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EUROCENTER , the publisher behind many iOS games (French Tarot online ,Ace Tennis Online ,Checkers Online ,DinoSmash Lite ,Battle Online Free ,Cocoto Magic Circus), brings GraalOnline Era+ with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. GraalOnline Era+ games has been update to version 1.3 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • in the next update you guys should make more guns..
  • they forts are much better cause u earn money..
  • we should wake up on the spot like classic..
  • This has to be the single most amazing game I've ever played..
  • best social rpg in app store..

Overall Satisfactionc88
This is my favorite game on the ipod/pad/phone.
I love Graal and this is an amazing game.
This game really is the best online game in the appstore.
It's a great game :D.
Best game I ever played I'm addicted it to it now.
This is way better than classic and everything is cheaper.
The best game in the world it's Grand Theft Auto For Ipod touch.
It's The Best MMORPG Game You've Played.
Fun & Engagingc86
awesome game oh and pute the DUBSTEP GUN into this game.
This has to be the single most amazing game I've ever played.
yet super fun worth the price.
it's really fun.
It was really fun at first.
it's the most funnest game I play it almost every day.
I'm soo mad it's quitting it's the only game I play.
Value for Moneyc27
Social Aspectsc85
best social rpg in app store.
It's an online multiplayer game.
Amazing social aspect.
Best game to play with friends ever and Y0unG Blood$ for life.
Awesome multiplayer game.
Production Valuesc93
This game really is the best online game in the appstore.
Awesome online game they should make zodiac.
Updates & Supportc63

Its an alright game. found in 2 reviews
The best game in the world it's Grand Theft Auto For Ipod touch. found in 9 reviews
Very nice game. found in 3 reviews
A very well balanced game. found in 1 reviews
Best game to play with friends ever and Y0unG Blood$ for life. found in 2 reviews
keep calm play era for life. found in 2 reviews
I own the 7th best gang in the game. found in 4 reviews
Graal Zone got out one laser gun. found in 2 reviews
Best game ever u should be able to shoot out of your car. found in 2 reviews
Dang this game is cool. found in 6 reviews
The best RPG on the App Store. found in 2 reviews
It's an online multiplayer game. found in 3 reviews
Best iPod MMO EVER. found in 3 reviews
The best game Eva. found in 3 reviews
Best mafia game. found in 1 reviews
it's like grand theft auto without strippers. found in 2 reviews
awesome game oh and pute the DUBSTEP GUN into this game. found in 35 reviews
yet super fun worth the price. found in 6 reviews
It's The Best MMORPG Game You've Played. found in 8 reviews
Update broke my game experience. found in 1 reviews
Good but it crashes sometimes when I try to open it :/. found in 7 reviews
This game will RUIN your LIFE. found in 3 reviews
Make it compatible with older devices. found in 1 reviews
But kids shouldn't play. found in 1 reviews
Can ya please fix that. found in 2 reviews
Ok but WHERES ALL DA UPDATES. found in 1 reviews
That out of everything has to be my biggest problem with the game. found in 2 reviews
Game isn't loading please fix. found in 1 reviews
If anyone reads this listen up. found in 1 reviews
Definitely worth the money
please try to fix some of the clothes. found in 2 reviews
and if you have enough money to spend on this game. found in 11 reviews
Good but what's with jailing people. found in 1 reviews
on ERA if anyone needs help. found in 2 reviews
then it lagged and it is slowly getting worse. found in 2 reviews
It needs more music on the stereo. found in 1 reviews
I can't play anymore. found in 4 reviews
and you can't even leave the starting spot without getting killed. found in 5 reviews
Do not I warn DONT GET THE GAME PLEASE. found in 6 reviews
DON'T DOWNLOAD THIS GAME EVER. found in 4 reviews
These I guess are bad words and got me banned. found in 5 reviews
I keep trying to open the app but it won't work. found in 7 reviews
There's a ton of other great games to waste your money on. found in 6 reviews
It crashes and lags to much. found in 13 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download GraalOnline Era+ for $1.99 from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 14.5 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.3 has been released on 2014-11-01. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 3.0 or later
More Info: Find more info about GraalOnline Era+ in EUROCENTER`s Official Website :

