or campus mapGPS on all maps - Maprika puts "you are here" sign on any map: ski resort, park or campus map
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    Note: Maprika can be configured to track your location in the background. Continuous use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.


    If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download GPS on all maps - Maprika puts "you are here" sign on any map: ski resort, park or campus map for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 4.1 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 2.2.1 has been released on 2014-11-21. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
    More Info: Find more info about GPS on all maps - Maprika puts "you are here" sign on any map: ski resort, park or campus map in Maprika`s Official Website : http://maprika.com
    GPS on all maps - Maprika puts "you are here" sign on any map: ski resort, park or campus map


    Like maybe a graph of speed and altitude. found in 1 reviews
    Offline GPS for any map. found in 1 reviews
    This Is killer for kayaking a new body of water. found in 1 reviews
    even a hand drawn one scanned into your photo library. found in 2 reviews
    San Diego Convention Center map for the Esri UC. found in 1 reviews
    Very useful for keeping track of others on the slopes. found in 1 reviews
    The app is great and it is free in the true spirit of Wikipedia. found in 1 reviews
    Very quick to respond to requests. found in 1 reviews
    That is customer service. found in 3 reviews
    see local weather snow reports and twitter feeds for resort maps. found in 3 reviews
    Flawlessly finds your position on the trail map. found in 7 reviews
    the best mapping solution for ski resorts national parks and campuses. found in 5 reviews
    Works like magic. found in 1 reviews
    which helped me navigate around this large complex. found in 1 reviews
    but the Ping feature does not work. found in 1 reviews
    If there was only one bad thing. found in 1 reviews
    Please support landscape viewing of maps. found in 1 reviews
    but I want this to work soooo bad. found in 1 reviews
    but the accuracy & refresh rate of position are a bit weak. found in 1 reviews
    An iPad or universal version would be great too. found in 1 reviews
    Not bad but not great. found in 1 reviews
    it would be nice if landscape viewing was enabled. found in 1 reviews
    As is this is a fairly useless app. found in 1 reviews
    Brings up edit with no key board. found in 1 reviews
    iPhone 334x480 1
    iPhone 334x480 2
    iPhone 334x480 3
    Icon 175x175 1
    Love this app I use it before I go hiking or biking download the map from the parks website click a number of spots to set the anchors and youve got an incredibly useful live map Great job guys                Great app very accurate and useful
    One of the better map apps on the market                Awesome App
    I downloaded a map of my sons college campus and was surprised to find the blue dot at my specific location Very useful                the blue dot very helpful
    I absolutely love being able to track my location over a photo of a map or even google maps Great for skiing tracking your trails time and speed I think its an absolute must have                Perfect adventure app
    Make your own maps use others keep your tracks export them awesome6 stars if I could                Best mapping for hikes
    Shows me dead on accurate even when map not to scale Used in Disneyland and park next to it Cool idea                Awesome
    Fantastically useful Take any illustrated map not just ski teach it to the GPS and find your position on it without any signal strength Got us through Yellowstone with zero bars of signal                Offline GPS for any map
    Simple to use and customize download the mapping tool from the maprika site find a good map convert it to JPG align points like intersections and forks you see on your map on the left side of the editor with what Google maps sees on the right side of the editor Once updated publish the map for others to download Be sure to turn off your cellular network because this tool uses GPS but it does need cellular to see others friends in your group youve invited Great app I swear by it have no concerns about exploring without getting lost or how to see whats nextBtw even works on hand drawn mapsCarson National Forest El Camino Real district users check out my map named accordingly its spot on accurate East of NM 518 and West of 434 south of NM 64                Great for 4 wheeling
    Great app I requested a ski map and it was added on no time Highly recommended                A
    Great app Ive used it for skiing and hiking This app is better than the app from my ski resort because I can see where I went on a map                Awesome app
    I have an iPhone 5 and this app totally rocks Free and does an awesome job tracking tracks Only additional stuff to add could be various gps stats Like maybe a graph of speed and altitude Other than that I really liked this appIt is the only app I have ever felt the need to write a review for as I appreciated it so much                Awesome app
    You can even take an image from another source google image search emailed image USGS maps etc and use them Simply save the image by tapholding it till the save button comes up Then create the map This Is killer for kayaking a new body of water Also is great for subway maps Just make sure the map you are importing is drawn to scale                Awesome for kayaking fishing subway maps