Celebrate the holidays on Graal Meet santa, build snowmen and make snow angels Enter Era and find yourself immersed in modern city life. Fight using assault rifles, shotguns, and more This 2D adventure pits you against ...
Pls help adiminsdevelopers pls my acc wont come back when I got to the identify bar pls fix it                 Pls help my acc wont log on
His game is cool its way better ol west and classic also zone This game is like gta5 so I think its cool also can you please make that guns cost less it just takes like 3 hours to earn 2000                 Best game ever
I would rate it a zero honestly IT SCAMMED ME OF MY MONEY I paid 1000 for a Graal money and it took the 1000 out of my apple account and gave me no Graal money     AWFUL AND SCAMS
Plz make guns not expensive because so much noobs that have 1000 hrs dont have guns           Why not
This app is amazing I love it My house and clothes ME its justI have no words for this app its just you have to get it Nothings bad about it take my word for it Im just so glad whoever made this app made it I made my own gang and its cool my gang house is cool I GRAAL                 I LOVE THIS APP
Please read this i might loose my account my name is coolmanstacy please contact The owners of grall era and tell them that i coolmanstacy might get my account Lost and say to them to just give me 2 days to login in to Google please and whoever does will win a GREAT reward                 PLEASE ANYONE LOOKING READ
This game is one of my favorites Ive have it for too many years to count couple of them inactive I have 920 hours in the game and soon will have the Vulcan minigun Try this game is a pay to win yes the people are DBags but you just need to keep too yourself get a a car and do car missions get a better gun and so what if your a noob oh well move on either way I love It thumbs up find meh online iPirce                 Great
Love it 1k hours 5 stars Keep goin tell you get good                 ADDICTIONZ SO FREKEN FUN AHAKAKSKWISKSKSKSISKSKSK
This game could be way better than what it I wish you would make it more like arma 3 and make jobs like cops and medics I mean sure you can get the title cop when you kill bad guys but you dont really get much else and also I wish you would add a poker table for real gambling instead of fixed slot machines           Needs more
I love the game graal I love the weopons all the houses and stuff But what I dont love that much is trading tables When u trade stuff it gives u 5 mins but it would be better with as many min as u want Also u cant trade that many stuff U cant trade swords bows and other stuff I rate this game 5 star because I play it a lot and I love it My idea for updates that u should make new weopons make us able to trade anything and change the time that we need to trade stuff Thanks and by the way Im only 10 years old                 My opinion for updates
Wonderful game to serve as a time killer Be warned though players can pay their way to the top and you may have a tough time getting started without a bit of a cash investment Edit This was originally an F2P or FreetoPlay title but has been long sense referred to as P2W or PaytoWin meaning that one must invest money to win the game              Great App
It is an amazing game with many options of what u wanna do U can killshopworkplay with friendsetc                 Fantastic
This game is great Sure its hard to start off because everyone are jerks but once you play for a bit youll start to get better You DONT HAVE to spend money Its just the lazy way of getting a good gun Ive only spent 3 dollars on this game If you like shooting gameslegend of Zelda graphics I love the graphicsrpg games but with guns get this game Spending money on this game is your choice Dont come here directing people not to play a great game                 Best game I have
Ive played the Graal Franchise since 2010 Ive also been hired as an SFX before Sounds guy Now Im writing this review because Ive been fed up for the past few monthes I dont receive help from any of the Devs I cant get help from the Managers What angrys me most is that Ive spent my time effort and mounds of money to enjoy this game from 20102015 Ive been striped of items that i paid for and even worked for ive gained absolutely no respect from any of the Helpers in game Recently i tried getting in contact to someone asking if i could possibly reapply to helping out in the game I was immediately shocked when i was indeed fired right after i was rehired now im not a hypocrite but being professional doesnt that require people to not hold grudges I dont know money has been taken from me items in game And im just trying to reach out and get some help It frustrates me tremendously     At my breaking point
The best game ever its so addicting I love everything but some guns cost a lot and some people just spam the roads so I cant even walk lol I recommend everyone to get this game                 CANT STOP
Its Time For Bug Fixes Ive Been Playing This Game For 5 Years Now And Its An Amazing Game                 Bug Fixes
Horrible Game got banned for a month for saying wdf nun else yet i see racism im a black guy use a black head almost everyone i kill is calling my a N which i dont even say or they call me any other stereotype Bunch of codeshop adwot mwe RP PM for Kikpedofiles Party at my house and alot of bunch of boringsenseless crap 20 year still play this game ala nolives and they curse around 8 year old children All Pirate zone or kick Guilds shell digging is a crappy way of making money All the guns are the expensive but not worthno upgrades Just repair it that crap Big gangs a runned by 8 year old rich snoty kids that think they command u around and some olders do like wdf and thats just half of the negatives like wdf     The truth
Good game                 Graalera
Graal era is a great game but I am so annoyed by the car lagI am annoyed with it because whenever I do car missions I always lag and it is NOT my wifi my wifi works perfectly fine but the car lag is not what I like And now when I drive I always get killed Also when I do not know where a place is example Mall I lag when I am in my friends car and I dont like it Please fix this Anyway graal is a great game but the car is the problem and thats all I would give this game a 5 star rating but this problem has got to be fixed Thx              Great game but money by car prob