    This app is indispensable if you are a user of trails of any sort No other app that I have found does what this app does                Perfect
    Amazing app I first discovered this before a ski trip to Vail My friends and I were able to download the resort map and find each other easily Helps great if you get separated or finding out how far friends are from lunch I also use on bike rallies and it is amazingly simple to upload and align custom maps to google maps                One of my favorite apps
    Used it out at Big Sky resort I tracked my whole day and saved all the best pow stashes and smoke shacks Just get the App already                Best App of all time
    You can pre download maps ask them to load maps you would like to have and you can upload your own Then you can use the GPS on the iPhone to follow where you are Great for hiking in the woods                Great app for when you are out and there is no cell data reception
    Went to Vail for a ski trip 1st week of February and app worked beautifully Everyone in the group downloaded this to keep track of our location if and when we got separated In fact one person lost their cell phone while we went off trail and another person was able to use Maprika to located the spot where he thought he lost his phone The only drawback was that we all programmed the map to update our locations every 5 minutes and our friend who lost his phone programmed it to turn off when he closed the app to save battery life Fortunately he really just left it at a coffee shop at the base and the lost and found called the 1st number on redial but having access to a map to guide us back up the lifts and down the mountain again to where he thought it was dropped was great So with that being said this app is great however Im disappointed because we have been requesting a map for over a month now and Maprika has still failed to provide our request Im not sure why everyone elses request has been so promptly added          Great App but
    I uploaded a few local trail maps and now on hikes I know exactly where I am This is great                Way cool
    I spent about 6 hours with this app running and my group all found it to work very well Though it tracks your GPS it does not drain your battery I have found it to be one of the best apps I have ever purchased I would like to point out that it is not just for ski maps but also for places like Six Flags Great America and Disney landworld They also connect you to Apple Maps which can show your location anywhere in the world If anyone is looking to GPS track a group so you arent split up or trying to find a place to meet this app is perfect for all situations Hope your experience was as great as mine                Very Helpful
    Every mountain Ive skied in the last 5 years is included Awesome app                Love Maprika
    I use it all the time for hiking trails and ski areas Building your own maps is not real intuitive so if you are not content with using their maps study all the info at their web site to understand the program betterIt really saved my beacon in Paris when I popped out of the subway a few blocks from my hotel but I had no idea in what direction I used one of the maps I had downloaded earlier                Fantastic program
    I finally found the perfect app I have been looking for I have been hiking and biking at several parks and have not found a way to overlay the official park trail map with my current location That is UNTIL NOW I cant believe I didnt find this before A must have for the outdoor explorer type                Finally
    I requested the San Diego Convention Center map for the 2011 Esri User Conference be put up as one of their available maps for download Maprika was very prompt The original map was a 2page pdf and they put both pages into the download The map functioned pretty well and it was easier to pan around using Maprika than using the pdf version Of course since the convention center is two floors the gps had trouble inside the building but it usually placed my dot on the correct side and end of the complex which helped me navigate around this large complex It would be nice if the app could somehow tap in to wifi for indoor navigation but I was very happy with the functionality overall Great Job Maprika                San Diego Convention Center map for the Esri UC
    Would be useful if you could addcreate a map with a PDF file instead of a poor quality picture of a map As is this is a fairly useless app Again Great concept Just doesnt work very well I loaded a map set an anchor point and started moving I was going north but when i tried to check my position on the map a while later it said I was so far south I was off the map I tried to set another anchor point but I cant tell if theyre cumulative or if adding a second erases the first After adding 3 anchor points or at least changing it a couple times it was still getting my location very wrong Disappointing       Would be useful
    Really great app Asked for the addition of a new map and they turned it around in less than a day I cant believe this is free                Amazing
    I often go hiking where there is no cellular coverage With Maprika I can still track where I am on the trail map and it works great I really like that I can add my own maps if theyre not already in collection Cant wait to try this app and find friends feature when skiing at sugar bowl as soon as snow comes                Just what I needed
    Love this app but the Ping feature does not work It says to check my internet connection which is fine Test my phone and my friends phone side my side and no luck             Great App but
    Very cool app Love the way it works I can see this becoming very popular                Great
    Great app for mountain biking as well I wanted a map that wasnt on the list I emailed a request and the map was on there that day Great customer service                Awesome app
    Great app                Thumbs up
    Brings up edit with no key board    Will not let me name tracks
    Great                Coolness
    This app is amazing Shows your exact location on any map they have available Even better if your ski resort national park areaetc is not already available just request it and they add it within like 48 hours Amazing customer support                Awesome
    Very useful for keeping track of others on the slopes The app would look nicer with a bit of modernization but functionalitywise its great                Super useful on ski slopes
    They didnt have a map I wanted so I requested it and within a week it was added That is customer service                Cool app
    Useful app if you have the same phone type I had an HTC before the iPhone and it didnt relay the positions very well at all Now Ive the iPhone and my husband has an HTC and even though both of us have our location sharing on we can never sync up          Good and bad
    I emailed these guys Wednesday and they had a map ready Friday Based on that alone I give them 5 Cant wait to use it on my next run Thanks                Fast mappers
    I installed this a little over a week ago and saw that the Cowpens National Battlefield Park wasnt included Emailed support asking for the park map and it was installed shortly after This will be great for National Park visits THANKS Highly recommended                Awesome App and Support
    This is a really useful and innovative app Since so many maps have a natural landscape orientation it would be nice if landscape viewing was enabled An iPad or universal version would be great too             Please support landscape viewing of maps
    This app is awesome I couldnt find a local ski resort so I used the inapp request feature and within three hours I received an email saying that my trail map had been added                Great app awesome support
    This is pretty cool but couldnt find the maps for a few resorts          Pretty cool
    Perfect app for trail maps overlaying with gps                Perfect app
    I scanned a portion of a map covering the area where I go mountain biking and hiking The map is not 100 accurate but its extremely helpful to see exactly where you are on the physical map Its helped me to put together in my mind a mental map of the topography Highly recommended                Very cool app
    Im giving it three because its probably the best trail guide you get for free It doesnt locate you to well but it does try It is nice to be able to download the map for a trail instead of unfolding one The maps are the maps you can find at the parks info center Its downloaded from online          Not bad but not great
    Really helpful and awesome                Cool
    As a mountain biker sometimes trails are really well marked but more often you are just guessing where you are Also the trail maps are so much easier to use when GPS can instantly point out where you are and without a data connection as long as you download the maps before hand As far as adding maps all you need is a picture in your camera roll if you can find it online long press on the image and save it and some easy features to pick out on the satellite map intersections bridges other landmarks are good It is really easy to share the maps with the entire community                Great solution for badly marked trails
    The app is great for backpacking since it lets you create offline maps to use when you dont have a wifi or cell signal Its also great for running since you can create a track of your route on a map and see useful information about your rout like total distance travelled average speed and more Has lots of other features too Highly recommend                Great App
    This app is amazing We use it for metal detecting to locate old home sites and old roads from 1800s maps The uses for this app is endless The real power comes in importing your own maps on the computer If there was only one bad thing It eats the battery when on constantly updating the GPS but that is with any app using that function I think I just turn if off after referencing location             Awesome awesome awesome
    Accurate easy to use does not crash This is the 1 of apps                Amazing accuracy
    First app Ive ever rated I was skeptical but tries this out anyway It didnt have anyplace near me loaded at first so I sent a request for a state park I was going to go camping at The next day I had the park map loaded on my phone and used it all weekend at the park When I went out of the country I was going to visit an attraction and they too had a map Sent a request to add this one and was able to get that map loaded as well Was able to see where I was on the map without having to use a data connection while roaming overseas Very quick to respond to requests very useful tool                Very Useful and Responsive


    4.1 MB
    Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
    Last Updated:
    OS / Version:
    iOS / 2.2.1
    iPhone iPad

    iOS GPS on all maps - Maprika puts "you are here" sign on any map: ski resort, park or campus map 2.2.1 Mobile

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    GPS on all maps - Maprika puts "you are here" sign on any map: ski resort, park or campus map

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