I was playing today until the game started acting up and was being laggy I checked my wifi restarted the game 5 times and even turned my phone off and on and nothing worked So I deleted it and saved it to the Game Center When I reinstalled it it wouldnt give me my character back I tried putting in my email but said there wasnt a character with that email I had tried identifying myself 3 times but it wouldnt let me So the game itself is awesome but the character set up is terrible and the game does a horrible job at connecting and getting your character back        I loved this game until now
The game is great exept whenever I type in a head or body code it says sorry no advertising and I dont know why so please fix this bug or glitch or whatever it is           Great Exept
Kinda hard to make money and it freezes and now I cant play or even reinstall it              Like it but
Love the game but u should give ec more often                 Ec
I liked this game at the start but people use lots of bad words like the f one People shouldnt even know these words     Bad for kids
I try to ask an admin a question and all of them ignore me this game was fun up until this point        Admins ignoring me
It would be better if there were gun trading tables cuz I could sell all of mine                 Gun tables
Whenever you drop someone off in the little taxi missions they sometimes say Keep the change you filthy animal Do not quote this in real life I recently took a taxi to my friends house because I didnt have gas I said this line and immediately got banned from the taxi service Hopefully you can learn from my mistake Do not quote this line              Do not quote this game
Ill be puting 2 stars because its my first time playing graal era I will change it but for no on its 2stars        first time
Best game I have played in a while on Apple that I dont get bored of it still playing half way there it is so much fun from the killing to the mining to the jobs so much fun                 Review
This is the most fun game ive ever played more than minecraft i cant stop playing it toonslab should make a new graal game about the end times with zombies or something like that with buildings you can make into strongholds and survivor gangs in the world of era kind of like a part 2 of era that is all i have to say toonslab i hope your going to read this plz                 Awsome
You can only play this during the morning or late at night because once it hits 1000 central time 3k people will be on and the server lags like crazy           Lag
Game is fun Cars and weapons are too expensive Like hats free finding Love game              Amazing
When I first found this game I must be cool But then I quit because jobs pay low but I found ways to find more money and then I have around 1 year playing this game each day 2 hours around 220 hours my friends had this game Just 1 says minus because so many people call other people noobs and teach the use of the swear words and high gun prices but overall fun game              Gg
The admins are awful DONT HIRE UNDERAGED ADMINS they are annoying and abuse jail powers Also the prices are high Ive just had it with the gun prices its forcing me to buy iTunes cause if you try to work itll take over a year just to get bar I want to quit but it is rather fun if you are a pro Still working from 40k to bar and I am not buying iTunes SCREW U GRAAL           Not as good as it used to be
This game is awesome but this is the version witch is much better than the normal one I suggest you play it but on the computer its awesome too but its not is the normal version I have no problem with it its the way I like it                 Awesome
Im pretty satisfied by this game but could you please add 4seater helicopter for the people that play the game and could you sell it for 30000 gralats Could you also add a helicopter gas station                 Add helicopters
Hi I am Oreo Dimintor from your game I love it you do a lot of cool things in the game thank you                 Thanck you
Well this game is just amazing but also truly addictive I speak from experience I wish my friend had not shown it to me 4 years ago You feel the need to be a pro but once you are a pro people will always hate on you Everyone hates on you They try to encourage a bully free area but its truly not Even the admins dont do much in this game However it does have lots of fun stuff to do                 Gr8
This game is very fun                 Great
I love it I lost all my friends in real life and now i have real friends I recommended getting this game One babcomment people cuss on here and are sometimes mean And admins IGNORE so admins that ignore should be fired but i love da game                 AWSOME GAME HIGHLY ADDICTIVE
I love this game the glitches are sometimes cool just because the game is laggy doesnt mean its not a good game I love his game Ive been pro and uploader for so long I even edit heads when u was s nubby I even enjoyed this so I recommend this amazing awesome game for u                 It happens
LOVE THIS GAME                
I would give 5 if guns were cheaper like bar and minigunOtherwise its a very good game                 Good game but cheaper guns
The game is good but is a bull shiet And im going to tell u why I Was sparing and the guy had a splowtion gun but i Was whith alot of heal and he Was just a hit And he shoot And he kill me o And need to fix the bugs some times when u hit a player they dont get the dmgone day i buy a gun And i didint get it                 The game is good but a shiet at the same time
The game is great with all the fun jobsmeaning new peopleand just getting some killstreaks but I was playing the old west quest just to get some quick cash after I finished the quest I never got my 1500 graalats so I played the quest again and still didnt get my graalats I think its a bug and all but Im mad because I should have 3000 graalats now and Im asking if you guys could fix that for me plz my username is Lolmastÿr                 A problem
This Game Is So Terrible I Got Banned For 5 Hours For Giving Away ITunes Card And When My Brother Entered His Account He Is Banned a For The Same Reason And He Did Nothing This Happend 1 Before My Sister Got Banned Then When I Tried To Login I Was Banned Do Not Get This App Its A Waste Of Time     This Game Is So Dumb
Ive been playing the game since 2012 and I like it and its very addictingId suggest though updating the game more oftenbecause it gets boring after awhile with nothing to do              Cool Game
I have 357214 hour cuz I played this 12years ago but I had new one                 Great

GraalOnline Era+ GamesGraalOnline Era+ GamesGraalOnline Era+ GamesGraalOnline Era+ GamesGraalOnline Era+ GamesGraalOnline Era+ GamesGraalOnline Era+ GamesGraalOnline Era+ GamesGraalOnline Era+ GamesGraalOnline Era+ GamesGraalOnline Era+ GamesGraalOnline Era+ Games

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